125 Georgia players have committed to FBS schools

It’s a long time until signing day in February, but most Georgia high school football players who will be playing at the Division I FBS level have made their decisions.

GHSF Daily counts 125 players who have commitments reported on Rivals.com or Scout.com. Only 23 players who are rated three stars or better by Rivals.com have not made their choices publicly.

Below is a list of the 125. First, a few facts:

*Stephenson has the most players committed with eight. Next are Camden County, Carrollton and Sandy Creek with four each.

*The colleges with the most Georgia commitments are in-state schools Georgia State (12) and Georgia (eight). Georgia Tech has six.

*The out-of-state college with the most Georgia commitments is Central Florida (seven). Next are Marshall and N.C. State (six each), Clemson and North Carolina (five each) and Mississippi State and Tennessee (four each).

*Several Georgia players are committed to Division I FCS schools, but those aren’t as reliably tracked, so we didn’t include those here. Two of note are Cartersville QB Brooks Barden (Charlotte) and Eagle’s Landing Christian QB Dalton Etheridge (Jacksonville State).

*Using Rivals’ rankings, the most highly recruited Georgia players (all four stars or above) who are not committed are CB D.J. Smith of Walton, DT Elisha Shaw of Tucker, DE Andrew Williams of Eagle’s Landing Christian, CB Wesley Green of M.L. King, DE Dante Sawyer of Norcross, DB Evan Berry of Creekview, WR Myles Autry and DE Lorenzo Carter of Norcross and LB Raekwon McMillan of Liberty County.

POS       Player                                        High School                              College

OLB        Juwon Young                          Albany                                        Miami

CB          Nasiir Edwards                        Arabia Mountain                    Air Force

CB          Jonathan Slaton                     Arabia Mountain                    Georgia State

WR         Gregory Phillips                      Arabia Mountain                    Purdue

PK          Michael Santamaria              Athens Academy                   Virginia Tech

DE          A.J. Wooten                            Berrien                                       Central Florida

S             Tavon Ross                               Bleckley County                      Missouri

OL          Tucker Etheridge                   Blessed Trinity                         Louisiana Tech

CB          Malkom Parrish                      Brooks County                        Georgia

MLB       Korie Rogers                            Buford                                        Clemson

RB          Thomas Wilson                       Buford                                        Missouri

WR         Reese Wooten                       Cairo                                            Marshall

OLB        KeShun Freeman                  Callaway                                    Georgia Tech

TE           Milan Richard                          Calvary Baptist Day                Clemson

CB          Kalvaraz Bessent                   Camden County                     Alabama

S             Chris Williams                          Camden County                     Alabama

DE          Anthony Johnson                  Camden County                     Florida Int.

OL          Trayvon Williams                   Camden County                     Marshall

S             Michael Rogers                      Campbell                                   Central Florida

OG         Jake Sanders                           Carrollton                                  Duke

DT          Dontavius Russell                  Carrollton                                  Georgia

TE           Cole Cook                                 Carrollton                                  North Carolina State

K             Tyler Newsome                     Carrollton                                  Notre Dame

WR         T.L. Ford                                    Cartersville                               Kansas State

DE          Niemus Bryant                       Carver                                         Georgia State

OT          Lucas Johnson                        Cass                                             Georgia State

OLB        Bryson Allen-Williams          Cedar Grove                            South Carolina

RB          Nick Chubb                              Cedartown                               Georgia

WR         Collin Lisa                                  Chattahoochee                       UAB

OT          Wyatt Miller                            Coffee County                        Central Florida

OT          Christian Harris                       Collins Hill                                  Duke

OT          Gabe Mobley                          Colquitt County                      Georgia State

WR         Todd Boyd                                Colquitt County                      Georgia State

DT          Jamiyus Pittman                    Colquitt County                      Mississippi

OLB        Deshon Cooper                      Columbia                                   Mississippi State

OG         Terronne Prescod                 Columbia                                   North Carolina State

CB          Cameron Jackson                  Creekside                                  Georgia State

S             Ayden Bonilla                          Etowah                                       North Carolina

OT          Caleb Samuel                          First Presbyterian                  North Carolina

QB          Deshaun Watson                   Gainesville                                Clemson

