Colquitt County new No. 1 in Class AAAAAA

Two defending state champions and seven other Top 10 teams lost their opening games last week, making for lots of changes in the high school football rankings.

Norcross, ranked No. 1 in Class AAAAAA, lost to Booker T. Washington 55-0 in a stunning outcome to a game televised by ESPN. Washington is ranked No. 1 by USA Today, but Norcross had six top-six national rankings of its own. The Blue Devils fell to No. 6 in the AAAAAA rankings.

Colquitt County, a 21-6 winner over Grayson on Saturday in the Corky Kell Classic in the Georgia Dome, took over the to spot. It is the first time the Packers have held a No. 1 ranking  since a 5-0 start in 2006.

Colquitt’s chance to justify that position comes Friday when the Packers visit nationally ranked Hoover of Alabama, a team that won five state titles under Colquitt head coach Rush Propst. Colquitt has reached the semifinals or better each of the past four seasons, each time losing to the eventual champion.

Another defending champion that lost in a week in which Top 10 teams were only 16-10-1 was Emanuel County Institute. The Class A public school champion last year, ECI lost to Metter 21-20. ECI beat Metter 42-7 last season.

Two other ranked teams would’ve lost last week if not for games that were not finished because of the weather. In games between ranked teams, Burke County led Thomson 21-0, and Washington County led Eagle’s Landing Christian 6-0, when the games were stopped in the second quarter because of lightning. Games are not official unless they reach halftime.

Newly ranked this week are Mill Creek (AAAAAA), East Paulding (AAAAA), Callaway (AAA), Early County and Washington-Wilkes (AA) and Aquinas (A).

They replaced Grayson (AAAAAA), Whitewater (AAAAA), Woodward Academy (AAA), Westminster and Heard County (AA) and Emanuel County Institute (A).


1. Colquitt County (1-0)

2. Lovejoy (0-0)

3. North Gwinnett (1-0)

4. McEachern (1-0)

5. North Cobb (0-0)

6. Norcross (0-1)

7. Lowndes (0-0)

8. Lassiter (0-0)

9. Mill Creek (0-0)

10. Camden County (0-1)


1. Gainesville (0-0)

2. Tucker (1-0)

3. Stephenson (0-0)

4. Northside (Warner Robins) (0-0)

5. M.L. King (0-0)

6. Ware County (0-0)

7. Kell (1-0)

8. Thomas County Central (1-0)

9. Flowery Branch (0-0)

10. East Paulding (0-0)

Class AAAA

1. Sandy Creek (0-0)

2. Carrollton (0-0)

3. Burke County (0-0)

4. Marist (0-0)

5. Stockbridge (0-0)

6. Cairo (0-0)

7. Monroe Area (0-0)

8. Griffin (0-0)

9. Ridgeland (0-0)

10. Monroe (0-0)

Class AAA

1. Buford (0-0)

2. St. Pius (0-0)

3. Cartersville (0-0)

4. Carver (Columbus) (0-0)

5. North Hall (0-0)

6. Washington County (0-0)

7. Blessed Trinity (1-0)

8. Peach County (0-0)

9. Callaway (1-0)

10. North Oconee (0-0)

Class AA

1. Calhoun (0-0)

2. Lamar County (0-0)

3. Jefferson (0-0)

4. Greater Atlanta Christian (1-0)

5. Brooks County (1-0)

6. Lovett (1-0)

7. Vidalia (1-0)

8. Fitzgerald (0-1)

9. Early County (0-0)

10. Washington-Wilkes (0-0)

Class A

1. Eagle’s Landing Christian (0-0)

2. Prince Avenue Christian (1-0)

3. Dooly County (0-0)

4. Lincoln County (1-0)

5. George Walton Academy (0-0)

6. Wilcox County (0-0)

7. Wilkinson County (0-0)

8. Athens Academy (1-0)

9. Aquinas (1-0)

10. Savannah Christian (0-0-1)

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August 25th, 2013
1:40 pm

@Sportsnut. I thought Norcross had aaaaaa on lock but Lovejoy may have as good of a chance as any to win title.


