All-region teams: Lassiter’s Police, Milton’s Lawson named top players in 5-AAAAAA

Coach of the year: Michael Collins, Wheeler

Offensive player of the year: Willie Police, Lassiter

Defensive player of the year: Carl Lawson, Milton

First-team offense

QB – Eddie Printz, Lassiter, Sr.

ATH – Max Keeton, Woodstock, Sr.

ATH – Treyvon Paulk, Milton, Jr.

RB – Tyren Jones, Walton, Sr.

RB – Peyton Barber, Milton, Sr.

RB – Andrew Kwateng, Roswell, Sr.

TE – Bryce Coroi, Etowah, Sr.

OL – Brandon Kublanow, Walton, Sr.

OL – Eason Fromayan, Milton, Sr.

OL – Cory Helms, Milton, Sr.

OL – Josh Harris, Milton, Sr.

OL – Sam Wood, Lassiter, Jr.

OL – Zach Adams, Roswell, Sr.

WR – Willie Police, Lassiter, Sr.

WR – Emanuel Beall, Wheeler, Jr.

WR – Ryan Jenkins, Lassiter, Sr.

WR – Bennett Barton, Roswell, Sr.

WR – Armony Parker, Cherokee, Sr.

PK – J.D. Barron, Wheeler, Sr.

PK – Anthony Price, Walton, Sr.

First-team defense

DL – Tunde Ayinla, Cherokee, Sr.

DL – Carl Lawson, Milton, Sr.

DL – Trent Gantt, Lassiter, Sr.

DL – Roderick Riley, Wheeler, Sr.

DL – Dreyon Williams, Walton, Jr.

LB – Blake Montz, Walton, Sr.

LB – Grant Beidel, Roswell, Sr.

LB – Josh Danforth, Lassiter, Sr.

LB – Trey Alexander, Woodstock, Sr.

LB – Grant Smith, Milton, Sr.

LB – Dametrius Webb, Wheeler, Sr.

DB – D.J. Smith, Walton, Jr.

DB – Ben Rowell, Etowah, Jr.

DB – Robert Dowling, Lassiter, Sr.

DB – Michael McCauley, Etowah, Sr.

DB – Allen Artis, Wheeler, Jr.

P – Ryan Hopper, Etowah, Sr.

Honorable mention offense

QB – Ryan Monty, Roswell, Sr.

QB – Elijah Staley, Wheeler, Jr.

RB – Brandon Engle, Etowah, Jr.

FB – Henry Rowling, Walton, Jr.

TE – Bernie Arowoselu, Roswell, Jr.

TE – Brad Green, Walton, Sr.

OL – Kevin Austin, Roswell, Sr.

OL – Blake Jacobs, Woodstock, Jr.

OL – Jakob Hassan, Etowah, Sr.

OL – Nick Searcy, Etowah, So.

OL – Rashawn McMath, Wheeler, Sr.

WR – Juwan Dickey, Lassiter, Sr.

WR – Blake Wilson, Lassiter, Jr.

WR – Stone Romberg, Walton, Sr.

Honorable mention defense

DL – Nick Ragsdale, Cherokee, Sr.

DL – Kyle Whitaker, Walton, Jr.

DL – Sebastian Covelo, Walton, Sr.

DL – Maveric Rechsteinter, Etowah, Sr.

DL – Miles Revels, Etowah, Sr.

DL – Tyler Baggett, Woodstock, Jr.

LB – Talley Redmond, Cherokee, Sr.

LB – Ryan Gildea, Lassiter, Sr.

DB – Patrick Levandoski, Lassiter, Sr.

DB – Demetrick Sodo, Roswell, Sr.

DB – Chris Murphy, Lassiter, Jr.

DB – Alex Brandeis, Roswell, Sr.

DB – Adrian Morris, Wheeler, Sr.

DB – Brady Sandercock, Cherokee, Sr.

P – Alex Motsinger, Woodstock, Jr.

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Max Sizemore

December 10th, 2012
8:27 am

Todd, it might be time to ask how these teams are selected (a huge amount of work, by the way). I’m guessing that somebody on your staff contacts several of the head coaches in the region and asks for their input. Si?

Todd Holcomb

December 10th, 2012
5:17 pm

Max – These are the coaches’ all-region teams. We don’t select. We just report.

Michael Jones

December 11th, 2012
2:13 am

How do you get on the list to start with? Do all the coaches vote or they lobby or just what is the selection process?

Todd Holcomb

December 11th, 2012
8:45 am

Each region can come up with its own way of doing its all-region team, so I can’t really answer about the selection process. I would guess that the most common process is that coaches come with a list of players that they believe should be on the team and their credentials, and coaches vote.

Max Sizemore

December 11th, 2012
8:57 am

Thanks, Todd. Great job, as always.


December 13th, 2012
12:58 pm

Why no Safeties? Thanks