Roswell 42, Centennial 13

By Glennis Curry

For the AJC

Roswell fans had never known the struggle that came with last year’s winless season. A comeback victory by their crosstown rival hurt worst, but the Hornets reversed both fortunes and took back the Mayor’s Cup Friday in a 42-13 victory against Centennial at Ray Manus Stadium.

Roswell senior running back Andrew Kwateng ran for 236 yards in just under one quarter and a half, including a 90-yard burst that gave the Hornets a 21-6 lead. After the Roswell defense forced a fumble at its own 10, Kwateng took a handoff from Ryan Monty and went up the left sideline, breaking three tackles along the way. It was his third score of the half, as he broke free for a 51-yard run earlier in the second quarter and finished the Hornets’ first touchdown drive 16-yard run in the first quarter.

Backup tailback Shakur Jackson ran for 38 yards and a touchdown with seconds to go before halftime, putting Roswell ahead 28-6. Jackson carried the ball the entire second half and finished with 74 yards rushing. Monty added two third-quarter scores – an 8-yard bootleg and a 2-yard sneak on back-to-back possessions in the third quarter.

Monty benefitted from five turnovers forced by the Roswell defense in the third quarter, three interceptions of Centennial quarterback Chase Rosenberg and two lost fumbles.

Rosenberg moved the Knights offense into the red zone early, leading to two Devin O’Neill field goals in the first three possessions. Behind 34 rushing yards from Rosenberg, O’Neill put the Knights ahead 3-0 on their first possession with a 27-yard field goal. After giving up Kwateng’s first score, Centennial recovered a fumble at the Roswell 44 and moved to the Hornets 14 before O’Neill hit a 31-yard field goal.

Rosenberg completed 10 of 29 passes for 75 yards and ran for another 62 yards. Cyril Teal ran for 104 yards, including a late 68-yard run that set up a 2-yard score by Patrick Inwood.

Roswell (1-0) ended a two-game losing streak to Centennial and an 11-game streak overall.

Centennial 6 0 0 7 13

Roswell 7 21 14 0 42

C – Devin O’Neill 27 FG

R – Andrew Kwateng 16 run (Bennett Barton kick)

C – O’Neill 31 FG

R – Kwateng 51 run (Barton kick)

R – Kwateng 90 run (Barton kick)

R – Shakur Jackson 4 run (Barton kick)

R – Ryan Monty 8 run (Barton kick)

C – Patrick Inwood 2 run (O’Neill kick)

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J Johnstone

August 31st, 2012
10:50 pm

The Hornets are back BABY!

Hornet Fan 1969

September 1st, 2012
12:06 am

Congratulations to the Hornets and to Coach Sanderson on his first win as a head coach. The Hornets are back and nasty! There were bodies flying around on every play when the Hornet defense was on the field.
Centennial got more than they asked for tonight from the Hornets!


September 1st, 2012
2:32 pm

Congrats to coach Sanderson and the hornets.

Roswell should thank Centennial principal Steve Miletto for ruining our football program. You think coaching doesn’t matter? Miletto ran off the best coach we’ve ever had Measor and hired his puppet, who the kids hate and is in over his head. Centennial will be lucky to win 2 games this year.


September 1st, 2012
2:48 pm

I graduated two years ago and it is sad to see what is happening to My school. Coach Measor was the best thing to happen to Centennial. He was hard on the kids, but he loved us and when we Got older we understood why he was so tough. If it wasn’t for him,I might not have graduated.
Milleto made his life hell because he and the AD wanted to control the football team. Measor wouldn’t let them. He was too successful and too popular. We didn’t win much, but before he arrived we didn’t win anything and he got a bunch of spoiled kids to work hard and care about winning.

We beat everyone and we had no business winning some of those games. We really weren’t that good, but we believed in ourselves and our coaches and that feeling of family was awesome. He also helped get a lot of kids into college, which our football team hadn’t done in the previous 10 years. Talk to Euclid Cummings (GA Tech) or David Yankey (Stanford) they wouldn’t have played football of it wasn’t for coach Measor.
Everything Measor built is gone now. None of the old players want to come back. Great coaches like G and Jameson are gone, and we ate running an offense we simply don’t have the talent to run.

Someone needs to hold Miletto accountable. It is going to be a long season.


September 1st, 2012
3:01 pm

Don’t forget Amari Ross (Navy) or Jimmy Meyer (Harvard) they had no chance without Measor.
Miletto would t let Measor even come to signing day, and he acted like he did something to help those kids.

I also blame some of the parents. They shouldn’t of let Miletto do what he wanted. It’s our program, not his. But too many dumbass parents wanted to throw the ball more and run this spread crap that we dont have the athletes to run.

Jimmy Meyer threw for like 2000k yards last year, and we had two WR catch 50 balls each, but we didn’t line up in 4 and 5 wide, because we only had two good WR.