RB          Stanley Williams                     George Walton Acad.           Kentucky

DT          Patrick Stewart                       George Walton Acad.           Middle Tennessee

DE          Joey Connors                          Harrison                                     Central Florida

DB          Keegan Karim                         Harrison                                     Western Kentucky

OG         Jake Edwards                          Heard County                          Georgia

DE          Bradley Chubb                        Hillgrove                                    North Carolina State

S             LaDerrick Hammond            Jefferson County                   Marshall

DE          Taariq Shabazz                        Kennesaw Mountain            Duke

CB          Lance Austin                            Lamar County                          Georgia Tech

CB          Lawrence Austin                    Lamar County                          Georgia Tech

S             Qua Searcy                               Lamar County                          Georgia Tech

TE           Chris Laye                                 Lambert                                     Auburn

S             Keion Davis                              Langston Hughes                   Marshall

CB          Chris Murphy                          Lassiter                                       Arkansas

WR         Quincy Perdue                       Lassiter                                       Troy

OG         Jesse Freeman                       Lee County                               Louisiana-LaFayette

QB          Stephen Collier                      Lee County                               Ohio State

S             Cortez McDowell                   Locust Grove                           Tennessee

OLB        Demarquis Gates                  Lovejoy                                      Mississippi

CB          Grant Haley                             Lovett                                         Vanderbilt

OT          Dyshon Sims                            Lowndes                                    Georgia

MLB       Tre Jackson                              Lowndes                                    Georgia Tech

S             Chaka Diarrassouba              M.L. King                                   Western Kentucky

MLB       Tyrell Tomlin                            Marietta                                    North Carolina

OT          Kendall Baker                          Marist                                         Georgia

OLB        Henry Famurewa                  McEachern                               Louisville

TE           Trey Scott                                 McEachern                               Tulane

CB          Quentin Turner                      Miller Grove                             Ball State

RB          Treyvon Paulk                         Milton                                         Tennessee

WR         Stanton Truitt                         Monroe                                     Auburn

WR         Jordan Noil                               Norcross                                    Maryland

TE           Chris Herndon                        Norcross                                    Miami

MLB       Kevin Mouhon                       Norcross                                    Tennessee

S             Cameron Albright                  North Cobb                              North Carolina

WR         Nate Brown                             North Gwinnett                      Missouri

S             Denzel Franklin                      Pace Academy                        Stanford

FB           Brandon Sullivan                    Parkview                                   Georgia State

CB          Bryce Lewis                              Parkview                                   Vanderbilt

OT          Chavis Dickey                          Peach County                          Central Florida

OT          Orlando Brown                       Peachtree Ridge                     Tennessee

RB          Jordan Ellis                               Peachtree Ridge                     Virginia

OL          Hayden Owen                        Pepperell                                  Air Force

QB          Tyler Harris                               Pierce County                          SMU

DT          Willie Yarbary                          Richmond Academy              Indiana

QB          Nick Fitzgerald                        Richmond Hill                           Mississippi State

DT          Jermane Conyers                  Ridgeland                                  Indiana

WR         Shakenneth Williams           Rutland                                      Georgia

S             Khari Lain                                  Sandy Creek                             Arkansas State

WR         Demarre Kitt                           Sandy Creek                             Clemson

QB          Cole Garvin                              Sandy Creek                             Marshall

DT          Chris Williams                          Sandy Creek                             Mississippi

DT          Justin Jones                             South Cobb                              North Carolina State

WR         Coray Keel                                South Gwinnett                      Indiana

C             Dennis Edwards                     South Gwinnett                      Western Kentucky

OLB        Khalia Hackett                         South Paulding                        Arkansas

CB          Nick Ruffin                               St. Pius                                       Auburn

OLB        Malik Ricks                               Stephenson                             Georgia State

S             Ronald Peterkin                     Stephenson                             Georgia State

TE           Ari Werts                                  Stephenson                             Georgia State

CB          Jared Tucker                            Stephenson                             Kentucky

OT          Jordan Harris                           Stephenson                             Mississippi State

OG         Tyler Jones                               Stephenson                             North Carolina State

RB          Dallas Rivers                            Stephenson                             Vanderbilt

