Football hires UPDATE: Decatur, Lakeside, North Cobb Christian name coaches

Decatur, Lakeside-DeKalb and North Cobb Christian selected head football coaches this week.

Decatur promoted offensive coordinator Scott Jackson to replace Brad Waggoner, who took the head coaching job at Lumpkin County after one season at Decatur.. Jackson had come to Decatur from Chattooga, where he also worked on Waggoner’s staff. Decatur was 5-5 in 2012, with all losses coming to Class AAA playoff teams.

Lakeside hired Walnut Grove assistant Heath Hinton to replace Mike Rozier. Hinton coached for six seasons at his alma mater, Brookwood, and was on the staff of the 2010 state championship team. Hinton also has coached at Telfair County and Coffee. Rozier was 1-9 in his only season at Lakeside.

North Cobb Christian hired Scott Ryle. Ryle was a former offensive coordinator at Southwest Christian in Texas. NCC originally hired former Landmark Christian coach Kenny Dallas, but Dallas changed his mind two weeks after signing a contract.

Reported GHSA job openings:

Special thanks to Steve Slay and for helping maintain this list.

Adairsville – Eric Bishop (Jim Kremer)

Americus-Sumter – Reggie Mitchell (Michael Pollock/Chris Wade)

Atkinson County – Kip Hall (Jody Stone)

Bacon County – Hildrick Garrison (Bobby Johns)

Bainbridge – Jeff Littleton (Ed Pilcher)

Banks County – Biff Parson (Philip Jones)

Banneker – Open (Marquis Slaton)

Berrien – Ed Pilcher (Rob Armstrong)

Bradwell Institute – Open (Jim Walsh Jr.)

Bremen – Scott Hodges (Ricky Tolleson)

Camden County – Welton Coffey (Jeff Herron)

Carver (Columbus) – Joseph Kegler (Dell McGee)

Cedar Grove – Open (Ray Bonner)

Central-Carroll – Rico Zackery (Grant Chestnut)

Chattahoochee – Michael Owens (Terry Crowder)

Clarke Central - Ahren Self (Leroy Ryals)

Coosa – Todd Wheeler (Chad Perry)

Creekside –Olten Downs (Aaron Whittington)

Creekview – Terry Crowder (Al Morrell)

Cross Creek – Robert McCarty (Travis Nixon)

Dacula -Tommy Jones (Jared Zito)

Decatur – Scott Jackson (Brad Waggoner)

Druid Hills – Open (Kip Hall)

Duluth – Jason Conner (Corey Jarvis)

Dutchtown – Kevin Jones (Jason Galt)

East Jackson - Robert Andrews (Brian Smith)

Effingham County – Buddy Holder (Rick Tomberlin)
Forest Park – John Diehl (Don J. Williams)

Forsyth Central – Shane Williamson (Chris Bennett)

Franklin County – Jerry Underwood (Tommy Welch)

Georgia Military College – Steve Simpson (Brad Owens)

Glenn Hills – Tim McClain (Andrew Young)

Gordon CentralDavid Humphreys (Chad Fisher)

Habersham Central – Michael Pollock (Stuart Cunningham)

Harrison – Matt Dickmann (Marty Galbraith/Bruce Cobleigh)

Heritage (Conyers) - Mike Parris (Chad Frazier)

Houston County – Von Lassiter (Greg Robinson)

Howard – Barney Hester (David Cape)

Jackson – Dary Myricks (Mike Parris)

Jefferson – Ben Hall (T. McFerrin)

Johnson-Savannah – Open (Jamie Baldwin)

LaFayette – Chad Fisher (Tab Gable)

Lakeside (Atlanta) – Heath Hinton (Mike Rozier)

Lanier County – Phillip Johnson (David Ward)

Lumpkin County – Brad Waggoner (Tommy Jones)

M.L. King – Cortez Allen (Rober Freeman)

Manchester – Tanner Glisson (Greg Oglesby)

Mays – Corey Jarvis (Dominic Callaway)

McNair – Open (Tywanois Lockett)

Mount Pisgah Christian – Mike Forester (Doug Dixon)

Mount Vernon Presbyterian – Ryan Zimmerman (Reggie Burnette)

Murray County – Chad Brewer (John Hammond)

Newton – Terrence Banks (Cortez Allen)

North Cobb Christian – Scott Ryle (Harry Miles)