Concerned parent

September 1st, 2012
3:45 pm

“You never know what you had, until it’s gone”. Isn’t that the title of a song, somewhere? Well, fellow Centennial people, you need to start singing that tune! Steve Miletto is an absolute joke! I’ve got a friend who’s a parent at Osborne, and apparently, he ran out of Cobb before they ran him out. When will people wake up and realize that. Nice hire, there, big guy. By the way, Centennial was the Roswell Cup champions in 2010 and 2011, the website is wrong. Of course, the Roswell cup is gone now, so you guys should probably take that down. Say what you want about the old staff, because all the arm-chair quarterbacks I hear in the stands, do. But, they knew what they were doing. Coach Gizinski was playing with 1/2 a deck and still got plenty out of those kids. The offense that the old staff ran gave the kids the chance to hold on to the ball and have a chance in the end. Y’all see 4 good receivers on that roster? “Back in Black” and “Big changes with the Tony Franklin system” (from the Centennial football website). How’d that work out for ‘ya lst night? It’ll get worse before it gets better!


September 1st, 2012
7:16 pm

Miletto wants to be the center of attention. I mean the man dresses up as Buzz Lightyear on multiple occasions just to get students attention. Measor had built a successful program with plenty of successful STUDENT athletes. Measor had more wins aganist Roswell then any other coach in school history and had a winning record aganist Milton as well. Miltetto ran a great group of coaches out, and the kids are going to suffer because of it. Can’t say much about the new coach, but
Measor wouldn’t have been trailing 42-6 after three quarters

Hornet Dad

September 1st, 2012
7:22 pm

All of the Centennial Coaching talent is in the stands. lol

This group of centennial players never won and now you want to blame a new coach and principal? HAHA, thanks for the laugh. I bet they cannot wait for your kids to graduate so they can watch them play big time ball at all of the major schools across the country. Maybe they will learn something then. Or maybe they will have a fresh group of players who they teach a great system and win regularly. Just saying.

Congratulations Hornets!!!


September 1st, 2012
9:44 pm

The principal ran off a good coach for no reason. None of our kids have ever won until Measor started, so what’s the difference? He also beat ou guys two years in a row with kids that had never beaten Roswell It is not Carlbergs fault. His offense is not suited for us, but he doesn’t have much chance.


September 1st, 2012
9:58 pm

I must admit, I was a parent who thought we should run the spread, but after seeing Centennial try to run it, it’s clear we dont have the right kids for that system. Measor’s offense drove me crazy and I yelled my fair share from the stands, but now I see why he did what he did. Our defense is awful, and the best thing is keep them off the field which what he tried to do.

We Are down in talent for sure, but Measor always found a way to keep the season respectable. My kid would run thru a wall for him. We are pissed at the principal because he wanted this, so know he has to be ready to deal with the consequences.

knights sports watch

September 2nd, 2012
1:17 am

well OK you can blame Milleto if wanna for losing a football game but the real blame should be on the previous coach .

Didnt you see what we all saw last night an undersized and under-talented +running low on number of players team ??

That damage takes years to create and then it takes evenmore years to rebuild .

There are no quarterbacks on the team except maybe one who even isnt proved yet .

Lotta good QB type athletes in the school but they got run off by the frosh and junior school coaches who let the daddies tell them who to play .

NOW they got nothing to show for it including them kids who got favored – they dont play qb anymore either and Im told there now are like3 qb’s TOTAL in the whole school which is just mind-boggling !

Blame the previous coach for that but mostly the AD who both turned there heads the other way while the house crumbled .

Roswell had TWICE the kids on the sidelines suite up last night than did the Knights what does THAT say .

But now if ya wanna blame the principal look at the baseball Coach – it was all over the newspapers and internet last spring when he got caught cheating at playing 3 players over the state restricted amount of allowed games . Knights PLAYERS got 6 wins taken away and yanked immediattely outta the playoffs . It Knocked Roswell outta the playoffs too in a domino affect .

Guess what – THE COACH STAYED !

so the beat goes on.

Concerned parent

September 2nd, 2012
10:14 am

Hornet Dad,
Gee, you’ve got plenty to say, and your pretty proud, coming off an 0-10 season. Don’t speak about what you don’t know. Just saying.


September 2nd, 2012
11:35 am

Knights: I’m a junior coach and a parent of a kid on team and I can easily say you’re flat out wrong about the previous coach. I know what is walking the hallways. If there were so many kids that wanted to play but didn’t like the coach, where are they now? I would think if there were “QB’s walkin the hall” they would jump for jOy to play on this offense. Go walk the halls. They are a school of midgets. It is sad

Our numbers problem is two fold: first, we are one of the smallest 6A schools. Also, we don’t have the history and tradition the older schools have. Measor was on his way building that, but 5 years of history doesn’t match Roswell’s 50 or so. That community expects their able kids to play. No one cares at centennial.

