List/Trivia/Quote: Buford has most consecutive trips to finals


Buford extended its state record this season by reaching the state finals for a seventh consecutive time. Calhoun’s streak of five was ended. Here is a list of schools that have made the state finals three straight times or more:


2007-13 Buford


2000-04 Buford

2008-12 Calhoun


1969-72 Adairsville

2003-06 Charlton County

1984-87 Lincoln County

1960-63 Lincolnton

1950-53 Valdosta

1982-85 West Rome


1973-75 Americus

1960-62 Carrollton

1984-86 Clarke Central

1948-50 Decatur

1989-91 Lincoln County

1955-57 Northside (Atlanta)

2005-07 Northside (Warner Robins)

1981-83 Palmetto

2000-02 Parkview

2009-11 Savannah Christian

1971-73 SE Bulloch

2003-05 Statesboro

2002-04 Thomas Co. Central

1955-57 Valdosta

1960-62 Valdosta

1964-66 Warren County


Charlton County coach Rich McWhorter can become the seventh coach in GHSA history to win five state championships. Who are the six head coaches who have won five or more? (Answer Wednesday)

Answer to Monday’s question: The head coach in the 2013 state finals who won a state championship as a Georgia player in 1988 was Griffin’s Steve Devoursney. He was a player at R.E. Lee, which in 1992 merged with Upson High and became Upson-Lee.


“Hard work, dedication and sacrifice = success.”

- Forest Park coach John Diehl

GHSF Daily asked coaches during the offseason if they have a favorite quote, saying or motto. We’ll run a different one each day. Coaches are invited to add to our list.

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December 10th, 2013
12:01 pm

Buford is a machine, don’t expect them to slow.


December 10th, 2013
12:20 pm

Only a great Charlton County teams in the mid 2000’s has kept the Wolves from 14 straight!!!

Kudos to them, back in the day & I hope they do well in the Dome this weekend.. I know Buford WILL!!

AAA commisioner

December 10th, 2013
1:04 pm

Set the schedule up so a team can win every year before they hit the field. Why even practice? Who did they play last week? caraboo? who? Great accomplishment, but against many weak opponents that no one even have heard of. GHSA, let them trade schedules with Meadowcreek….. won’t be playing JV in the second half of those games… in the corky kell maybe…. IDK…. Play a real schedule and you will get some respect….until then….. Looks good in print and on those rings….. but the truth is they just dont play anyone……. Their schedule is a joke.


December 10th, 2013
1:08 pm

I was in HS then and those early 80’s Palmetto teams were really good.

Mountain Man

December 10th, 2013
2:46 pm

Winning will end for Buford this week. Washington county make that QB cry. The DB will not be able to hold WACO rec . Because the refs. have been notified. oh yes their AD was crying because he did not want to travel to play the Brothers at Tucker. look how far he travels in the new region 8AAAA White county, Past Monroe Out past Athens. my lord what will that AD cry about now. Will he cry when his coaches travel to Texas to recruit. Go WACO Knock them OUT.


December 10th, 2013
3:39 pm

Ok ok everybody tell mountain man he’s cool because he wants someone to ride on his sinking boat…. stop hating


December 10th, 2013
3:44 pm

And what does get conservative trips to the finals have to do with the regular season…. dah playoffs small guy


December 10th, 2013
3:47 pm

AAA Commisioner just soind5 like he’s sad that his team suck but I bet you he will be watching like his team will….. AT HOME! lol

Howl - Here Comes the Wolves

December 10th, 2013
4:22 pm

Hey Commis.. Does your team suck. Asking, because GHSA could not “arrange” for any team to go to the Finals year after year after year. If there’s a weak regular season sked & you make the finals, Lovejoy would be King of Georgia. If you played a weak regular season sked, you’d get exposed in the playoffs, aka Cobb Co schools. Either way, you Lose. Hater.

Also, how then to explain Gwinnett’s DOMINANCE?? They beat up on each other (aka, the SEC) yet, WIN year after year after year.

Help build your community school – Not tear down others that have worked hard to build up theirs.

Makes you look small.


December 10th, 2013
4:43 pm

Mountain Man –

Long time, no hear..

Good to see you can come out & play, since your team had been dispatched since ‘weak’ 1…..


December 10th, 2013
5:17 pm

@AAA commisioner if we play easy teams during the season, then we have a lessor chance of getting hurt.

AAA commisioner

December 10th, 2013
6:23 pm

Give US one opponent that CAN TEST THE GREENGOLDWOLVEDOGS….. You got numerous rings on a real light schedule where there is not any competition. Thats why no one really respects the records or the rings. At all. My team is playing for the state championship an playing in the highest classification with a very tough schedule. The toughest? Probaly not but very tough. Here let us compare it to the college level. You got a football team of the highest caliber like an Auburn, a LSU, even an Alabama type school. Playing the equivalent to maybe a Lagrange, or a Shorter, maybe a a tough school every now and then like a Furman or a Troy state or Ga state…… every week of the schedule. I mean really how dominate are you if you are beating up Middle school programs? If thats the way you want to be known, well thats fine if you want to stay inside the city limits I guess. Self built heroes for sure. But outside those city limits, it looks like a cakewalk with no competition at all. Puts one to sleep. Your scores over the last 10 seasons proves it and the schedules are out there too. Have only played a competitive game once or twice in ten years. SHow me any others where your fans were not bored to tears.


December 10th, 2013
10:58 pm

AAA – U r FOS!!!!!


December 10th, 2013
11:00 pm

Cum Friday nite u will be sleeping with your momma…. If she’ll have you@@


December 11th, 2013
8:12 am

AAA: R U talking about Camden County or Ohio State schedule.. they crumble like wet toilet paper with ur FOS material…good luck to NGHS cause it is hard to beat a good team once and even harder to beat one twice…bring home the first , U guys have waited long enough….geterdun…