Poll Talk: Tucker is new No. 1 in AAAAA

Not easy to rank ‘em after the events of Friday night. Highlights of the new poll -

- Tucker is the new No. 1 team in AAAAA, replacing Gainesville, with dropped to No. 6 after losing to Buford. For one, I was not surprised at the Buford-Gainesville outcome. Not that I saw a 24-point spread, but Buford is the best defensive team that Deshaun Watson has seen in his career. Buford is better this season. Gainesville is not. Buford nearly won last year, and beat Gainesville 49-0 the year before. People remember Gainesville from last year’s title game (beating Ware County) and forget its inconsistency last season. The Elephants lost to Loganville and Flowery Branch, and I don’t think it was on purpose.

- Notice that the highest-ranked team in Class AAAAAA that played a game (didn’t have a bye) has lost every week – Norcross, Colquitt County, Lovejoy. Now, No. 1 North Gwinnett plays Nocross this week. Yep, these are fun times in the highest class. So would you rank McEachern No. 2?

- You might notice that North Oconee slipped into the rankings despite losing to St. Pius. Feel free to debate that one.

- Class A is a royal mess. ELCA is No. 1. We got that right. How do you rank them after that? Six ranked teams lost last week, but usually to another ranked team or a larger school. Landmark Christian jumped to No. 2 from unranked. Feel free to grill us on that one.

- Some good games this week –

Calhoun vs. Carrollton

Colquitt vs. Carver-Columbus

North Gwinnett vs. Norcross

Marietta vs. Hillgrove

Northside vs. Westside

Thomas Central vs. Cairo

Kell vs. Lassiter

Warner Robins vs. Peach County

Ware vs. Brunswick

Burke vs. Coffee

Marist vs. Lovett

North Hall vs. Jefferson

Just to name a few.


1. (1) North Gwinnett (2-0)

2. (3) McEachern (2-0)

3. (4) Colquitt County (2-1)

4. (2) Lovejoy (1-1)

5. (5) North Cobb (1-0)

6. (6) Norcross (1-1)

7. (8) Mill Creek (2-0)

8. (9) Camden County (2-1)

9. (10) Peachtree Ridge (2-0)

10. (NR) Marietta (2-0)


1. (2) Tucker (2-0)

2. (3) Stephenson (2-0)

3. (4) Northside-Warner Robins (2-0)

4. (5) M.L. King (2-0)

5. (6) Kell (2-0)

6. (1) Gainesville (1-1)

7. (7) Thomas County Central (2-1)

8. (8) Allatoona (2-0)

9. (9) Warner Robins (1-0)

10. (NR) Ware County (1-1)

Class AAAA

1. (1) Sandy Creek (1-0-1)

2. (2) Carrollton (2-0)

3. (3) Burke County (1-0)

4. (5) Stockbridge (2-0)

5. (4) Marist (1-1)

6. (6) Monroe Area (2-0)

7. (7) Griffin (2-0)

8. (8) Wayne County (2-0)

9. (9) Mary Persons (2-0)

10. (10) Westside-Macon (2-0)

Class AAA

1. (1) Buford (2-0)

2. (2) St. Pius (2-0)

3. (3) Cartersville (2-0)

4. (4) Carver-Columbus (2-0)

5. (5) North Hall (2-0)

6. (6) Washington County (2-0)

7. (8) Callaway (2-0)

8. (9) Jefferson County (2-0)

9. (NR) Hart County (2-0)

10. (NR) North Oconee (0-1)

Class AA

1. (1) Calhoun (2-0)

2. (2) Lamar County (2-0)

3. (3) Jefferson (2-0)

4. (4) Greater Atlanta Christian (3-0)

5. (6) Lovett (2-0)

6. (9) Washington-Wilkes (1-0)

7. (7) Vidalia (2-0)

8. (5) Brooks County (2-1)

9. (10) Benedictine (2-0)

10. (NR) Thomasville (2-1)

Class A

1. (1) Eagle’s Landing Christian (2-0)

