The leaderboard through Week 11: Chubb, Watson, Smith tops in yardage

Here are the state leaders in rushing, passing and receiving yardage, as reported to GHSF Daily and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The letters in parentheses to the right of some players indicate the leader in that classification:


2,334 – Nick Chubb, Cedartown (AAAA)

2,318 – Kawon Bryant, North Oconee (AAA)

1,852 – Jamar Smith, Toombs County (AA)

1,699 – Joshua Bettistea, Allatoona (AAAAA)

1,644 – Mike Rogers, Campbell (AAAAAA)

1,623 – Mikell Lands-Davis, Alexander

1,616 – Stanley Williams, George Walton Academy (A)

1,602 – Voltaire Driver, Bremen

1,566 – Tyler Epps, Southeast Bulloch

1,549 – Jamarcus Morrissette, Chapel Hill

1,536 – Mecole Hardman, Elbert County

1,529 – Shannon Brooks, Pickens

1,427 – Tra Hardy, Vidalia

1,390 – Tra Minter, Schley County

1,357 – Mike McIntire, Lincoln County

1,335 – Keion Davis, Hughes

1,318 – Esaias Chapman, Harris County

1,309 – Nick Scott, Bryan County

1,273 – Duranta Dunson, Heard County

1,271 – Deshawn Waller, B.E.S.T. Academy

1,267 – Kwan Brooks, Monroe Area

1,259 – Adam Choice, Thomas County Central

1,255 – Ruben Garnett, Aquinas

1,247 – Montez Cheney, Rutland

1,226 – Adrian Washington, Cedar Shoals

1,223 – Rodney Smith, Mundy’s Mill

1,213 – Tario Fuller, Lanier

1,200 – Jordan Ellis, Peachtree Ridge

1,154 – Ty Clemons, McEachern

1,149 – Melvin Hill, Washington County

1,147 – Anthony Bell, Manchester

1,147 – Kirvonte Benson, Marietta

1,134 – Cornelius Bennett, Randolph-Clay

1,133 – Stanton Truitt, Monroe Area

1,126 – Nick Fitzgerald, Richmond Hill

1,119 – Micah Abernathy, Greater Atlanta Christian

1,117 – Johnny Royal, Marion County

1,116 – Christian Wofford, Whitewater

1,107 – Mario Cherry, Thomasville

1,096 – Tyler Henderson, Collins Hill

1,085 – Kahlige Flegler, Glenn Hills

1,084 – Chandler Burks, South Paulding

1,077 – John Smith, Starr’s Mill

1,077 – K.K. Brooks, Walton

1,076 – Jake Garner, Sequoyah

1,070 – Frank Griffin, Rome

1,069 – Daryl Dunlap, Troup

1,061 – Deion Sellers, Cedar Grove

1,059 – Deondre Cooksey, Thomas County Central

1,057 – Donquell Green, Burke County

1,036 – Austin Burt, Harlem

1,023 – Matt Turner, Mount Zion

1,022 – James Brown, Emanuel County Institute

1,019  – Thomas Sieh, Paulding County

1,017 – J’vonte Herrod, North Cobb

1,009 – Terry Googer, Woodward Academy

1,007 – Sihiem King, Colquitt County

1,003 – Devante Davis, Manchester


2,546 – Deshaun Watson, Gainesville (AAAAA)

2,503 – Keenan Moore, Jackson (Atlanta) (AAA)

2,461 – Joseph Mancuso, Union County (AA)

2,373 – D.J. Pearson, Northview

2,297 – Devin Watson, East Hall

2,276 – Tyler Harris, Pierce County

2,184 – Brooks Barden, Cartersville

2,171 – Roland Rivers, M.L. King

2,164 – Spencer Ashley, Cherokee (AAAAAA)

2,078 – Will Anderson, Lassiter

2,053 – Tyler Herman, Collins Hill

2,028 – Trevor Brown, Christian Heritage (A)

2,002 – Chandler Burks, South Paulding

1,988 – Jacob Lewis, Jackson County

1,986 – Taz Wilson, Chattahoochee

1,973 – Michael Peterson, Calvary Day

1,958 – Gabe Tiller, Archer

1,954 – Brandon Pearson, Drew

1,952 – Elijah Ironside, Hillgrove

1,927 – Jaquez Parks, Griffin (AAAA)

1,899 – Chase Noonan, North Paulding

1,867 – Brendan Carter, Jenkins

1,855 – Austin King, Alpharetta

1,851 – Tyler Reid, North Springs

1,820 – Hayden Sphire, North Gwinnett

1,814 – Price Wilson, Walton

1,803 – Kyle Wilkie, Creekview

1,792 – Greg Williams, Peach County

1,775 – Chance Thrasher, Peachtree Ridge

1,769 – Bryan Moore, Cambridge

1,755 – Felix Harper, Creekside

1,741 – Rafe Chapple, Greater Atlanta Christian

1,723 – Conner Holliday, Hebron Christian

1,718 – Ty Sellers, Locust Grove

1,711 – Corderal Cook, Stone Mountain


1,204 – Orenzo Smith, Jackson (Atlanta) (AAA)

1,124 – Nich Bartley, Christian Heritage (A)

1,090 – Matty Biondich, Northview (AAAAA)

1,055 – Blace Brown, Cherokee (AAAAAA)

1,002 – Nathan Waller, St. Francis

981 – Jacob Rogers, Union County (AA)

