All-region teams: Irwin County’s Merritt is 2-A player of the year

Here is the all-region team for 2-A, as chosen by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: Antuane Merritt, Irwin County, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Trae Harrington, Charlton County, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: Michael Dasher, Charlton County, So.

Special teams player of the year: Kenny Lashore, Clinch County, Sr.

First-team offense

QB – Trae Harrington, Charlton County, Sr.

FB – James Core, Clinch County, Sr.

RB – Maurice Edwards, Wilcox County, Jr.

RB – J.T. Williams, Lanier County, Jr.

RB – Jakyron Young, Irwin County, Jr.

WR – Teviest Howard, Telfair County, Sr.

WR – Nathan Martin, Turner County, Sr.

WR – Curtis Nixon, Charlton County, Jr.

WR – Quin Tisdol, Wilcox County, Jr.

TE – Eathan Ethridge, Irwin County, Jr.

C – Cam Morgan, Irwin County, Jr.

OL – Levi Cribb, Charlton County, Jr.

OL – Sam Henderson, Clinch County, Sr.

OL – Austin Lane, Lanier County, Sr.

OL – Alton Lawson, Turner County, Sr.

OL – Howard Williams, Telfair County, Jr.

First-team defense

DL – D.J. Peterson, Irwin County, Sr.

DL – Johnny Dwight, Wilcox County, Sr.

DL – Will Gowen, Charlton County, Sr.

DL – Chauncey Manac, Clinch County, So.

DL – D.J. McNiel, Lanier County, Jr.

LB – Tevis Dasher, Charlton County, Jr.

LB – Austin Davis, Lanier County, Jr.

LB – Yusef Mahammad, Turner County, Sr.

LB – Kameon Peavy, Wilcox County, Sr.

LB – Lance Thompson, Charlton County, Sr.

DB – Quan Hillmon, Turner County, Jr.

DB – Dondre Lacey, Clinch County, Jr.

DB – Julian Roberts, Charlton County, Sr.

DB – Jakyron Young, Irwin County, Jr.

P – Trae Harrington, Charlton County, Sr.

PK – Eric Contreras, Irwin County, Sr.

LS – Scott Birchall, Charlton County, Jr.

KR – Nate Martin, Turner County, Sr.

PR – Curtis Nixon, Charlton County, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB – Kevin Clark, Telfair County, Jr.

FB – Drew Williams, Telfair County, Jr.

RB – Andrew Lee, Charlton County, So.

RB – Ryan Peterson, Irwin County, Sr.

WR – Kenny Lashore, Clinch County, Sr.

WR – Daveron Reed, Charlton County, Sr.

TE – Bobby Davis, Lanier County, Sr.

C – Jamez Davis, Charlton County, Sr.

OL – Dalton Combs, Charlton County, Sr.

OL – Anfernee Daniels, Wilcox County, Jr.

OL – Rusty Dorman, Irwin County, Jr.

OL – Tanner Morgan, Charlton County, Sr.

OL – Chandler Taylor, Irwin County, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL – Teon Burroughs, Charlton County, So.

DL – Jacob Smith, Telfair County, Sr.

DL – Mack Young, Wilcox County, Jr.

DL – Austin Phillips, Irwin County, Sr.

DL – Robert Wilcox, Irwin County, Jr.

LB – Drake Gillis, Charlton County, Sr.

LB – Marcus Hodges, Clinch County, So.

LB – Austin Roman, Turner County, Sr.

LB – D.J. Pollard, Irwin County, So.

LB – Julian Sanchez, Telfair County, Sr.

DB – Scott Birchall, Charlton County, Jr.

DB – Zares Kimbrough, Lanier County, Sr.

DB – Tevies Howard, Telfair County, Sr.

DB – Tyrone Taylor, Telfair County, Fr.

DB – Mykell Collins, Irwin County, Jr.

P – Austin Phillips, Irwin County, Sr.

PK – Roberto Carillo, Wilcox County, Jr.

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December 19th, 2013
12:35 am

Realizing that I may just be overlooking his name, but how is the Region POY not on the All Region team, first or second team? And is he committed to Missouri?


December 22nd, 2013
11:48 pm

I was wondering the same thing. He is not committed to any school. Ryan Peterson was being recruited by mizzo, he is committed to georgia southern ad a running back.