2. (NR) Landmark Christian (3-0)

3. (3) Lincoln County (1-1)

4. (7) Aquinas (2-0)

5. (9) Savannah Christian (1-0-1)

6. (4) George Walton Academy (1-1)

7. (2) Prince Avenue Christian (2-1)

8. (8) Seminole County (2-0)

9. (5) Wilcox County (1-1)

10. (NR) Johnson County (2-0)

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September 8th, 2013
1:22 pm

The Colquitt Co. “Woodchoppers” are being penalized too heavily for losing to the #1 team in AL. Here’s betting Hoover would beat N. Gwinnett worse than they beat the Packers. CCHS was dropped back from #1 to #4 and should have been #2. That makes a difference in there positioning from hence forward. No team should be penalized for losing to an out of state team(quality comparisons?) especially if that team is #1. Tangible factors should be taken into consideration.


September 8th, 2013
1:31 pm

Carrollton is going to beat down Calhoun this year the Trojans are a far better team then there were last year and special teams won’t help the jackets this time. Too many weapons o-line is too big this team is too fast with the best secondary the lackets will face this year…….45-14 Trojans!


September 8th, 2013
4:07 pm

Congrats to Tucker, Stephenson, and MLK for representing DeKalb County!


September 8th, 2013
4:07 pm

How is Milton not ranked at 2-0 in AAAAAA and Lovejoy and Norcross are both 1 and 1??? I see higher math is still being taught….

Playoffs Dummy

September 8th, 2013
4:15 pm

@FarTrain — relax, we have a playoff system in GA. Who cares what your team is ranked.

Dough Boys

September 8th, 2013
4:17 pm

Milton has played a soft schedule so far — beating Johns Creek this year is no big deal. Beat a quality team and you’ll get ranked.


September 8th, 2013
4:59 pm

I suppose part of the answer to Landmark going from NR to #2 mostly stems from not being ranked in the first place. Consistent year in and year out, went to the Dome 2 years ago, final 4 last year and was not ranked through pre-season and the first two weeks. I honestly don’t believe we have proved that we are the second best team in Class A, however we certainly were much more deserving than NR. Power rankings had us at #6 last week. Probably a better proxy than the “brand” coveting AJC rankings.


September 8th, 2013
5:50 pm

It appears that 5A is region 6 top heavy and contains the best teams in 5A – AJC has gotten this classification RIGHT.

Oh, last time the Tigers of Tucker was ranked #1 in the second highest classification, they ended the season in that position and STATE CHAMPS – just some very recent history. (LOL)

Congrates BIG 3 of DeKalb, if Stephenson and/or MLK want the top spot, they don’t have to travel FAR – the showdown is ONLY weeks away.

“WE ARE TUCKER” – The Tigers have been RELEASED!!!

REGION 6, the best in GA 2013 5A Football……


September 8th, 2013
5:54 pm

I hope they don’t drop Tucker wade down in the rankings after Stephenson beats them…



September 8th, 2013
6:35 pm

Colquitt No.4 beats No.2 Lovejoy and Colquitt (2-1) moves up to No.3 (only loss is a close game with Hoover No.1 in Al).

Mceachern No.3 is 2-0, takes the weak off and jumps over Lovejoy to the new No.2 after Pack beat them.


If Colquitt No.4 had beat NG No.1 on Friday, would Mceachern be No.1 now?

Just asking?


September 8th, 2013
6:37 pm

@JAB – Can’t see that happening, due to the following:
1) AJC has gotten the 5A ranking correct, in the top 5-7
2) Stephenson first lost is on 10/11

“WE ARE TUCKER” – The Tigers have been RELEASED!!!

REGION 6, the best in GA 2013 5A Football……

Colquitt Fan

September 8th, 2013
6:50 pm

Wheres Lowndes at?


