POY Watch: West Forsyth’s Erdely moving up chart

A.J. Erdely, the West Forsyth quarterback whose team is averaging 44 points per game during a 4-0 start, is moving up quickly in the GHSF Daily/Atlanta Journal-Constitution Player of the Year Watch. He stands No. 4 after his team’s 63-42 victory over Alpharetta. Erdely’s 51-yard pooch punt in the final minutes of the game ended a streak of 19 consecutive possessions in which West Forsyth had scored.

Tyren Jones of Walton continues to lead the list despite a recent wrist injury that required that he play with a cast last week.

Joining the POY Watch this week are Robert Nkemdiche of Grayson (who went missing from the list for one week) and Carl Lawson of Milton. They are ranked 1-2 nationally as defensive end prospects by many.

Dropping out for now are Brooks County QB Malcolm Parrish and Peach County WR Demarcus Robinson.

1. RB Tyren Jones, Walton: Jones played with a cast, reportedly because of a fracture in his left wrist, but rushed for 129 yards and one touchdown on 27 carries in a 24-7 victory over Woodstock. Jones, who has committed to Alabama, has rushed for 936 yards and 11 touchdowns on 138 carries (6.8 ypc) on the season. Walton is 3-1 and unranked in Class AAAAAA.

2. QB Eddie Printz, Lassiter: Printz was 21-of-30 passing for 270 yards and two touchdowns and ran for a touchdown in a 41-6 victory over Cherokee. Printz played for only one drive in the second half. On the season, Printz is 68-of-94 passing (72.3 percent) for 1,101 yards, 12 touchdowns and two interceptions. Printz has 6,893 yards passing in his career. The state record is 9,062. If Lassiter plays 14 games, as it did in 2011, Printz would break the record by averaging 207 yards per game going forward. Lassiter is 4-0 and ranked No. 2 in Class AAAAAA.

3. QB Taylor Lamb, Calhoun: Lamb was 17-of-25 passing for 262 yards and three touchdowns, all in the first half, of a 50-14 victory over Dade County. For the season, Lamb is 105-of-158 passing (66.6 percent) for 1,252 yards and 11 touchdowns with three interceptions. He has rushed for 105 yards on 24 carries and five touchdowns. Calhoun is 4-0 and ranked No. 1 in Class AA.

4. QB A.J. Erdely, West Forsyth: Erdely rushed for 189 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries and was 9-of-16 passing for 159 yards in a 63-42 victory over Alpharetta. On the season, Erdely is 48-of-72 passing (66.7 percent) for 668 yards and six touchdowns with no interceptions. He has rushed for 390 yards and four touchdowns on 50 carries (7.8 ypc). He is committed to Middle Tennessee. West Forsyth is 4-0 and ranked No. 5 in Class AAAAAA.

5. QB Deshaun Watson, Gainesville: Watson was 18-of-21 passing for 301 yards and a touchdown and rushed for 75 yards and two touchdowns in a 62-20 victory over Apalachee. For the season, Watson is 78-of-108 passing (72.2 percent) for 1,155 yards and 14 touchdowns with seven interceptions. He has rushed for 290 yards and five touchdowns on 51 carries. Watson, a junior, has committed to Clemson. Gainesville is 3-1 and ranked No. 7 in Class AAAAA.

6. QB Donquell Green, Burke County: Green rushed for 245 yards and three touchdowns on 27 carries and was 6-of-11 passing for 97 yards in a 35-14 victory over Statesboro in a game between Top 10 teams. For the season, Green has rushed for 643 yards and 10 touchdowns on 74 carries (8.7 ypc) and completed 26 of 37 passes (70.3 percent) for 368 yards and three touchdowns. He has not thrown an interception. Burke County is 3-1 and ranked No. 4 in Class AAAA.

7. DE Carl Lawson, Milton: Lawson had four sacks and 11 tackles in a 45-31 victory over Roswell. Lawson, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution Super 11 pick and one of the top five defensive end prospects in the country, has 10 sacks in four games. Milton is 3-1 and unranked in Class AAAAAA.

8. RB Nick Chubb, Cedartown: Chubb, a junior, rushed for 116 yards and one touchdown on 26 carries in a 42-21 loss to Ridgeland. For the season, he leads the state in rushing with 1,064 yards and 13 touchdowns on 117 carries (9.1 ypc). Cedartown is 3-1 and unranked in Class AAAA.

