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Coach compares GSU, James Madison

Greetings, all-

Hope you’re well, and glad you liked the stuff about Josh Moore. It’s  impressive to me that he was willing to give up a pretty sweet pension to start at the bottom of a profession that is a grind and offers no guarantees he’ll get to where he wants to go. But he’s following his passion and dream and he’s to be admired for that. I imagine he’ll do well no matter what he chooses to pursue.

Anyway, a couple things…

1. I talked to Morehead State coach Matt Ballard Thursday morning. Perhaps afternoon. He said plenty of kind things about the Panthers – well-coached, sound, played hard. He said he was impressed how smoothly the offense played given the little amount of time players had been together. Defensively, he said the secondary “covered us like a blanket.”

Here’s what he had to say comparing Georgia State and James Madison, which opened the season with a 48-7 win over Morehead State, is now 3-1 and ranked No. 7 in FCS. You’ll remember the Dukes upset …

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GSU grad assistant served 10 years in military

Greetings, all-

Hope you are well and eagerly awaiting Saturday’s game. I thought I’d do something a little different today. A few weeks ago, Allison George, the head of the athletic department’s sports information staff, introduced me to Josh Moore, who is a graduate assistant in football operations.

Most grad assistants are just out of college, starting their climb into coaching or sports administration by putting in a lot of hours in exchange for the work experience and tuition. Moore is married, 28-years-old and was a staff sergeant in the Air Force who had twice been deployed to serve as a meteorologist.

On deployments, Moore said he “basically forecasted (and) directly briefed all the pilots before each mission.”

Moore also worked for NASA, monitoring weather conditions for the space shuttle. He was recognized for his work and, when he wasn’t deployed, had a pretty good life. Serving in the military had paid for college. He often had three days off a week, time that …

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More from Gilbert, Yandell

Greetings, all-

I said I’d get a blog Tuesday afternoon and I didn’t make it. My apologies. I was busy writing up the Clyde Yandell/Joseph Gilbert story I wrote for Wednesday’s paper.

Some material that didn’t make the Yandell/Gilbert story. Gilbert said he feels “great” about his level of comfort in the system. He said now he’s not worrying about the fundamentals and footwork and the like, but more about making it his own.

Gilbert: “One of my old offensive line coaches said, ‘I’m not going to micro-manage you. I’m going to teach you how to do it well. Then you learn how to do it great.’ That’s the policy I like to apply.”

One way he’s trying to help his younger teammates is to help them stay poised when things go wrong, either when he’s on the field and there’s a mistake or when the offense is on the sideline and the defense gives up a big play.

Gilbert: “That’s the main thing I’ve tried to bring over (from Tech). You wouldn’t believe how much it helps you. When you’re …

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Improvement for Georgia State defense

Greetings, all-

Hope you’re well. A couple quick things. Hopefully I’ll have more today after going to practice and then the press conference.

1. I think something important happened with the defense last week. Safety Brandon Jones said defensive coordinator John Thompson challenged his unit, asking players what was it going to take for them to be the defense they want to be.

Players responded with a good week of practice and by doing things like putting in extra time studying Campbell’s offense.

Said Jones, “A lot of guys, we got to know a lot of routes that we saw out there (Saturday) on the field. We actually understood what they were going to run.”

The defense had six three-and-outs in the first half, as many as it had had in the previous three games, and seven total. The Panthers held Morehead State to 98 yards in the first half, when the game was decided, and a lot of the 280 yards that the Eagles accumulated were pretty empty.

I think the team is making a jump in its …

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Georgia State post-game thoughts

Three quick takes

1) All three phases stood up, the defense in particular. Consider this performance in the first half — Morehead State had nine possessions. Six were three-and-out. Of the other three, the defense forced a turnover, forced a field goal after the Eagles got the ball on the GSU 23 and the last ended the half.

2) Drew Little keeps getting better. He’s good at what he does, which is execute the offense, throw accurate passes and make good decisions. He was 21 for 29 for 287 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions, and I think at least a couple were throwaways.

He’s got a very capable target in Danny Williams. Good hands, fights for yards after the catch. Eight catches, 101 yards.

3) Panthers did what they had to do. Morehead State is not at the level of Georgia State, and the Panthers’ play reflected that, unlike games against Lambuth and Campbell. I guess maybe we shouldn’t be doing backflips because of that – they did what they were supposed to, essentially – …

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Georgia State-Morehead State game thread

Greetings, all-

sorry for the delay.

i thought i’d opened this up, but hadn’t.

we’re joining action midway through GSU’s first series.

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