September 8th, 2013
7:07 pm

T94 Calhoun’s D has given up 0 points against 2 AAAA teams, this will be a good idea what we have on our hands after 3 tough games. The Jackets are for sure the underdog and to lose would be expected, but they were in the same spot last year, that’s the bad part, nobody will sneak up this year. A real test for the defense.

Longhorn nation

September 8th, 2013
7:31 pm

This some funny stuff Buford would beat all Dekalb teams combined ………..


September 8th, 2013
7:36 pm


September 8th, 2013
7:43 pm

Well doesnt this situation look familiar from last yr?? DEKALB leading the 5A ranks and the only change will be the change dekalb county makes in the number 1 spot amongst each other!!! DEKALB COUNTY REPRESENT!!!!



September 8th, 2013
7:46 pm

@ longhorn nation…. If that’s how u feel lol Buford is a great team but they wouldn’t beat the dekalb powerhouses!!! For dam sure not combined!


September 8th, 2013
7:47 pm

@ LONGHORN NATION- just because they scumped all over your elephants doesnt mean they got what it takes to step up with the BIG CATS of the EASTSIDE!! Sorry for yall loss!!



September 8th, 2013
7:47 pm

Tucker is number 1!!!! A spot for a champion!


September 8th, 2013
7:52 pm

@LONGHORN NATION… . . . . . .That will never happen. COMBINED? Check yourself. Buford don’t believe that!!!!!!!!!

`edwin c. woods

September 8th, 2013
7:54 pm

NSWR is seeded #3 in 5A. Past history dictated that rating. I can assure you at best they should be in the 12-15 rating. They are young and will improve as the season moves forward. A relative weak schedule doesn’t help. Please leave NSWR out of the bragging between Tucker and Stephenson and maybe MLK. You guys are the best.


September 8th, 2013
8:19 pm

Colquitt Fan: You’re probably puzzled like me. Norcross loses 55-0 and they are still #6. Lowndes loses by only 1 point and they drop all the way out of the top 10. I think think it just shows the bias of the North Georgia-centric AJC! ROTFL!!!!


September 8th, 2013
8:31 pm

57Cat- Norcross lost to the #1 team in the nation, Lowndes lost to The Fig. (Also, Colquitt and Norcross played a scrimmage earlier this year and Norcross proved they beat Colquitt now three times in a row)


September 8th, 2013
8:38 pm

@ edwin c woods- maybe MLK….SMH SMH smh…ppl kill me acting like we weak!! Just to let the record be known #1 TUCK & #2 JAGS both got dropped by #4 M.L.KING last yr and repeat situation this yr!! HOWEVER i do commend the other two teams for sharing the top spot with the LIONS!! Better get use to it, you best believe DEKALB COUNTY get #1 spot at some point every yr in DEKALB COUNTY!!!




September 8th, 2013
8:42 pm

RobFromNorcross: Just being sarcastic, mate. Trying to get a rouse out of bksmith14.

Marietta fan

September 8th, 2013
9:10 pm

Glad to see Marietta in the rankings for the first time in several years. For those wondering how Norcross can still be ranked and Lowndes totally falls out, Norcross is the defending champions but obviously had one horrible game against the #1 team in the country. Lowndes on the other hand has lost 3 of their past 4 all at home. They were probably a little overrated anyway.


September 8th, 2013
9:13 pm

Come on, folks in North Georgia, don’t y’all recognize sarcasm? ROTFL = Rolling on the floor laughing.

blu eagle

September 8th, 2013
9:43 pm

Those rankings are about right, do not think anyone beats Tucker, they are bigger stronger and quicker. They were hard enough to beat last year, not gonna happen this year, NSWR might have a chance, but that is it, a chance.


September 8th, 2013
9:58 pm

You got to luv this blog, thanks AJC. “You guys are hilarious”..


Double Standard

September 8th, 2013
11:02 pm

If these “classifications” remain stable in the next 3 –7 years or so . Buford , Sandy Creek ,Northside WR , and Colquitt County or Camden ( when they win another title) will become undisputed dynasties in Georgia HS Football. …… They have great football PROGRAMS and not just GOOD teams every once in awhile.


