Football hires: Decatur, Lakeside, North Cobb Christian, Druid Hills name coaches

Decatur, Lakeside-DeKalb, North Cobb Christian and Druid Hills selected head football coaches this week.

Decatur promoted offensive coordinator Scott Jackson to replace Brad Waggoner, who took the head coaching job at Lumpkin County after one season at Decatur. Jackson had come to Decatur from Chattooga, where he also worked on Waggoner’s staff. Decatur was 5-5 in 2012, with all losses coming to Class AAA playoff teams.

Lakeside hired Walnut Grove assistant Heath Hinton to replace Mike Rozier. Hinton coached for six seasons at his alma mater, Brookwood, and was on the staff of the 2010 state championship team. Hinton also has coached at Telfair County and Coffee. Rozier was 1-9 in his only season at Lakeside.

North Cobb Christian hired Scott Ryle. Ryle was a former offensive coordinator at Southwest Christian in Texas. NCC originally hired former Landmark Christian coach Kenny Dallas, but Dallas changed his mind two weeks after signing a contract.

Druid Hills promoted Mark Adams to replace Kipp Hall, who took the head coaching job at Atkinson County. Adams formerly coached at Cross Keys and Avondale.

Reported GHSA job hires and openings:

Special thanks to Steve Slay and for helping maintain this list.

Adairsville – Eric Bishop (Jim Kremer)

Americus-Sumter – Reggie Mitchell (Michael Pollock/Chris Wade)

Atkinson County – Kip Hall (Jody Stone)

Bacon County – Hildrick Garrison (Bobby Johns)

Bainbridge – Jeff Littleton (Ed Pilcher)

Banks County – Biff Parson (Philip Jones)

Banneker – Open (Marquis Slaton)

Berrien – Ed Pilcher (Rob Armstrong)

Bradwell Institute – Open (Jim Walsh Jr.)

Bremen – Scott Hodges (Ricky Tolleson)

Camden County – Welton Coffey (Jeff Herron)

Carver (Columbus) – Joseph Kegler (Dell McGee)

Cedar Grove – Open (Ray Bonner)

Central-Carroll – Rico Zackery (Grant Chestnut)

Chattahoochee – Michael Owens (Terry Crowder)

Clarke Central - Ahren Self (Leroy Ryals)

Coosa – Todd Wheeler (Chad Perry)

Creekside –Olten Downs (Aaron Whittington)

Creekview – Terry Crowder (Al Morrell)

Cross Creek – Robert McCarty (Travis Nixon)

Dacula -Tommy Jones (Jared Zito)

Decatur – Scott Jackson (Brad Waggoner)

Druid Hills – Mark Adams (Kip Hall)

Duluth – Jason Conner (Corey Jarvis)

Dutchtown – Kevin Jones (Jason Galt)

East Jackson - Robert Andrews (Brian Smith)

Effingham County – Buddy Holder (Rick Tomberlin)
Forest Park – John Diehl (Don J. Williams)

Forsyth Central – Shane Williamson (Chris Bennett)

Franklin County – Jerry Underwood (Tommy Welch)

Georgia Military College – Steve Simpson (Brad Owens)

Glenn Hills – Tim McClain (Andrew Young)

Gordon CentralDavid Humphreys (Chad Fisher)

Habersham Central – Michael Pollock (Stuart Cunningham)

Harrison – Matt Dickmann (Marty Galbraith/Bruce Cobleigh)

Heritage (Conyers) - Mike Parris (Chad Frazier)

Houston County – Von Lassiter (Greg Robinson)

Howard – Barney Hester (David Cape)

Jackson – Dary Myricks (Mike Parris)

Jefferson – Ben Hall (T. McFerrin)

Johnson-Savannah – Open (Jamie Baldwin)

LaFayette – Chad Fisher (Tab Gable)

Lakeside (Atlanta) – Heath Hinton (Mike Rozier)

Lanier County – Phillip Johnson (David Ward)

Lumpkin County – Brad Waggoner (Tommy Jones)

M.L. King – Cortez Allen (Rober Freeman)

Manchester – Tanner Glisson (Greg Oglesby)

Mays – Corey Jarvis (Dominic Callaway)

McNair – Open (Tywanois Lockett)

Mount Pisgah Christian – Mike Forester (Doug Dixon)

Mount Vernon Presbyterian – Ryan Zimmerman (Reggie Burnette)

Murray County – Chad Brewer (John Hammond)

Newton – Terrence Banks (Cortez Allen)

North Cobb Christian – Scott Ryle (Harry Miles)

North Forsyth - Jason Galt (Blair Armstrong)

North Springs – Steve Horton (Todd Powers)

