Class AA girls: Wesleyan 76, Laney 43

The Wesleyan Wolves are champions again, and for the sixth consecutive season it wasn’t even close.

Wesleyan got 28 points from Katie Frerking and routed second-ranked Laney 76-43 in the Class AA final Friday at the Macon Centreplex to become the second girls basketball team in state history to win six straight championships, matching Hart County’s streak from 1989-1994. It was the ninth title in 10 seasons for the Wolves and the 10th in 12 years.

“Every time we come here it seems like the first time,” Wesleyan coach Jan Azar said. “There’s nerves, and everybody’s excited. One of my freshmen came in this morning and said, ‘Coach Azar, it’s my first state championship game.’ That just reminded me that for some of these kids it’s their first, and for the majority of them it’s their first time contributing to a state championship. They’ve sat and waited their turn, and it was their turn today.”

During the Wolves’ current six-year run, no state final has been closer than 16 points and the average margin of victory has been 29. But Laney (30-1), which entered Friday’s game as the state’s only undefeated girls team in any classification, appeared it could make a game of it, especially early.

The Wildcats trailed 19-10 at the end of the first quarter but outscored Wesleyan 15-6 over the next seven minutes to tie the game 25-25 on a put-back by Wynetta Wright with 44 seconds to play in the half.

It was all Wesleyan (28-4) after that. The Wolves scored the final five points of the first half and then outscored Laney 46-18 the rest of the way.

Frerking dominated as top-ranked Wesleyan pulled away. She scored 20 points in the second half and broke the school record for points in a season with 653, two more than Anne-Marie Armstrong had in the 2006-2007 season.

“She decided at halftime that this was it, and it was either now or never,” Azar said. “She was getting banged around a lot, and she had to decide if she was going to worry about getting banged around or if she was going to take home the state championship. She decided to take home the state championship.”

Wesleyan guard Brittany Stevens had 14 points, 11 assists, seven rebounds and three steals, and Paige Mosely had 11 points.

Khadijiah Cave led Laney with 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Laney (43): Destiny Brewton 4, Aliyah Collier 7, Simone Smith 8, Kjadijiah Cave 10, Monteria Harris 2, Wynetta Wright 9, Natarea Tanksley 3, Gemiya Bowman, Jazzmine Youngblood, Johna Whitehead, Jonkota Samuels, Donecia Hudson, LaTonya Smith, Albreona Collier, Jasmine Holman.

Wesleyan (76): Katie Frerking 28, Brittany Stevens 14, Landyn Duley 5, Keevana Edwards 4, Paige Mosley 11, Lauren Frerking 3, Cairo Booker 3, Nikki McDonald 5, Cara Mia Tsirigos 3, Hope Morgan, Kayla Pierce, Taylor Casey, Kendra Talley.

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March 8th, 2013
11:28 pm

When will GHSA level the playing field and move all private schools into their own tournament? Private schools will always have an unfair advantage over the public schools due to no limitations on recruiting players.


March 9th, 2013
3:08 am

They did it for A. I don’t know what’s stopping them from doing it for the rest of the classes.


March 9th, 2013
7:15 am

This group of seniors have been playing together for 6years. You think they were recruited in 7th grade? It is called good coaching and good kids!

nate from detroit

March 9th, 2013
10:35 am

It’s a shame that the bracket had Wesleyan and Calhoun playing in the 3rd round. That was the only semi-competitive game Wesleyan had in the state tournament. Sometimes, getting to a state championship is the luck of the draw in who you face and when.


March 9th, 2013
12:13 pm

There is no doubt Wesleyan has great players. I could coach them to a state championship year in and year out if i could get a group of players who play together in Middle School, summer leagues, basketball camps, etc. The kids and the parents know each other for years and they plan to keep theirs kids together for those championships and scholarship opportunities. In a counties where there are more than 1 high school, the kids come from several different middle schools with different coaching philosophies and it will take a year or two to get that team chemistry that’s required for championships. There should not be blow outs of 30 points or more in championship games. We will not have competitives games until the current policies are changed. This situation is almost like GA State playing UGA in football.


March 9th, 2013
1:54 pm

Tom, you are right on point with your comments!

Another Voice

March 9th, 2013
3:26 pm

Tom, perhaps in those places where several middle schools feed into one high school, the coaches should get together an figure out a path and coaching program that complements the eventual high school program.

