Georgia’s best sports program: St. Pius? So far, so good

St. Pius stands third in the national ranking of the best sports programs for the 2012-13 academic year.

St. Pius, Georgia’s state champion in boys and girls cross country, trails Webb of Knoxville, Tenn., and St. Thomas Aquinas of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in the MaxPreps Cup.

St. Pius also got spoints for its runner-up finish to Buford in the Class AAA football championship game and a second-place finish in volleyball. The ratings award points only to first- and second-place finishers in state championships.

St. Pius will cash in more points with basketball as the DeKalb Catholic school’s girls team is playing Dawson County on Saturday for the AAA title.

According to MaxPreps, the rankings consider finishes in 21 boys and girls sports along with the size of the state, the size of the school and the popularity of the sport.

For 2011-12, Georgia’s top program was Milton, according to MaxPreps. The Eagle’s finished first or second in boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, boys basketball, boys golf, girls golf and girls soccer.

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Screw Pius

March 7th, 2013
10:42 am

Go Marist War Eagles!

Kevin Korner

March 7th, 2013
10:50 am

Pi High has come a long way from my time there. I can still remember having no gym and no baseball team. In fact girls basketball was still three on three and the boys practiced at old St. Joseph’s gym downtown where the Marriott Marquee now stands while the golf team practiced at
the old East Lake No# 2 course. Tuition was around $400 a year back then. It’s nice to see the school doing so well.


March 7th, 2013
11:14 am

Most importantly, the academics are top notch and Pius has an excellent Faith based family environment. Our children are quite blessed to be able to attend there. Quite an achievement for this little Catholic school

some sense

March 7th, 2013
11:37 am

Can’t imagine any school anywhere with a better grasp of just what its mission is and how to spread it.

Roy D. Mercer

March 7th, 2013
11:44 am

That is just outstanding. Congrats to a wonderful program with great leaders. The amazing thing is these are true student athletes with tremendous coaches and support. Like all successful programs they are always trying to improve and they teach hard work.
Great Job!


March 7th, 2013
11:50 am

We have visited for multiple sports and have always been welcomed at Pius. The family atmosphere is amazing.


March 7th, 2013
2:03 pm

This one isn’t even close…Marist

How many straight Director’s Cups? 10? SI ranked them 10th in the country as having the best athletic programs in the country?

Pius is having a great year, but best overall program…I beg to differ


March 7th, 2013
2:04 pm

Congrats to St. Pius! Let’s hope they can win this recognition….

Seen a Few

March 7th, 2013
2:37 pm

What an incredible honor! A lot of hard work and commitment by all.

Dr. J

March 7th, 2013
2:50 pm

This is pretty neat! Way to go Pius! I guess they reason they didn’t mention Marist is because they knew they were spoiled brats and would get on here and blast Pius anyway. Marist has a great program. Absolutely unbelievable, but, let some hard working people have their chance in the spotlight!

Big Fan

March 7th, 2013
3:58 pm

“St. Pius stands third in the national ranking of the best sports programs for the 2012-13 academic year.”
What a huge accomplishment!

Marist Website regarding 2012:
“War Eagles were honored as one the nation’s top 15 high school athletic programs by Sports Illustrated based on all-around excellence.”

SPX fan here just spreading some love for the neighbors. Ya’ll be nice now.

Truth in reporting

March 7th, 2013
5:15 pm

Your arrogance is amazing. Who is the article about? I thought so, go back in your hole troll.

Really Cold

March 7th, 2013
5:59 pm

@Pack7671 Who reads SI anyways…besides the bathing suit issue that is.

Bob Fannon

March 7th, 2013
7:42 pm

I was very proud to be a member of the state championship football team, with Kevin Korner; but I am very happy to see the breadth of different sports that are available to students. The arts are also important so that everyone should be able to find their outlet for personal expression. They are all equally important for character building!

St Pius Fan

March 7th, 2013
9:18 pm

WOW A long way from the days of George B teaching Mechanical Drawing.

buba bean

March 7th, 2013
9:48 pm

Great accomplishment that St.Pius has received. Great teachers,coaches and administration! Very deserving to say the least! We have attended many events on this campus for years and have been welcomed with open arms from start to finish win lose or draw as visitors.Do not appreciate the rude comment from “Screw Pius” saying Go War Eagle. Very immature on your part top say the least.

I have heard rumors that War Eagle (Marist) is chicken sh** to play Pius in football but chooses to play Lovett! That is a joke,but typical of the Ashford Dunwoody school! Oh by the way I heard the girls BBALL team is playing on Saturday in Macon! Is war eagle playing on Saturday? NOT nuff said!

I am not a Pius parent….nuff said!

Pius Pride

March 8th, 2013
8:12 am

Silence is always golden… doing good with actions speaks volumes in serving community, academics, the arts, and sports. We are the Lord’s.

Da Coach

March 8th, 2013
8:32 am

Congrats to Pius coming from a Marist grad. Don’t see why people are quick to jump to put Pius down, they are having a great year. And buba bean get a life.

Off the Schedule

March 8th, 2013
9:03 am

@Buba bean. That rumor is more like the truth. War Eagles got beat two years in a row by the Lions several years ago. Marist then had “scheduling conflicts” and ended a rivalry that had been played almost every year since 1958.

BullDawg Rick

March 8th, 2013
9:15 am

Congratulations Lions~!

Da Coach

March 8th, 2013
9:53 am

In regards to football, I think Marist (and Pius for that matter) are too concerned with the state championship than scheduling a non-region game to keep the rivalry going.


