Archer 34, Grayson 21

By Robert Haddocks

Archer relied on its big-play offense and steady defense and rolled to a 34-21 win over Grayson. The Tigers – in just their fifth season – completed a perfect regular season, finishing 10-0, 8-0 in Region 8-AAAAAA.

Archer, the only undefeated team in its class, assured itself of home field advantage throughout the opening rounds of the playoffs.

KJ Parmer sparked the Tigers, running, throwing and catching a touchdown. The senior receiver caught five passes for 131 yards. Quarterback Gabe Tiller threw for a touchdown (his 22nd on the season) and ran for a score.

Archer led 20-14 at the half but opened up its lead on its first drive. Parmer had catches of 27 and 37 yards on the drive and then finished it with a 5-yard touchdown run. Tiller’s 3-yard touchdown run increased the lead to 34-14 with four minutes left in the third, essentially salting away the victory. The Tigers’ defense was stout, limiting Grayson to 121 yards rushing on 40 carries. Robbie Armstrong, John Gillis, Korrin Moore and Duane Lee made impact plays.

Grayson (4-5, 4-3) closed the gap to 34-21 on a 20-yard run by Cameryn Brent in the final minutes.

Archer, which scored 48 points last week in a win over South Gwinnett, wasted no time getting on the scoreboard. On the Tigers’ second play from scrimmage, Tiller threw a lateral to Parmer who found Dylan Singleton 10 yards behind the defense for an easy 55-yard touchdown.

The Tigers needed only three plays on their second drive with Parmer on the receiving end of a perfect pass by Tiller for a 58-yard touchdown. Tiller completed 18 of 24 passes for 197 yards on the night.

Archer took a 20-0 lead early in the second period, this time using four plays, when Randy Nails busted loose for a 42-yard score.

It looked like Archer was on its way to some serious payback for a 48-0 defeat in last year’s meeting between the teams, but Grayson climbed back in the game with touchdowns on its next two drives to cut the lead to 20-14. Taking advantage of a short field, the Rams scored on a 25-yard pass from Chase Brice to Ryan Carriere, who was open in the corner of the end zone. Grayson converted a fourth-and-one at the 30-yard line to sustain the six-play 39-yard drive.

After forcing a three-and-out, Grayson scored again. Lined up as a receiver, Brice took and end around and hit Cedric Asseh, who was wide open, for a 35-yard touchdown.

Archer – 13 – 7 – 14 – 0 – 34

Grayson – 0 – 14 – 0 – 7 – 21

A – Dylan Singleton 55 pass from KJ Parmer (kick failed)

A – Parmer 58 pass from Gabe Tiller (Michael Frye kick)

A – Randy Nails 42 run (Frye kick)

G – Ryan Carriere 25 pass from Chase Brice (Austin Hoyt kick)

G – Cedric Asseh 35 pass from Brice (Hoyt kick)

A – Parmer 5 run (Frye kick)

A – Tiller 3 run (Frye kick)

G – Cameryn Brent 20 run (Hoyt kick)

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Team Tigerblood

November 1st, 2013
10:06 pm



November 1st, 2013
10:39 pm

Congrats Archer on you great year. Hard work pays off. Keep pushing. There is more to be had.


November 1st, 2013
10:43 pm

Congratulations Tigers, great season

Old Bear

November 2nd, 2013
1:37 am

Congrats, Archer.

Grayson has hit near the bottom. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.


November 2nd, 2013
6:14 am

Those boys that Conn kicked out of his weight room when they were rising 8th graders because they lived in the not yet open Archer District…….Well those Tigers came home to roost last night. I will never forget the call I got when my some was getting ready for 8th grade ball….finishing his youth football days at Grayson – he called FROM THE ROAD saying the Mickey Conn had told any rising 8th grader that would was in the Archer district was not allowed in his weight room even if you would be playing 8th grade ball as a Ram. that was one of the lowest class moves I had ever seen. SO glad those boys got to kick his tail last night. Conn, you are an OK coach when surrounded by great talent, but when you have to “:coach up”….you are very, very……average – at best.