August 25th, 2013
3:02 pm

It is good to see the Pack in the top spot. We have a lot of football left to be played against some very tough opponents. We will play 3 more against teams ranked in the top ten and then a number one in Alabama. To be quite honest it will be tough. The Packers did look good in the dome as well as North Gwinnet and McEachern.

Coastal Cat

August 25th, 2013
3:04 pm

Camden sure didn’t play like a #10 team Saturday.


August 25th, 2013
4:00 pm

@ rwdekalb == I was willing to give them #1 as long as they were winning. This does open the door. We do still have to play the games.

Mountain Man

August 25th, 2013
4:26 pm

What happen to brookwood. I thinking mr. hunter will get them a spot in the top ten. You got work to do hunter. good day.


August 25th, 2013
4:48 pm

As it stands now, I would have North Gwinnett #1. The performed well. Colquitt won and I would have them #2. Lovejoy has not played, but knowing what I know, they would be #3.


August 25th, 2013
5:04 pm

norcross was way over rated go north gwinnett


August 25th, 2013
6:01 pm

QB has to play better if this team can run the table. D look very good, RB little too small, but fast.

HSFB Follower

August 25th, 2013
6:21 pm

North Gwinnett has to be No.1 I don’t l know what people were looking at but Colquitt has work to do and are very good but North Gwinnett easy is No.1 Lovejoy is still not going to get any love until after a win over Colquitt if they do win and if Colquitt loses to Hoover, beating Colquitt may not do Lovejoy any good. Camden aint bad by a stretch but they gonna have to throw it. Having Jeff Herron looking on yesterday with crossed arms and a smile means it’s time to dump that wing-t or at least throw it more out of it. Coffey and crew gonna be aight though. Norcross has never had success so you can’t expect them to handle it well, they have returned to what Norcross is, a pretender. They got hit in the mouth and may bounce back but the damage they did to the state nationally may not be overcame this year. And on that it proves GA has too many classes. BTW has almost 2k less students and plays what equals to 4A (Hello Sandy Creek) in Georgia that the big Norcross of Gwinnett and got dumped! Can we go back to 4 classes please at the worst 5. Wait some will not like me hitting their pockets but I don’t care too many classes in GA PERIOD!

Factual Healing

August 25th, 2013
6:36 pm

Go to less classifications and then Buford can dominate another weak ass schedule in all sports.


August 25th, 2013
7:20 pm

I know I’m supposed to support my region’s teams, but I gotta say NGHS looked more consistent than Colquitt, and deserve the number one spot. McEachern just might be 2nd best. If Colquitt’s QB, Mobley, continues to improve -and he should- trust me CC will be hard to beat! But they come to Lowndes on September 27 after a bye week. Glad my tickets are reserved seats! Martin Stadium -aka The Concrete Palace -will be wild! I expect 12,500 or more will see a hog killing to tell the grand kids
about! With our new score board and instant replays, ole Propst can watch his antics on the big screen.

I look for Marietta to be ranked soon. They beat a good Newnan team, and were a playoff team last year. And where is Peachtree Ridge? Todd ALWAYS ranks them it seems, even when most times they don’t deserve it. But perhaps they do now. They looked good in the win over Walton. Just saying…….

Marietta fan

August 25th, 2013
7:37 pm

Marietta is ranked #10 by Score Atlanta. I was a little shocked to not see us here after we demolished Newnan. We play Hillgrove and Mceachern back to back in a few weeks and we’ll see what happens then. I would like to see Todd’s honorable mention this week just to see how close we are

Swamp Lizard

August 25th, 2013
7:43 pm

@ Todd Holcomb …. So ELCA would have lost to Washington Co after trailing 6-0 after a quarter and a half? That must be some crystal ball you have! ….. You are killing me! Can you tell how the ELCA outcome will be for this Friday night?

old school

August 25th, 2013
8:01 pm

I agree . Marietta may be underrated. Newnan helped Marietta look good at times, but none the less, Marietta has athletes. And I have to say, don’t judge Newnan on one bad performance. they will be back.