Northside (Columbus) – Morgan Ingram (Paul Cates)

Pace Academy – Chris Slade (Matt Hall)

Perry – Open (Stacy Harden)

Prince Avenue Christian - Jeff Herron (Mark Farriba)

Putnam County – Kyle Gourley (Ben Reaves)

Riverdale – Open (Olten Downs)

Roswell – John Ford (Justin Sanderson)

South AtlantaJeremy Gainer (Julius Moses)

South Cobb – Michael Youngblood (Ed Koester)

Southwest DeKalb – Michael Tanks (Buck Godfrey)

Swainsboro – Ken Eldridge (David Johnson)

Therrell – Open (Tony Rambo)

Thomasville  - Leroy Ryals (Richie Marsh)

Toombs County – Steve Versprille (Shane Williamson)

Towers – Open (Marvin Jones)

Villa Rica – Chad Frazier (Mike Falleur)

Walnut Grove – Ben Reaves (O.J. Soto)

Warren County – Cherard Freeman

Westlake – Bryan Love (Stanley Pritchett)

Windsor Forest – Open (Jason Roundtree)

Worth County - Jason Tone (Scotty Ward)

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April 26th, 2013
1:36 pm

Riverdale Hired Herrod from Dutchtown he was the basketball coach.

coach k

April 26th, 2013
6:08 pm

coach herrod was also defense coordinator for the last three years at dutchtown

Hubert Green

April 26th, 2013
8:26 pm

God bless anybody that would coach football at Lakeside. Back in the day when Creel was there everybody and their grandmother transferred to Lakeside to play big time football. Those days are long gone. The coach who won a game should have a statue constructed in his honor. Lakeside football is absolutely awful. And there’s Tucker right down the road rolling. Night and day.


April 27th, 2013
5:55 pm

Lakeside-ATL is not a transfer destination anymore it is the place to be from in football and basketball.(see Q Stephens in bb to Marist) They lose players in the middle schools before they even get to high school. I agree with Mr. Green God bless anyone who takes the job. A few years back they had a good coach I think he played at Georgia Tech and the parents ran him off because the parents thought they could build a winning team over night. No worse than booster parents with money and unreal expectations. Hope Druid Hills stays headed in the right direction. good luck !


April 28th, 2013
12:41 pm

What is going on with the opening at Cedar Grove? I would think every coach in the metro area should/would apply. With all of that returning talent pool, if I was a coach I would apply the moment I first got wind of the possiblity the HC opening.


April 28th, 2013
2:53 pm

We are excited about Coach Hinton coming to Lakeside. Our team has some excellent players we just needed the right coach and we are looking forward to a great season. Lakeside is a great academic school and we will have a great football season this year! Go Vikings!


April 28th, 2013
4:22 pm

FootballTopFan(c) would like to congratulate new head football coaches !!!

Scott Jackson – Decatur Bulldogs
Heath Hinton – Lakeside Vikings
Mark Adams – Druid Hills Red Devils
Scott Ryle North Cobb Christian Eagles

Football Top Fan wish you and your football teams good luck and success.

Metro Fan

April 29th, 2013
8:54 am

@dekalbFB1 Cedar Grove promoted offensive coordinator Jimmy Smith to head coach.

Proud Panther

April 29th, 2013
9:11 am

I agree. Coaching football at lakeside-ATL is tough keeping a head coach there will always be tough. kinda like meadowcreek football team in gwinnett county. that team hasn’t won a game in 6 years. there current coach has been there 3 years and hasn’t won a game yet.


April 29th, 2013
9:30 am

@Metro Fan
They didn’t promote the OC..they gave the OC the Job..The best candidates didn’t even get threw the door typical Dekalb. It was all an inside job from what I here down from the Dekalb AD to the Head Coach who is retiring. Principal has no clue.
Good Luck with that job Jimmy Smith you got it the right way.

Metro Fan

April 29th, 2013
10:53 am

@espnsports I’m not sure who think were the so-called “best candidates,” but Coach Smith has done an outstanding job with that offense and clearly knows the kids/program inside and out… He definitely earned his opportunity. I agree DeKalb handles matters in a shady manner more often than not, but in this case I applaud the school and district for keeping a promising young coach in the fold.

