List/Trivia/Quote: Maxwell ranks 1-AAAAAA as toughest region


Here are the Maxwell Ratings for each region and subregion. The rating is an average of all teams, so regions that are top heavy can be undercut by very weak teams at the bottom.

1-AAAAAA (77.98)

7-AAAAAA (68.87)

8-AAAAAA (68.27)

5-AAAAAA (67.70)

4-AAAAAA (65.03)

3-AAAAAA (62.98)

6-AAAAAA (61.19)

3-AAAA Div. A (59.63)

4-AAAAA Div. B (59.20)

3-AAA (55.41)

2-AAAAA (55.40)

1-AAAAA (55.24)

8-AAAAA (54.48)

6-AA (53.06)

5-AAAA (52.81)

5-AAAAA (52.62)

2-AAAAAA (51.37)

6-AAAAA (50.85)

1-AA (50.70)

6-AAA (50.66)

4-AAAA Div. A (49.89)

7-AAAAA Div. B (49.46)

6-AAAA Div. A (49.45)

2-AAAA (48.89)

4-AAAA Div. B (46.43)

7-AAAA Div. A (46.43)

1-AAAA (46.29)

3-AAAAA (44.77)

8-AAA (42.05)

7-AAAA Div. B (41.74)

6-AAAA Div. B (41.55)

8-AAAA (41.15)

2-AAA (39.74)

7-AAA (39.47)

4-AA (38.71)

4-AAAAA Div. A (38.12)

2-A (37.78)

5-A (36.70)

4-AAA (36.22)

2-AA (35.84)

7-AAAAA Div. A (35.67)

6-A Div. A (34.57)

1-AAA (32.73)

5-AA (30.70)

5-AAA (30.42)

3-AA (30.17)

7-AA (29.67)

3-A Div. A (29.66)

7-A (29.49)

4-A (29.11)

3-A Div. B (25.80)

6-A Div. B (23.91)

3-AAAA Div B (23.74)

8-AA (21.44)

1-A (17.85)

8-A (14.99)


Seven Georgia regions have two schools that have won state championships since 2000. How many can you name? (Answer Thursday)

Answer to Tuesday’s question: Carver of Columbus is the only team to shut out Buford since 2000. Carver beat Buford 14-0 in 2010, ending a streak of 147 games without a shutout. Buford has gone 46 games without a shutout since.


“Only you control your attitude.”

- Jordan coach Jim Brown

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September 25th, 2013
8:58 am

Define toughest, as it relates to the way you are using it. Is it schedule? Is it the strength of each team and if so, what strength? Is it scoring or scoring D. Is it out of region play? Is it based in historical fact? Is it ranking? Is it competition within the region?

If it is as you say, an average of all teams, how do you explain the presence of region 8 near the top? The premise that the region can be brought down by weaker teams at the bottom of the region makes my point valid. Brookwood, Parkview, South Gwinnett, Central Gwinnett and Grayson records don’t compare with those of other regions bottom teams.

Five of the seven teams in region 2 are .500 or better. What is it for region 8, 3 of 9 at .500 or better. Region 4, top to bottom is tougher than region 8.

Once again, Define toughest?

Lil brother

September 25th, 2013
9:26 am

Well said SPORTSNUT…agree.


September 25th, 2013
12:58 pm

I will say “WITH NO DISRESPECT TO ANY TEAM OR REGION” 1-AAAAAA is the toughest region to play high school football. I’ve been across the south since ‘97 (Alabama, Georgia, Florida) and I’ve never seen a region that competes harder than any other region in those three states. With the addition of Camden, those teams (Colquitt, Lowndes, Valdosta, Camden) were literally bruised by one another and I’m not going to overlook Coffee in that mix. It’s a STRONG Battle week in/week out. Lovejoy is going to rule Region 2, No one has heard of a team from 3-AAAAAA, 4-AAAAAA you have McEachern, North Cobb and Marietta, 5-AAAAAA will probably go to Milton but who has won a championship from that region?? 6-AAAAAA maybe Alpharetta, North Forsyth, 7-AAAAAA N.G., PTR is just now coming back around and Norcross, now 8-AAAAAA is competitive and I would probably rank them tougher than 7-AAAAAA. I think these rankings are true. Even here in Valdosta, when Lowndes and Valdosta play in the Winnersville Classic, they murder one another!! And then when they play a Tifton the next week, Tifton may can pull one out. But between Lowndes, Valdosta, Camden, Colquitt and Coffee, it’s hell week every friday until the playoffs…..then because the GHSA has it out for South Georgia football, if you’re the #3 or #4 seed in 1-AAAAAA, you’ll become worn out from traveling. The North may be winning for right now…..but I don’t think they can compare to region play in South GA.

