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As the Bowl Championship Series matchups were released Sunday night, it just made us appreciate what we have with high school football even more down here at The List HQ.

I mean, think about it … we get to decide this thing on the field. No computers or polls or strange whims of coaches’ secretaries filling out a ballot can affect who plays for the state title.

Sure, college football will go to the slightly better “playoff” format next year, where they at least add two more teams to the mix, but it’s a poor substitute for what we all really want.

Of course, that made us wonder what this weekend would look like if we did just what college football is getting ready to do. So we devised the LCS (List Championship Series), combining the AJC and Associated Press polls, and we give you this parallel universe set of 10 semifinal matchups from the five biggest classifications, since Class A is doing a form of this already.

10. AAAAAA Semifinal 1

4 North Gwinnett at 1 Lassiter

The Bulldogs get in over Camden County by virtue of their win over Colquitt County, who beat Camden. Lassiter was No. 1 in both polls, so the Trojans are an easy pick. Neither is still in the playoffs.

9. AAAAAA Semifinal 2

3 Grayson at 2 Norcross

Both are unanimous choices from the polls. Of the two, though, only Norcross remains alive going into the weekend, following an upset at the hands of North Gwinnett.

8. AAAAA Semifinal 1

4 Kell at 1 Northside-Warner Robins

More clear choices here, as both were in this spot in the two polls. Northside is a good pick that’s actually still playing, though Tucker gave the Eagles fits last week. Kell was taken out by a Gainesville team that’s averaging more than 55 points per game during three playoff wins but wouldn’t even have made the LCS field.

7. AAAAA Semifinal 2

3 East Paulding at 2 M.L. King

The Lions would probably be in favor of moving to the LCS, as they keep making the playoffs but haven’t been past the quarterfinals since 2004. East Paulding might like this plan too, since the Raiders got rolled by Stephenson 35-6 in the second round.

6. AAAA Semifinal 1

4 Stockbridge at 1 Sandy Creek

This one actually isn’t that bad. Sandy Creek has rolled pretty easily to this point, with double-digit wins all the way to the semifinals. Meanwhile, Stockbridge pushed No. 2 Marist hard last week, only to lose 15-7.

5. AAAA Semifinal 2

3 Burke County at 2 Marist

Again, pretty solid. Marist seems to be able to win however it needs to, outscoring Carrollton 43-37 in the second round, followed by a 15-7 slugfest against Stockbridge to reach the semis. On the other side, Burke looked strong until running into undefeated Sandy Creek in the quarters.

4. AAA Semifinal 1

4 Peach County at 1 Thomson

Peach gets into the LCS semis over Washington County due to beating common opponent Baldwin 42-7, while Washington County only beat Baldwin 22-14. And Peach nearly survived to the real semis too, getting to the quarters before being steamrolled by North Hall, 52-10. Thomson’s undefeated run was ended by Cartersville last week.

3. AAA Semifinal 2

3 Buford at 2 Carver-Columbus

This one actually happened, just one round early, so it might have been a pretty decent stab by the ol’ LCS. Of course, Buford annihilated Carver 31-7. So, well, logical, but perhaps not the best for the TV ratings.

2. AA Semifinal 1

4 Lamar County at 1 Calhoun

Look familiar? Yep, this one’s set up for Friday night. Nice to see the LCS nailed one. Lamar had to win an LCS tiebreaker over Fitzgerald, based upon an undefeated overall record, while Fitzgerald is 10-3. No one’s challenged Calhoun yet in the postseason. We’ll see if Lamar can be the first.

1. AA Semifinal 2

3 Vidalia at 2 Brooks County

The LCS didn’t do as well on this one. Brooks got drubbed by Calhoun 49-7 last week, but at least that was in the quarters. Vidalia didn’t make it out of the second round, getting rolled by Fitzgerald 52-20. The LCS can’t nail ‘em all.

Now we want to know what you think. Are there any fans in favor of a system like this, over what we have now? Would you watch these games? Should we rename the state championship the CNN Coca-Cola Home Depot Delta Bowl? Let us know in the comments here or on Twitter at @ajcprepsports.

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You’re putting out some wierd stuff dude. As an former writer I am impressed that you have been able to pluck a topic out of the air week after week and still manage to entertain after taking on such a difficult arena.