Friday rewind: Marist doesn’t pass or punt in quarterfinal win

By David Purdum / For the AJC

Passing is over-rated.

Marist didn’t attempt a pass in its quarterfinal win over Burke County. Carrollton attempted only one pass–and it was intercepted—in the Trojans’ win over Stockbridge.

Yet, the two teams advanced and will meet at Marist on Friday in a rematch of last season’s five-overtime playoff thriller.

The War Eagles rushed for 429 yards, led by quarterback Chase Martenson’s 162 and four touchdowns, and reached the semifinals for the 11th time under coach Alan Chadwick. Marist had an 11-minute advantage in time of possession and did not punt.

The Trojans weren’t nearly as prolific in their quarterfinal win at Stockbridge, finishing with just 195 yards of offense, but made enough plays to advance to the semifinals for the second time under coach Rayvan Teague.

Marist beat Carrollton, 43-37, in five overtimes in the second round of last season’s playoffs. The War Eagle are 50-2 at home in the playoffs since 1987.

Stepping up: Few players, if any, are having a better postseason than Wayne County receiver Krenwick Sanders. The senior scored four touchdowns in the Yellow Jackets’ 51-21 win over Alexander on Friday and now has 11 touchdowns (nine receiving, one rushing, one kickoff return) in the playoffs. Wayne County is in the semifinals for the first time in school history.

Clutch: Griffin quarterback Jaquez Parks completed 8 of 9 passes for 125 yards in the fourth quarter and orchestrated two scoring drive in the final seven minutes to lead the Bears to a 32-26 comeback win at defending champion Sandy Creek. Nic Williams sealed the Bears’ win with an interception on Sandy Creek’s final drive. The Patriots, who won three of the last four state titles, lost at home for the first time since 2007.

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Fact Check

November 30th, 2013
2:34 pm

Wayne County was in the semis twice before — 1975 and 1976.


November 30th, 2013
4:06 pm

@fact check. …and add this one. IfI’m not mistaken, hasn’t Sandy Creek won 3 championships in the past 4 years? Not 4 of 5?

Old Bear

November 30th, 2013
4:18 pm

97Bear – You’re correct. It’s 3 of 4. Well, 3 of 5 now.


November 30th, 2013
4:28 pm

Old Bear. Very true!


November 30th, 2013
11:11 pm

It’s a stinking shame that the Athens Journal and Constitution disrespects and ignores Griffin High’s accomplishments this year. I foresee Griffin becoming State Champs and being ranked #8 or #9. Marist will be ranked ahead of Griffin by virtue of being a Metro Atlanta area school. But the good news is that after Griffin wins the State championship, Atlanta will “adopt” them as a Metro Atlanta schoolfor at least a year. :) Shame on you biased, stinking AJC writers and your tunnel-vision editors (using the term loosely.


December 1st, 2013
1:19 am

@ Sarge1 – better be careful there Sarge. The AJC has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to banning people on these blogs for claims of bias. I know, I have suffered to so called wrath of it before. It never hurt me any though, I am an IT pro and was back in and “ruffling feathers” pronto! Funny how people can dish it out, but can’t take it huh?


December 1st, 2013
6:57 am

Seriously. Griffin wins in dramatic fashion the showdown of 1 vs 2, and the first headline for 4A football on the AJC is about marist not attempting a pass.

Old Bear

December 1st, 2013
7:32 am

I’m used to it. The AJC didn’t bother sending a photographer to the game, either.

Actually, if I’m Sandy Creek I’m taking umbrage a little more to THAT. They’ve been the media darlings, but got ignored.

Old Bear

December 1st, 2013
7:36 am

In 2010 Griffin went from 2nd to 6th in the AJC poll despite not losing a game. Name ANY school that got that disrespect, ever.

Marist War Eagle Fan

December 1st, 2013
8:23 am

@Sarge1 -if it makes you feel any better, the AJC Has pretty much covered only Sandy Creek and Carrollton all year in AAAA…and they are not even real metro ATL teams. I think the only reason they have this recap is they were surprised Griffin and Marist won.


December 1st, 2013
9:11 am

@FactCheck — Thanks for corrections. My mistakes.

@Sarge — Did a Q&A w/ Griffin coach earlier in the season. Tried to do my best to cover all 79 AAAA teams this season, including the Bears. We have to file our Saturday blogs by 9 a.m., Saturday. Doesn’t allow for much time for further reporting. But I’ll use your feedback to manage then content going forward. Congrats and good luck Friday.

@MaristWarEagleFan — Have done multiple stories on Marist this season with Coach Chadwick.

Best of luck to all the teams still alive in the playoffs. –DP

Go Trojans!

December 1st, 2013
11:37 am

Just a couple of comments:

- I believe we (Carrollton) has someone designated to update the AJC on Friday nights. I might be wrong here but it helps them report more of the scores than one person can do. Get with your administration and set up a regular update path to AJC.
- The name is “Atlanta” Journal for a reason. I would be curious to see how their paying readership (both traditional paper and online subscriptions) looks in Marist area (as example) versus Griffin. They are in the business to make money and there are many who don’t care about teams or stories outside the direct metro area. Doubt they care about Carrollton but we like to believe they do!