Loren Maxwell

September 25th, 2013
2:11 pm

“Define toughest”

It’s the rating of a team that would win 50% of the games in the region.


September 25th, 2013
2:27 pm

Well said BWILL1911 Playoff travel for region 1AAAAAA is killer and then also what is the only 4 southern teams in the playoffs against 32 teams that are basically from Atlanta (north Georgia teams). Despite those humongous hurdles we get our 1/2 of the state championships.


September 25th, 2013
3:02 pm

@ Loren == Behind that logic, half the teams in each region would be “tough”. So, in essence, you are going with competition with in the region. Play .500 ball in region and you are tough.

I suppose no other region beats up on each other. Mind you, this is a complete make-up of the entire state. There are regions in other classes that have a 10 game region schedule and you have to bring it every Friday from start to finish. Now that’s tough.

Futhermore, those schools with the strong SOS are taking a beating in some regions. The more those schools lose, it weakens the SOS of those they played.

Anyone playing certain region 8 teams have to be lowered in SOS and rating given the current circumstances. Has this been done or are the original ratings from the start of the season still being used to calculate these numbers?


September 25th, 2013
3:24 pm

@ BWILL1911 == As I said, they are not the only region that beats up on each other. Maybe you have become jaded. That is not the football capital of the state.

There is no guarantee Lovejoy is going to rule region. It is also not a given that North Gwinnett will win region 7.

If you think the GHSA has it out for South Georgia football, I can understand your thoughts on the rest. The GHSA got together and said lets put these 7 schools with their student population hundreds of miles from the rest of the schools their size so they will have to travel every week once the playoff’s start.

If that regions 3rd and 4th seed gets tired of traveling, tell them to work harder and win the region so they can stay home. Isn’t that region title the most important thing to all teams? It’s not just an award, it comes with perks.


September 25th, 2013
3:29 pm

@ Sportsnut…Either way you argue or debate about it, Region 2-AAAAAA is ALWAYS WEAK. That’s a fact. That has nothing to do with Lovejoy so give it a rest.


September 25th, 2013
3:35 pm

@ BWILL1911…I’d have to agree with you about Region 8 being more competitive that Region 7; not just this year but every year. We have Meadowcreek, Mountain View, Duluth, and Habersham Central…all of which won’t win more than 3 region games. That’s four teams who would compete in region 2 (excluding Lovejoy).


September 25th, 2013
4:06 pm

I love to hear that coming from a competitor. Especially one that did not come out on top at the end of our contest. Do not kid yourself. Neither of those teams would win here with maybe the exception of facing Morrow. Region 2 has shown improvement, not decline, as is the case with region 8.

When North beats Lovejoy, I will gladly yield to you but until they do, I will speak of what I know. Every team in region 2 has a win under it’s belt. They had a winning record out of region this year overall as a whole. It’s not like everybody in regions 7 and 8 have been world beaters.

Why does it not have anything to do with Lovejoy? Aren’t they in region 2?
I never argue. I love to debate.

Feeling good because we’re on top, aah!


September 25th, 2013
5:04 pm

@Sportsnut My guess based on what Loren Maxwell said is it relates to region parity. Say if most years a regions playoff teams are 7-3ish or 6-4ish that would be a tougher region (as it relates to THAT region) than a region that teams go 10-0 to 8-2ish where a few team dominate year after year (easier for those teams)

Just a guess


September 25th, 2013
5:23 pm

2 FNLF == He did not say anything about parity. He is talking toughest region. The numbers that are posted are representative of the here and now and not “most years”.

Why do I get the third degree for questioning? Thinking on my own. The reason for these pages is for debate and commentary. Sometimes you learn, other times someone may learn from you. I am sorry if I do not just accept what I am told.

