Lassiter 41, Sprayberry 23

By Rory Sharrock

Lassiter backup quarterback Russ Aarons left his fingerprints and footprints all over the field versus visiting Sprayberry, throwing for one score and rushing for three to lead the Trojans to a 41-23 rout over the Yellow Jackets.

With the win, Lassiter evens its record at 1-1. Sprayberry’s loss drops it to 0-3.

Aarons was superb filling in for injured signal-caller Will Anderson, who was sidelined due to a concussion he suffered in the opener last week against McEachern.

“I came out and wanted to show the coaches what I could do,” said Aarons. “I’m comfortable with our system and the guys. The offensive line did a great job of blocking and the receivers got open for me.”

The Trojans dominated their neighborhood foe in all phases of the game. On offense, they mixed an assortment punishing runs with precision passing to eat up chunks of yardage. On defense, they took advantage of Sprayberry’s one-dimensional running attack by flooding the line and closing up holes on every snap. Lassiter’s special teams also created havoc, recording four touchbacks on its six kickoffs.

“We’re happy for our seniors to get a win against a rival. The kids deserved to win, but we still have to improve,” said head coach Jep Irwin. “We had some big plays and we were opportunistic. As long as we can run the ball, we’re fine. [Russ] Aarons did a really good job for us. We just need to be more consistent.”

Friday’s win once again showed the offensive potency brewing within the locker room at Lassiter. In addition to Aaron’s highlight-reel performance, the Trojans featured explosive plays from Quincy Perdue, who had a 64-yard touchdown reception and Grant Daniels, who broke for a 57-yard scoring run. The Trojans are averaging 34.5 points on the young season, having posted 28 on the scoreboard during last week.

While it was all smiles on the Lassiter sideline, down the road at Sprayberry, the coaching staff must regroup and find the right combination to add a notch in the win column.

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September 6th, 2013
10:51 pm

Will be interesting how the QB situation shakes out at Lassiter. Aarons has been running that offensive scheme for a number of years and Anderson is highly thought of and was gaining more attention in recruiting circles. Not sure you can go wrong either way, just not something Lassiter is accustomed to after having 2 known commodities in Mason and Printz the past 5 years.


September 6th, 2013
11:39 pm

Aarons does not have a cannon arm, but he can still make all the throws and I like his mobility in the pocket and running ability. The kid can play and even though Anderson looks like a more polished pure passer, Trojan offense is as good or better with Aarons taking snaps. Jackman also did not play which put freshman Waters in as starting RB. This kid has great vision and patience finding holes to run through. Note to Rocky Hildago: keep your recruiters away..Wilson looks like he is a few weeks away from being 100% and they are gonna need him if they have any hope of winning the region. Nwaubi & Perdue and big fast and athletic receivers, but not quite the good hands and dependability of Wilson catching balls from the slot.

Defense is going to have to be better against the run. I get it about McEachern and the talent they have, but Sprayberry did have some success on the ground despite the lack of a passing game that cannot even keep a defense honest. Back half of the schedule with Walton, Milton, Wheeler, & Etowah will really challenge that run defense. Some folks need to step up and make plays other than Cory John.

I know these 2 schools are just a few miles apart, but with Lassiter also having Kell on the schedule, that is 2 games against lower classifications for the non-region games. They need to consider dropping this game and adding another 6A game against someone from another region. Maybe Marietta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, or something along those lines.


September 7th, 2013
10:29 am

What are the injuries to Jackman and Wilson? I know losing Wilson in the playoff game last year just seemed to grind Lassiter to an offensive standstill. And Jackman could kind of just bulldoze over guys last year on a lot of runs. Will definitely help when they are back 100%. Really like what little I have seen on some video clips of Waters at RB. Looks like he could be a force the next 4 years, especially given what it looks like Lassiter will have at o-line depth and ability.

I think the D will get better. Lost a few guys up front who were key in slowing down the opposing running game last year, so hopefully it is just a matter of kids getting time and getting comfortable.

Read in the Marietta paper today they expect Anderson back vs Kell next week. I do agree he is a better pure passer and traditional QB. Aarons can definitely move around more and keep some plays alive a little longer. Lassiter can sweep the HS games vs Kell if they win next Friday after their 9th grade and JV teams beat Kell this past Thursday.

I agree it would be nice to play 3 non-region games (or at least 2) against the 6 A schools, the Sprayberry game goes back a long, long time and Lassiter-Kell has been fairly heated since Kell opened. And while Sprayberry has not been very good in recent years, Kell most years is like playing against some of those other 6A schools you mentioned. Though I think it does hurt playoff seeding if you tie in your region…or at least it did a couple years ago? But we get reclassification numbers out this school year, so have to see what happens to region schedules going forward.


September 7th, 2013
8:51 pm

I believe Wilson had off season hip surgery and is still working back into playing shape. No idea why Jackman was not suited up last night. So long as everyone is healthy for the back half of the schedule.


September 8th, 2013
11:16 pm

I’ve watched the Trojans play for a few years now. A few things are very apparent to me. For starters, I find all the talk about Lassiter being a passing team is just that “talk”. Case in point: I recorded the MacEachern game last week and watched it three times. Lassiter ran the ball almost twice as much as they threw the ball. When they did throw the ball, more often than not it was a screen. Anybody with any real football IQ will tell you a screen pass is nothing more than an extended hand off i.e. running play.The play caller(s) seem to lack the ability to put together a game plan with a VERTICAL passing attack. I find this to be true even in 7 on 7 play where more times than not they were faced with do or die 3rd down. Not to say they won’t throw deep, but 2 or 3 deep passes per game (.i.e once maybe twice per half) are not the hallmarks of a passing team. Especially when Lassiter have two big play receivers in Perdue & Nwaubi. The few times so far this year the Trojans have tried to go deep down the side lines to Perdue, the Lassiter QB’s can’t seem to throw the ball more than 30 to 35 yards in the air, thus grossly under throwing the speedy receiver. Even last year with the 3 D1 receivers and D1 QB everyone in Trojan nation can’t seem to stop talking about, they managed to end the season with only ONE receiver (Police) finishing in the top 10 in receiving in Cobb county, let alone the state. Now let’s be honest folks, would this be true if they were truly the passing team they claim to be? Speaking of Willie Police, the lost of his talents (a running back playing flanker) exposed the limited game planning abilities of the offensive staff. The Trojans haven’t been able to find a player to turn screen plays into longs runs and/or TD like Mr Police did last year thus inflating their passing stats. The lost of Police also exposes another major flaw in the Trojans coaching staff. They don’t seem to have a clue who the best receiver(s) are on the team or how to use them. Last year it was Dickey & Jenkins with Dickey being the best. But, you wouldn’t know it by the play calling. This year it’s Perdue & Nwaubi with Perdue being the better of the two and probably the best all around player on the team. Again, one wouldn’t know it by the play calling so far this season.This Perdue kid is not even on any special teams .i.e kick off returns etc. but a Def linemen is! Go figure!