M.L. King 41, Ely 15

By Mark Brock

DeKalb County Schools Athletics

Wesley Green had a pair of interceptions and a 48-yard punt return and was named game MVP
in leading M.L. King to a 41-15 victory over Blanche Ely in the opening game of the Battle of the
Borders Showdown on Saturday at Hallford Stadium.

Stephenson beat Norland 29-12 in the second game.

MLK’s Jamel Smith, who had two touchdowns in the game, had a one-yard touchdown
run with 3:27 left in the first quarter to put the Lions up 7-0 following
Dwane Taylor’s point after went through the uprights.

Green, a South Carolina commit, then struck as the Lions’ defense forced
Ely (1-1) to punt for the third consecutive time and second time from
inside their own 15. Green fielded the punt at the Ely 48-yard-line, broke
a pair of initial tackle attempts and raced down the left side for the
touchdown and a 14-0 Lions lead with 1:33 to play in the first quarter.

Ely’s LaDerrick Smith got outside on the ensuing kickoff and returned it
83 yards to the Lions’ 9-yard line to set the Tigers up in scoring
position. Two plays later, Ely quarterback Teddrick Moffet snuck it in from
the 1 to cut the lead to 14-7 with 10 seconds left in the first quarter.

Smith scored his second touchdown of the game on a 27-yard run while stiff
arming several Tigers along the left end to send the Lions into the half
up 21-7.

The two teams traded turnovers to start the second half as Green picked
off his second pass of the game, this time at the goal line to end an Ely
scoring threat. The Lions marched 93 yards mostly on the legs of Robert
Pritchett, who had 66 yards of his 101 on the night in the drive.

Pritchett was struggling towards the end zone when he was hit and fumbled
at the 3. Lion lineman Kwan Stallworth picked up the loose ball and
put it in the end zone as MLK took a 28-7 lead
with 3:12 left in third quarter.

Roland Rivers connected with Raylan Elzy on a 2-yard pass play with 8:39
to play to increase the lead to 35-7 as Taylor hit his fifth point after
of the night.

Ely scored on its next drive on a 21-yard pass from Nelson Irvin to
Broderic James and converted the two-point conversion to cut the lead
to 35-15.

The Lions closed out the scoring as Jonathan Mathis scored on a 17-yard
scamper to make the final of 41-15.

Defensive end Brock Smith was named the MVP for the Tigers.

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mlk c/o 2012

September 1st, 2013
9:48 am

what at to the balance I keep reading about!!!! this new coaching staff will not take us to the dome… what happen to the pass game… somebody need to call coach evans and get some plays

mlk c/o 2012

September 1st, 2013
9:49 am

sorry what happen to the balance

Dekalb all the way!!!

September 1st, 2013
11:17 am

@mlk c/o 2012…give them a chance, only one coach has taken MLK to the dome and he was a running coach. MLK still looked better than they did first game last year. A good coach has to leave a few tricks in the bag til needed.


September 1st, 2013
11:35 am

Oh, oh…somebody’s anonymous Daddy is mad his son didn’t get the ball passed to him. Awe


September 1st, 2013
2:47 pm

GREAT JOB KING!! There’s more work to be put in but overrall great job representing GA!! Nobody messes with the KINGs on the block!!


High 5

September 1st, 2013
3:47 pm

These games should have been televised! Way to represent for Georgia High School Football!


September 1st, 2013
5:38 pm

The balance attack will pay off down the road. We (MLK) will no longer be a one dimensional team. When we were a pass oriented team how FAR did we go in the playoff? The HC and his staff is still establishing the talent base. The KING is here…..


September 1st, 2013
6:07 pm

High 5, I wouldn’t put too much stock in your victory over Ely and Miami Norland. Ely hasn’t fielded a good team since Tyrone Moss and their State Title run in 2002. If Stevenson would have beat Miami Norland in 2011 (when Norland had Duke Johnson) now that would have been impressive. Both of these teams are at the Bottom of the barrel in South Florida.

Essentially you guys beat a couple of JV Teams. Sorry! Would have to beat Miami Booker T, or Miami Central or St. Thomas to have get some credibility this year.


September 1st, 2013
6:10 pm

In 2013, Ely is expected to finish no better than 3-7 and Miami Norland 2-8. Just to give you Georgia Fans a glimpse into what you accomplished on Saturday.


September 1st, 2013
6:12 pm

In 2013, Ely is expected to finish no better than 3-7 and Miami Norland 2-8. Just to give you Georgia Fans a glimpse into what you guys accomplished on Saturday!


September 1st, 2013
6:47 pm

Wow the funny thing is that Stephenson and ML King are not Georgia best by far but Category5ive wonder how south FL would do against Grayson last year hummmmmmmmmmmmmm


September 1st, 2013
8:14 pm

Give credit & honor where it is due; MLK won the game, I was there 41 to 15 how can you criticize this, it wasn’t even close. I’m a Stephenson fan, a win is a win so why don’t we just take it and get ready for next week…!!!



