GHSA threatens to fine schools for not reporting basketball scores

Several Georgia high schools could be facing fines of up to $250 if they don’t catch up in reporting their basketball scores to the Georgia High School Association.

Concerned that more than 160 teams are behind on score reporting, the GHSA sent an e-mail on Monday to its membership of more than 400 schools imploring them to report their game results as soon as possible to MaxPreps, the contractor responsible for generating the standings that will seed teams for the Class A public and private state playoffs.

‘’It’s like anything in life. Anytime put dollar sign on something, it gets people attention,’’ Ernie Yarbrough, the GHSA’s associate director and basketball adminstrator, said Tuesday about the fines. “It obviously did because we’ve had a number of emails that started last night and into today from coaches.’’

Until Class A split in to private and public divisions for the playoffs, the GHSA wasn’t in the business of regular-season score collecting. The only scores that mattered were those of region games, and the individual regions took care of that and sent its list of state qualifiers to the state office.

Starting this academic year, Class A schools [those with 525 students or fewer] qualify for the state playoffs in most sports based on a new system, one that awards points based not only on a school’s won-lost record, but on the won-lost records of a school’s opponents and the size [classification] of the opposing school.

As a result, every score is meaningful, regardless of whether it’s a region game, even those played against out-of-state opponents.

Yarbrough said that there are 185 boys and 185 girls teams outside of Class A that have played Class A opponents, meaning their scores must be reported.  Of those roughly 370 teams, 166 of them have failed to report all of their scores to MaxPreps, Yarbrough said. That doesn’t count Class A teams that haven’t reported scores.

The GHSA learned its lesson in the fall, when it had to track down scores days before the state playoffs in softball and football to do Class A seeding. Yarbrough said he spent three full days chasing scores in softball to ensure that the seedings were correct.

‘’What we found the first time around was that a lot of schools that are non-Class A schools didn’t understand how important it was for them to turn in their scores,’’ Yarbrough said. “They thought it was only for the ones that played a Class A school, so we were scrambling at the last minute. With basketball playoffs coming up, we felt it was incumbent that we not get caught in that crush again.’’

According to data on MaxPreps on Tuesday morning, there wee 46 boys teams and 77 girls teams with fewer than 10 games reported. Most teams have played 15 or more games this season.


Alexander (6-3)

Atlanta International (0-9)

Bowdon (3-5)

Carver-Atlanta (3-5)

Chamblee (5-4)

Coosa (4-4)

Cross Keys (0-6)

Drew (4-4)

Early County (4-5)

East Coweta (2-7)

ECI (2-5)

Fannin County (1-5)

First Presbyterian (2-2)

Gilmer (6-3)

Glascock County (0-9)

Gordon Central (5-4)

Griffin (4-4)

Habersham Central (0-9)

Hiram (3-2)

Jackson (0-8)

Lamar County (1-5)

Locust Grove (1-8)

Macon County (5-4)

Mary Persons (0-8)

McNair (1-8)

Meadowcreek (1-6)

Model (4-4)

Murray County (5-3)

Newnan (5-3)

North Atlanta (1-5)

North Hall (7-1)

NW Whitfield (4-1)

Pepperell (3-1)

Redan (0-7)

Riverdale (4-5)

Riverside Military (3-3)

Rockmart (3-6)

Taliaferro County (4-5)

Temple (1-5)

Towers (1-7)

Treutlen (6-2)

Troup (4-4)

Union County (5-2)

Ware County (0-8)

Wilkinson County (5-1)

Woodland-Cartersville (2-5)


Americus-Sumter (4-4)
Allatoona (3-5)

Apalachee (3-5)

Arabia Mountain (0-5)

Atkinson County (0-4)

Banneker (1-7)

Bowdon (4-5)

Callaway (3-2)

Cedar Grove (3-5)

Cedar Shoals (7-1)

Cedartown (0-6)

Chattooga (2-6)

Clarke Central (2-3)

Clarkston (1-7)

Coosa (0-6)

Creekside (0-6)

Cross Keys (0-4)

Dooly County (1-7)

Drew (1-6)

Druid Hills (0-7)

Dunwoody (0-4)

Eagle’s Landing (1-6)

Early County (4-3)

East Hall (3-5)

ECI (1-4)

Elbert County (8-1)

Fayette County (5-4)

Fitzgerald (2-5)

Gainesville (4-5)

Glascock County (4-3)

Glenn Hills (3-5)

Groves (3-8)

Haralson County (2-6)

Hawkinsville (0-7)

Heard County (4-4)

Henry County (2-6)

Heritage-Ringgold (3-3)

Jackson (0-8)

Johns Creek (4-4)

Kell (5-1)

Lakeside-DeKalb (1-7)

Lanier County (0-7)

Lithonia (0-5)

Long County (2-5)

M.L. King (2-7)

Macon County (3-4)

Madison County (7-1)

Manchester (1-6)

Marietta (2-7)

Marist (5-4)

McNair (0-4)

Milton (1-5)

Monticello (3-4)

Murray County (3-6)

North Atlanta (4-4)

North Forsyth (6-2)

North Springs (0-9)

Northgate (2-7)

Ola (2-7)

Pacelli (0-9)

Peachtree Ridge (0-8)

Rabun County (6-3)

Rockdale County (4-3)

Rockmart (2-5)

Screven County (2-7)

South Cobb (3-5)

Southwest Macon (6-3)

Taliaferro County (2-6)

Terrell County (3-3)

Therrell (2-7)

Toombs County (4-4)

Towers (1-6)

Tri-Cities (2-5)

Troup (0-5)

Union County (5-4)

Webster County (0-7)

Westlake (4-3)

Whitefield Academy (1-7)

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Metro Coach

January 15th, 2013
1:13 pm

Many of these schools are still using to report their scores. GHSA was not clear enough in their directive(until now obviously) that MaxPreps was to be the primary score reporting site. You will find the full schedule for many, if not all, of these schools duly reported to gasports.

Todd Holcomb

January 15th, 2013
4:03 pm

Your first assertion is correct. Many are still using gasports. But scores are missing there also. In doing rankings each week, I have confidence that 75 percent of the W-L records that we report are accurate. For the rest, we are guessing, tracking down scores from other places on the Internet to fill in blanks, or conceding that something is missing. Hopefully the GHSA’s nudge will get everyone on the same page.


January 15th, 2013
5:30 pm

Any AD or head coach at a GHSA member school that wasn’t “clear” on the role of MaxPreps by this point should be looking for another job. The GHSA — inept though they may frequently appear — has been beating members over the head with this situation for months, nothing short of a prolonged coma would be an adequate excuse afaic.


January 17th, 2013
12:49 pm

Don’t enjoy max preps. Not user friendly. Have to report scores and have but they had us on the list. was much more user friendly and until $$ signs came to ghsa we had a good thing going.


January 19th, 2013
10:32 am

How about the punishment be instead of a monetary fine, you won’t be able to participate in the State Tournament.