Colquitt Supporter

August 25th, 2013
8:03 pm

From AVikingFan – With our new score board and instant replays, ole Propst can watch his antics on the big screen.

Now that is pretty funny.


August 25th, 2013
8:25 pm

After seeing what happened Saturday, betting this year will be a down year for North GA. Oh Lordy, what will GPB-TV do? They think the roads stop 50 miles outside of ATL anyway.


August 25th, 2013
9:01 pm

@Sportsnut. Those rankings sound fair but we still need to see Lovejoy play and Marrieta may be better than we think. Still early to get accurate rankings. We will have a much better picture after first half of season.


August 25th, 2013
9:12 pm

This is submitted by ScoreAtlanta via twitter…

1) North Gwinnett
2) Colquitt Co.
3) McEachern
4) Lowndes
5) North Cobb
6) Norcross
7) Mill Creek
8) PT Ridge
9) Lovejoy
10) Marietta


August 25th, 2013
9:18 pm

Two of the past three state champions in AAAAAA were unranked in preseason – Norcross (2012) and Brookwood (2010)

Way to early to be crowning a new #1.

The level of football in the state of Georgia has gotten much tougher and the playing field has been leveled through out the state.

Luv Football

August 25th, 2013
9:26 pm

Lovejoy manhandled Peachtree Ridge in scrimmage last week. Lovejoy 10th grade quarterback ran the offense like a machine, the run game looked unstoppable. Defense was lights out have to the game against colquitt


August 25th, 2013
9:57 pm

@ rwdekalb == I know it is early. I, like everyone else got a chance to see the top teams in 6A this week and we all saw what we saw. The preceding post is correct. The Ridge looked pretty good vs Walton. Lovejoy dominated them. We will get to all that when the time comes but now it is game week for us vs Mundy’s Mill and they have one of the best backs in the state.

I am just talking with those guy’s because of what happened. By no means am I saying what lovejoy is going to do to whom. Evidently, I have drawn the wrath of the Colquitt faithful by making known what their coach said in summer practice. I am happy for them as this brings us to #1 vs #2 should they both handle their business this week. I love it !


August 25th, 2013
10:50 pm

I like the Score Atl list. Any for AAAAA?


August 25th, 2013
11:48 pm

FridayNightLightsFan – I like Score Atlnta’s top ten too, but not sure Lowndes should be that high. Also not sure Norcross deserves to be ranked.

Colquitt Supporter – I was just funning with you guys. Good Luck!!!!


August 25th, 2013
11:49 pm

Ok people lets stop kidding ourselves. If you watched Colquitt play Saturday then you obviously saw how good their defense is. That was the best disciplined defense i’ve ever seen them play and they have studs all over the field. They look scary on defense, BUT the offense had first game jitters for sure. Defense wins state titles anyway you cut it.

NG’s offense finally has a power RB and 4 recievers that are 6 ft tall or taller. Hayden Sphire has a cannon and is very accurate. His first pass of the game was an INT, but the Camden corner is committed to BAMA so not to much worry there at all. Our defense looked like it always does which is great to see. Finally have the offensive pieces to compliment the defense.

Grayson should still be in the top ten. Only allowed Colquitt’s offense to score 14 pts. Grayson’s defense is stout as well.


August 25th, 2013
11:55 pm

@ Factual Healing…Buford would get owned every year if they played a 10 game schedule plus playoffs against teams their own size. During their 4 consecutive title run, even their best team wouldn’t have been able to play 4 quarters against 2007 Lowndes, 2008/09 Camden, 2011 Grayson. Don’t kid yourself or any of the Buford fans.


