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GSU-’Bama game thread

TUSCALOOSA — Just got to my seat. Long story short, if you need a ride to the University of Alabama, you definitely do not want to drive with me.

Great night for football. Let’s get it on.

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GSU-Alabama game day

Greetings, all

Hope you’re all geeked up for this evening. Sorry I didn’t post Wednesday. Been a little busy. I’m very, very interested to see how this game shakes out. I can assure you that the team is ready to see how it stacks up.

A few notes and soundbites and I’ve got to start heading to Tuscaloosa.

1. I talked to George Pugh, the receivers coach and recruiting coordinator, about playing at Alabama for Bear Bryant. This has nothing really to do with Georgia State, but I just thought it was a pretty good story.

Pugh said that when he was a high school senior in East Montgomery, he committed to Auburn at a party that was thrown for him, as I understand it, to celebrate being named an All-American. I guess that would have been late 1971. Pugh, who was also being recruited by Alabama, said he got caught up in the moment.

A day or two later, when he was getting ready to go out for his paper route, Pugh said he heard a knock at the door. It was Bryant and a slew of assistant …

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Two days to Tuscaloosa

Greetings, all-

Hope you’re well. Some notes, and I’ve got to get out to practice.

1. Hope you read the Drew Little story that ran today. One thing that I wanted to get in that I couldn’t that intrigues me. Little very nearly wasn’t the starting quarterback this season. If you’ll remember, Georgia State opened camp with Little, Kelton Hill, Bo Schlechter and Star Jackson all vying for the starting job.

After the first couple weeks, Jackson moved to the front. John Bond told me in an interview last week that he thought Jackson would be the starter. However, Jackson got sick and missed several days of practice. By that point, Schlechter had played himself out of the running, and so Bond said he used the time to look closely at Little and Hill. With each getting more reps, they had more chances to kind of find a groove.

“It completely cleared the picture up because of what he was doing with those added reps,” Bond said of Little.

It’s an interesting (I realize I use that word a …

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Curry: ‘I always think my team’s supposed to win’

Greetings, all

Four days to Tuscaloosa. I’ll be at practice this morning and then working on a few different stories in the run-up to Thursday. Hopefully you read two excellent stories by Steve Hummer and Michelle Hiskey about the game.

You all hopefully will get your fill this week.

1. I was at practice Saturday, which was like most practices I’ve been to. But Bill Curry said something that maybe shouldn’t have caught my notice, but did. I’ll smooth over some details a little bit, but here’s basically what happened. A player screwed up, following a couple other players at his position making the same mistake. Curry, who was watching the offense and defense working against each other from perhaps 40 yards downfield, said into his megaphone, “Guys, if we’re going to win this game, we’re going to have to” not make the mistake they’d been making.

I imagine I’ve heard him say something like that a dozen times and never paid much attention. The obvious difference, of course, is …

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Preparation for Alabama begins

Greetings, all-

Hope you’re well and gearing up for next week’s visit to Tuscaloosa. A few notes from being at practice Thursday morning.

1. It has been and will be relatively light through Thursday. Coaches are giving a lot of work to backups to help starters get their legs back. They’re doing a lot of fundamentals work, giving extra time to guys that don’t normally get it. Bill Curry compared it to what happens in bowl preparation. Further, some of the coaches are out on the road recruiting.

Coaches began game planning Tuesday and it’ll continue. The first day of the normal game-week preparation will be Sunday. Curry said something interesting about that that I think will make its way into a story I’m working on.

“When you plan against people like this, you’re real happy for extra time,” he said. “You can watch them for two hours and there’s no obvious weakness. It doesn’t just jump out, O.K., we can run at this guy because we can knock him down. You can’t find one like …

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Countdown to Tuscaloosa begins…

Greetings, all-

Just wanted to let you know I’ll have something up Thursday. I’m taking a short break and will be back on the trail at Thursday’s practice.

The team began practice Wednesday morning after a much-anticipated break. Linebacker Louie Muasau said his plans were to “kick my feet up do a little bit of treatment and get right.”

I’ll throw this out there as a topic of conversation. For you, what does the Alabama game mean? Will the team’s performance shape the way you look at the season? What are your hopes/expectations for the game?

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GSU-Lamar post-game notes

Greetings, all-

Hope you’re well. Just got back home from the Georgia Dome. Hope you got to enjoy the game wherever you were, either in the building or by a radio or perhaps your computer. A few thoughts.

1. The run defense was much better. It certainly didn’t hurt that Lamar’s running game isn’t very good, but doing well against a bad rushing team beats the alternative. It did seem like tackling was better and players were in gaps.

Said defensive coordinator John Thompson, “To hold them to less than three yards a carry was a big deal for the defense.”

2. Drew Little was off his game a little bit, but, again, came through when it counted. I can remember at least one pass that could/should have been intercepted, and he wasn’t as accurate as he typically is.

“There were definitely some things I could have done better that I wish I had back,” he said.

On the interception – John Bond said that Lamar had been bringing its safeties lower to the line of scrimmage, so he had Albert …

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GSU-Lamar game thread

greetings, all

sorry to come on late. I was out in the orange lot.

Anyway, onto the game. they’re introducing seniors right now on senior day. Players are getting a framed picture of the team.

I have to say, there aren’t many people here. i can hear individual people clapping.

hopefully people will show up soon.

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Georgia State notes starring Kalan Jenkins

Greetings, all-

Some notes for you. Sorry this is so late. It was basically done Friday morning, but then I got called in to help on a Cam Newton story (He’s transferring to Georgia State!) (just kidding) and that kind of put other stuff on the backburner.

1. Kalan Jenkins will be ready for the game. Jenkins played at Navarro Community College in Corsicana, Texas, and was teammates with several players on the Lamar team. Lamar coach Ray Woodard, in fact, left Navarro for Lamar just as Jenkins was arriving.

“We haven’t spoken yet about it, but I’m sure we’ll contact each other and exchange some words before the game,” Jenkins said of his ex-teammates.

I didn’t realize that Jenkins actually wasn’t even recruited to play junior college. He was a walk-on at Navarro. He came as a defensive end, saw that there was a logjam there and switched to tight end. He came to Georgia State as a tight end and then switched back to defensive line after spring ball. (Bill Curry has said on …

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GSU feeling rejuvenated

Greetings, all-

Hope you’re well. A few things to toss at you two days before the final home game of the season.

1. The team is feeling fresher after a lighter week of practice. “It was a lot more mental this week, so we got our legs back a little bit,” defensive end Kalan Jenkins said. “We didn’t have as much hitting, so a lot of people had time to heal injuries a little bit better.”

The flipside is that by not going in pads, the work you’re doing doesn’t simulate as closely the speed and intensity of a game. That tends to help when you’re trying to get better at things like running the ball and tackling, which Georgia State is doing, as you well know.

Kind of a balancing act. As Bill Curry put it, “you’ve got to be prepared and you can’t just come out here and lollygag.”

I imagine many of you are like me; hearing the word “lollygag” will always bring to mind “Bull Durham.”

Skip: You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in …

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