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What’d Curry say today?

Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

On overcoming adversity…

“When you go through hard times as we have this year, you find out that you basically have two choices: you can wallow around and feel sorry for yourself or you can get back to work through the difficulty and keep working to correct it. And in time you do get it corrected. If I bring anything to this task, it is that I’ve been through this enough times that I know, if you keep the right work ethic that you will come through it. This one is different because of the obvious, but it also involves the same elements. We’ve got a good group of guys that don’t wallow around, that come out on the field and work at it. Whether our performances drastically improve or slightly improve, we are improving each week. It’s not enough to make any of us happy. None of us are somehow suggesting that we’ve done close to what we should have done, but we press on.”

On St. Francis…

“They are an outstanding football team, having …

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Hunter mostly pleased with debut victory

There were some things his team could have done better, but Georgia State men’s basketball coach Ron Hunter was pleased with the 90-65 exhibition victory over Southern Poly in his opener on Monday.

Hunter said he was really pleased with the play of guards Brandon McGee and Devonta White, who Hunter said often put the team in the correct sets and made the proper decisions when to run and when to hold back.

Most were curious how Hunter’s up-tempo system would look and Monday provided a glimpse. The team took 78 shots, hitting 35. They weren’t accurate from the 3-point line, missing 20 of their 27 attempts, but Hunter said that should improve.

“We missed 20 3s and still scored 90 points,” Hunter said. “Our shot selection wasn’t the greatest, we have to clean that up.”

Hunter said the team did play fast, which he wants, but it also played in a hurry, which he doesn’t want.

“We need to distinguish between the two,” he said. “But I loved the tempo, loved the pace.”

The team was …

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