970 – Collin Lisa, Chattahoochee

954 – Brandon Cameron, North Springs

937 – Marlon Horne, Campbell

901 – Jay Gaudlock, Gainesville

901 – Johnathan Gilreath, Lumpkin County

883 – Javante West, Jordan

876 – Preston Williams, Lovejoy

847 – Andre Harton, Alpharetta

841 – Tyler Gibson, Peach County

831 – Xavier Harper, Jackson County

821 – Christian Robinson, Centennial

810 – Raleigh Beougher, Riverside Military

803 – Justin Drake, Locust Grove (AAAA)

801 – Emoni Williams, Mount Paran Christian

797 – Crandon Norwood, Cedar Grove

779 – Krenwick Sanders, Wayne County

768 – T.J. Rahming, McEachern

767 – Tydus Curtis, Calhoun

765 – Nate Brown, North Gwinnett

760 – Tevin McDaniel, Northwest Whitfield

756 – Jonathan Jones, Arabia Mountain

754 – Darius Slayton, Greater Atlanta Christian

735 – Romello Shumake, M.L. King

726 – Shakenneth Williams, Rutland

719 – Daniel Clements, Alpharetta

713 – Juan De La Rosa, Jenkins

709 – Caden Herring, Centennial

703 – Demarre Kitt, Sandy Creek

702 – Quincy Perdue, Lassiter

701 – J.Q. Quimbley, Lee County

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November 8th, 2013
8:11 am

Notice the State of Georgia’s BEST team has no one listed??
That’s because there’s no ONE player that beats/stops the other team…
Like vs Elbert Co, 6 different players scored TD’s, not one or two.
Same against Gainesville…

TEAM = Just Win Baby!


November 8th, 2013
8:23 am

@Wolfdawg .. not necessarily so. Ya’ll just need more competition. Buford will probably never get their true recognition until they play stiffer comp. I dont think Buford will ever move up higher than AAA though.



November 8th, 2013
10:15 am

@wolfdawg….Wake up, Buford doesn’t have anybody listed because their recruited all-stars are out of the game by half time. They play a week schedule in AAA with Div I football players. Most of which were recruited from other schools. You wonder why no team in their own back yard will not play them.

Zachary T Piercy

November 8th, 2013
10:48 am

Last week I posted comments about the Leaderboard’s exclusion of Jaquez Parks, Griffin High’s quarterback, who has not been included in any of the listings all season. I realized that the list is not published by the AJC sports writers but instead by some outfit called the Georgia High School Football Daily. I’ll be sending them an e-mail advising them to get their act together.


November 8th, 2013
12:15 pm

Zack, before you do, make sure your school is forwarding the info. If the stats are not reported, they can’t be published.

Coach V

November 8th, 2013
12:57 pm

Thomas Sieh from Paulding Co. High School has rushed for 1,019 yards on 224 carries during the 2013 season.


November 8th, 2013
1:35 pm

I would think that the state of GA’s “best team” would be Colquitt Co. since they are in AAAAAA and Region 1 at that. If they beat Camden County tonight, there will be no denying that. They do have one person listed, King, a RB in the rushing dept. However, the team some regard as the best in GA, Camden County, has NOBODY listed in any category.

Todd Holcomb

November 8th, 2013
6:47 pm

Guilty on Jaquez Parks. We published his numbers in our Player of the Year Watch this week (Parks is on that prestigious list). But we neglected to put the on the leaderboard. … But Sportsnut also is right – We depend on the stats being reported. You can send info to

Keep in mind that statewide leaderboards that are nearly complete like this one are rarely reported in the media because it is hard to coordinate and compile such a thing. If another state does it, I’d like to see it. I’ve only had reports of two players missing today. I’m sure there are a few more, but probably not many if any in the top 20. All help is appreciated.

Also added Sieh. We decided to run the list of rushers longer this week to recognize all 1,000-yard rushers. That meant raising the risk of omission because we’ve been following the top 40-50 or so, and now that casts a wider net.

Todd Holcomb

November 8th, 2013
6:51 pm

Also, there are certain teams that are less likely to show up w/ players on the list. First, weak teams aren’t likely to have players putting up a lot of yards. That’s obvious. But really good teams that are balanced rushing and passing might not have somebody who stands out, especially if they have multiple good RB’s or WR’s. Consider Sandy Creek. Put either of their RB’s on the right team, and they could have 1,500+ yards rushing. You also aren’t going to see many players from option or Wing T offenses. One – They don’t pass much. Two – They have four potential ball carriers on every play. IMO, Cedartown and Nick Chubb are the perfect storm. It’s a good team, but not so good that the game is over at halftime every week. They have a 5-star RB who is the feature back.

Old Bear

November 9th, 2013
4:29 am

I’m fairly certain that the Sports Editor of Griffin’s local paper doesn’t forward statistics to the AJC or to the GHSF Daily. I’m assuming that because the stats don’t even appear in OUR paper on any regular basis, and then it’s only about Parks career totals (he holds the county record for career passing yards and career passing TDs). What gets omitted, besides the other offensive weapons that Griffin has, is the dual-threat status of Parks. He is one of Griffin’s best running options, too. I’ve asked for the stats of other individual players, both offensively and defensively, to be published for Griffin and Spalding, but so far that hasn’t happened. To be fair. the reason could be that the several small, private schools would ask for the same accommodation, and the Griffin Daily News isn’t adequately staffed to maintain such records for all of the schools.

I think Todd’s assessment of Chubb is spot-on. He gets major press because he’s THE premier running back on a team that uses his services for an entire game. Many backs on other good teams don’t come close to carrying the ball 25-30 times a game.