What was that saying…..”Believe non of what you hear and only half of what you see”


September 25th, 2013
5:35 pm

“so regions that are top heavy can be undercut by very weak teams at the bottom” To me as well as “It’s the rating of a team that would win 50% of the games in the region.” Again “IN THE REGION” says (to me anyways) he is saying about parity= tougher region vs top heavy= easy region.


September 25th, 2013
5:46 pm

Look at it this way. Region 1 AAAAAA is highest not because they have the best teams (Which I believe they do) but because any of those teams from top to bottom has the possibility of beating each other (even Coffee and Tift are improved). Whereas Lovejoys region realistically none of the teams could beat Lovejoy (we are talking region teams only not none region games). So Lovejoy has an easier region. Make since? I’m not debating anything, just trying to explain my understanding of his definition of tough region.

As it stands

September 25th, 2013
7:13 pm

The answer to the trivia:
1-AAAAAA(Camden, Lowndes)
7-AAAAAA(Norcross, Peachtree Ridge)
8-AAAAAA(Grayson, Brookwood, Parkview)
2-AAAAA(Northside-WR, Warner Robins)
5-AAAA(Sandy Creek, LaGrange)
2-AAA(Carver-Columbus, Peach County)
3-AAA(Thomson, Swainsboro)

Todd Holcomb

September 25th, 2013
7:59 pm

I think As it Stands is correct on the trivia answer. …

As for the region rankings, can’t answer about the methodology. Might see if I can get Maxwell to comment. But I will say this – I think Region 8 remains one of the better regions if it’s based on the average of all the teams. The reason is that there aren’t any bad teams. I know Parkview and Brookwood are winless, but they’ve played better than average teams. I think either of those teams might finish second in Region 2.


September 25th, 2013
8:27 pm

sportsnut, give it a rest. Lovejoy only became prominent in 2010, from 2004 to 2009 they had a losing record. The school has only been around since 1990 and playing football since 1991, overall record including this year is 157-101. 14 winning seasons and 10 losing seasons, with 6 region titles and no state titles. Bottom line Lovejoy is in a weak region with no state title pedigree. SOS is based on your region, matters not who you play out of region, If you look back Camden was in region 3 a weak region for years. Camden, Lowndes, Colquitt, Valdosta and Tift all have State titles. If if a team has 10 region games, only 4 will make the playoffs. You can have 3-4 teams with no wins or 1 0r 2 wins, that undercuts your SOS as the article states. The only way Lovejoy get’s that monkey off of their back is to win state titles, until then, their region speaks for itself.


September 25th, 2013
9:11 pm

Sportsnut…..Spin it any way you can/want, Region 1 6A is the toughest Region in HS Football. The fact that 4 different teams in the region have won State Titles in football and are still a factor as we speak, is unprecedented. :-)


September 25th, 2013
9:33 pm

Actually Camden 74, 5 teams in Region 1 have won championships in the highest class (Valdosta, Lowndes, Camden, Colquitt, Tift)
I’m not real familiar with what championships Brunswick may have won.

Marietta fan

September 25th, 2013
10:45 pm

I agree that region 1 is the toughest, but I think region 4 could be put up there also. You have Mceachern, Hillgrove, North Cobb, and Marietta as the likely playoff teams. I do think Campbell and Harrison might be a little better than people think and can give the top 4 a good challenge. We’ll see this week when Hillgrove plays Campbell and North Cobb plays Harrison. I see region 4 maybe going 3-1 or maybe 4-0 in the first round this year depending on how Lovejoy is and if Newton can make it after their upset of Lowndes

Colquitt Supporter

September 25th, 2013
11:08 pm

Guess we will really know who has the toughest region during playoffs.


September 26th, 2013
12:54 am

@ Colquitt supporter -I reckon so. I’m looking for The Packers to take everything down to Lowndes this weekend.


September 26th, 2013
2:40 am

I like waht Todd said. Just like I said in another blog post, Parkview hasnt won, but thats mainly due to their offense not really being suficient. But if you saw how their defense played against P’Ridge then you’d understand that they’re no slouch neither.



September 26th, 2013
2:48 am

lmbo… cant wait to see what our fellow brothers in Reg6-5A think of this… especially if they’re the “SEC” of high school football…



September 26th, 2013
4:13 am

It was only a question ! Look at the response. I love this board ! Some of you don’t have a clue.
Why does it always have to be about Lovejoy. Even though I don’t mention them, they are always brought into it by someone.