Paws and Stripes

November 2nd, 2013
8:50 am

I heard daddy Conn told all surrounding businesses on Grayson/Loganville Hwy not to sponsor Archer when they first opened. Archer is in the woods and it is very hard for them to get sponsors because they dont really have their own businesses in a community surrounded by Grayson, Dacula and Central Gwinnett HSs. The more stories I hear about classless acts of Conns makes me hate Grayson more and more… WE ARE ARCHER!!!!!


November 2nd, 2013
10:18 am

Last night’s game was an example of our whole season. We had moments of great play and minutes of “what do they call this game?” Archer is a good team that came to play ball. They were well supported by their fans. They have some big and fast receivers. If your corners can cover, you can get to their QB by sending a linebacker to put pressure on the QB. If you have to use the LBs to cover as well, the Archer QB will make you pay for sure. The long run not withstanding, the Tigers didn’t seem to be as strong on the ground.

As for the Rams, once again we put the ball on the ground too many times and came up short in the turnovers. Our D did better than the score might indicate. They blocked a punt, a PAT and a field goal. Yet the team as a whole kept making boneheaded mistakes. Roughing the passer, blocks in the back that weren’t even close to being a good hit, too too many such bad plays. There’s talent there but it didn’t come out this season.


November 2nd, 2013
10:21 am

I’m just glad to see some fresh game. I also think Grayson has been over-rated. With the exception of Archer, the whole region was. I know they did not expect Archer to do what they did. A job well done. I told a North Gwinnett poster that aside from North, Archer was the class of Gwinnett and I still believe that.

Keep doing what you do.


November 2nd, 2013
10:28 am

@blowfish – So the truth comes out. You aren’t a Rams supporter like you have presented yourself after all. It makes sense based on your comments above. It looks like a bad case of hurt feelings. Hmmm, let’s see. Do we concentrate on our future and spend time with our players or do we have the distraction of letting players in that not only won’t be playing FOR us but will actively be playing AGAINST us? Seems like a pretty easy answer to me. Lots of things change and some affect some kids more than others and a redistricting with a new school opening is one of them. Sorry your son who would be attending Archer didn’t get to continue to train in the facilities that Grayson built but that’s the way it goes.


November 2nd, 2013
10:36 am

@Sportsnut, no more overrated that Lovejoy. You always demand respect for your team but don’t seem to give it to others. Over the past 5-6 years, Grayson has outperformed most teams in the state. 4 out of the last 6 region championships. A state title in the highest classification. A national number 1 ranking no matter how briefly. Not too shabby.

Having said that, Archer is a good team without a doubt. They’ve built upon the foundation provided by most of the program coming out the Grayson program and been able to reach the top of the region in a short time. I wish them well in the rest of the season and it if can’t be us, I want it to be them.


November 2nd, 2013
11:45 am

@Fred. Though a lot of our Archer players did come from Grayson, *many* of our starters came from the Dacula district so don’t be so quick to pat Grayson on the back for our “foundation”. We’re a good team because Coach Dyer and our others coaches are class acts, they treat our boys as family and demand the same from the players. They also set the bar high in terms of training and execution…and that hard work, coupled with some really good talent, is paying off.

On a positive note for your Rams, that freshman QB is very poised, mobile and makes smart decisions. He is going to be a great weapon and if he can improve his accuracy, he could be lethal.

Sweet peach

November 2nd, 2013
12:03 pm

So proud of our Tigers. Way to go Archer!


