SW Atlanta Christian girls remain No. 1 despite loss

Southwest Atlanta Christian lost to No. 4 Darlington on Tuesday but managed to hold onto the No. 1 spot in this week’s Class A girls basketball rankings, and the five other top-rated teams went undefeated last week and remain in the top spots.

Four of the top five teams in Class A lost last week, but all of the losses came against ranked teams and the rankings remain unchanged. Southwest Atlanta Christian is followed by Holy Innocents’, Randolph-Clay, Darlington and Gordon Lee.

North Gwinnett (AAAAAA), Stephenson (AAAAA), Columbia (AAAA), Buford (AAA) and Wesleyan are No. 1 in the other classifications. Stephenson will face a big challenge to its top ranking when it meets No. 2 Tucker on Tuesday.

*There are seven new teams in the rankings this week. North Forsyth and Mountain View replace McEachern and Valdosta in AAAAAA; Sandy Creek, South Effingham and Marist replace LaGrange, Howard and Chestatee in AAAA; Bremen replaces Lovett in AA; and Turner County replaces Wilkinson County in Class A. Bremen is the only one of the seven teams that has been ranked previously this season.


1. North Gwinnett (17-0)

2. Parkview (19-0)

3. Norcross (14-4)

4. Cherokee (17-1)

5. Alpharetta (16-3)

6. Woodstock (13-5)

7. North Cobb (16-3)

8. North Forsyth (16-2)

9. Hillgrove (14-5)

10. Mountain View (13-5)


1. Stephenson (18-2)

2. Tucker (16-3)

3. Miller Grove (16-3)

4. McIntosh (16-2)

5. Kell (13-2)

6. Creekview (15-4)

7. Osborne (15-3)

8. Flowery Branch (17-1)

9. Forest Park (13-6)

10. Cedar Shoals (16-2)

Class AAAA

1. Columbia (13-2)

2. Cross Creek (18-0)

3. Woodland-Stockbridge (20-1)

4. Redan (13-1)

5. Jonesboro (15-4)

6. Fayette County (10-4)

7. Carrollton (13-4)

8. Sandy Creek (13-3)

9. South Effingham (19-0)

10. Marist (8-4)

Class AAA

1. Buford (13-3)

2. Washington County (17-1)

3. St. Pius (15-3)

4. North Oconee (16-2)

5. Sonoraville (18-1)

6. Beach (16-3)

7. Chapel Hill (15-3)

8. Dawson County (16-2)

9. Decatur (14-5)

10. Elbert County (15-4)

Class AA

1. Wesleyan (15-4)

2. Laney (18-0)

3. Kendrick (17-0)

4. Greater Atlanta Christian (15-3)

5. Calhoun (16-1)

6. Thomasville (16-1)

7. Pelham (14-3)

8. Dublin (16-3)

9. Model (13-5)

10. Bremen (14-5)

Class A

1. SW Atlanta Christian (15-2)

2. Holy Innocents’ (13-4)

3. Randolph-Clay (17-2)

4. Darlington (12-5)

5. Gordon Lee (14-5)

6. St. Francis (11-7)

7. George Walton Academy (13-3)

8. Towns County (15-3)

9. Calvary Day (13-1)

10. Turner County (14-3)

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January 21st, 2013
6:30 pm

As usual, no one will beat Wesleyan and Buford. I see that Towns County is the third team in the public school arena in Class A. Well desired, as usual.


January 21st, 2013
6:32 pm

Also, Towns County just lost to Gordon Lee by 1 point!


January 21st, 2013
8:35 pm

OLDFriend you are correct….Wesleyan and Buford ONLY lose to other private schools that have the same advantages that they both have ( recruiting schools ) It`s ashamed that the true public schools have to play against this type of opposition…..one game,..two sets of rules! The playing field is not level from the start! How can Ralph Swergin allow this type of scheme to continue or the B.O.E. for that matter? When are the other classifications gonna step-up and speak-up like class-A did?

Sam Barnwell

January 21st, 2013
9:26 pm

K-man, Cry your little baby tears and then grow some. We play private schools all the time. Sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t, but the one thing we don’t do is make excuses.

South Fulton Parent

January 21st, 2013
10:51 pm

Langston Hughes is 14-2 with loses to Osborne (#7 AAAAA) and Hilgrove (#9 AAAAAA)…. Watch them for years to come. I heard they have 5 freshmen that can go.

Proud Panther

January 24th, 2013
10:06 pm

Go Lady Panthers 14-2 so far this season!!!!! Their are many play makers on this team from 9th-11th grade that can step up.


January 26th, 2013
11:22 am

Sam Barnwell….say whatever you want…..all I`m talking about is having a level playing field along with the same set of rules for EVERYBODY! Look at what happened to Milton ….one team stacking their players, and it`s illegal….and other teams stacking their players , and it`s ok! I`m talking about doing the right thing Fairness should be the name of the game!


January 27th, 2013
3:00 pm

I think that you are right that teams recruit players. You are kidding yourself, however, if you think the public schools don’t do it as well. The problem is that none of it ever gets investigated.


January 27th, 2013
5:37 pm

Darfan….you are correct to some degree. There are some schools that are untrue to the rules….and believe me…in the end, those schools won`t prosper! What kills me is ….WE the grown-ups…take the game out of the kids hand….and for what? Seems like we are the real kids.