Kickoff for Murray State moved to noon to accommodate TV

Georgia State will play Murray State at noon on Oct. 8 at the Georgia Dome. The game will be televised on GPTV.

The game was originally scheduled for 1 p.m. With the change, the Panthers will now have four TV games this season, including Saturday’s noon kickoff against Old Dominion.

Other televised games include Sept. 17 vs. Jacksonville State and Sept. 24 at Houston. Those two games and this week’s game will be televised on CSS.

– Doug Roberson, AJC. Follow me on twitter @ajcgsu

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September 6th, 2011
6:22 pm

Thanks Doug! Four weeks in a row on TV. Great momentum boost coming of the opener.


September 6th, 2011
6:37 pm

I’ll definitely watch if I can’t make it.

GSU is in Atlanta

September 6th, 2011
7:12 pm

GPTV is better than no TV…thanks for the heads up Doug


September 6th, 2011
7:48 pm

Thanks for the information Doug.


September 6th, 2011
8:44 pm

Thanks Doug for the update and A BIG THANKS to GPTV!!! GO GSU PANTHERS!!! Four televised games, awesomeness!!!


September 6th, 2011
9:14 pm

Thanks Doug, great call in with bobby Wilder, loved how you gave him an impromptu scouting report. Hope all the folks talking about watching the game are planning on doing it in person.


September 7th, 2011
8:46 am

Accomidated to make room for a SoCon game at 3…we sure are looking small-time now.

GSU Eagles

September 7th, 2011
9:46 am

Not just any SoCon game but Chattanooga @ Georgia Southern


September 7th, 2011
11:17 am

Georgia Southern has a football team?

GSU Eagles

September 8th, 2011
7:53 am


I guess someone had to win the titles in ‘85, ‘86, ‘89, ‘90, ‘99 and ‘00.

But hey, congrats on losing to Lambuth.


September 8th, 2011
9:10 am

@GSU Eagles – Anything older than 5 – 8 years shouldn’t really be mentioned as being “important”……and things in the 80’s, really?

GSU Eagles

September 8th, 2011
10:33 am


You’re right- why would storied teams like Alabama, Penn State, Notre Dame etc. want to boast about all of those “old school” championships? Don’t they know only the last 5 years are the ones that really count?

What a joke.


September 8th, 2011
11:19 am

Back when Ga Southern won titles, FAMU could win titles. Guess we should bow down to those might Valdosta St. Championships too.


September 8th, 2011
12:10 pm

@GSU Eagles

All I’m saying is that it’s pretty pathetic when a team that’s been around as long as Ga Southern has been has to have a fan troll on another team’s sports blog just to get a bit of attention from the ajc or anyone for that matter, while our program that’s been around for one season is getting more press than we know what to do with. Excuse me, but where have you guys been? The last title you won was over ten years ago! Many people I talk to are still surprised to know Ga Southern has a football team, while the entire capital city of this state knows about the real GSU after only one season and wants to support us. But that’s ok, just keep playing furman and west georgia-it’s adorable really.

GSU Eagles

September 8th, 2011
1:48 pm

LOL at playing weak opponents! Lambuth, Clark Atlanta, and…oh yeah- you’re playing a SoCon team! Nice jab on that one. Georgia Southern football is far more relevant to the FCS football realm than GaStU when it comes to FCS football fans. How many times do you have to be bashed on AGS before you can realize that? When was your last title? 10 years ago? 5 years ago? How about NEVER.

I guess we should go back to being irrelevant- although that’s tough for the #2 team in the nation to do. One day, you might sniff the top 25- maybe.


September 8th, 2011
2:35 pm

did we not play Alabama last year? I could’ve sworn that we had. what else could you expect from a FIRST YEAR team? but the point I’m trying to make is that Ga Southern ISN’T a first year team and you’re STILL playing those types of schools. I know you’ve moved up a bit since you started, but quit coming over to our program’s section and trolling about how y’all are some big deal in GA when you still aren’t! Our title hasn’t come YET because we have had one season, and it was a winning season, mind you.


September 8th, 2011
6:34 pm

Looks like 2 breakfast burrito tailgate games this year. Second year team with 5 televised games including 4 in a row? I’ll take it.