North Forsyth - Jason Galt (Blair Armstrong)

North Springs – Steve Horton (Todd Powers)

Northside (Columbus) – Morgan Ingram (Paul Cates)

Pace Academy – Chris Slade (Matt Hall)

Perry – Open (Stacy Harden)

Prince Avenue Christian - Jeff Herron (Mark Farriba)

Putnam County – Kyle Gourley (Ben Reaves)

Riverdale – Open (Olten Downs)

Roswell – John Ford (Justin Sanderson)

South AtlantaJeremy Gainer (Julius Moses)

South Cobb – Michael Youngblood (Ed Koester)

Southwest DeKalb – Michael Tanks (Buck Godfrey)

Swainsboro – Ken Eldridge (David Johnson)

Therrell – Open (Tony Rambo)

Thomasville  - Leroy Ryals (Richie Marsh)

Toombs County – Steve Versprille (Shane Williamson)

Towers – Open (Marvin Jones)

Villa Rica – Chad Frazier (Mike Falleur)

Walnut Grove – Ben Reaves (O.J. Soto)

Warren County – Cherard Freeman

Westlake – Bryan Love (Stanley Pritchett)

Windsor Forest – Open (Jason Roundtree)

Worth County - Jason Tone (Scotty Ward)

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March 18th, 2013
8:57 am

Former Mays Offensive Line Coach Jeremy Gainer has been hired by South Atlanta High School


March 18th, 2013
9:42 am

Todd…what’s the latest on the Camden search? Any front runners?

Camden 79

March 18th, 2013
11:15 am

“All the little birdies in CAMDEN COUNTY are singing Lance Pogue from South Panola High in Batesville, Miss. should be official this week………….

swd grad

March 18th, 2013
1:45 pm

Any word or leads on SouthWest Dekalb head coach position ?


March 18th, 2013
3:09 pm

I hope Druid Hills gets a coach that is willing to let the kids do their thing. Whomever it is, he will be getting some very good young players. Teach well and you have the makings of something special. They will compete soley on talent alone. Add some good instruction and they could cause problems for some 6A schools soon enough.

Dekalb Co Guy

March 18th, 2013
3:59 pm

@ sportsnut

There is some talent at Druid Hills, but its not like that. They will be competitive in 6A because of that weak region they play in but in terms of overall 6A, Druid Hills is overmatched. They dont have the size, or speed to compete in 6A, they really are a 5A school that numbers were temporarily bumped up when Avondale closed a couple of years ago. And even in 5A, they are not even close in talent to the MLK, Tuckers and Stephenson of 5A. Maybe slightly better than Lakeside and Dunwoody in terms of talent and ability. Not knocking them, just keeping it real.

BBall Fan

March 18th, 2013
5:05 pm

North Cobb Christian hired former Landmark coach Kenny Dallas.

Camden 79

March 19th, 2013
9:17 am

The latest at CAMDEN COUNTY is Pogue has withdrawn his name along with Chip Walker from Sandy Creek, so back to the drawing board, here we go now searching for a new coach when spring practices are getting ready to begin hurry and get this thing done people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 19th, 2013
10:31 am

Newnan football has so much talent. It’s a shame that we can’t get a coaching staff that cares about the players and not just themselves. McDonald and his good ole boys. Players and parents leave and have nothing good to say about this staff. So much talent at this school.High school should leave great memories.

Dekalb Co Guy

March 19th, 2013
11:28 am

lol @Newnan222

Sounds like sour grapes. Maybe your kid didnt get the opportunity that you hoped for. Hard to label a coach and say he doesnt care about his players, thats a strong statement.

From the Sidelines

March 19th, 2013
11:51 am

Newnan does have quite bit of talent every year. East Coweta manages to get talent as well. I’d like to see how Creekside, Mays, Therrell, S Atlanta, Westlake, and Banneker are going to do with new coaches.

Sammy Joe of Newnan

March 19th, 2013
1:01 pm

Newnan222, is not saying anything that most who know our program has seen year after year. It’s so bad that other schools laugh at how our kids get left off the college bus. Grades not the problem. McDonald has told many, It’s not his job to help send them to college. He and his good boy staff are a hoot to see. They are the 60’s all over again. Newnan222 speaks the truth. Newnan can do better. Kids will go to war for a coaching staff that does for them. The talent, oh my.