The Scout

April 29th, 2013
2:39 pm

@ Metro Fan. Let me preference my statements by saying, I don’t have anything against Coach Smith but was he truly the best candidate for this job and WHY would a “young promising coach” FIRE a pillar of Cedar Grove Football???!!! Let’s discuss. First, why fire Coach Everette Nicholas? Coach Nick has 20 years of dedicated coaching experience, but more importantly he has 20 years of motivating and influencing our kids in a positive manner as they learn how to play football on the high school and collegiate levels as well as getting them ready for life beyond those points (meaning becoming Men of Character in our communities). Coach Nick also has rapport with the parents of this community and has been asked on several occasions to help troubled football players get their acts together. So, why fire him? FEAR… When a Head Coach can’t connect or get players to respond like other coaches, they fire the threat. Not a Smart move for a “promising young coach” Especially when Coach Nick’s Junior Varsity Football Team has been destroying all competition for years. I can’t remember the last time they scored under 35 points in a game. The SMART move would have been to make Coach Nick the “Varsity” Offensive Coordinator and get the hell out the way!!! Good Luck Coach Smith with trying to keep this team together, you’re going to need it!!! NEVER SHOULD HAVE FIRED COACH NICK!!!!! Now, was Coach Smith the best candidate for Cedar Grove Football? I know of some other young coaches whose resume’s and talents exceed that of Coach Smith but they weren’t even allowed to interview for the job… Somebody is asleep at the wheel and the Football Team is going to suffer for it!!!


April 29th, 2013
8:51 pm

Is coach Hinton at lakeside by any chance Drew Hinton’s father. I know drew is a freshman there and it seemed like one heck of a coincidence.


April 29th, 2013
8:55 pm

ALso cedar grove puts up 35 points a jv game because they play all sophmores regardless of the fact that some of those starting on Jv also start on Varsity.

The Scout

April 30th, 2013
9:33 am

@bulldognation. As a parent, scout, as well as a follower of Cedar Grove football, please don’t insult the intelligence of the parents whose sons had an opportunity to play JV football under Coach Nicholas. Your blog is a false and you know it!!! NONE of the JV players started on VARSITY!! As a matter of fact, YOUR blog sounds exactly like the excuse that our “new promising Head Coach” gave when ask why his VARSITY offense, (comprised of the same players that Coach Nick previously had on JV plus an ALL American QB), COULD NOT score like the JV team? The true supporters and parents of Cedar Grove Football players need the truth.. Since nobody will say it, I’ll say it!! The reason the varsity didn’t score like the JV is because of play calling and catering to the All American QB, instead of running the ball on a consistent basis, utilizing a tight end, and getting the ball in the hands of all the talented athletes. We tried to run bubble screens and deep passes every other play. Little kids in the stands were telling us what the next play was going to be. How Vanilla can your offense be when little kids know what’s coming next!!! Maybe the smart thing to do would have been to let Coach Nick call the plays for the Varsity since he was averaging over 35 points per game, (WITH THE SAME KIDS WHO PREVIOUSLY PLAYED JV BALL), and maybe we would have won two state titles and not have wasted the talents of two teams that had what it took to be champions. Stop Hating on Coach Nicholas and give him his props. He knows how to coach football as well as get the best out of AND motivate every player on his team. Tell the truth and stop hating…. We know who you are….. Cedar Grove Football will miss the talents of Coach Nicholas!!!!!! Damn shame….

C. G.Football Players

April 30th, 2013
2:08 pm


Smity from the DEC

April 30th, 2013
2:59 pm

The head Principle @ CGHS is a weapon of mass destruction. She has hired a Coach Jim Smith and he has FIRED Coach Nick…Coach Nick has been at CGHS for the longest..He has help almost every kid in the community….Girls and Boys…….He is a dedicated father and mentor to not only his kids but to all of the kids that he come accross. I am going to contact that county because this is Nepotism….Coach Jim has a wife that on Staff at Cedar Grove Too..A Question to MICHALE THURMAN ? Can a Husband and WIFE TEAM WORK TOGETHER….THIS NEES to GO TO NATHAN DEAL OFFICE

Shawt dog

April 30th, 2013
9:36 pm

Cedar Grove offense is so predictable,it’s been there down fall the last three years.dont see it getting any better this year. Coach either can’t or want adjust in games. Should have hired a head coach with experience . One thing is for sure kids want be motivated to play this year. Three to five games most they will win.

City slicker

April 30th, 2013
11:43 pm

Hey we can use coach around the corner at McNair and then he can get revenge and McNair will dominate the saints like they r suppose too


May 3rd, 2013
1:54 am

To the Saint Nation, always remember this” to whom much is given, much is required”. Give your HC the support the has always been giving to that Staff. When you compare JV football to Varsity football its like apples and oranges. Its football, however the game is not the same. Give your head ball coach the support that you have always given your staffs. To the blogger that Coach you’re referring to at Lakeside was Greg Lester. And congrats to Georgia’s most underrated ball coach Kevin “Bull” Jones, good luck at Dutchtown.