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Looking back at the opener

Greetings, all –

Hope this finds you celebrating a memorable night in Georgia State history. It was something I’ll remember for awhile. Six quick takes as we move forward.

1. Star Jackson has some work cut out for him.

Starter Drew Little did his job well and earned kudos from coach Bill Curry after the game. He finished 13-for-17 for 135 yards with two touchdown passes and, perhaps most importantly, no turnovers. GSU put up 20 points in the first half, 10 of those points coming on drives of 59 yards or more. For the most part, he kept the team out of bad spots and didn’t look like the game was too big for him.

Jackson, who is the No. 2 behind Little, was benched for the first half for being late to the team bus on Wednesday going to the hotel. Curry decided to not play him the entire game, using No. 3 Kelton Hill instead.

If I had to guess, I’d say Jackson will end up the starter eventually, but Little isn’t going to make it easy for him.

2. It was 41-7, but let’s not go …

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Welcome to the AJC’s Georgia State blog

Greetings, folks-

Welcome to the Georgia State blog. I will be filing regularly with tidbits about Bill Curry’s ball team. If you’ve read the many excellent blogs on, you’ll know that we want this to be interactive and fun, so if you’ve got questions, shoot them my way.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to the season because I think it’s hard to know what’ll happen and it’ll be fun to find out as we go along.

So with that, I’ll drop some information as we all wait for kickoff Thursday night.

- Our video guy Ryon Horne put together a “Know Your Panthers” series, the first batch of which you can see here. It’s the second video from the top.

- Starting lineups:

Offense: RB Rosevelt Watson, WR Sidney Haynes, WR Danny Williams, SL Jordan Giles, TE Emmanuel Ogbuehi, LT Clyde Yandell, LG Joseph Gilbert, C Ben Jacoby, RG Harrison Clottey, RT Grant King. Curry hasn’t named a starting quarterback, but all signs point to Drew Little with Star Jackson as the No. 2 …

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