August 26th, 2013
12:10 am

TO ALL: Scrimmages DO NOT matter nor do they indicate anything with substance for a team’s prowess. They are tune-ups and nothing more. It’s a real game/practice against someone other than yourself. Literally that is where the significance of future implications stop.


August 26th, 2013
12:15 am

@NGHS09, Is Sphire a senior or underclassmen?

You guys looked very good Saturday. Very nice WR corps and you have some big boys in the trenches there that look like they could be able to dominate both lines in many games.

Still only 1 week of games in, where maybe a dozen or so in 6A played. Will learn a lot more with the next couple weeks of non-region and then region play where anything can happen in some of the rivalry games sprinkled in there. Excited to see Lassiter play McEachern on Friday. Believe CSS is televising both of the games over there with the other being Hillgrove-Walton at 6 or so.


August 26th, 2013
1:18 am

@FarTrain I agree, I thought it was GEORGIA Public Broadcasting. They have to be more open to leaving the metro area because the state is full of good ball.

@slim065 Sphire is a Senior


August 26th, 2013
1:26 am

Submitted by ScoreAtlanta via twitter… Class AAAAA

1) Gainesville
2) Northside- WR
3) Thomas Co. Central
4) Tucker
5) Kell
6) Stephenson
7) Flowery Branch
8) M.L. King
9) Ware Co.
10) Warner Robins


August 26th, 2013
6:19 am

I think Colquitt and NG are probably 1a and 1b at this point. Both very talented teams. Colquitt has a championship caliber defense that will only get better with game experience. Offense has a ton of upside. Very talented at the skill positions. QB play must be better for this team to succeed. Could have easily scored 3 more touchdowns but overthrows on deep balls prevented easy TDs. Colquitt has something they havent had since their run to state championship game in 2012 and thats a solid running game. NG has alot of the same upside Colquitt has. Great running game, great defense. QB play for NG was much better. Both teams are very similar and I wouldnt be surprised to see a Colquitt NG match up in the playoffs barring significant injury for either team.


August 26th, 2013
6:20 am

Should have read “run the the state championship game in 2010″


August 26th, 2013
6:26 am

Camden has some terrific athletes at RB like they seemingly always do, but the QB drop off for them may do them in. The threat of Ramsey going deep was what made them so tough to beat the last few seasons. If they dont figure something out in the passing game, teams are going to load up the box and it will be tough sledding for the wildcat offense.


August 26th, 2013
7:25 am

AAAAAA is a mess. Grayson will get better, they have a little growing up to do with losing all team to graduation season. Will see them in the hunt late this season. Region 8 a little weak this year? What a nightmare in Region 1….no cake walk there. Should be a good season for High School Football!!! Thanks for AJC coverage.

Todd Holcomb

August 26th, 2013
7:31 am

Re: Marietta – Very close to being ranked. Devils were top 12-13, at least.

‘’ So ELCA would have lost to Washington Co after trailing 6-0 after a quarter and a half? That must be some crystal ball you have!’’

The statement was that a ranked team would’ve lost. Both teams are ranked. So unless they tied, the crystal ball would’ve been accurate.


August 26th, 2013
7:49 am

Didn’t Gainesville put 50 on Grayson in their scrimmage game? Colquitt is NOT the number one team in AAAAAA. They struggled against Grayson on offense.


August 26th, 2013
9:06 am

I spect a lot of teams will “struggle” against Grayson’s defense as they have for several years in a row! We will all know more about Grayson after this week. Colquitt’s QB will get better and their defense is huge, strong, and good. No way of knowing at this point who is best, NGHS, McEachern, Lovejoy, or CC. But I’ve seen good young teams progress more during a long season than great “older” teams (teams with more returning starters). Quite possibly
someone other than the big four will win the 15th game.


August 26th, 2013
9:10 am

your saying elca would have loss bc they were losing 6-0 in the second quarter.