Can there not be a general conversation?

SOS is not based on region alone. It is the entire schedule.
The easiest way for this to be made clear is for region 2 to win some playoff games.
Consider yourselves warned.


September 26th, 2013
4:14 am

Region 2’s scores versus AAAAAA opponents without Lovejoy:

Rockdale 0 Langston Hughes 34
Luella 2 Losndes 42
Luella 0 Langston Hughes 35
Newton 15 Lowndes 14
Newton 14 Valdosta 38

@Sportsnut – outside of Lovejoy, that’s the real record of Region 2. The wins of the region otherwise have come from relatively much smaller schools. Being outscored in five games 163-31 does look much to crow about to me. If this is an up year for Region 2-AAAAAA, that only strengthens just how weak the region has been.

Brookwood doesn’t have a victory in three games. Their opponents have lost one game, and that one on a missed EP 31-30.. No question an off year for the Broncos and Region 8-AAAAAA. But in caliber of competition, 8-AAAAAA plays up. 2-AAAAAA, with the exception of Lowndes, plays down.


September 26th, 2013
5:11 am

Lets see. Region 1 out of region games were played against:
Wayne County
Glynn Academy
Beach N. Gwinnett
That is Camden and Brunswick.

Mundy’s Mill
That is Coffee and Colquitt
Windsor Forest
Houston Co.
Worth Co
Brooks Co.
Crisp Co.
That is Lowndes, Tift and Valdosta.
Are all these 6A?
Are all these playoff teams?
You are in the highest class. There is no way for region 8 to play up.
That is so impressive. Colquitt and Coffee have played a tough schedule so far. The rest, not so much.


September 26th, 2013
5:25 am

No matter what, our worst team beat one of region 1’s best. Of course we lost to Colquitt so that makes us about even. The second season is coming anyway.
Camden played one (1) 6A school and lost.
Brunswick did not play one.
Coffee did not play one.
Colquitt played two and are 2-0
Lowndes played two and won one.
Tift did not play one.
Valdosta played one and won.
That is a total of 6 6A games played by region 1.
Region 2 played a total of 9 6A games.


September 26th, 2013
8:12 am

@Sportsnut……….Bean counter BS dude , leave it alone………Just use your gray matter …..You don’t need a computer to tell you that 5 + 5 +5=15…..Dude you’ve got two hands and a foot for that ,You don’t need a computer to tell you that Region 1 and Region 7 are the strongest in 6A at the moment , you know these teams in 6A ……..


September 26th, 2013
9:56 am

@ Reeze == I know. Just as you said, at the moment, regions 1 and 7 are the strongest. I would add region 4 to the mix. This is my way of showing a different side of things. Look at the schedules of some of the regions so far and give me the reasoning behind arguments concerning things such as SOS. I do not doubt that there are good teams in region 1 and 7 but there are good teams other places too. When playoff time comes and those teams that are so highly regarded fall, it will be a surprise to many.

Not me. I know that none of us know. None of us thought Newton would beat Lowndes. After watching Lovejoy dominate Peachtree Ridge in the scrimmage, I never would have thought they would be 4-0 at this point. With all the talk, who saw Grayson where they are? Was that the Norcross we all know getting the business at home, on National TV. Weren’t they supposed to win a National Title this year?

O.K., There are superior teams that can’t be beat and the teams that reside with them are stronger than any others. A non playoff team from a certain region will beat the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place team from a certain region.

Mrs. Cleo is working overtime.


September 26th, 2013
10:01 am

Good stuff

TIFT almost beat TCC in Thomasville…. TIFT the so called bottom feeders in 1AAAAAA barely losing to a top Five team in 5AAAAA on the road…



September 26th, 2013
10:40 am

@Sportsnut……..I think that you are putting way too much into this.


September 26th, 2013
11:32 am

@ Sportsnut …….You’d make one heck of an Accountant


September 26th, 2013
12:54 pm

Wing-T…..If you noticed, I said, “still a factor”. When was the last time Tiff County was a factor? :-)


September 26th, 2013
1:02 pm

I think that Toughest Region should defined as the toughest region to get a playoff spot in. So basically it is the strength of the Top 4-5 contending teams. The fact that Region 7-AAAAAA for example has 5 quality teams battling for 4 slots is one reason it belongs in a list of tough regions. All 5 of those teams will be 4-0 against the weaker 4. But to break into the Top 4 is challenging.

