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Danny Williams Q&A

Greetings, all-

Hope you’re doing well. As I think I mentioned in the last blog, I talked to wide receiver Danny Williams after the Tuesday press conference. As you likely know, he leads the team with 47 catches, 579 receiving yards and five touchdown catches. Unless you were at the game against South Alabama, you didn’t get to see a remarkable catch-and-run when he snagged a bullet from Drew Little on the sideline at maybe the 20-yard line and then fought his way into the end zone for a 47-yard score.

Here’s the interview.

Q: I noticed you and some other receivers stayed after practice to catch passes from Drew. What were you working on?

A: I dropped a couple of those dig routes I was running in practice today, so I just wanted to catch a couple of those. I told Drew to throw me about six of them. You can’t drop balls. That’s our only job, catch the ball.

Q: Have you always had good hands?

A: I wanted to play wide receiver since I was two years old playing in the backyard. I …

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Curry press conference tidbits

Greetings, all-

A few notes of note from the Bill Curry press conference.

1) Curry is dialing back practice this week because he said players didn’t have their legs under them against South Alabama. He said he noticed in the second quarter that players weren’t making plays they normally make, which he attributed to fatigue. GSU has gone nine weeks without a bye, plus they go pretty hard in practice. They were in shoulder pads and shorts rather than full pads.

2) Players still aren’t giving full effort for the whole game. Curry said his team has been able to get away with it against lesser teams, but have paid the price against Old Dominion and South Alabama. Curry said it has to start on the practice field, with coaches demanding better effort there. “When the discipline that’s been imposed by the coaching staff becomes incorporated into the hearts and minds of the players on the field, then that’s a really exciting time,” he said.

3) Curry said there are possibilities for …

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