Projecting the playoff field: Week 11

This is what the first round of the state playoffs would look like, based on our updated projections of the final region standings. The fields for the Class A public- and private-school playoffs will be determined by the power rankings.


(R3 #4) Tri-Cities at (R2 #1) Lovejoy

(R4 #3) South Cobb at (R1 #2) Lowndes

(R5 #4) Woodstock at (R8 #1) Parkview

(R6 #3) Alpharetta at (R7 #2) North Gwinnett

(R2 #4) Rockdale County at (R3 #1) Hughes

(R1 #3) Valdosta at (R4 #2) Marietta

(R8 #4) South Gwinnett at (R5 #1) Lassiter

(R7 #3) Mill Creek at (R6 #2) Johns Creek

(R4 #4) North Cobb at (R1 #1) Camden County

(R3 #3) East Coweta at (R2 #2) Newton

(R6 #4) Chattahoochee at (R7 #1) Norcross

(R5 #3) Milton at (R8 #2) Grayson

(R1 #4) Colquitt County at (R4 #1) McEachern

(R2 #3) Alcovy at (R3 #2) Newnan

(R7 #4) Collins Hill at (R6 #1) West Forsyth

(R8 #3) Brookwood at (R5 #2) Walton


(R3 #4) Glynn Academy at (R2 #1) Northside-Warner Robins

(R4 #3) Creekside at (R1 #2) Harris County

(R5 #4) North Paulding at (R8 #1) Gainesville

(R6 #3) Tucker at (R7 #2) Creekview

(R2 #4) Lakeside-Evans at (R3 #1) Ware County

(R1 #3) Lee County at (R4 #2) Union Grove

(R8 #4) Clarke Central at (R5 #1) East Paulding

(R7 #3) Pope at (R6 #2) Stephenson

(R4 #4) Northgate at (R1 #1) Thomas County Central

(R3 #3) Richmond Hill at (R2 #2) Warner Robins

(R6 #4) Miller Grove at (R7 #1) Kell

(R5 #3) Rome at (R8 #2) Flowery Branch

(R1 #4) Bainbridge at (R4 #1) Whitewater

(R2 #3) Jones County at (R3 #2) Effingham County

(R7 #4) Sequoyah at (R6 #1) M.L. King

(R8 #3) Heritage-Conyers at (R5 #2) Allatoona

Class AAAA

(R3 #4) Liberty County at (R2 #1) Westside-Macon

(R4 #3) Jonesboro at (R1 #2) Westover

(R5 #4) Shaw at (R8 #1) Monroe Area

(R6 #3) Chamblee at (R7 #2) River Ridge

(R2 #4) Perry at (R3 #1) Burke County

(R1 #3) Monroe at (R4 #2) Griffin

(R8 #4) Eastside at (R5 #1) Sandy Creek

(R7 #3) Dalton at (R6 #2) Carver-Atlanta

(R4 #4) Riverdale at (R1 #1) Cairo

(R3 #3) Wayne County at (R2 #2) Mary Persons

(R6 #4) Grady at (R7 #1) Ridgeland

(R5 #3) LaGrange at (R8 #2) Chestatee

(R1 #4) Americus-Sumter at (R4 #1) Stockbridge

(R2 #3) Baldwin at (R3 #2) Statesboro

(R7 #4) Gilmer at (R6 #1) Marist

(R8 #3) Stephens County at (R5 #2) Carrollton

Class AAA

(R3 #4) Dodge County at (R2 #1) Peach County

(R4 #3) Chapel Hill at (R1 #2) Appling County

(R5 #4) Adairsville at (R8 #1) North Oconee

(R6 #3) St. Pius at (R7 #2) Buford

(R2 #4) Jackson at (R3 #1) Thomson

(R1 #3) Tattnall County at (R4 #2) Central-Carroll

(R8 #4) Morgan County at (R5 #1) Cartersville

(R7 #3) White County at (R6 #2) Woodward Academy

(R4 #4) Haralson County at (R1 #1) Pierce County

(R3 #3) Jefferson County at (R2 #2) Carver-Columbus

(R6 #4) Cedar Grove at (R7 #1) North Hall

(R5 #3) Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe at (R8 #2) Hart County

