Hillgrove 21, Marietta 13

By Ricky Dimon

Score Atlanta

Hillgrove erased a 13-7 third-quarter deficit and scored the game’s final 14 points to get past visiting Marietta 21-13 in a Region 4-AAAAAA battle. The victorious Hawks were led by Richardre Bagley, who scored bookend rushing touchdowns—a 3-yarder in the first quarter to put his team ahead 7-0 and the game-winner from five yards out with 4:01 remaining. Bagley finished the night with 19 carries for 62 yards and three touchdowns.

KirVonte Benson helped Marietta to a mid-game surge that started with 10 unanswered points in the second quarter. Benson rushed for a 39-yard touchdown and ended up with 89 yards on 14 carries. Ian Shannon kicked a 24-yard field goal in the second quarter and a 29-yarder in the third for the Blue Devils.

Hillgrove’s defensive effort included interceptions by Justin Denton and Eric Jackson. Denton halted a Marietta second-quarter drive by picking off quarterback Brenton Martin in the endzone. Martin completed 12 of 27 passes for 130 yards.

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Blue Devil

September 13th, 2013
10:41 pm

Benson is too good to only get 14 carries. Did he get injured?

Marietta fan

September 13th, 2013
11:36 pm

Give Hillgrove credit, their defense pressured Martin all night long and we could never get in a rhythm on offense. We were on the short end of several questionable penalties but a good team needs to try to cut that out. Finally, Benson didn’t get enough carries tonight. I do have to question a few of Coach Burton’s calls. Hopefully we can get it together for Mceachern next week. Marietta and Mceachern is always a battle no matter what the records are


September 14th, 2013
9:24 am

Hillgrove has another excellent team this year. There are many games yet to be played, but the region winner may very well be determined when Hillgrove hooks up with McEachern in November.

only a matter of time

September 14th, 2013
1:11 pm

Decent game last night. Looked like the first time both teams finally played a team that gave them some match up issues. Although the Blue Devils probably have more talent at he skill spots. Marietta made way too many mental errors that resulted in some rather untimely penalties. Only the first region game for both schools. Both teams should find themselves in the playoffs and rep for region 4 quite nicely.


September 14th, 2013
2:53 pm

I hate to be that guy, but I may as well. A lot those so-called mental errors were phantom calls against Marietta. Some people are trying to say they were undisciplined. This is how I refute that notion. In the previous two games played, discipline has not remotely been a problem; but all of sudden they play Hillgrove and start committing uncharacteristic penalties. It doesn’t work like that. You are who you are, and sign of that would have seen in previous games. The refs became too much a part of the game. They had short whistles which all seem to against Marietta, even though both teams were talking to each other. I had some Hillgrove fans say they should have beat Marietta even worse. The numbers don’t lie. If Hillgrove only won by a TD and Marietta had over a hundred yards in penalties from thin-skinned refs, then just think IF it were a even playing field, Marietta would have won by 30. It is clear which team is the better team talent-wise. The Marietta defense is well above the Hillgrove defense. Bad calls put them bad field position, but they still held up.


September 14th, 2013
3:23 pm

Blue 10 to say you hate to be that guy you do a good job of it. When you score 50 each week everybody’s happy. When you face a good defense a have to earn it things change.

The game was sloppy on both ends. Penalties and turnovers hurt both teams.The only skill position I can see where Marietta was better was the kicker. That young man will be kicking on Saturday’s in a couple of years.

I do agree with you that numbers don’t lie. So until next year I’ll leave you with these 21 – 13

One thing I do agree with you is that


September 14th, 2013
4:00 pm

Blue 10. I’m not sure I agree with your assessment. There is, however, no doubt, that Marietta’s defense is very good and they will give a lot of people a lot of problems. In the 4th quarter, when the game was on the line and Hillgrove led 14-13, the Hawks offense that struggled all night, went 83 yards and ran right at Marietta. Then, when the hawks defense was challenged on the last drive, they answered the call. It was a total team effort for Hillgrove. The defense was put in bad spots all night but they just kept playing. In the 4th quarter, when it counts, the offense managed to put a drive together to extend the lead. I don’t want to take anything away from Marietta because they are a great football team, but don’t take credit away from Hillgrove. They did what they had to do to win the game. This was Marietta’s first game where they hadn’t had their way with their opponent and their frustration showed. Regardless of your complaints, both teams are very talented and will represent our region well the rest of the season. Good luck next week against McEachern.


September 14th, 2013
7:32 pm

@Pshawkfan. Time to disagree with you. At skill positions, Marietta has two of the top receivers in around; however, you must have someone to get them the ball. We missed several wide-open opportunities down field where guys were overthrown or short-hopped. Now, I will not QB bash because kid is young and just needs more experience. He has played very well in the first two games, be it against lesser competition. He will be OK; just one of those games where you learn and get better. As for running back, Marietta clearly has that on lock. This is a class 6A 100 meter dash state champion (junior) he thrives on contact; he wants contact, but will side-step if need be. Hard-nosed kid who wants the ball 25 times. he has gone over 150 in each game and doesn’t even play in the 4th quarter. So common sense says, if your QB is struggling, and your running back had 14 carried for 89 yards, I wonder what would happen if you put the ball in hands 25-30 times. You don’t do it every night, but this was the night to do it. At least you extend drives long enough to give the defense a rest. Let’s not talk about #1 (the linebacker). I don’t think I have to say much there.

@BlueIt would make sense that they went 83 yards on that drive. They were on the field all night. They gave all they could and the law of attrition just caught up with them. So what am I saying; coaching makes a difference. Poor play calling and extra sensitive refs. But hey, let’s take the refs out of. The game plan was garbage from the beginning. Always over-thinking; just KEEP IT SIMPLE. You don’t need fancy to win. I will say this though about Hillgrove D…running side to side speed sweeps is not going to work on them. Up the middle is where the success is. But of course, the only people who recognize that are us side-chair quarterbacks in the stands. Believe me, there are plenty of us who tend to be pretty accurate.


September 14th, 2013
11:38 pm

10 – Team passion is a great thing but not blind passion. You say ” I will not QB bash ” but that’s exactly what you did.

No doubt Marietta has talented team but so does Hillgrove. You mentioned receivers & running back.
Hillgroves Denton & Black were statistically ahead of Marietta’s top 2 guys leading into last night’s game. At RB Benson was ahead of Bagley by only 28 yds against as you yourself called ” lesser

I know nothing either I or one of your own (@Blue) say will change your view of the game but that’s ok. Good luck next week and try a little harder to not be That Guy.

Just a Fan

September 16th, 2013
8:16 am

Last year’s published report indicated that Marietta had 50 athletic transfers-maybe they just dont play together well. As for penalties look at the first half of the Newnan game.

Tha Truth

September 16th, 2013
2:39 pm

Observation…Benson might be one of the top 5 backs in this state…very underrated and not much publicity

@BLUE 10

September 16th, 2013
6:10 pm

Maybe the so called phantom penalties were not so phantom- this is the first real team that Marietta has played. I have seen this with Marietta many times- when things do not go their way, the kids get frustrated and they start off with the mouths running (at the refs) and the late hits/pushing. I think the teams were very evenly matched- but I think Hillgrove handled the pressure much better.