Teams scoring most and allowing fewest points

Teams scoring 45 points per game or more, and those allowing six points per games or less:


56.0 – Monroe Area

49.5 – Camden County

48.3 – Calhoun

47.7 – North Cobb

46.5 – East Paulding

46.3 – Heard County

46.0 – Westside (Macon)

45.5 – Stephens County

45.3 – Northside (Warner Robins)

45.0 – Gainesville


2.0 – Richmond Hill

3.0 – Trion

3.0 – Washington-Wilkes

3.3 – Toombs County

4.0 – Northeast

4.3 – East Paulding

4.8 – Camden County

5.3 – Cook

5.3 – Heritage (Conyers)

5.8 – Lowndes

5.8 – M.L. King

5.8 – Woodward Academy

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Raider Fan Guy Person

September 28th, 2012
9:04 am

While I like seeing EAST on the list for Offense as well as Defense, it kills me to know that they have played absolutely nobody in the first half of the season. They are stuck in a division of cupcakes that serve up absolutely no competition. EAST wins all of these games easily and are not truly tested before the playoffs come around; this could be a contributing factor of why they always get close but fall short. Even the other top tier teams like North Paulding, South Paulding, and Rome are still no match for East in any way. I have never seen Allatoona play, but I’m hoping for some kind of a challenge in the last game of the season. I wouldn’t mind East moving to a much more difficult region at all, or possibly spreading out the cupcakes among a few regions so as to have a balanced schedule. So far, it has been pitiful.


September 28th, 2012
9:56 am

@ Raider Fan Guy Person…

Good Comments! EAST (outside of the first game with NORTH PAULDING) hasn’t played ANYONE that came CLOSE to being true competition. The Nov. 9th game at “THE BONEYARD” with ALLATOONA should be a good game played in front of a packed HOUSE, and more than likely, baring an upset, the winner of that game SHOULD be the #1 seed for REGION 5 AAAAA.

The problem, as I see it, in moving to a different REGION becomes the travel issue. While it would be fun to play say TUCKER…which would be a good test / game for both teams you are talking a good hour + travel time with traffic…a HUGE problem.

The ONLY formula that even makes a bit of sense is mix up REGION 5 & REGION 7 (again) which brings into play teams like CREEKVIEW, SEQUOYAH, RIVERWOOD, KELL, POPE & SPRAYBERRY and then EAST, NORTH PAULDING, ALLATOONA & ROME…now mix in OSBORNE, WOODLAND / BARTOW, LITHIA SPRINGS & maybe PAULDING COUNTY and you have either a REGION with 14 teams with 2 sub Regions of 7 each OR make two seperate 7 team REGIONS. This would require more shuffling of teams like HIRAM, SOUTH PAULDING, VILLA RICA & NEW MANCHESTER into one of the more southern REGIONS.

For now I want to see how the current (read into this NEW) coaching staff handles the balance of this season and then prepares the team for the playoffs. Coach Goddard is reaping the HUGE benefit of coaching a team that was already poised to make a deep playoff run this year due to the years of hard work these kids and Coach Reid and his staff had put in place. How EAST does next year and beyond will show if Coach Goddard’s coaching style works!

Don’t get me wrong…SO FAR SO GOOD!…with improvement showing each week BUT as you said “not truly tested”…


East Raid

September 28th, 2012
10:10 am

Cannon, very smart comment. Reid set a strong base that East is feeding off of. Wish east the best of luck this year but they need some competition. Hopefully this alltoona team will help with that.


September 28th, 2012
11:59 am

I’ve watched Allationa practice and have seen the younger teams play. They run the power I and are a pretty straight forward lets see what you have man to man approach. All are very well coached and they play really hard. The O LINE appears big plow blockers but not extremely athletic. Hard nose running backs and from practice a serviceable QB, expected to execute the multitude of hand offs and fakes but they seem to rely almost strictly on the play action pass when they go to the air which isn’t often. Qb arm again looks serviceable and he appears somewhat less mobile then you might like.

My hunch is…… East will be overmatched from a coaching standpoint but that East has a bit more talent. I’m hoping the later out weighs the former and the boneyard helps eek out a victory. Should be close this year, but long term I expect Allatoona and North to become ones to beat


September 29th, 2012
7:42 am

Another good night in “THE BONEYARD” as EAST beat VILLA RICA 38 / 0!!!

EAST set two school records


September 29th, 2012
7:50 am

Sorry about the error…comments posted before complete…

EAST “D” having 4 shutouts in a season is a school record!
EAST “D” having 4 sutouts IN A ROW is another school record!

Congratulations RAIDERS!!!

Off week coming up then HIRAM in in two weeks…Planning to go watch ALLATOONA next week with several other RAIDER NATION folks!!! Don’t worry BUCCANEERS we plan to pull for ya’ll…we WANT you undefeated on Nov. 9th when you visit “THE BONEYARD”!!!!



September 29th, 2012
11:09 am

CONGRATULATIONS to the ALLATOONA BUCCANEERS on another one in the “W” column!

Sitting at 5 / 0 and 5 / 0 in Region 5 AAAAA you have all but assured you WILL have a playoff game and SHOULD host a playoff game…BUT don’t pull out the REGION CHAMPIONSHIP title yet…you have a date left just down HWY 92…Nov. 9th in “THE BONEYARD”

A quick stat EAST is 214 / 17 after 5 games! Average of 42.8 / 3.4 per game!

(2 / 2) SOUTH PAULDING last night scored 14 on your “D”…

(0 / 4) LITHIA SPRINGS scored 7 on your “D”,

(3 / 1) ROME scored 17 on your “D”,

and (1 / 4) WOODLAND / BARTOW scored 20…20!!!…on your “D”…

WHAT do you think EAST is going to put up…????

Oh yeah and that other stat…EAST “D” allowing LESS than 4 pts per game!

NOV. 9th!!!…NOV. 9th!!!…NOV. 9th!!!…NOV. 9th!!!…


cat doc

October 1st, 2012
5:27 am

Coffee county come on down your the next contestant. Have a safe ,drive bring lots of people. Should be a great game.


October 2nd, 2012
2:03 am

You said “long term I expect Allatoona and North to become ones to beat”
I would urge you to check out PCHS freshman squad, you may want to restate that afterwards.. East Freshmen @ PCHS this thursday.. They are 4-0
Beat North 44-22
Beat Hiram 36-8
Beat Woodland’s JV 44-0
Beat Rome’s JV 14-8
Yall come on out and see the future of both teams… 5:30pm kickoff

icon download

October 4th, 2012
5:02 pm