All-region teams: Prince Avenue’s Payne chosen as top player in 8-A

Here is the all-region team for 8-A, as chosen by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: LB Christian Payne, Prince Avenue Christian

Offensive player of year: RB Stanley Williams, George Walton Academy

Defensive player of the year: DL Chance McClure, Commerce

Coach of the year: Jeff Herron, Prince Avenue Christian


OL – Patrick Stewart, George Walton Academy

OL – Max Ruston, Athens Academy

OL – Alexander Stier, Prince Avenue Christian

OL – T.J. Loveless, Prince Avenue Christian

OL – Matt Walters, Pinecrest Academy

OL – Tony Patman, Commerce

OL – Morgan Flint, Commerce

OL – Joe Bova, Hebron Christian

OL – Caleb Stephenson, Athens Christian

OL – Davion Barron, Athens Christian

TE – Josh Holton, George Walton Academy

RB – Kevon Hudson, Prince Avenue Christian

RB – Andrew Wilborn, Pinecrest Academy

QB – Brett Brandon, Athens Christian

QB – Tyson Herron, Prince Avenue Christian

WR – Jacob Harper, Hebron Christian

WR – Eric Williams, Athens Academy

WR – Levi Cummings, Athens Christian


DL – Chas Hart, Athens Christian

DL – Derek Benoit, Commerce

DL – Blake Graham, Prince Avenue Christian

DL – Chandler Chittom, Prince Avenue Christian

DB – Zack Graham, Prince Avenue Christian

DB – Zantravious Shields, Prince Avenue Christian

DB – Max Moorman, Prince Avenue Christian

DB – Anthony Carco, Pinecrest Academy

DB – Matthew Glisson, Hebron Christian

DB – Nick Waters, George Walton Academy

LB – Bobby McPhillips, Athens Academy

LB – Bryce Brunson, Athens Christian

LB – Jay Wallo, Hebron Christian

LB – Adam Guard, Pinecrest Academy

LB – Zack Ragle, Prince Avenue Christian

DE – James Wagner, Prince Avenue Christian

DE – Conner Sibley, Prince Avenue Christian

DE – Taylor Hadigree, Athens Christian

Specialists and others

P – Chris Birozes, Pinecrest Christian

PK – Alex Brenner, Pinecrest Christian

Ret. – J’Varius Wood, Commerce

Rudy – Clay Petty, Prince Avenue Christian

Rudy – Daniel Faust, Athens Christian

AP – Jonah Doster, Prince Avenue Christian

AP – William Brice, Hebron Christian

AP – Demetrius McWhorter, Athens Christian

AP – Michael Santamaria, Athens Academy

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December 18th, 2013
2:32 pm

I thought GWA, had one of the top kickers in the nation and he doesn’t even get recognized on the region level and just look at ALL those kids from Prince, they must have won state, but wait, they got beaten in the second round, with ALL those top notch players, I don’t understand it, it must be the coaching, that’s right the coaching, AJC wanting to please the new coach at Prince, Jeff ”THE JERK” Herron.

Region 8 fan

December 18th, 2013
5:11 pm

@captian All region was selected by the region coaches not the AJC. I do agree that GWA PK was the best from what I witnessed at that position. What is your problem with Herron?


December 19th, 2013
10:53 am

@captain, PAC was 6-0 in the region, average score 45-9 and you wonder why they are over represented on the All-Region 8A team? Add in the fact that due to injuries and the natural up/down cycle in class A football, Region 8A was down overall this year. Only PAC and Commerce were contenders and they got beat by Dome teams this year. What’s your rationale for Herron being “THE JERK” or are you just name calling?


December 19th, 2013
11:35 am

@ captain – you need to polish up on those reading skills. The first line in the article, “Here is the all-region team for 8-A, as chosen by the league’s coaches:” I’m sure it’s a conspiracy and all the Region 8 coaches got together and decided to promote Prince players so that everyone would praise Jeff Herron. You obviously don’t know Jeff Herron because if you did you would know that he is anything but a jerk. He is a very gracious and kind man. He is also a very hard-nosed football coach and I am guessing that your dislike for him is more about what happened when your team met his team.