Metro Fan

March 19th, 2013
1:30 pm

SWD has hired in-house malcontent and proven loser Michael Tanks as its next Head Football Coach. I know Cortez Allen took the MLK job, but surely there were more qualified candidates even among the ranks of alumni?! In the next two years, if he even makes it that long, Panther Pride will go the way of former powers McNair, Douglass, and Redan. All of you people that spent so much time talking about what Coach Buck didn’t do are about to realize just how much he DID. Trust me when I say that he will be sorely missed and soon! A proud tradition dies quietly…


March 19th, 2013
2:11 pm

Dutchtown has hired Kevin Jones as its Head Coach. Jones was formerly the defensive coordinator for Lovejoy HS.

Real Decatur Vet

March 19th, 2013
4:44 pm

Metro Fan- You are correct in that SWD should have hired a better coach. If this is true, don’t think that Buck didn’t have a say in that decision, and along with that the ole coach will continue to have influence. They should have hired someone outside of the SWD system.

Paladin Death Dealer

March 20th, 2013
6:52 am

Coaches don’t get kids scholarships, the videos do that. Does anyone in their right mind think that a high school coach can tell Paul Johnson or Mark RICHT that they should sign their player and that off the coaches suggestion it becomes a done deal. With Hudl and all the recruiting services out their now, DON’T EVEN TRY TO BLAME IT ON THE HEAD COACH IF YOUR SON DOESN’T GET A COLLEGE FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIP. JUST ADMIT YOUR SON WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH AND QUIT BLAMING THE HEAD COACH OR ASST. COACHES. THAT IS A WEAK EXCUSE.

Proud Panthers

March 20th, 2013
7:13 am

Micheal Tanks as SWD head coach ? Are you kidding me ?

Proud Panther

March 20th, 2013
7:20 am

TODD HOLCOMB – Can you get confirmation that SWD hiring of Micheal Tanks as head coach is a JOKE. Lol

Just Sayin

March 20th, 2013
7:25 am

@ Paladin Death Dealer, I’m not sure about the situation at Newnan, but I can say that HS Coaches should be plugged into Div1 contacts/recruiters to NAIA connections along with trying to promote their players by attending summer camps ect which a lot DO NOT! Sometimes, NEPOTISM raises it’s ugly head like the case with Lambert High School in Suwanee, GA where the head coaches son was held back in the 8th grade only to play football. Therefore, his son was being played over a better player who in most cases was a playmaker but was kept under the coaches son, so I do disagree with some of your comments about blaming HS Coaches, as I do in the Lambert case as this cost that kid dearly an opportunity to play at a higher level rather than a Div 1-AA school!

Todd Holcomb

March 20th, 2013
7:51 am

Added hires at Landmark Christian, South Atlanta, Dutchtown. …

No word on Southwest DeKalb. Will try to track down the latest on the missing ones later this week, but got to finish up all-state basketball, which will be released Friday online and Sunday in the print edition.

Sammy Joe of Newnan

March 20th, 2013
8:02 am

May not be coaches job to get the lower tier kids a school to go to, but a lot of coaches have connections and work hard for their players. McDonald and his good ole boy staff are not the ones. Most players love to come back to their school. Coaches are not all the same. Northgate coaches work hard for their kids in Coweta County. Newnan has always had the talent , but not the leadership. Again, the talent OH my.

Paladin Death Dealer

March 20th, 2013
8:11 am

It all comes down to talent. Most of the college coaches know when a kid is entering the 11th grade whether the kid has the talent to play college ball and at what level. Some even as 9th and 10th graders. With the liberal interpretations of recruiting rules as they apply now, the kid in question, if he was good enough as you say, should have shopped around for HIS best opportunity and not sat on the bench because of the nepotism you speak of. REMEMBER, IT IS NOT ABOUT “TEAM” AND SCHOOL PRIDE ANYMORE, IT IS ABOUT “I, ME, MY” AND DADDY GETTING HIS SON A SCHOLARSHIP. IT’S ALL ABOUT WHAT’S IN THIS FOR MY SON, TO HECK WITH THE TEAM AS LONG AS MY SON HAS A GOOD PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND DAD DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR HIS SONS COLLEGE EDUCATION. Unfortunately, that’s why you will see fewer Buck Godfreys in the future who devote a whole lifetime to a school. Coaches will just let someone else deal with these parents. And with the career that Buck has had at SWD and some idiots on here want to tell him how he could have done it better. Win you 270 games and a state championship and maybe we might listen to you, but right now you’ve maybe won a couple Pop Warner games, so you have no credibility.

