State Tournament: AAA girls schedule

First Round


(R2-#1) Southwest-Macon 66, (R3-#4) Thomson 33

(R4-#3) Douglass 59, (R1-#2) Savannah 57

(R3-#1) Washington County 67,(R2-#4) Carver-Columbus 26

(R1-#3) Tattnall County 57,  (R4-#2) Callaway 39

(R8-#1) North Oconee 59, (R5-#4) Lafayette-Ft. Oglethorpe 28

(R7-#2) Dawson County 68, (R6-#3) Blessed Trinity 54

(R5-#1) Sonoraville 61, (R8-#4) Hart County 41

(R6-#2) Decatur 54, (R7-#3) Fannin County 30

(R1-#1) Beach 62, (R4-#4) Central-Carroll 34

(R2-#2) Pike County 62, (R3-#3) Swainsboro 46

(R4-#1) Chapel Hill 50, (R1-#4) Southeast Bulloch 33

(R3-#2) Dodge County 54, (R2-#3) Peach County 50

(R7-#1) Buford 56, (R6-#4) Woodward Academy 38

(R8-#2) Elbert County 35, (R5-#3) North Murray 34

(R6-#1) St. Pius 55, (R7-#4) White County 30

(R8-#3) Oconee County 61, (R5-#2) Cartersville 56

Second Round


Southwest-Macon 63, Douglass 49

Washington County 62, Tattnall County 43

Dawson County 58, North Oconee 50

Sonoraville 57, Decatur 50

Beach 71, Pike County 57

Chapel Hill 44, Dodge County 38

Buford 69, Elbert County 25

St. Pius 55, Oconee County 35



#1 Southwest-Macon 58, Washington County 47

#2 Dawson County 52, #2 Decatur 47

#1 Chapel Hill 58, #1 Beach 53

#1 St. Pius 56, #1 Buford 43


Armstrong Atlantic State


Dawson County 66, Southwest-Macon 50

St. Pius 59, Chapel Hill 51


Saturday, March 9


St. Pius 77, Dawson County 55

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February 18th, 2013
2:05 pm

With Columbia in a higher level AAAA and Waco getting it’s stud Gray back, can they win it all ?

Son of Waco

February 19th, 2013
11:03 pm

who told you gray was back…I heard they shut her back down weeks ago…


February 22nd, 2013
9:24 pm

Gray isn’t back but Washington Lady Hawks defeated Tattnall Co. 62-43. Congratulations Ladies! Elite 8 here we come!!

Taylor Family

February 22nd, 2013
11:33 pm

Don't Hate

February 24th, 2013
3:54 am

Columbia was in the same bracket 2010-2011 and was beat by WACO! Give the goirls there due, they are a more rounded team now! These girls deserve encouragement, not belittling remarks.


February 24th, 2013
4:50 am

To Don’t Hate: Who said anything about disparaging remarks, a simple question is asked can WACO win it all now that Columbia has moved on to a higher classification. Yes Waco beat Columbia in the semifinals of 2010-11 season but lost in the state championship game of 2011-12.Now that Columbia has moved on the AJC has made the Buford girls as the prohibitive favorite in class AAA.


February 24th, 2013
5:52 pm

ron……you must not know what the rest of the public schools have been learning for so many years……Buford is in the house! This is a recruiting school of powerhouse players! Think about it ….why do you think they are always in the thick of things EVERY year? Keep watching….you`ll see what I`m talking about! It`s unfair…but the board of education allows it to continue.