March 8th, 2013
9:54 am

Great job Pius but let’s be honest this achievement is the based mostly on the change to 6 classifications. AAA is saturated with low performing athletic programs. Take the private schools out of the picture and only Buford can compete with Woodward and St. Pius.

To Bubba Bean: why? why so classless? and you’re not even a pius parent?

some sense

March 8th, 2013
9:56 am

The Marist/SPX rivalry has a curious history, to the point that you can’t really talk about one w/out mentioning the other somehow, somewhere. Marist has been around since 1902, St. Pius since 1958. Relations became immediately stoked when Pius hired a former Marist guy, George Maloof, as f’ball coach and AD. Seems that George was passed over for a job at Marist, so he took it out on ‘em for years, but when George left Pius, the football rivalry swung in favor of Marist for 20 – 30 years. Pius got back on top a few years ago when one of George’s boys, Paul Standard, took the football job there, but then the schools changed classifications and scheduling each other just didn’t work. Neither side ducked the other. Over the years, and in all sports, the rivalry has had its moments, think poisoning trees.

Each is a Catholic school, but Marist is an independent Catholic school, run by the Marist fathers. St. Pius is an Archdiocese of Atlanta school. Marist has a fair sized non-Catholic population; St. Pius is almost 100% Catholic.

Marist has been at the top of athletics in the metro for years, something like ten straight Directors’ Cups. Pius has done well, but not THAT well, but look at ‘em now. Frankly it took Pius a number of years to decide just what they wanted to be athletically. Hiring Coach Standard to go toe to toe w/ Coach Chadwick didn’t hurt.

None of this should be construed to favor one over the other. Each has a strong, faith-based education mission and each values academics, athletics, and the arts about equally, excellence across the board. But the leadership at each fine school probably gets tired of, from time to time, having to apologize to each other for some truly gauche behavior coming fromk respective “fans”.

Da Coach

March 8th, 2013
10:04 am

^ Couldn’t have summed it up better

dekalb county fan

March 8th, 2013
10:15 am

hey off the suchedule last time i checked pius dropped down a claas. if you still played at the level as marist we would be in the same region.

Off the Schedule

March 8th, 2013
10:42 am

@ dekalb county. After GHSA reclassified schools, Pius was moved to AAA Classification. No need to suggest Pius is ducking Marist. If Marist is concerned with playing teams on their “level”, why schedule AA schools like Lovett?


March 8th, 2013
12:51 pm

As a graduate of SPX who took Mechanical Drawing with George B I say ‘Go Pius !’
As a parent of a student currently at Blessed Trinity, I say ‘Go BT !’

They are both great schools and I’m proud to be associated with both of them.


March 8th, 2013
2:52 pm

Congrats to the entire Pius program. Mr. Spellman, Coach Kelly – your students and community are truly blessed by your leadership. Thanks.

Bob Russell

March 9th, 2013
9:35 am

Good luck St Pius, great programs athletically and academics! Good kids, committed parents and teachers and coaches.

Father Time

March 9th, 2013
6:16 pm

Hey “Screw Pius”:

At least at SPX we don’t wish we were someone we’re not.

Reality Check

March 9th, 2013
10:26 pm

Check the schedule. Pius opted to,play Lovett too, so dont bash Marist for that. The difference is that Pius filled up,its dance card early so that when Marist came calling, Standard could say he was full. Pius is trying to restore the winning tradition andrightly so. but competing head to head with Marist would tarnish that. i expect when Pous is loaded, they will want to play Marist again. Pius is a bigger school than Marist but opts to play at a lower classification than Marist. Of course they will have their share of success. Congrats. If Pius really wanted to go toe to toe with Marist, they would move up to AAAA.

Roy D. Mercer

March 10th, 2013
7:19 am

SPX bball girls won the state championship last night! Amazing! That’s 110 more points to put the school at 424 points! Assuming Knoxville Webb and Aquinas did not have Bball in their respective finals then SPX may very well sit at number 1 Nationally! Congrats Marist er Pius! Sorry, I get confused on who the article is about based on reading the comments. In fairness to Marist lets wait and see how their Bball teams did at state.


March 10th, 2013
10:18 am

A hugeAs a St. Thomas Aquinas alum, and hopefully an SPX dad next year, I can say that being mentioned in the same article with them, let alone possibly exceeding them, is a huge accomplishment. STA is a perennial powerhouse in all sports, having won the Sun Sentinel All Sports trophy in Broward county since its inception in the early 80’s. With the deep traditions forged by legendary coach and AD George Smith, SPX *should be* proud! If e can only get STA and SPX to meet on the gridiron!

Big Fan

March 10th, 2013
11:57 am

My doll…,interesting perspective you have there. You are so right about SPX being mentioned in same sentence. I’ve seen Aquinas play football on TV. The real deal. Just shows that this new MaxPreps ranking is seriously special. Congrats SPX

Chi Rho

March 11th, 2013
7:47 am

Congrats to St. Pius! Girls BBALL with a big win this weekend! State Champions. St. Pius is truly a special place.


March 11th, 2013
1:02 pm

Screw Pius, you are a joke. Why won’t Marist stop running from Pius? Tell them to put Pius on the schedule next year to play them in football and both girls and boys basketball so we all can see how that ends up.


March 12th, 2013
9:24 am

@ 2013…Jealousy and bitterness do not create an effective foundation on which to build a persuasive argument. But, I’m sure you will grow and mature as you graduate from high school and face the pressures of the real world.