Griffin rallies around QB Parks after game-day burglary

Jaquez Parks, the quarterback who led Griffin to its first football state championship in 35 years, called his senior season ‘’perfect,’’ although it nearly had a terrible ending.

Parks’ home was burglarized and ransacked on the day of the championship game at the Georgia Dome, where Parks had a record-setting performance – 338 yards passing and 216 yards rushing – in a 56-35 victory over Carrollton.

At the time, Parks sounded as if he’d lost a little faith in his fellow man.

“It just angered me,’’ Parks told WSB-TV. “I go out and do that for my city, played the best game of my life and they do that to me, and it angers me and makes me sad.’’

It turns out that his community was behind Parks more than he thought.  According to Parks and Griffin coach Steve DeVoursney, a local Walmart replaced some stolen electronics, including a television and an Xbox game. McDonald’s gave him a scholarship worth $5,000 to be applied toward tuition or other college expenses. Several people in the community made additional donations to help the family recoup some of their losses.

Parks said the response had made him humble and thankful again.

“It shows there certainly are some good people in the world that when something bad goes down they want to help,’’ Parks said. ‘’It’s great to know that when you do something good that your community will get behind you.’’

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Enjoys High School Football

December 27th, 2013
1:52 pm

I’m glad there somewhat of a happy ending for Jaquez Parks and his family. Good luck in the future young man. I wonder what college he’s attending.


December 27th, 2013
11:39 pm

Kid you deserve everything you recieved and more. You have made me and this entire community proud. You have brought the Griffin Bears their first solo State Championship in the history of our town. I am not talking about the Griffin Eagles or the Fairmont Bears, I am talking about the Griffin Bears.I am not speaking of Co-Champs, I am speaking solo outright State Champs. I donated and I wish you and your family nothing but the best. You are a true champion and I am sure you are going to make some school very proud. Thanks for all the joy you brought me and our community this season.