Good luck to the teams remaining on Friday night. Looks like a couple of great games lined up to get to the dome!

My 2 cents.


December 1st, 2013
12:06 pm

No disrespect intended in any part of this answer. The AJC has cut coverage everywhere in sports. We are lucky to have a AAAA section and some game coverage. Their high school coverage philosophy seems to leave the day to day coverage of high school teams outside the Metro area to the team’s the team’s local media. The AJC does step up during the playoffs but nothing like the good old days. This is a result of the changes in media and the economy. In all honesty, teams in Metro Atlanta have to fight for the coverage of the AJC. And there are a heck of a lot more teams fighting for a piece of the media pie in Metro Atlanta. Marist used to have two games a year televised or at least one game on TV and one live on radio. Since the growth to AAAAA, we are an afterthought. The media pie is too small. And we don’t have the four players who are 4-5 star recruits that TV wants to showcase (nor will we ever have that amount or those type of players). Winning is not good enough anymore.

The unbelievable tradition of teams in AAAA like Griffin, Carrollton & Marist should be priority for the media next week. And Wayne County’s playoff ride is a great story. If the media grasp the obvious is another matter. AAAA is the forgotten level. AAAAAA & AAAAA have the star quality. AAA has…well, we all know about AAA. Any AAAA team that gets media coverage is helping ALL AAAA.

Currently, no player or coach cares about ranking or which team’s mentioned first. Their focus is on next Friday. After the State Championship fans will care less about the stories or any media minutiae. All we will remember is the pride and effort our teams added to our long tradition of excellence. Despite media, Internet comments, rivalries, the occasional smack, we know our kids and coaches and our opponents. And these four remaining teams earned and deserve RESPECT.
God Bless & have a great, injury-free game…


December 1st, 2013
12:12 pm

@Go Trojans -you might be right on your comment. if i’m not mistaken one of our radio personalities live in the Dunwoody area close to marist high school I wonder do he lets the ajc know about whats happening with carrollton.

High 5

December 1st, 2013
3:40 pm

I was talking with a Ref before the Tucker/Ware Co. game and we got on the subject of Marist and he said, “In all my years refereeing Marist games, I’ve noticed that if a defender misses an assignment or rushes a little too high against Marist then they will ride a wave for about 5 to 10 yards down the field before they know what hit them!” I was cracking up!!!! LOL!


December 1st, 2013
5:09 pm

Re: Wayne County.
In 1975, Wayne County lost in the semifinals to Central-Macon (state champs). In 1976, the Jackets lost to Warner Robins (state champs) in the semis.

The Jesup Yellow Jackets (WCHS prior to consolidation) won state in 1954 (vs Rockmart) and 1959 (vs Rossville), lost in the state finals in 1950 (to West Point), and in the semis in 1951 (to Cordele) and 1958 (to Thomasville).

Old Bear

December 1st, 2013
7:31 pm

Griffin lost in the finals to the same Warner Robins team that beat Wayne County in the ‘76 semis.


December 2nd, 2013
2:50 am

@ Old Bear – I remember that game very well back in 76.I had already graduated and my whole family made the trip. Warner Robins was awesome that year and beat us for the State Title handily 34-0. James Brooks and Ron Simmons (DAMN!!!) were on their team that year. The Demons were the NATIONAL Champions.

Old Bear

December 3rd, 2013
3:17 am

I was there, too. And two years later I was in Valdosta watching Wally Wetherbee convert that FG (it sure looked good from my angle) that stunned the heavily-favored Wildcats. And two years after that I was watching as the Bears got licked by Lowndes County. Including the North Georgia Championship loss to Clarke Central in ‘79, the years ‘76-’80 were the high point for Griffin football until Coach Devoursney rejuvenated the program. Griffin has come full circle now. Forget all the talk about the Bears’ weak region – they can only play the teams on the schedule, and those schools aren’t a reflection of the talent that comes out of our city year after year. When other schools carry their region they aren’t singled out as “not having proven themselves”, especially after making four trips to the semifinals in nine years. It’s time that Griffin has the “unproven” label removed.

Old Bear

December 3rd, 2013
3:36 am

@ WarD@mnEagles – Well stated.

Just a Fan

December 3rd, 2013
10:11 am

Old Bear-I think that unproven label has been removed-playing in the toughest bracket quadrant and still standing in the 4th round says it all.It sure changed my mind.

Cat Man

December 3rd, 2013
11:45 am

Old Bear – Being from Lovejoy, I can relate to the disrespect from the AJC. We too were dropped from 2nd to 6th even though we didn’t lose. It seems if you’re from the southside, you only get coverage and recognition when they’re forced to do it like they had to do with us for the last 2 seasons in the championship game. So you should expect some respect in Griffin now. Everything is northside to that staff and I’d be willing to bet that none of them live south of I-20! Good luck with the Bears!