9. Robert Nkemdiche, Grayson: Nkemdiche had three tackles for losses, three QB pressures and a sack in a 45-7 victory over Dacula. For the season, Nkemdiche has 18 tackles, five for losses, and has rushed for 71 yards and four touchdowns on 18 carries. He is the consensus No. 1 recruit in the country and committed to Clemson. Grayson is 3-1 and unranked in Class AAAAAA.

10. HB/DB J.J. Green, Camden County: Green’s team did not play last week. On the season, Green has rushed for 228 yards and three touchdowns on 21 carries (10.9 ypc) and caught four passes for 54 yards and one touchdown. He has scored four touchdowns overall. He has five tackles and has not allowed a reception in one-on-one coverage. Camden County is 4-0 and ranked No. 1 in Class AAAAAA.

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September 26th, 2012
7:40 am

Lamb only played 2 qtrs last week and if like history will sit most of if not all of the 2 nd half out for the rest of the regular season due to leads. he could blow up the stats if he played the whole games, but Calhoun unloads the benches. You would think opponent coaches would take the opportunity to build for the future but many just keep their 1s in for no good reason.


September 26th, 2012
7:50 am

At the end of the season, Burke County’s “Green” will be player of the year. I swear they grease him down before every game in the locker room!. Reminds me of a bunch of country folk trying to catch a “greased pig” in a farm yard! I have never seen a guy get touched by some many defenders and continue to make another 5 to 10 yards, or make it to the in zone.

Todd Holcomb

September 26th, 2012
9:12 am

fyi, QB Malcolm Parrish of Brooks County fell out primarily because we didn’t get his stats in time. … Just spoke w/ Coach Freeman, and Parrish unofficially has 1,083 yards passing, 360 rushing, w/ 8 passing TDs and 7 rushing TDs. That’s POY Watch material, IMO.


September 26th, 2012
10:02 am

@ Todd Holcomb thanks for the recognizing Us small town ppl like Malcolm Parrish frm BC………….. Yes he will in my eyes finish in the top 5 if not top 3………… We should sweep region play at ease it’s their year back home and I got to give it to that bunch of kids the same teams they have been playing are just about the same team’s the sweep in middle school for championships…….. He really came to a town that had talent already but the addition of him is he’s just special talent…………

My dad is a tv repairman. I can fix it.

September 26th, 2012
11:30 am

All of these guys are very talented. I have seen ederly, gator green and watson all play in person. Of those three green is the best athlete, ederly the best “quarterback”. However, if i were a high school or college coach, i want watson as my signal caller. He is already very accomplished having started as a freshman. He puts up video game like numbers and is getting better every game. Unlimited potential. Scary good this kid

Truth Seeker

September 26th, 2012
1:51 pm

Chubb for Heisman!!!

border dweller

September 26th, 2012
1:52 pm

JJ Green hasn’t allowed a reception. Has 4 Tds… Has over 10 YPC. Next year, when he’s UGA’s punt returning sensation, and afterwards, when he’s UGA’s shutdown corner, ya’ll remember this.


September 26th, 2012
2:32 pm

I think u should take into consideration the QB from Monroe Area Staton Truitt. This kid is amazing to watch leading the spread option attack!


September 26th, 2012
4:30 pm

I don’t think UGA will utilize J.J.’s talents to it’s fullest extent. It would be nice if he would decommit and play some place else. Stanford? :-D


September 26th, 2012
4:39 pm



September 26th, 2012
6:23 pm

Brice Ramsey. He must not be playing this year…..He might not be a running QB and plays for a team that runs like GT but all the coaches in the SEC KNOW he is the best QB in the nation despite that.

I guess he doesnt get a mention for being considered one of the top in the state though….


September 26th, 2012
6:34 pm

Brice would be a FLY in the ointment! :-D


September 26th, 2012
6:35 pm

Ramsey…..Best QB in the “nation”? He’s very highly ranked but I haven’t seen him ranked #1 in the nation by anyone.

Joshua Dobbs of Alpharetta would be on this list if they had a good defense. Kid is putting up crazy passing numbers. I think Dobbs is the best QB in the state….Just my opinion although I agree with his not being on this list as his team isn’t winning games.

Also Peyton Barber, RB for Milton, has been very impressive in rushing for 200+ yards in 3 of 4 games this year. Barber might be the most impressive RB that I’ve seen this year. Milton vs Walton on ESPNU on Oct 26th could be very high scoring with a lot of rushing yards as neither team’s defense has been stellar thus far.


September 26th, 2012
7:26 pm

what? we boys in south georgia don’t play ball?? too easy to hang above macon and write from a lap-top. greene from camden is on the number 1 team in the state and top 10 nationally but he ranks #10?? ouch.