September 8th, 2013
11:59 pm

Some of the folks posting about being unhappy about moving a place or two and not understanding why would probably have had a stroke had they been Grayson fans last year. After 15-0 and the state championship the previous year, winning over McEachearn in the Kell and totally embarrassing a nationally ranked team, we lost to Parkview and dropped out of the top 10 totally for several weeks. Remember, rankings don’t really mean anything but standings do. The season is still young and there will be plenty of time to move up if your team is good enough. :-D


September 9th, 2013
12:47 am

@ Playoffs Dummy…Thank you for calming FarTrain down LOL


September 9th, 2013
12:57 am

I hope Gill Tyree isn’t one of the broadcasters calling NG’s showdown with Norcross on Friday. He’s more annoying that Brent Musburger…and clearly knows nothing relevant about football. I also hope Norcross High School has their stadium lights powered for the whole game this year LOL. Don’t want the lights to go out over in that part of Gwinnett again.


September 9th, 2013
12:58 am


September 9th, 2013
2:35 am

lol… well, I guess we did drop. No biggie though. I really think Todd is underestimating how good Buford is. That was our first REAL lost since probably West Forsyth last year. When you consider the Loganville game and Flowery Branch game, you have to consider the fact that Gainesville was leading both of the games at the half. We led Loganville 41-20 and led Flowery Branch 21-7. We basically lost those games ourselves rather than just being out right beaten. When we bring our A game, we bring it. We almost slipped against Kell, but we came back.

but oh well, I dont think we like being the top dog anyway. We like to sneak in and make noise. GO BIG RED!!!



September 9th, 2013
6:17 am

Seems that every week we are learning a little more about region 1-6A. This week is no different. Coffee and Colquitt both need to bring it this week. Coffee will have more or a challenge with Burke and Mr. All State Green on the road. But Colquitt can by no means let their guard down against a very good Carver/Columbus. This will be the 4th week in a row Colquitt has played a strong ranked team and Coffee’s 3rd.

Brunswick takes on ranked, (still), Ware in their house. IMO If Brunswick takes the Gators in the swamp they will claim their place as a team to be reckoned with in the region.

Good luck to all region 1 teams this week.

Let’s play some football!


September 9th, 2013
6:21 am

No one is talking about millcreek crushing Brookwood, didn’t play a starter after 10 min left in the third quarter. Could have run up 70 but did the right move.


September 9th, 2013
6:45 am

@Jefferson yeah I hear you about your wins over ridgeland and dalton. Ridgeland lost all of there firepower from last years team and seems to be rebuilding this year plus they really couldn’t pass the ball anyway,Dalton lost to ringgold a team they’ve dominated for years that lets me know that the catamounts are a shallow shell of what they use to be. those wins were against scrubs and nothing like what the will face Friday night. As far you guys being underdogs we’re not buying get ready for a beating GO TROJANS!


September 9th, 2013
6:55 am


Bobby Dodd

September 9th, 2013
8:23 am

Alas, I laugh from my view from on high, at talk of dynasties from Colquitt Co and others. There’s only one true “dynasty” in the history of this state, and this coming from me in Atlanta area, and that dynasty is right off I75 just before FL line. It starts with a V if you still need a clue. There are lots of really good year in and year out programs, but not state and national championships in the trophy case. DeKalb Co is doing really well and has attracted some good coaching to go along with really good athletes. Gwinnett Co is down from its glory years somewhat, but still probably the best overall county for football in the state (should be if it’s the biggest). Just really good football and it gives this old heart plenty of pleasure to read all the posts from people who take pride in their programs. I even felt good for Coach Richt on Saturday.


September 9th, 2013
9:00 am

Excuse me but if you haven’t seen Northside Eagles offense than don’t bet against them A 6-2 225 pound running back that runs a 4.5 40. a offense of line that is bigger than most college lines. 2 QB”s that would start for any team. Then you want to talk defense once again will be top 5 in the state. Then you have coaching. play the game and let the players decide it not all this blogging that 99% OF YOUR TEAMS WONT MAKE IT OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND.


