Preseason all-state: Region 6 dominates AAAAA team

Region 6 dominates the preseason all-state team for Class AAAAA with 12 of 27 players.

According to, there are 37 seniors or juniors in Region 6-AAAAAA with scholarship offers from Division I schools. There are only 19 seniors or juniors in the other seven regions combined with reported Division I offers.

Ten of those from Region 6 are committed to SEC schools.

Those include preseason all-state players Detric Dukes of Tucker (Georgia), Tyler Jones and Jordan Harris of Stephenson (both Mississippi State), Dallas Rivers of Stephenson (Vanderbilt), and Arden Key and Wesley Green of M.L. King (both South Carolina).

The most publicized player in AAAAA comes from Region 8 and defending champion Gainesville. QB Deshaun Watson passed for more than 4,000 yards and rushed for nearly 1,500 in 2012.


QB – Deshaun Watson, Gainesville, Sr.

RB – Esaias Chapman, Harris County, Sr.

RB – Dallas Rivers, Stephenson, Sr.

RB – Rodney Smith, Mundy’s Mill, Sr.

RB – Myron Washington, Rome, Sr.

WR – Rodney Lackey, Gainesville, Jr.

WR – Gregory Phillips, Arabia Mountain, Sr.

OL – Jermaine Abron, Warner Robins, Sr.

OL – Jesse Freeman, Lee County, Sr.

OL – Jordan Harris, Stephenson, Sr.

OL – Tyler Jones, Stephenson, Sr.

OL – Max Kemper, Pope, Jr.

ATH – Adam Choice, Thomas County Central, Sr.

PK – Matt Monday, Warner Robins, Sr.


DL – Arden Key, M.L. King, Jr.

DL – Zach Mason, Loganville, Sr.

DL – Natrez Patrick, Mays, Jr.

DL – Elisha Shaw, Tucker, Sr.

LB – Colton Clemons, Whitewater, Sr.

LB – Detric Dukes, Tucker, Sr.

LB – Ray Tillman, Miller Grove, Sr.

LB – Justin Wade, Allatoona, Sr.

DB – Wesley Green, M.L. King, Sr.

DB – Khalia Hackett, South Paulding, Sr.

DB – Kirk Tucker, Tucker, Sr.

DB – Quentin Turner, Miller Grove, Sr.

P – Rodrigo Blankenship, Sprayberry, Jr.

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August 5th, 2013
8:13 am

Taking nothing away from the four lbs above, they earned their way on this list. Devan Stringer from Gainesville is a tackling machine and has been for two years. He only goes about 5-11 and a generous 195, but he will knock out many a mouth piece this season!

Also watch out for Mike Byrd an undersized RB at 5′5″ and maybe 150. He split carries his first two seasons but now he will be the feature back. Watson and the passing game get a lot of attention, but the elephants always have an under appreciated running game. Byrd will put up big numbers this year.

Excited about Grayson scrimmage! Then the fun really fires up!


August 5th, 2013
8:23 am

Wow no love for Kell…. I guess being preseason ranked at # 7 and having a couple of Juniors making All State in the 2012 season doesn’t hold any weight.

Max Sizemore

August 5th, 2013
9:14 am

that is Arden Key JUNIOR. His dad was an all-star basketballer at Lakeside 30 years ago,


August 5th, 2013
9:48 am

Analyzing this list, we region 6 fans are, again, in store for another year of exciting HS football. DeKalb stadiums will be electrified every Friday and Saturday night … can’t wait. The premier featured game will be the Jaguar’s of Stephenson vs Tiger’s of Tucker, 10/11. Both are loaded – 2013 5A State Champion will go thru REGION 6.

Surprising, not much representation from the Eagles (NSWR), the #2 preseason team?


REGION 6, the best in GA 2013 5A Football……


August 5th, 2013
9:48 am

Ajc… How in your 44 finalist to make the super 11 you only put 3 people from region 6 but for your all state team you put 12 people and talks about how region 6 dominated. Your post don’t match what you really believe. Please give region 6 it’s due with the super 11 and put the people who clearly deserve it like Elisha shaw,Wesley green, and Dallas Rivers!!


August 5th, 2013
11:21 am

Congrats to the young men who made this list and we all know there are many more very deserving young men who did not make this list. One thing to keep in mind though is there are several teams every year that have great seasons and make good playoff runs without having a lot of d1 athletes.


August 5th, 2013
11:28 am

I believe region 6 is definitely in the top 2 of toughest regions in the state. Probably top to bottom, the toughest. I am really anxious to see if Mays, Miller Grove, and SWD can step their game up in this region.


August 5th, 2013
3:12 pm

Region 6AAAA has some of the top talent in the state as well. Marist, Chamblee, Grady, Columbia, Carver, Always produce top talent expect to see a lot of players from this region on the AAAA List.


August 5th, 2013
5:05 pm

I must say it is guud to see everyone back in this new yr of GHS football!! Been waitin for these moments since the our lost (M L KING) in last yr playoffs!! Now again this yr we have much to prove!
Congrats goes out to all the young fellas who made the pre season all- state list and to the one’s who didnt,this is your yr to shine!!

