List/Trivia/Quote: Lovejoy’s Williams among 11 juniors committed to Division I schools


Lovejoy junior Preston Williams, a 6-foot-5 wide receiver, is playing like an all-state player. Entering Thursday’s game against Druid Hills, Williams had 20 catches for 420 yards and four touchdowns, including a game-winning catch in a victory last week against East Coweta. He is one of 11 juniors committed to Division I schools, according to

*DE Mehki Brown, Carver Columbus (Alabama)

*C Will Bryan, Franklin County (Georgia Tech)

*DE Andrew Butcher, Alpharetta (Tennessee)

*LB Arrington Farrar, Woodward Academy (Stanford)

*LS Blake Ferguson, Buford (LSU)

*WR Christian Owens, Griffin (Georgia)

*QB Tyler Queen, North Cobb (Auburn)

*WR Dexter Neal Jr., Stephenson (South Carolina)

*LB Chauncey Rivers, Stephenson (South Carolina)

*OL Dallas Warmack, Mays (Alabama)

*WR Preston Williams, Lovejoy (Tennessee)


Meadowcreek’s losing streak of 51 games is tied for second-longest in state history with that of Long County, which ended in 2005. Which school holds the record? (Answer Monday)

Answer to Thursday’s question: The highest-ranked Class A public schools – Seminole County, Irwin County and Johnson County – have won two state titles. Johnson County won in 1979. Irwin County won in 1975.


“Build men, develop winners and graduate scholars.”

- M.L. King coach Cortez Allen

GHSF Daily asked coaches during the offseason if they have a favorite quote, saying or motto. We’ll run a different one each day. Coaches are invited to add to our list.

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September 27th, 2013
11:17 am

Preston is a fine athlete. He is also a fine young man. He loves the game and it shows. I don’t have the stats from last nights game but he was himself. One play I do remember is his 65-70 yard punt return for a TD. Pure speed. He looked like a highlight as he streaked down the sideline. He also is the punter. One of my favorite things about him is he will be back.

Can you say “STAR” ?

Football parent

September 27th, 2013
11:30 pm

As a parent and a observer . I was very disappointed in the way Fayetteville high school staff treated. A few of Lovejoy high school ball player at there game against Sandy Creek. Lovejoy’s football team was cheering for both teams. But I guess that not aloud in Fayette. The team was walked out of the stadium and told to leave the property are they would be arrested. I ask what was there crime. I was told because they were cheering for the other team. Though they sat a couple of seat down from my family I thought they were very respectful kids that didn’t have a dog in the fight. So they for both teams. I know this would never happen but those kids deserve an apology for being profile as soon as they walked in the game. They didn’t do anything wrong. To Fayetteville football team we invite you to come to Lovejoy and cheer for what ever team you like. After all you pay for that.

Highschool 1

September 28th, 2013
8:58 am

Hmmm… I had one son play at Starrs Mill. They had some very-very good games at home and away with Lovejoy and Riverdale teams.

The fans were always treated with respect and sportsmanship home or away.

I’m sorry you witness what you did. But your indictment of everyone in Fayette County for one incident is disappointing.

I grew up in Clayton County and happen to be white. Sometimes I’m treated well when I go home. Sometimes… Not so much…

Wishing you, your son, your team and your school well. Regardless of the county, your race, background, etc.