AAAAA roundup

By Score Atlanta

Creekview 47, Forsyth Central 14: Quarterback Hayden Hall threw for a pair of touchdowns and ran for another for the host Grizzlies. Hall tossed a 6-yard pass to Dylan Harrison and a 41-yard strike to Joey Noll. Chandler Wold had two rushing touchdowns from seven and six yards out.

Flowery Branch 24, Clarke Central 13: The visiting Falcons took care of the Gladiators behind running back Justin Curry. Curry had a pair of touchdowns on the ground running the ball in from 25 yards and three yards. Jackson McDonald sealed the win with a 2-yard touchdown pass to Jamal Stephens with just over six minutes to play.

Kell 33 Sprayberry 21: In a battle of East Cobb rivals, running back Khalil Bell put the game away for the visiting Longhorns with three touchdowns. Jamari Moore also scored on the ground, and Terry Henkle caught a touchdown pass from Matt McGuigan.

Marist 34, Stone Mountain 8: Marist got first half rushing touchdowns from Marcus Miller, Myles Willis, Steven Wallace and Ian Gipson on the way to a 34-0 halftime lead. Gray King also scored on a 35-yard fumble return for the hosts.

Northgate 27, Starr’s Mill 10: A strong running game allowed the visiting Vikings to cruise past Starr’s Mill. Northgate backs Ben Washington and T.J. Womack each scored twice on the ground and combined for 292 rushing yards. The Vikings held Starr’s Mill to only eight first downs.

Pope 13, Riverwood 10: The host Raiders fell despite 251 total yards from quarterback Grant Drakeford. Tyler Blake caught a 20-yard scoring pass from Drakeford while Jack Addison nailed a 28-yard field goal for Riverwood. Pope held on a fourth-and-10 on its own 40 to clinch the win.

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kick some grass

October 27th, 2012
9:53 am

1st! Still can’t beleive some of the calls in the East Paulding – South Paulding game. Want to start off saying South came out ready to play but the refs changed the game. South did not score 16 points on East. Boys being boys are off setting unless your #72 for South who must be a drama major. Refs never blew whistle until eight plays had jumped on pile and this was the worst call…maybe. Third down and six and South runs the ball up the middle. Player tackeled by 3-4 East players. South player gets up and starts running again and refs say touchdown???? AAAHHH! Going to say something I’ll wish I hadn’t.


October 27th, 2012
11:12 am

Walking out of SOUTH PAULDING’s stadium last night I was just GLAD to be doing it with another “W” on the scoreboard!!! EAST 20 / SOUTH PAULDING 16!!! RAIDERS still UNDEFEATED!!!

But this one was NOT easy…I struggle to complain on here about bad / questionable officials calling these games BUT thru the years we had had our share of…let’s just say “situations”. It seems the majority of the officials doing our games come from The Etowah Valley Football Assn. out of Cartersville Ga. Last night was one of those nights where from the start it appeared the officials were not sure how they wanted to make calls. By that I mean they would throw a flag (many times well after the play was over) then have a LONG conference between themselves before breaking up and making the call. They WOULD not blow many running plays dead consistently as the kids were pushing back and forth in bunches or in piles but then when other players jumped in to try and “finish” the play they would throw a flag for “piling on”!! It’s either a DEAD play or let them keep playing…you can’t have it both ways.

After this was called SEVERAL times it caused players to be afraid to finish a play or to assist when they though the play was over not wanting to be flagged for a late hit. This type officiating gave SOUTH PAULDING a late TD when it appeared the play was over and EAST players let up as the SOUTH PAULDING player was in a pile but since no one else piled on him he got up and ran in for a late TD…EAST blocked the extra point attempt but it made the game closer than it needed to be at that point.

This game was a defensive struggle from the start as SOUTH PAULDING has a pretty good “D” at stopping the run and EAST was determined to feed them a dose of Kamani Thomas ALL NIGHT! EAST didn’t try but a handful of passes all night and didn’t score any special team points, which is very odd.