Dekalb Co Guy

March 20th, 2013
8:24 am

@ Sammy Joe of Newnan

Sure coaches can help the lower tier kids get some looks but again, its the film that ultimately gets a kid a scholarship these days. Its no so much word of mouth like it was 20 years ago. Most schools have every play video taped so thats not a problem and reproduction and editing its much easier these days.

But you imply that Mcdonald and the good ole boy staff is the problem? What does that mean? Well you are talking about Newnan you know, while it has become suburban in lots of ways, its still “country” and has that old time feel, but so does many towns in Georgia. So maybe their coaching staff reflects that. Thats probably not going to change anytime soon. Newnan does have talent and they do get kids scholarship. But they dont have a lot of “elite athletic” talent that big time schools look for. I mean obvious this past year, they had Tray Matthews, who was big time, they did have a couple of other guys, not sure the name, but maybe the Britt kid and the hard nose rb, who got small college offers. They seem to have a pipeline going to West Georgia also. so some of their kids get scholarships. Seems Newnan gets their guys more scholarships than East Coweta though. But seems like you got something personal against Newnan though.


March 20th, 2013
9:12 am

Eric Bishop is in at Adairsville.

Metro Fan

March 20th, 2013
9:15 am

@Proud Panthers I wish it were a joke… @Real Decatur Vet Coach Buck would have advocated for a current member of his staff or perhaps a former player, but certainly not a former assistant that betrayed him publicly to parents, alumni, administrators, and players in an attempt to usurp his position.


March 20th, 2013
9:34 am

@ Dekalb County Guy == I know what DHHS has in terms of size, speed and numbers. These things change from year to year, from school to school. The region issue does not matter as much as think. Keep an eye on them and you will see what I mean. Their issue now will be to bring in a coach that can put them, the players, in position to win.

Real Decatur Vet

March 20th, 2013
10:33 am

Metro Fan- Tanks is a former SWD player from the 85′ team. I wish it was a joke.

Atl Sports Avenue

March 20th, 2013
10:43 am

Folks as far as recruiting goes I’ve heard first hand stories from parents who left Gwinnett County to come to Fulton County because quite a few Head Coaches have told them it was not their job to get kids in school. In and around metro Atlanta and Georgia, the schools with the most kids in college tend to come from programs with black Head Coaches or Coordinators. I’ve got a number of coaches who I can count as friends and there is nothing more satisfying to them other than winning than to get kids in school. All too often, folks will talk about how good kids aren’t. I’ve found that every kid with a little talent can continue playing in college if that’s what they want to do. Join to talk about sports in Metro Atlanta.


March 20th, 2013
1:32 pm

Camden should hire Chip Walker from Sandy Creek. Fayette co BOE is about to drop the hammer on the school system there with massive budget cuts. So, CCW may want to get out of dodge before all that happens, along with a nice pay raise to go south.
Just my two cents

Just Sayin

March 20th, 2013
2:50 pm

Easier said than done just to up and transfer because of the way you are being treated as far as the Nepotism thing as this kid had friends at the school along with the fact that perhaps he did not want to lose a year of playing time upon a transfer within his county unless his parents could actually provide a legit address. I know for sure in this situation that this kid was promised opportunity after opportunity while a junior for his up and coming senior year and it did not happen. Trust me, if the parents had a crystal ball I am sure that would have been the situation to transfer him. The bottom line is the GHSAA should have rules that state if your parent is a coach or head coach, sorry, you will have to play for another program to keep all eyebrows from every being raised by daddy ball. It just was a shame that this was allowed to happen as in the end, the better athlete got SCREWED!

From the Sidelines

March 20th, 2013
3:56 pm

SouthATLNative been told that Chip is a liability. Can’t chance it with his style of coaching. Camden will be in trouble to moment he lands in Kingland.

Dekalb Co Guy

March 20th, 2013
4:08 pm

@ sportsnut

Sure with a good coach, it wouldnt suprise me one bit that they make the playoffs. The region is so weak. I remember last season you implied the same thing about them making the playoffs. They were 2-1 with wins over Clarkston (one of the worse teams in 5A) and Therrell (the worse team in 4A). But as you can see, they didnt make the playoffs. They play hard, but I still stand by what I say, they dont have the talent to be a factor in 6A, they are in 6A, with 5A enrollment and 4A talent. But they will be a bit better next season.