S             Cameron Glenn                     Stephenson                             Wake Forest

RB          Adam Choice                           Thomas County Central       Clemson

OLB        Daryl Dunlap                            Troup                                          San Diego State

MLB       Detric Dukes                            Tucker                                        Georgia

S             Kirk Tucker                               Tucker                                        Stanford

K             Mac Loudermilk                     Valdosta                                    Central Florida

RB          Malcolm Joseph                     Valdosta                                    Georgia State

WR         Alex Cason                               Valdosta                                    Marshall

DT          Cortez Broughton                 Veterans                                   Middle Tennessee

QB          Price Wilson                             Walton                                       Louisiana Tech

LB           D.J. Sanders                             Washington County              Middle Tennessee

CB          Malique Jackson                    Wayne County                        Florida State

OG         Josh Davis                                 West Forsyth                           Air Force

C             Andrew Marshall                   West Forsyth                           Georgia Tech

OLB        Cameron Seward                  Westminster                            Boston College

OL          Sam Schmal                             Westminster                            Boston College

QB          Elijah Staley                             Wheeler                                    Mississippi State

S             Allen Artis                                 Wheeler                                    North Carolina

DT          Johnny Dwight                       Wilcox County                         Alabama

WR         Chandon Sullivan                   Winder-Barrow                       Georgia State

P             A.J. Cole                                    Woodward Academy           North Carolina State

TE           Terry Googer                          Woodward Academy           South Carolina

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October 4th, 2013
9:20 am

Michael Santamaria, Athens Academy, K, Virginia Tech

Todd Holcomb

October 4th, 2013
9:54 am

Added Santamaria. He’s not listed as committed to VT on Scout or Rivals, so that was the source of the error. But we know that he is.


October 4th, 2013
10:54 am

Ryan Peterson RB Irwin Co to Georgia Southern

Fencebuilders Union Local 1913

October 4th, 2013
10:56 am

Not bad, GSU! Keep that talent in Atlanta!


October 4th, 2013
10:57 am

Ryan Northrup OL Norcross Georgia Southern (FBS in 2014)
Emmanuel Aka DE/TE Norcross Georgia Southern (FBS in 2014)


October 4th, 2013
11:08 am

@RobFromNorcross– Good to see the amount of talent from Gwinnett headed to Southern! Pretty soon the whole OLine will be Gwinnett County boys!

Double Standard

October 4th, 2013
12:16 pm

The state of Georgia has become a real football mill.


October 4th, 2013
2:38 pm

Let’s see how the teams, with multiple D-1 commits, do in the playoffs……RELEASE the CATS!!!! :-D

Suwanee 0wns

October 4th, 2013
4:25 pm

Uncommitted DE Dante Sawyer is from North Gwinnett, not Norcross as stated in the body of the article as opposed to the subsequent list.

Suwanee 0wns

October 4th, 2013
4:38 pm

While it might be obvious, top recruits from the class of 2015 are not on this list. Like: Preston Williams – Lovejoy, Mitch Hyatt – NGHS

GSU=Georgia State

October 4th, 2013
5:52 pm

Glad to see that Georgia State is recruiting lots of Georgia talent. Go Panthers!

Coach Richt

October 5th, 2013
5:00 am

j’Dingalage Morgoone – University of South Flerida
Sequester Grundelpleth, M.D. – Adams State
Hingle McCringleberry – Notre Dame

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October 6th, 2013
6:45 am

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Just a Fan

October 7th, 2013
4:20 pm

I think Carrollton has a fifth player commited: Brandon Walton TE.

Jason C

October 9th, 2013
12:25 pm

Georgia Southern is classified as a FBS transition school and will be playing a full Sun Belt conference schedule in 2014.

Georgia Southern currently has 10 commits, three from GA. Georgia Southern has always recruited Northern Florida heavily as well. Both State and Southern have a very long ways to go before being in the realm of recruiting head to head with GT and especially uga but hopefully both schools can start keeping GA kids from leaving to go to out of state lower tier “BCS” teams and other non “BCS” schools. I am glad the overflow of GA high school talent has two additional FBS options to choose from, other out of state schools have been benefiting for years due to GA only having two FBS options.