(R1 #4) Beach at (R4 #1) Callaway

(R2 #3) Pike County at (R3 #2) Washington County

(R7 #4) Dawson County at (R6 #1) Blessed Trinity

(R8 #3) Elbert County at (R5 #2) Gordon Central

Class AA

(R3 #4) East Laurens at (R2 #1) Vidalia

(R4 #3) Northeast at (R1 #2) Fitzgerald

(R5 #4) Kendrick at (R8 #1) Jefferson

(R6 #3) Westminster at (R7 #2) Pepperell

(R2 #4) Benedictine at (R3 #1) Screven County

(R1 #3) Cook at (R4 #2) Bleckley County

(R8 #4) Rabun County at (R5 #1) Heard County

(R7 #3) Model at (R6 #2) Greater Atlanta Christian

(R4 #4) Macon County at (R1 #1) Brooks County

(R3 #3) Westside-Augusta at (R2 #2) McIntosh County Academy

(R6 #4) Wesleyan at (R7 #1) Calhoun

(R5 #3) Bowdon at (R8 #2) Washington-Wilkes

(R1 #4) Early County at (R4 #1) Lamar County

(R2 #3) Toombs County at (R3 #2) Laney

(R7 #4) Chattooga at (R6 #1) Lovett

(R8 #3) Greene County at (R5 #2) Manchester

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November 2nd, 2012
7:25 am

NORTH PAULDING at 6 / 2 is hosting UNDEFEATED ALLATOONA tonight…with an upset win tonight and win next week against VILLA RICA NORTH could move up as high as the #2 seed (it would take some interesting things to happen but is possible), if this were to happen NORTH would host a playoff game against currently the #2 seed in Region 8 — FLOWERY BRANCH, who just happens to have the OLD NORTH coach on it’s staff. Don’t you know the NORTH folks would LOVE that chance!!!

See ya in “THE BONEYARD” next week ALLATOONA…the REGION 5 AAAAA Title gets decided!



November 2nd, 2012
7:28 am

So if Camden loses they are a 2 seed. Okay I don’t think that’s a bad road in the playoffs and you still get a bit of home field advantage. I think with these last two remaining games, even if they don’t win, they’ll be battle tested and ready for the playoffs.


November 2nd, 2012
7:36 am

Enter your comments here


November 2nd, 2012
7:38 am

Ajc yall are slipping on Alpharetta…They should of been the 1 seed but will be the 2….Legit they could run the table very very explosive….

how 'bout

November 2nd, 2012
7:38 am

@Camden03 …if Colquitt defeats Coffee & Lowndes takes down Camden this week …next week final between Camden & Colquitt would actually be for 2nd place in 1AAAAAA…


November 2nd, 2012
7:42 am

@how ’bout how does that work since Valdosta has defeated Colquitt and I thought secured third?


November 2nd, 2012
7:47 am

And then what if Camden beats Lowndes and loses to Colquitt? Where would that leave them?

how 'bout

November 2nd, 2012
7:51 am

@Camden03 …but if Camden wins tonite …1st & 2nd will be set (Camden, Lowndes) …& the loser of the Colquitt/Coffee game will be in a desperate strait to make the playoffs …Colquitt would have to beat Camden & need Valdosta to knock off Coffee (though Colquitt has the advantage of giving up 55pts compared to the 96pts Valdosta has given up to the other playoff contenders in the region going into the final 2 weeks)…

how 'bout

November 2nd, 2012
8:03 am

@Camden03 …Valdosta biggest problem is the 3-way tie breaker …96pts given up while …Coffee 70pts & Colquitt 55pts

1st Valdosta must win out…
2nd (as above) Camden has to win at least 1 of their last 2 (preferably against Colquitt)…


November 2nd, 2012
8:09 am

@how bout Okay thanks for the explanation! I was confused

how 'bout

November 2nd, 2012
8:10 am

@Camden03 …don’t get me wrong I’m looking for Camden to roll into the playoffs undefeated…


November 2nd, 2012
8:21 am

@how bout lol if they do they’ll def have earned it. I’ve seen Lowndes play and Camden has a very tall task ahead of them tonight especially since Lowndes is one of those teams that always seems to get the right play at the right time. They are probably one of the most resilient teams I’ve seen this year.


