North Cobb 27, Hillgrove 17

By Ricky Dimon

Score Atlanta

An offensive explosion turned into a defensive battle as visiting North Cobb held on to defeat Hillgrove 27-17. The victorious Warriors trailed 7-0 early in the first quarter before scoring 14 unanswered points to take the lead after the first 12 minutes. They ended up going on a 27-3 run following Hillgrove’s initial touchdown. The Hawks answered by pulling to within 27-17 at halftime, but could get no closer. In fact, not a single point was scored by either team after the intermission. North Cobb’s defensive heroics included an interception in the endzone to help preserve the lead.

Tyler Queen led the Warriors by completing 11 of 20 passes for 303 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. Tony Perkins had two touchdown catches for North Cobb, while Queen’s other scoring pass went to Cameron Albright. Jevonte Herrod added a touchdown on the ground for the Warriors, who rushed for 97 yards as a team to give them exactly 400 yards of total offense.

Hillgrove lost for the first time after starting the season 5-0, but it was not for lack of effort from Elijah Ironside, Justin Denton and Richardre Bagley. Ironside completed 21 of 45 passes for 230 yards and one touchdown. Denton had six receptions for 110 yards and hauled in Ironside’s lone scoring strike. Bagely rushed 13 times for 106 yards and a touchdown. The Hawks racked up 127 yards on the ground to give them a total offensive output of 357 yards.

Both teams are now 5-1 overall. North Cobb improves to 4-0 in Region 4-AAAAAA while Hillgrove falls to 3-1.

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October 11th, 2013
10:30 pm

Didn’t see that coming. Really thought Hillgrove would win. Sets up a great game next week when McEachern visits N Cobb.


October 11th, 2013
10:42 pm

Congrats North. That is how you let them know who you are!


October 11th, 2013
10:58 pm

This was a game of two halves as the score stood 27-13 at the half. Both defenses shut down the offences in the second half. In the last two games North Cobb has been shut out in two halves but it did not matter as in the other two halves they scored 69 points.

Marietta fan

October 12th, 2013
12:02 am

I saw this coming. I thought Hillgrove was a bit overrated and they probably were. Marietta really should’ve beat Hillgrove but we shot ourselves in the foot several times

only a matter of time

October 12th, 2013
9:49 am

Good game North Cobb. You walked in with swagger, played with swagger and won a big game on the road. #15 has really gotten better delivering the ball compared to last year. I can see he’s worked hard and he makes others around him better. Good luck next week and into the playoffs.

Eagle Dad

October 12th, 2013
11:35 am

Great game plan and great execution by North Cobb. Now we get to see if they can do it two weeks in row. Unlike the Hawks, the Indians have a QB who has other options if the pass protection breaks down or his receivers are covered, as well as the ability to run a power game and ram it all the way down the field like Walton did. On the Warriors side, young Queen will light them up if Mac can’t get pressure on him. Should be a good one.

Randy Henderson

October 12th, 2013
12:57 pm

Go Warriors.. North Cobb class of 68!!


October 12th, 2013
6:55 pm

Marietta fan are you really still whining.? You got bet by a better team move on! Big Blue has 2 region losses and will have at least 1 more when they face NC. Careful or you’ll read about the other region 4 teams in the playoffs.

I felt like HG would be in trouble against a quality qb like Queen. Even when under pressure he was able to scramble and find the open receiver. HG had chances late but the Warriors D hung tough.

Congrats Warriors and good luck next week.


October 13th, 2013
8:22 am

I was a little suprised Friday nite. I thought these two teams were pretty even matched. I thought Defensively Hillgrove was better upfront, but NC was better in the secondary and the LB’s were a wash. Offensively the O-Line advantage was definetly Hillgroves and the RB’s and WR’s were even for both teams. This game I thought cam down to the two QB’s.Everyone including himself was feeling Ironside after scorching thru the first five games. I thought Queen was more composed when facing pressure. Laso the big difference was the ability of Queen to move in the pocket and the lack of accuracy by Ironside

Dallas Highway

October 13th, 2013
4:03 pm

Very impressed with North Cobb beating Hilgrove on the road. Felt and still feel that HG has a slightly better team. North Cobb seemed to feed off the classless smack talking that went on all week. Hey HG rule number one, its Ok to talk smack but never get personal. Attacks on TQ and his girlfriend probably did you in. Hahahaha.


October 13th, 2013
7:06 pm

@ Dallas Highway- I love some good trash talk between the players with this type of game, but i do believe your right that the personal attacks against TQ and his gf were overboard. Also with all the talk from the grove players and himself about how TQ was overrated and EI was underrated…. I think that debate was settled Friday. I think EI is a very good high school QB, however he is a little short, doesnt have very good arm strength, and is not very accurate


October 14th, 2013
8:24 am

The personal attacks on TQ and his girlfriend were simply unacceptable. The pregame chant from the Hillgrove student section should get an apology to North Cobb from the Hillgrove principal.


October 14th, 2013
10:14 am

I agree but no apology will be issued cause the worse perpetrator in this event was the coaches son