September 1st, 2013
8:41 pm

@ JAB i was just wondering the same!!

@ Keepthehate- wow how wrong you are!! We may not be championship teams yet but we are the STATE’S BEST as goes our title by AJC anyway(POWERHOUSES they call us and STEPHENSON)
And the teams that suppose to be proclaimed better than us in the state are the teams thats losing early on to amatuer teams!! As far as Grayson vs s.fl matches goes you already know they wouldnt have been no match.. Its probably this yr they would’ve gave GRAYSON a run for their money considering GRAYSON just lost the way they did ( complete domination)!! Give the BIG CATS the respect they deserve or get ran over with the rest of the roadkill lol !!! I guess you will be calling TUCKER a amatuer team next lol Wouldnt that be publicly incorrect!! I wish we (MLK,TUCK,OR STEPHENSON) couldve faced off against BTW from florida!! Whether we won or not at least we wouldve faced a school with some real talent unlike the two teams they brought us!! BUT i will say the brought they heart and pride with them!!! They did not give up at all and that makes a true contender for any team!!!




September 1st, 2013
9:41 pm

@Category5ive – what you said maybe true. But why would Chick-fil-a sponsor a game, that have 2 subpar teams coming from out of the state? They could of keep that extra money and schedule 2 subpar teams in GA!


September 2nd, 2013
4:43 am

@dekalbfb1 its probably the same thing that happened with Norcross vs BTW. I don’t really think Norcross is nowhere as good as they were last year and that may be mainly due to Kamara not being there anymore, but they still scheduled the game. I think the only teams that were evenly matched this weekend were the teams that played Camden Co., Sandy Creek, and Colquitt Co.


Old School Blue and Gold

September 2nd, 2013
8:00 am

Neither Stephenon or MLK will make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs. Dekalb County Football is loaded with talented players but lacks quality coaching across the board.


September 2nd, 2013
10:12 am

Good WIN, MLK – way to show up and represented GA HS football. After the 1st quarter, which seem to take an hour to complete, the Lions showed their will and a more balance offense attack, then they have in recent past, this will diffidently make defensive coordinators address MLK differently. Really was impressed with the JUMBO backfield package, a lot of size to stop on short distance plays. Would like to see #33 use his size and run more down hill, where his talents are more productive. It’s going to be another great year of Friday Night HS football in region 6.

@Category5ive – First Thanks for the feedback on both Ely & Norland and their expected 2013 records. I for one, tip my hat to both these teams, coaches, and fans for making a LONG trip and on a holiday weekend to compete. Both, played until the final horn and with their athletic talent and attitude, will give them success down in Florida – no matter who they line up against. Would like to know each school’s enrollment size for a better understanding of FL region/district/conference alignment. Here in GA, school enrollment is taken highly in consideration, when marquee matchups are considered and my understanding for this event, the organizers took that in consideration.

Way to do your thing…M.L. King, now it’s time to show, if 2013 5A region 6 belongs to “A King”. The other BIG CAT, who was not showcased in the battle, is just a few weeks down the road.


REGION 6, the best in GA 2013 5A Football……


September 2nd, 2013
12:15 pm

@ itsonlywrite – I disagree again Chick-fil-a will not fund a event on 2 teams, that are losing teams from FLORIDA!


September 2nd, 2013
4:28 pm

@ 5AReg6Fan- i know TUCKER beat CEDAR GROVE bad but man i cant wait to see what they do to the other competition this yr!! To be honest, judging from what i saw from saturday’s game, it looks like MLK is gonna be competing against TUCKER for the region title!! DONT GET ME WRONG i like STEPHENSON alot, but that game against Norland really wore those JAGS out!! Its not likely for JAGS not to score in the 1st qtr and almost the 2nd!! IDK maybe they(NORLAND) was just pretty guud…Lets hope so because if they continue to play with that intensity, they are gonna be in aot of trouble b4 they even make it to us!! NONETHELESS a “W” is a “W”!! CONGRATS JAGS!!




September 2nd, 2013
5:14 pm

Arabia going to beat Stephenson honestly .. just watch

High 5

September 2nd, 2013
6:57 pm

If BTW had played Stephenson or MLK, neither one of them would not have lost 55-0! I’ll put money on that! It may be true that Dekalb teams lack coaching during the playoffs but no one will blow them out, THAT’S FOR SURE!

Real Dekalb Vet

September 2nd, 2013
7:09 pm

High 5- I agree BTW Miami would not have beaten either of those teams that bad, in fact on a good day one of them or Tucker would have gotten close beating . Also, MLK LIONS
Arabia is not going to beat the Jags, should be a good game though.