November 2nd, 2012
8:36 am

To be honest I think people are hyping this particular Camden team up way too much. I just hope the Camden players don’t buy into it. It’s never good to roll into a SO CALLED underdog’s stadium overconfident. But I think Camden has a tremendous amount of respect for the Vikings given their history. I believe that as soon as Camden hears the word Lowndes their ears perk up which is a good thing.


November 2nd, 2012
8:57 am

I don’t understand how the predictions has Miller Grove to go when Mays has a game over them so it would be very very hard for them to get in. Miller Grove has SWD and Mays plays Stephenson the Mays game I think Stephenson will drop this one and Miller Grove will get SWD. The playoffs for Region #6 5A will be MLK Mays Tucker Miller Grove.


November 2nd, 2012
10:28 am

Druid Hills is coming for the last spot in Region 3. All they need is a win next week against Rockdale. They beat Morrow last night 21-18. Win and they are in.

Todd Holcomb

November 2nd, 2012
11:45 am

An email reader sent me this –

in Georgia AAAAAA there are three teams ranked in the top 50 nationally by Maxpreps in THE SAME bracket. Doesn’t this perfect storm strike anyone as the journey from Hades for their opponents? This particular quadrant is a recruiters dream. They will have the opportunity to watch the top three teams in the state of Georgia Battle it out head to head. Norcross (no 3) vs Grayson (no 2) would face off in round 2; That winner will face Camden (no 1) in round three. Will the State Championship be anti climatic from there? Again it makes my head spin.

As for Cinderella stories:

Consider that as of today Milton ranked 701 in the nation (30 in the state) would face:

First GRAYSON ranked 31 in the nation (2 in the state)

Then Norcross ranked 48 in the nation (3 in the state)

Then (presumably) Camden ranked 22 in the nation (1 in the state)

Then (potentially) Lowdnes ranked 123 in the nation (4 in the state)

Or the fate of Chattahoochee ranked 1621 in the nation (63 in the state) as they face:

First Norcross ranked 48 in the nation (3 in the state)

Then GRAYSON ranked 31 in the nation (2 in the state)

Then (presumably) Camden ranked 22 in the nation (1 in the state)

Then (potentially) Lowdnes ranked 123 in the nation (4 in the state)

And consider that North Cobb ranked 674 in the nation (28 in the state) would face:

First Camden ranked 22 in the nation (1 in the state)

then either:

GRAYSON ranked 31 in the nation (2 in the state) or

Norcross ranked 48 in the nation (3 in the state)

Then (potentially) Lowdnes ranked 123 in the nation (4 in the state)

Similar fates would await the first round winner round 1 between:

East Coweta National Rank: 2717 State (GA) Rank: 107 or

Newton National Rank: 4462 State (GA) Rank: 181

I should throw in the semi finals game as a potential spoiler, and could have eliminated the reference to Lowdnes, as then remaining games after round three will face the number one team in Georgia and effectively a team with the right to declare a top ten national ranking (at least within Maxpreps polling).

Todd Holcomb

November 2nd, 2012
11:47 am

”I don’t understand how the predictions has Miller Grove to go when Mays has a game over them so it would be very very hard for them to get in. Miller Grove has SWD and Mays plays Stephenson the Mays game I think Stephenson will drop this one and Miller Grove will get SWD. The playoffs for Region #6 5A will be MLK Mays Tucker Miller Grove.”