September 9th, 2013
9:29 am

@edwin c. woods……….What was in your coffee today , 12-15 range?…….That’s where the Branch is probably sitting right now………..You couldn’t have been to the Eagles first two games…….The O-line and D-Line may be one of the best we’ve seen on Green St…….The defense is playing lights out ball already…The offense will Roll here shortly…..This is a young team , but if you really know them you would know that these kids can play ball…….The Eagles are ranked accordingly, anywhere from 3-7 I would say………..Tucker #1 is correct , Where they’ll remain to the end , awesome team display at the Mac last season and they are returning the majority of their kids ,they’ll be hard to beat…………..Creekside , Allatoona and Whitewater im keeping an eye on, Ware also.

Truth Hurts

September 9th, 2013
10:02 am

If those DeKalb County schools could recruit from athletes from wherever they wanted and not have to play for the team in the designated community and zone they are assigned to play according to the rules set by the Ga. High School Assn. it would not even be a contest. Buford may call themselves a “city” school and not have to abide by the same rules as a county school. It’s funny how far those city limits expand to. I bet if you don’t live in the City of Buford you can’t go to school there or who even dream of any of players not living in the city limits being elgible? Get real Buford, you might as well be considered a private school. Instead of playing in the Class AAA where there may be a handful of teams to give you some competition, why don’t you move on up and play a Class AAAAA or AAAAAA schedule and see where you end up? Yea you beat a AAAAA school Friday night, a one dimensional offense i might add, and you should be commended for beating one of the most talented QB’s who has played in this State. Play a schedule of AAAAA teams every week instead of once a year and let’s see how it shakes out. I think you might have a AAAAAA team a couple of miles down the road who might show you there is another team who would love to give you a shot at them if you want it.


September 9th, 2013
10:16 am

Trojan you are blowing smoke, both those team will win games, have you seen them play ? Take the week off and don’t practice.


September 9th, 2013
10:17 am

Valdosta wildcats beats 2 ranked teams why are they not ranked you will see they are 1 of the best teams in Ga.

TJ Morris

September 9th, 2013
10:19 am

Everybody watch out for them Northside Warner Robins Eagles this year they are bigger than last year and have reloaded their weapons they lost last year. I think this is the year 5A championship.


September 9th, 2013
10:34 am

Landmark is solid but not the #2 team in single A. ECLA is far and above everyone else. How they get the athletes they have I don’t know but its amazing when you consider a little school like that sending players to VaTech, Notre Dame, Purdue and other D-1 programs.


September 9th, 2013
10:36 am

@itsonlywrite – Gainesville now gets to turn its attention to region play. No slip ups in region play, this year for the Red Elephants, not having the #1 seat, will cause Gainesville to be looking across the field at 5A #1 or #2 or #4 ranked team in the first round of the playoffs – won’t be a easy repeat for the defending 5A champs. Good Luck the rest of the way – REGION 6 stands in the way.

To the NSWR fans (blu eagle/montanto/Reeze) – Tucker Nation knows firsthand that when playoff comes the EAGLES will be ready and prepared. I’ll be keeping an eye on NSWR progress, but the Tigers have a LOT of business fending off Jaguars & Lions as well as Rams, Panthers & Raiders. Haven’t read anything from ENR lately, hope he is good.

@Longhorn nation – You need to check yourself into the nearest mental hospital – you need some SERIOUS help, DUDE.

“WE ARE TUCKER” – The Tigers have been RELEASED!!!

REGION 6, the best in GA 2013 5A Football……


September 9th, 2013
10:44 am

How does Marist go on the road to #7 TCC in 5A, lose by a touchdown and drop one in the rankings?


September 9th, 2013
10:59 am

It’s Sept 9 people and these are only POLLS!!! Lighten up and relax!!!!!!!