And just because Wesleyan has an excellent – stellar – record with the girls’ basketball program, the school isn’t getting state cahmpionships in all sports. Funny how GHSA set the cutoff for AA just under Wesleyan’s high-school population, forcing the school out of the A-Private class into AA.

What I see as a huge difference: the encouragement and expectation by the school that all students will compete in some endeavor. At Wesleyan, that means a lot more of the girls are participating in sports compared to public schools (and some private schools, too).

Instead of whining about what other teams have, work on finding a solution. Just saying …

Not So Casual Observer

March 10th, 2013
11:40 am

Apparently there are observers who do not believe the public high schools recruit. Some do and always have, so the playing field is level apart from the ability to produce superior facilities at the private schools.

Perhaps the day will come when the public schools produce champions – oh wait, the previous team to win 6 years in a row was Hart County less than 20 years ago. Were all of you complaining about Hart County then?

What are the participation levels at public schools? I understand Wesleyan not only encourages year round participation in extra curricular activities but gives awards to students who participate in each season of the year. Participation can be in sports or in theater or other school sponsored activites.

I also see the Norcross boys won another championship. I have not counted but this becoming routine at Norcross and the school is directly across the street from Wesleyan. Perhaps the secret is in the water, the fresh air or the availability of fresh vegetables – OR MAYBE THE SUCCESS IS A TRIBUTE TO HARD WORK!

Don't need a coaching job but free advice

March 10th, 2013
2:11 pm

@TOM and pomoney,
Love the public private fight here.
( #1) the public school head coach has to get all the middle schools in line. Yes that means bring in the coaches (who think they are the next bob knight’s) and show them how you coach the o-side and the d-side. You have to spend time with them stroke the ego. This goes in the all sports. That is a school system problem if they don’t comply. Less time later teaching and more time coaching at the high school level. Heck Wesleyan runs the same inbound plays in 6th grade.
( #2) bring in the players ! Since all will be going to that high school open the BIG GYM for them. Little players and coaches will work harder when the prize is more tangible for them. Free mini camps like one day kinda of thing so selling the summer camp won’t be that hard. Make them feel wanted when they are in 5th grade. Some private high schools have grade schools so they are indoctrinated at a young age. They are focus on the high school prize at a very young age. Sell the program to the parents now!
#(3) Don’t make middle school games rivalries so when it comes time to mix at the high school there is not the animosity in place and bad feelings that would hinder the 8th grade or 9th grade teams going forward as one. Mostly parents are to blame here they love to talk someone down.
#(4) Real life lesson is that the private school kids have more time to focus on sports. Less distractions in classroom, working jobs, ability to go to sports camps give them a half step lead. Their community is already focused and achieving is the goal that they set. Expectations are higher.
(#5) Without trying to sound funny all are not created equal if you sit around and moan about others success well there is a political party that wants everyone to be equal. It is not going be happen everyone can not win or tie so if you want to be a winner push the your high school coach to this blog and read the free advice. If he or she doesn’t do it fire them, if you can’t you better move to another school district if you want to be a winner. Good Luck !

Cream Rises!

March 11th, 2013
9:12 am

Just the facts-Wesleyan continues to dominate because of coaching- with all due respect to Coach Smart- with that talent level- no way should he have lost that bad.
Wesleyan at AA would have dominated every team at every level with the exception of North Gwinnett and Norcross at 6A which would have been fun to watch. Why, good coaching!
Wesleyan’s only losses came from top nationally ranked teams out of state. They go look for better compitition to improve. The school starts at young ages. Calhoun was the best coached team but not quit as deep.
GAC boys is another great example of exceptional coaching and Norcross boys and girls.
The trend will continue- great coaches attrack better players who want to play at the next level.
How can a school with 400 total students in High school half girls, continually wear out schools with over 1000 girls to choose from?
Why at every level of sports from NCAA to NFL, to GHSA to professional poker- the best continue to rise to the top? Always the same names appear.
A comedian once said of continueing to send money to an impoverished, starving, no rain in a hundred years part of the world to feed the poor- MOVE!!!! Send them U-hauls not money!
If the same was with academics instead of Sports you would move- You have choices in life!
That’s why the cream rises- they do what others are afraid of doing.
The result for hooking up with coaches like Jan Azar and her staff- UGA, Auburn, Pepperdine, Furman, Indiana, Presbyterian, Wofford, Samford, College of Charleston etc………..
Class of 2012-13-14