August 26th, 2013
9:11 am

the norcross game was embarrassing and they never should have been ranked number one is 6a. south gwinnett at least played a good game.


August 26th, 2013
9:20 am

@georgiajeepn – Nice try but no, Gainsville did not come anywhere close to 50 points against Grayson. @8-27 Gainsville in a scrimmage that both coaches clearly used as a scrimmage – hard hitting yes, but truly indicative of either team – no. Maybe you are thinking of the combined score total.


August 26th, 2013
9:25 am

AVikingFan – I’m not sure about this week. NG is a stout opponent. I hope that we can hang with them. Losing 21 starters is tough to overcome but I think we will get much, much better as the season goes on and the team gets experience playing as a team. A lot of these boys got reps last year while we were rolling but playing all together as a team at this level is something else. Each game they play they are getting better. Starting off with Colquitt, NG and Parkview is a little tough! :-)

1-6A Sideline Observer

August 26th, 2013
9:26 am

Special announcement. Viking Porkrind Cookers & Butt Smokers will host
a huge Bacon Fry and Barbecue on Tailgate Alley on Saturday, September 28th. We figure after Friday night’s (09-27-2013) huge hawg killing, that’ll be the best way to clean up the playing field at the Concrete Palace.

Stay tuned for updates. We promise to keep everyone informed on details. Even Cat fans will be invited to come out and partake I read on Facebook, or somewhere. (I think they just meant Blue Cats though, yellow ones ain’t welcome on our campus!)

Todd Holcomb

August 26th, 2013
9:34 am

”Two other ranked teams would’ve lost last week if not for games that were not finished because of the weather. Burke County led Thomson 21-0, and Washington County led Eagle’s Landing Christian 6-0, when the games were stopped in the second quarter because of lightning.”

All four teams were ranked. That’s why a ranked team would’ve lost (barring ties).


August 26th, 2013
9:35 am

Fred, I saw a lot of good athletes when I watched Grayson. Conn will have them clicking on all 8 by mid season. Maybe when you put ice in the visitors dressing room Friday you should use “hot” ice. Might help slow down NG!


August 26th, 2013
9:47 am

1-6A Sideline Obs. = LOLLLL! Grayson will get better – alot of first year players on Varsity level they really beat themselves with all the turnovers – honestly the defense did ok holding the score to 21. The O’ line needs to BLOCK and actual stay with the block if they are to score more. Im was happy that none of the boys on all the teams got hurt. Young Rams in training only one way to go thats UP! :)


August 26th, 2013
9:47 am

Region 4 had an outstanding first week of football.


August 26th, 2013
9:54 am

1-6A = funny!

Viking to the Bone

August 26th, 2013
10:01 am

1-6A Observer: After Hoover gets finished packing the hogs this coming Friday, there might not be enough pork for y’all to cook in yore “pork rind cooking and barbeque.”


August 26th, 2013
10:08 am

Worst thing for CC is the open date the week prior to going to Lowndes. That means Ole Propst’s offense has to go against his defense and those two giant DT’s for two weeks before facing our guys at Martin Stadium.

1-6AObserver: Put me down for two take outs on that “pork rind and barbeque”!

Colquitt Supporter

August 26th, 2013
10:13 am

Thanks AVikingFan. We will need some luck this week in Hoover. Who knows what happens over the next 2 or 3 weeks but we may see several changes at #1.

Regarding your new scoreboard, I may have to attend the game and watch the Probst replays myself. Good luck to the Vikings as well.

I listened to parts of the Colquitt/Grayson game but did not watch it. There were several(not all) roughing the passer penalties on the Pack that surprised the Pack announcers. I know our announcers are home team but they generally call it as they see it. Can anyone out there shed light on the penalties – yes, no, close, or too long ago to remember. Todd, please move to the game thread if you need to.


August 26th, 2013
10:18 am

Colquitt Supporter – worst call, or should say no call, was a Grayson block in the back not called right in front of Rush!