Well a win is a win…and the RAIDERS are still UNDEFEATED at 8 / 0 with LITHIA SPRINGS next week then the NOV. 9th game in “THE BONEYARD” with ALLATOONA to decide the REGION CHAMPIONSHIP for 5 AAAAA!



October 27th, 2012
4:48 pm

Thanks for write-up, but Marist and Stone Mountain are in 4A.

kick some grass

October 28th, 2012
7:42 am

@ CANNON RULES Thanks for saying some of what I wanted to but did it much better. Still can’t get over some of the calls or lack of .This was the game all season I have been saying scares me and I was right. One correction to your comment, special teams did score and two well placed punts inside the ten. Two FGs, two PATs and 4 of 5 KOs for touch backs. The one KO that looked like a wounded duck was because ref made a funny comment as kicker approched ball and made him laugh .I think what you were pointing out was lack of passing game which let South keep nine in the box to stop running game. I think we all were waiting for the deep ball or TE to the outside. Let’s put this one in the box and learn from it. Without taking next weeks game too lightly, 12 more days until THE game we all have been looking for.

Dragstrip Road

October 28th, 2012
9:23 am

Maybe we can get the replacement refs…………………..


October 28th, 2012
4:16 pm

You mean those weren’t replacement refs?! lol

Raider Dad

October 28th, 2012
7:25 pm

Tough game for the Raiders indeed ,we did need to play away from SPauldings #35 more.. i thought and on the bad call – he didnt get up and run, he rolled his back over his team-mates, leaving his feet and going horizontal but never a knee or hip touching the ground when they scored that TD he was never in the grasp-hate to admit it but i saw the film-Officials were right …this time.Hard work pays and it shows in a game like this. Raiders wore them down ,made the tackles got the openings and controlled the game in the end FTW. Tic TIc Boom!!! indeed

Spartan Fan

October 28th, 2012
9:57 pm

Friday was a hard fought game between to very good football teams at South. Great effort on both sides. Why can’t folks just give the kids credit instead of always looking for excuses and blaming the refs. Funny how those labeled with being the “elite” are the first to downplay a worthy opponent when they are challenged.

Game pretty evenly called except for the 3 personal fouls. One for an East player kicking a South player while on the ground, another for an East late hit out of bounds and the third for an East player throwing a punch after a pile up>>>>> Raider Dad correct with his description of the late TD by South. Simply a player continuing to hustle and finish the play. Not a gimme by the refs, but an earned reward for playing till the whistle blows.

South was close this year. Tight games with Allatoona, North and East just did not go our way. But that is why we play the game. Very tough Region but our day is coming. We are very young with lots of talent coming up. Should be interesting over the next couple of years.

Congrats to both East and North on advancing to post season play. You both have fine football teams you should be proud of. I do hope the display by the East fans after a South player went down with an injury late in the game is not indicative of how you plan to represent Paulding County in the playoffs. With the game in hand, some fans chose to scream at the injured player and take a few shots at the refs while the player was being attended to on the field. Its one thing to be competitive and supportive of your team but doing it with class is another.


October 29th, 2012
1:23 am

South a very good team? Decent at best, good teams find ways to win.. Congrats of another tough fought loss, but I am sorry the head man in charge is the problem.. You guys do have a plethra of underutilizied (sp) talent, its a shame its going to waste.


October 29th, 2012
6:55 am

@Spartan Fan…I can only speak about the one so called late hit. I was sitting right in front of the play, it was a good tackle going out of bounds. When our guy tried to get up he stummbled over your guy and fell back on to him and the “ref” called a late hit. S.P. played a good game against the run game of East and that is why it was so close. I was hoping to see S.P. in the playoffs this year and there is still a slim chance. You never know.


November 2nd, 2012
3:32 pm

On the fulback run he was indeed not down, but one of the refs blew a wistle, therefore the play is dead. All in the stands heard it as well as the coaches. He was not down, but when the whistle blew the kids stopped playing.

I agree that the talent is there at South, but the offense is the problem, the defense was welled coached.