November 2nd, 2013
7:22 pm

I am so proud of our ARCHER TIGERS! For a 4 year old football program, they have proved themselves worthy opponents. I am however, very disappointed in the Grayson fans. We all live in the same community – we should support one another, be happy for one another along with the local rivalry. We were, as Archer Tigers, supportive of Grayson last year when they won so big. We can respect the game and the hard work that goes into it. I expected, the same for our team, that has clearly proved themselves in an undefeated season. I left the game last night to jeering from Grayson students and even adults, saying that they went easy on us – which, #1 is just foolish, if they went easy on us, they shouldn’t have…they should of won. I just don’t get it. I think a respect for a pretty cool fact an undefeated season, being Region Champs (after only 4 years) is warranted. They don’t have to be happy about being beat but, hey, there should be some class and respect; sportsmanship to this rivalry. As a mom of teens and someone who lives and works in the Grayson/Archer community, I have been deeply upset today by comments and posts by grown people. Don’t be sore losers, be respectful and let’s be grown ups. These boys have worked hard, they have earned this! Let’s all respect that!

tiger fan

November 2nd, 2013
8:16 pm

Well said. Thank you.


November 3rd, 2013
9:53 am

@Fred – all those kids that were escorted out of Conn’s weight room that day just wanted to finish their youth days as a Ram before heading on to the new school. these were 7th grade boys going into 8th grade – rest assured, allowing them to train with there upcoming 8th grade teammates (which in Gwinnett, is still apart of the youth league),would have been so sweat off of Conn’s brow. He even went so far as to demand of his GAA youth director that Archer youth football NOT be allowed to incubate at the GAA’s location. Dacula was generous enough to let AAA play on their facilities. The GAA director took a bullet the night he informed the GFL that they would not host Archer durint the two years that the AAA facilities were being built. As far as bitter…I was angry the day I got the call to pick my son and his friends up on Hwy 20 after being booted out as 7th graders, but now, not so much, not after this year. In terms of the region, it is down for sure. 7AAAAAA is where it’s at in Gwinnett for now, and if you have kept up w/ who was winning in the GFL for that last several years, it was easily forcasted. Mill Creek, Norcors and NG have all dominated at the youth levels. I predict Gwinnett v Colquitt championship game.


November 3rd, 2013
11:05 pm

Congrats on a great season Archer! We will be watching closely to see who we play from Region 6 this weekend … looks like Alpharetta is No.1; West Forsyth / Lambert fighting for No. 2; North Forsyth/South Forsyth fighting for Nos. 3 & 4. Does anyone know for sure?



November 4th, 2013
7:00 am

Congratulations to Archer.

Team Tigerblood

November 4th, 2013
9:16 am

Thanks @GwinnettDad for the love. He had us picked to loose last week, but what a CLASS ACT to come on here and acknowledge the Tigers.


November 4th, 2013
11:56 am

@SportsMom87 – with almost 2/3 of your students coming from Grayson, I think my statement is fair. I’m not downing Dacula or Archer, far from it. I think Archer has done well and as I have said elsewhere, if not us them I’m glad it is Archer! I know Grayson doesn’t have a lock on the best players and I know there is talent at Archer that is a blend of Grayson, Dacula and didn’t y’all get some from Central as well? I was speaking primarily of numbers, especially in the beginning.


November 4th, 2013
12:04 pm

@mama03boys – I am so sorry for the comments directed at you. We should win and lose with dignity and it sounds like that didn’t happen. I apologize on behalf of our team and fans. I speculate that some of our fans aren’t handling this season well. No excuse for that kind of behavior. Rest assured *I* at least will be rooting for Archer during the playoffs. I know far too many good people in the Archer community not to be excited for you even if I wish it were our Rams in your position.


November 4th, 2013
2:56 pm

Even though my son plays at Grayson I am so Happy for Archer! I personally hated when they seperated the schools these boys and girls have been friends since kindergarten. My son still hangs out with the boys from there. Let’s not let anything especially rumors contaminate that! I still have friends that I talk to all the time they support our boys when they dont play Archer and vice versa – its good friendly competition but in the end we are ALL one community! Lets act like :)