All-region teams: McFarlin selected as top coach in 6-AAA

Here is the all-region team for 6-AAA, as chosen by the league’s coaches:

Coach of the year: Tim McFarlin, Blessed Trinity


QB – Terry Googer, Woodward Academy

RB – Nick Bently, Decatur

RB – Dalton Wilson, St. Pius

TE – Alexander Romanov, Cross Keys

WR – Brandon Norwood, Cedar Grove

WR – Sam McDade, Cross Keys

WR – Dennis Bell, Decatur

OL – Matt Doelling, St. Pius

OL – Austin Werkheiser, Blessed Trinity

OL – Darius Goodwin, Cedar Grove

OL – Noah Fisher, Decatur

OL – Tommy Parks, St. Pius

OL – Zach Mitchler, Blessed Trinity

ATH – Quincy Wolff, Woodward Academy

PK – Thomas O’Leary, St. Pius


DE – Kyle Kitchens, Decatur

DE – Wale Ashaye, Cross Keys

DT – Andre Newton, Woodward Academy

DT – Antwuan Jackson, Cedar Grove

DT – Keenan Kelly, Cedar Grove

ILB – Bryson Allen Williams, Cedar Grove

ILB – Samuel Kiawo, Cross Keys

ILB – Daniel Crochet, St. Pius

OLB – Carter McManes, Blessed Trinity

OLB – Max Richardson, Woodward Academy

CB – Kyle Evans, Blessed Trinity

CB – Arrington Farrar, Woodward Academy

S – Nick Ruffin, St. Pius

S – Marcus Hyatt, Woodward Academy

ATH – Alphaeus Newman, Cedar Grove

P – AJ Cole, Woodward Academy

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December 18th, 2013
4:07 pm

Todd and GHSFD,
I am happy for the Cross Keys players named, but how can they go 1-9 against largely Class A competition (they do not play a region schedule and haven’t for years), be outscored on average 37-10 in each game, and still put FOUR players on the All-Region team? Decatur was 7-3 and has TWO on the team? Towers was 5-5 and has NONE on the team?
I can understand they may have a couple of good players (whom of course I haven’t seen, since Cross Keys is too busy losing 55-3 to A schools like St. Francis to play 6-AAA schools), but it seems to me that until they can play a REGION schedule, they really shouldn’t have players on the All-REGION team. It is a slap in the face to the players on the other 7 teams in 6-AAA who didn’t make the team because of some misplaced notions of giving an “attaboy” to a woeful program that has won a total of 2 games in the past 3 years of playing a non-region schedule (2-26-1 overall, with 19 of those games against schools two classifications below it).

Dekalb Co Guy

December 18th, 2013
4:40 pm


Actually Decatur has 4 players on the team. Not sure how the teams are chosen, I would assume each coach makes nominations from his team with included statistics.. Maybe Towers didnt offer any nominees?

I saw a game or two of Cross Keys, they had a couple of decent players….I dont really see anything wrong with giving them an “attaboy” as you put it. The school is 90% Hispanic and most of them have only played football for a year or so at most, so playing class A schools and sometimes even losing 55-3 is what they have to deal with. But those kids are deserving if they have the statistics to be mentioned as All-Region.


December 19th, 2013
8:40 am

Hate to be the Grentch this time of year but could any of those Cross Keys guys start at any other schools in the region?
@AJC this is a joke I know you didn’t pick them but gosh thats why they have a category called Honorable Mention.

River Rd.

December 19th, 2013
10:23 am

Deion Sellers Cedar Grove 1516 yds. 12tds. 9yds per carry. ESPN Monday Night Football SAYS C’MON MAN . Best RB in the region Hands Down .


December 19th, 2013
11:26 am

You all must have Deion Sellers as the Offensive Player of the Year, that’s the only reason I can think of on why he is not on this list.


December 19th, 2013
1:17 pm

Guess the GHSF must really like fullbacks


December 19th, 2013
5:52 pm

I’m pretty sure Terry Googer would be Region Offensive and Player of the Year if they had one. Why don’t they have one???
Sellers should be on here though.


December 20th, 2013
12:46 am


December 20th, 2013
12:50 am

Congratulations to all of the Region 6 AAA All region players and especially the Golden Lion players@ If you still want to see some kid football these players will compete this Saturday in the All Dekalb County game at Halford Stadium in Clarkston at 2 pm.

The Scout

December 21st, 2013
11:11 am

How can the leading rusher in Dekalb County “NOT” be on the ALL-Region team. 1500 yards rushing, 12 tds and he’s not on the team!!!! Where was his coach when they where discussing the RB position??!! That kid worked to hard to be left off this squad!!! If he doesn’t show up every week, Cedar Grove doesn’t win all those games and look even worst in their losses!!! That’s a shame!!! Use the kid up, then don’t stand up for him when he needs you. Deion played the last half of the season hurt, but still ran out on the field on Friday night and gave it everything he had and this is how you repay him… For a coach that seems to love stats, where were your stats when it came time to stand up for Deion!!!! If YOU can’t get him on the All-Region team, I’m willing to bet that YOU won’t speak to college recruiters on his behalf either…… Congrats to all the kids that made it…