Mays has a shot, but the prediction is that Miller Grove will beat SWD. If that happens, Mays would need to beat both Tucker and Stephenson.


November 2nd, 2012
12:33 pm

@ Todd If Miller Grove beats SWD that will eliminate SWD but if Mays splits thier next 2 they will have the same record as Miller Grove assuming MG beats MLK. The end result Mays has MG head to head and they will go not MG. If both teams win out then Mays will get the higher seed.


November 2nd, 2012
12:50 pm

@ Todd H. == So you assume Lowndes will win the bracket. I am glad that you are giving it to them. There will be 3 teams that will have something to say about that. I am not sure at this point who the others will be because the seeding is not final but Lovejoy and possibly North Gwinnett, Parkview, Grayson, depending on what happens the next two weeks, will not feel as you do. All anyone needs right now is a good game and things can change. One good game. I personally think somebody is going to be surprised in the first round. It could happen more than once. This field is as wide open as it has been in quite some time. Take a long, hard look and you will see so many talented, well coached teams that the phrase “On Any Given Friday” really applies. It is still the team with all three phases playing at a high level that will prevail. Offense.= Put points on the board. Defense = Stop the opponent. Special Teams or Kicking Game = Utilize field position, keep assignments. Overall, Every down is 4th and inches, Both Offense and Defense. Now lets play ball !


November 2nd, 2012
1:47 pm


Tell your email reader to back to 1999 AAAA (highest class at the time) state champs and look who they had to play to get there.

Be curious to know where each of those teams were ranked as they went down one by one.

First thing I thought of when reading this.

It can be done, but obviously a hard thing to do.

Todd Holcomb

November 2nd, 2012
2:38 pm

sportsnut – That was not my post. I was just sharing info that a reader had shared w/ me.

re: Mays – I understand that Mays will get the 4th seed if they split their final two and wind up tied w/ Miller Grove. I’m just saying I don’t see Mays splitting their final two games. But I didn’t see MG beating Stephenson, either.


November 2nd, 2012
4:03 pm

Wow, a LOT OF “ifs” going on with 5A region 6 #3 and #4 seat teams.

@Make TheCall – Your 2012 playoff representatives will certainly upset one poster “JAB”. Waiting for his reply. (LOL)


REGION 6, the best in GA 2012 5A Football……


November 2nd, 2012
6:23 pm

It all won’t go down by the book, as always.

King Of Diamonds

November 3rd, 2012
5:38 pm

Don’t worry Todd Mays will loose to Stephenson and all will be back to normal in region 5-A. MG may have a shot at beating MLK, but I don’t think so. MLK is very expolsive especially that wr Number 10 for MLK. Top reciever in state

Golden Lion 76

November 4th, 2012
9:26 am

“Hey Buuud” Wow Pi High going to Buford would be a great matchup. Tough road game, should be a good warmup for the Golden Lions to run the table.


November 4th, 2012
11:20 am

Sorry Todd Holcomb, Stephenson won! It’s MLK Stephenson Tucker & SWD… My predictions from the beginning of the season exactly, I just had Stephenson ahead of MLK…


November 4th, 2012
2:52 pm

When Mays beats Tucker that makes Mays, Tucker, Swd, and Miller Grove with 3 loses if Miller Grove lose to Mlk then 3way tie so Mays still gets n. Mays has a lot of talent


November 4th, 2012
8:16 pm

The 6AAAAA playoff standings is set! #1 MLK #2 Stephenson #3 Tucker #4 SWD . unless Mays beat Tucker and I hope they do!!!


November 4th, 2012
8:21 pm

@ 5AReg6Fan, I would rebute your comment man, but it’s time that we put our differences aside and come together as one big Dekalb fam. and root for each other during the playoffs man!! ;)


November 5th, 2012
1:22 pm

@ Todd H. == My Bad. You know I have to respond. I am awaiting the second round, provided we survive the first. Opportunity knocks.