By this definition, Region 1-AAAAAA is also tough, whereas traditionally other regions like 2-AAAAAA are not tough.


September 26th, 2013
2:52 pm

Reeze and RobFromNorcross nailed it.

Reeze “Region 1 and Region 7 are the strongest” STRONGEST vs TOUGHEST those are 2 different meanings.

RobFromNorcross ” I think that Toughest Region should defined as the toughest region to get a playoff spot in.” BINGO. Region 6AAAAA has some of the STRONGEST teams in the state but its not as TOUGH for those strong teams to make the playoffs as other Regions.

This is what I think (again think) the meaning of “Tough” was. Not to be confused with Strongest.

Suwanee 0wns

September 26th, 2013
9:45 pm

Looks reasonable to me. An attempt to quantify something that is actually quite hard to quantify.

I am sure that Region 7AAAAAA gets a lower rating because it contains Habersham, Meadowcreek, and Duluth. While Duluth could win games in another region it is unlikely that they will win a game against the top 5 in the region. And, unfortunately Habersham and Meadowcreek could probably only beat teams in a lower classification, or Region 2.

In Region 7, 5 good teams are competing for 4 playoff spots. Mill Creek was hammered in the rankings after losing to P Ridge by only 1 point. Granted, P Ridge seemed to be in control the entire game but Mill Creek had moments of brilliance. In particular that had one long drive without errors where they looked like they could score against any team in the state. If they straighten up and play 4 quarters like that, they can beat anyone.

I’m still rooting for Rockdale, but I do not really think they could beat Parkviw, Brookwood, or even Duluth.

I am a bit surprised that Region 5 is rated higher than Region 4. That probably has to do with the teams at the bottom of the Regions. Among the top 4 in each Region, I believe Region 4 is stronger. And despite all the bloviating here, we will actually get to find out at Playoff time.

Go Rockdale!

Suwanee 0wns

September 26th, 2013
9:50 pm

You really have to hand it to Mr. Holcomb for coming up with a topic that pushed the buttons of several posters.

Well done, Mr. Holcomb; wipe that smirk off your face!


September 27th, 2013
11:26 am

@Sportsnut – You know your program has arrived when other people talk about it. People are talking about Lovejoy now when they haven’t before. You still have to make that final goal of the championship but your program is strong. BUT, and this is a big but, when it comes to region 2 no one is talking consistently about the other teams. Using region 8 as an example because I know it best, everyone knows and talks about Archer, Brookwood, Grayson, and Parkview consistently. Central, Shiloh and South have their moments as well. Berkmar is really the only school in R8 football that most people don’t think can jump up and bite you although you better be ready for them. R8, 4, maybe 5-6 teams that people know about and talk about. R2, Lovejoy is it on a regular basis. Yes, you have teams like Newton that have a standout game but then they have faded away. R3 is in a similar position but with a Lovejoy. The rest of the regions all have 2-4 teams that are consistently talked about as potential contenders. Some like R7 this year have 5 or maybe 6 before they drop off.

Going back 13 years to the advent of 5A and now 6A or the “big school classifications,” you have Lowndes (R1), Camden (R3 at the time), Roswell (R5 but not sure if that is where they were at the time), Peachtree Ridge and Norcross (R7), and Parkview, Brookwood, and Grayson (R8). That’s where your state champions live and play and that is why they rank so high while R2 doesn’t. That doesn’t mean R2 can’t get better but when R8 has 3 state champions in it since the big school classifications started you have to recognize that it is an overall stronger region.


September 27th, 2013
11:27 am

*R3 is in a similar positions but WITHOUT a Lovejoy.*


September 27th, 2013
12:22 pm

If you believe these numbers – and looking exclusively at 6A – then there are three groups: (1) reg 1 stands alone at the top, separated from the next closest region by 9 points, (2) the next 6 are relatively close, separated by less than 8 among themselves, and (3) reg 2 stands alone at the bottom, trailing the lowest of the middle pack by another 8. Considering this is strength of region and not strength of any individual team in the region, the numbers may not be perfect but seem very reasonable to me.