All-region teams: Brown, Busby, Atha take top honors in 6-A Div. A

Here is the all-region team for 6-A Div. A, as chosen by the league’s coaches:

Offensive player of the year: QB Trevor Brown, Christian Heritage

Defensive player of the year: LB Brooks Busby, Darlington

Coach of the year: Tommy Atha, Darlington

First-team offense

QB – Trevor Brown, Christian Heritage

RB – Matt Turner, Mount Zion

RB – Trey Edge, Darlington

OL – Bret Peterson, Trion

OL – Grigsby Gordy, Darlington

OL – Will Sizemore, Mount Zion

OL – Dalton Hegwood, Trion

OL – Nathan Whaley, Mount Zion

WR – Nich Bartley, Christian Heritage

WR – Will Fischer, Christian Heritage

TE – Will Muschamp, Darlington

PK – Sloan Peters, Darlington

First-team defense

DL – Wyatt Miller, Darlington

DL – Landon Rice, Darlington

DL – Will Hawkins, Darlington

DL – Daniel Sanford, Trion

LB – Grant Moss, Darlington

LB – Brooks Busby, Darlington

LB – Austin Lowe, Christian Heritage

DB – Zack Cobb, Gordon Lee

DB – Logan Rice, Darlington

DB – Takarius Tuggle, Mount Zion

DB – Will Mathis, Darlington

P – Caleb O’Neal, Gordon Lee

Second-team offense

QB – Corey Bethune, Trion

RB – Hunter Teeters, Gordon Lee

RB – Gabe Howell, Trion

OL – Billy York, Darlington

OL – Will Hawkins, Darlington

OL – Harrison Kranzlein, Christian Heritage

OL – Garret Kerns, Gordon Lee

OL – Dallas Goodlett, Gordon Lee

WR – Garrett McAllister, Gordon Lee

WR – Jtremijh McClure, Darlington

TE – Sheddryn Farley, Mount Zion

Second-team defense

DL – Spencer Robbins, Christian Heritage

DL – Daniel Sanford, Trion

DL – Alex Deberry, Trion

DL – Braxton Salmon, Gordon Lee

LB – Eugene McClure, Mount Zion

LB – Evan Townsend, Christian Heritage

LB – Daniel Anderson, Mount Zion

DB – TJ Garrett, Mount Zion

DB – Brian Pierce, Christian Heritage

DB – Jonathan Shealy, Trion

DB – Chandler Lathem, Trion

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Tiger Patpaw

December 24th, 2013
6:53 am

Congratulations to all.

A couple minor corrections:
TE – Robert Muschamp (Not Will)
WR – Jeremiah McClure

Tiger Patpaw

December 24th, 2013
7:01 am

It’s Football Friday post season, time for dreams of individual accolades resulting from the ultimate team sport to come to fruition. Such is not the case for Darlington Tiger Football. No, this band of mates decided to make this a team effort too. Twelve of the twenty five first team All-Region 6 Class-A Division A spots were taken by members of the football team that brought the most joy ever for this spectator. One earned honors on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

To all not named, players, coaching staff, boosters, administrators, parents and fans, here’s to you who have a hand, a block, a practice, a cheer, a heart in these tributes.

Congratulations to each, more appropriately, congratulations to all!


December 24th, 2013
12:46 pm

After having seen all these teams play for four years, I would have to say, in my opinion, that going by the way they carried themselves on the field and their actions and attitudes, the players at the Darlington school were the ones MOST enamored with individual accolades and bringing attention to themselves. But, congratulations anyway.