@BCS2010 – HONESTLY, i had actually thought i was the only one to catch that slip on ajc!! I have to agree with him ajc, you guys failed to call out WESLEY GREEN, DALLAS RIVERS, AND ELISHA SHAW!! Great contenders i think who shouldve been announced early on ajc’s super 11 44 finalist list..

@5AREG6FAN- YES, SHS VS THS will be a great game,but so will the games the both of yall face against us..

I been so excited about this month kicking off the first wk of ghs football, that i had to go check on my team and watch them practicing last wk just to see what kind of talent we are producing this yr!
All im gonna say is 6-5A better come prepared -he,he,he… Becuz the region and state title is only fit for a king,…1 KING….my guess…M.L.KING !!! FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE…LETS GET IT!!



August 5th, 2013
7:50 pm

Region 6AAAAA is up and off to another great start of the season with D1 prospect, don’t care what any of you critics have to say, but at the end of the day when (ALL) the state champions have been crowned, and the pads have been stored for the season and basketball is the now in the spotlight; there are several guys from every Georgia High school who would love to play ball on the next level preferably D1. So, I yip my hat to 6AAAAA especially my Stephenson High Jaguars for leading the State over the pass several years. Now lets show this State that we can win a State Championship, you were 2 games short last year Jags of your 1st State Championship… GO STEPHENSON JAGS & REGION 6AAAAA, SEC OF HS FOOTBALL*****


August 6th, 2013
7:16 am

Let’s just play darn footlball!!! Go Lions


August 6th, 2013
8:46 am

@MIGHTY LION KING – Yes, my region brethren, the matchup between MLK and the other two powers in region 6 … (Tucker & Stephenson), will certainly bring standing room only crowds to Halliford. I mention the Stephenson & Tucker matchup, because it’s the first BIG game of the season for our region and possibly within 5A. After that, both the Jaguars and Tigers will need to face last year’s region champs. Stay healthy and the Tigers will see the Lions in November.

I can hear the roar of the Jungle know as REGION 6 … The CATS are about to be released.


REGION 6, the best in GA 2013 5A Football……


August 6th, 2013
8:47 am

Darius Anderson ended the year all-state as a 10th grader no luv coming back, just askn


August 6th, 2013
6:58 pm

JAB! When are y’all gonna RAISE THE TROPHY???????? :-)


August 6th, 2013
9:42 pm

@ Camden74, we shut all of you critics up last year when we plunge through the semi final round. You all have been saying that Stephenson always fall in the 1st round. We went and won two games in the playoffs and our quarter back broke his leg in that final game we played, so we didn’t recover the rest of the night because the reserve was very young and haven’t had any varsity experience. We play in perhaps the most powerful region in the state. Stephenson also played N.Gwinnett in the scrimmage game and our 1st team out played them. They will go to their place for the scrimmage game this year; isn’t N.Gwinnett one of the best top teams in AAAAAA…??? GO STEPHENSON JAGUARS & REGION 6AAAAA, THE SEC OF HS FOOTBALL…


August 6th, 2013
10:27 pm

JAB…..As usual, you didn’t answer the question. Year in and year out, Stephenson is one of the most talented teams in the state. Y’all should be winning more than two games in the playoffs! I’ll ask again, when are y’all going to RAISE the TROPHY? :-)

Middle GA Dawg

August 7th, 2013
8:43 am

Funny that nobody here mentioned the Region 2AAAAA perennial powerhouse NORTHSIDE EAGLES from Warner Robins. They stay loaded with talent!!!


August 7th, 2013
3:43 pm


Stop fooling yourself. But then again, if you continue to tell that lie, you will eventually start believeing it.

As far as I can remember, Region 1-AAAAAA (Formerly Region 1-AAAAA)is the toughest Region in the entire state, and is the true SEC of Georgia High School Football.


August 7th, 2013
7:30 pm

@SportsFan… Seems like I remember something about that also.


August 7th, 2013
11:21 pm

@ SportsFan31313 Region 6AAAAA is considered the best region in the state because 90% of their teams are good and are playoffs contenders. @ Camden74, this is year is our year. You need to worry about Comden county because they are are no longer a dominant team and probably never ever be a top team again in the highest classification…


August 9th, 2013
1:46 pm

It’s almost that time again…Good to see some of the regular posters already in here!

The RAIDERS from EAST visit Cantrell Stadium in Powder Springs for the 2013 Jamboree Scrimmage game against McEachern’s Indians on August 16th…

then the fun really starts on Friday August 30th with the HOME OPENER in “THE BONEYARD” as the North Paulding Wolfpack comes visiting. This should be another PACKED HOUSE watching two of last years playoff teams matching up. With EAST coming off last years UNDEFEATED regular season and the 2012 Region 5 AAAAA Champions this should be a GREAT GAME!

So of course it’s…..



August 9th, 2013
9:08 pm

@ “THE CANNON RULES”, have a good season….

Football for life

August 10th, 2013
10:15 am

They definitely left off some people that was deserving!! Go to preview
and tell me what u think about each preseason class!!