March 21st, 2013
5:34 am

From the Sidelines: CW’s – Style of coaching? Last I checked he won the last 3 of 4 titles, who wouldn’t want that style? Not bashing your ’source’ at all, just odd to me.

Camden 79

March 22nd, 2013
5:38 am

Explain to me how in the hades do you let a coach like FRANKLIN STEPHENS get away and not hire him due to his attitude is the rumor being spread around CAMDEN COUNTY what a joke we who have lived here all of our lives know the truth,to get the rest of the story you’ll have to contact PAUL HARVEY……………

Metro Fan

March 22nd, 2013
7:23 am

@Camden 79 you know damn well Camden isn’t gonna hire a black coach… #ijs

Camden 79

March 22nd, 2013
7:46 am

Hey Metro Fan is that what Paul Harvey said, I kinda figured that already if you get my drift……….

Newnan Football

March 22nd, 2013
8:08 am

Sammy Joe, Newnan222 are just a few of the many who have no love for the Newnan coaches. I will not write a book about this group of coaches. It’s the parents job to get their kids to college. There are a lot of coaches who try their best to send players to college . Newnan had a lot of luck this year in sending more than usual. With a new JR. College starting up a program. The players have no respect for this staff and a lot of parents wish McDonald and his crew would leave. No hate here just calling it as I see it. Newnan will continue to win , because they have such good talent. Cougar time is the best time.

Newnan Granny

March 22nd, 2013
10:39 am

Atl Sports Avenue tells it like is. Black coaches get enjoyment in sending the players off to college. Newnan coaches tell our players, its not their job. We have had other schools coaches and friends of coaches helping our kids. Thank God for each other. Newnan needs a change in the football department.


March 22nd, 2013
11:25 am

This first year under new coach at swd, whoever that may be will tell a lot about which direction this team is heading. I know if they had a coach in the Franklin Stephens mold they could reach their potential. Coach Godfrey was great but now I think they need a young creative mind at the helm.

Zane Smith's Teeth

March 23rd, 2013
6:01 pm

You can tell if a football coach actually teaches (their real day job) or if they are an expensive babysitter hired to coach football by their attitude of getting kids into college. Those that go “above and beyond” aren’t actually teaching anything and their schools are academic jokes. That’s why they have all that free time.
Go ahead and list some schools…see if this rule doesn’t apply

Newnan Football not there yet

March 24th, 2013
4:43 pm

Helping kids to go to college is a bad thing Zaney Zane? Let me go out on a limb here. You could care less, as long as they win. Good ole boys are about winning and not helping them to further their education? I know you are a strong progressive. Gee, what a guy. I wish Newnan could land a guy like Stephens, who kids will leave it on the field for. Camden is even more backwards than Newnan. His attitude? What a joke.


March 25th, 2013
6:48 am

Todd, it’s been a week now and you guys still have Dutchtown’s new coach Kevin Jones listed as Kevin “Love.”

Todd Holcomb

April 8th, 2013
9:47 am

Thanks, DawgVoice. That’s fixed.

From the Sidelines

April 8th, 2013
2:41 pm

Any list of Spring games for South Fulton Schools like Creekside, Tri-Cities, Westlake, Banneker and Hughes?


April 8th, 2013
6:03 pm

FootballTopFan would like to congratulate Michael Tanks on his selection as Head Coach at Southwest Dekalb !!!

It is an honor to follow the legendary Buck Godfrey.

We wish you good luck and success.

city slicker

April 9th, 2013
6:24 am

McNair needs to hire coach John rich from Tucker he was along time mustang coach he was the offensive line coach under Gilbert and has been apart of Tucker taff since 2006


April 10th, 2013
1:56 pm

Thanks Todd.

B. Allen

April 17th, 2013
10:33 am

Enter your comments here

Panther Pride 95

April 17th, 2013
10:38 am

It’s my understanding that Coach Allen wanted the SWD job but the principal was not willing to give him the job. I wish much success to Tanks, but for me and mine we hoped Tez would have gotten the job and I think Buck did too.


April 17th, 2013
1:01 pm

i don’t really know that much about sports especially football. All I’ve ever actually played was basketball.But i do think that this is a good idea and everything. but i think that they should give him back his job.