September 26th, 2012
8:28 pm

thanks Todd Holcomb for the stats im from brooks county an i was waiting on the stats to cause i know he score 4 times friday


September 26th, 2012
8:43 pm

You idiots can have all the QB’s you want. Brice Ramsey doesn’t have the numbers because of the style of offense Camden runs. I saw him play in the 7 on 7 tournament and he made every pass possible. Plus, he looks over the entire field deciding what play to follow through with. Bamaborn: you must have your head up your butt because Saban kept recruiting him after he committed to UGA.

tide roll

September 26th, 2012
9:06 pm

No Anthony Jennings? He plays in the highest cassification in the State. He had nearly 400 yards total offense vs. a tough McEarchern team. He has already obliterated Eric Zeier’s passing record at Marietta High and still has 8 to 10 games to play!. LSU sees him as the top dual threat QB in America, yet y’all have like 4 QBs ahead of him in POY running. Who’s helping you evaluate, Mike Booboo? That guy has single handily prevented UGA from winning a National Title. The only reason he’s OC at UGA is because he’s married to Barb Dooley’s neice! Only at UGA. 32 years and counting.


September 26th, 2012
10:53 pm

@Douglas….CLEARLY reading comprehension is not one of your strengths. However, I guess reading between the lines and “inserting your words for others” is perfectly acceptable. Please delineate in my previous post where I stated “anything about Alabama’s recruitment” or lack thereof for Brice Ramsey.

I’ll hang up and listen….this should be good…..

BTW…..Dobbs rated higher than Ramsey at the Elite 11 Event. However, please don’t allow this Elite 11 reference to interfere with the requested summary of my initial post and my ” invisible reference” to Bama recruiting Ramsey.

And I’m an idiot per your post above…….SMDH…. Seriously?


September 26th, 2012
11:46 pm

Boys, boys!…….We can all play in the sandbox! :-)


September 27th, 2012
12:13 am

What we have here is a failure to communicate!! We have way more great players than the 10 spots they record so with that said Its all just opinion of the writer GA football players rock!!

Moonshine Dawg

September 27th, 2012
12:37 am

Tyler Dominy – QB, Dawson County. 4 games, over 1100 yds passing. 22-28 410yds 6-TDs in Forsyth Central Game. Kid is legit!


September 27th, 2012
1:16 am

Hey, Cool Hand Luke! Who’s your favorite to win POY? :-)


September 27th, 2012
1:48 am

QB Malcolm Parrish of Brooks County of brooks county clearly is the best player rite now with 1400 all purpose yards an 15 touchdown so tell me who else in the state can top this an he’s only a junior Brooks county trojans for life


September 27th, 2012
7:32 am

I’m sure it was an oversight, but you left off Andrew Kwateng of Roswell. I agree that Carl Lawson is a GREAT player, but Mr. Kwateng racked up 311 yards on 23 carries (13.5 yds/carry) with TD runs of 48, 57, & 70 against the Carl Lawson led Milton Defense. In 4 games, Kwateng has rushed for 839 yards.

Teams like Calhoun are very good but its against a totally different level of competition. I’m not sure Dade County would ever tackle Mr. Kwateng. He’d probably run for 1,000 yards.


September 27th, 2012
8:47 am

Todd – Why no mention that Taylor Lamb is committed to South Alabama? You listed college commitments for most of the others.


September 27th, 2012
7:41 pm

Garfield Calhoun matched up with Carrollton and Richland prettywell, you saying these 4aaaa are not a level of competition? Dade, I agree but just what is your point? Lamb had a great post season last year against the field and came out on top. It’s as good as it gets.

I’m sure a good back would run on Calhoun or anyone else too, that’s what good backs do.


September 27th, 2012
10:02 pm

point is you recognize a player in 2A for racking up stats against nobody and you have a 6A player racking up stats against DI prospects. Give the 6A player some recognition! thats my point jackaes!


September 28th, 2012
11:23 am

Garfield if that cat played for Coosa or Murray he would get nothing, give the line some credit too. It just don’t work that way. Don’t bring down someone to make your guy look better.


September 29th, 2012
12:39 am

Who’s J.J. Green? :-D

Brainiac (CMR/UGA Fan For Life)

October 1st, 2012
8:01 pm

I noticed that Todd failed to show where JJ Green is committed!!!!!

He will be UGA’s record holder for punt and kick returns before he leaves UGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camden 74 seems kinda dizzy!!!!!!!!!!

Must be a GT fan so I can understand his plight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!