You ARE correct about the baseball coach. How he and the AD still have their jobs is an embarrassment. I bet it is because they are Miletto,’s do boys, something Measor never did.

Concerned parent

September 2nd, 2012
12:00 pm

Knights sports watch,
Careful, or you might get charged with a PUI (Posting Under the Influence). 1:17 am, eh?

knights sports watch

September 2nd, 2012
12:41 pm

Asian – thanks for feedback .
I do hear of some athletes extra for backfield skill positions but they must not wanna play

Concerned – thanks for concern LOL .
Nope, no liquid refreshments last night .

Eyes wide open

September 3rd, 2012
10:21 am

People just don’t know the truth. Centennial has lost 7players from this senior class that start or would be starting. Norcross sensation running back, two starting running backs at Milton, starting receiver at Lassiter, and others all due to circumstances during the Measor’s era. Keeping players at CHS and in school was difficult.

With Measor resigning the school could not get coaches in school to start training the new system till May. Measor couldn’t get a job and move on along with the OC and DC so there wasn’t any teaching slots open. If you know anything about football winning starts in January not August.

These are not excuses but the facts. Give the new coach time and I am sure CHS will be successful.


September 3rd, 2012
11:00 am

Who is the starting WR Centennial lost to Lassiter?

watchful parent

September 3rd, 2012
3:43 pm

heya EYES you hit the nail right on the head!

Moving along with that info i can tell ya there are several good athletes in the school lower classes such as Junior Sophomore that had already quit in recent years due also to “circumstances” . Then they weren’t recruited back .

Apathy .

As I hear it had much to do with Junior School ball being run rampant with board politics, Dad Ball , you name it , and the families yanked the kids out . As well they should .

Im gonna go with youre words too on give this a few years . Lotta kids in the school so some potential exists if the coach plays it straight and eliminates all the bad stuff underneath the Varsity program that went on for too long.

Good Luck Knights !!


September 3rd, 2012
11:49 pm

You sound like Obama. Blame the other guy.
Measor didn’t want a coaching job, he told me himself. He has a just not in coaching. Rumor is he’s making a lot more money doing something else. he didn’t resign because he didn’t have to.


September 4th, 2012
3:51 pm

I graduated last year and was a starter for the last two Measor teams. I can’t say much about carlbergh and his system, other then that his offense is a complete 180 from Measor’s run orientated offense and some growing pains were expected. With Miletto, Miletto made things uncomfortable for Measor but in the end it was Measor’s choice to leave. But the people who said that Measor was too popular are correct. Miletto wants to be liked by the students, hence him dressing up as Buzz Lightyear and other characters.I wasn’t a huge fan of Miletto but I can’t say anything bad about him personally.

Measor was a great coach and always had use well prepared for the games. He was tough on us but for good reason. Most of the seniors last year said their biggest regret was that they didn’t lift enough. If it wasn’t for Measor we probably wouldn’t have lifted at all, and certainly not in the great facility we have know as opposed to where we lifted when I first got there.For those who complained about the offense in the past, Last year we put up close to 30 points a game, and in my opinion that’s pretty good. That offense gave us a chance to win almost every game, as 8 of our 11 games were decided by a touchdown or less. And in those games we went 5-3 which shows in my opinion that we were well coached, by winning so many close games.

As for this years team, we knew that it was going to be a struggle. Its a team that lost 12 starters, and most of them were two and three year starters. It was a new system against a hungry team, that wanted to move on from last year. I saw earlier that someone said losing players and that it would take a few years to get the players he wanted. First the junior coaches are great with the exception of individual who convinced the 7 mentioned players to leave the program and go elsewhere, and he is long gone. Second I hope you don’t mean to recruit players to come play at Centennial, because that just isn’t right. Measor never recruited players to come to Centennial and was pretty successful with the players he had. One of the reasons I have a ton of respect for the Roswell program is that they play the right way, and always play hard and they have never recruited. If you concerned parents are concerned about one lose to Roswell, just wait until Carlbergh starts bring in players to play over your kids. The fun of the game and home grown kids shouldn’t be sacrificed for wins.

New Centennial Knights Football Parent

September 7th, 2012
10:39 am

This is my first year as parent of a 10th grade football player at CHS. My comment is in response to the venom being spewed by disappointed CHS supporters. Your kids and mine are reading this stuff – and undoubtedly your kids are hearing it at the dinner table and in the car.

I have never met principal Miletto. He might be a total egotistical jerk, or he might be the best thing to ever walk in the door at CHS. In either case, your kids and mine need to respect his position as principal. With you poisoning the water, this certainly won’t happen.

I never knew former coach Measor, and I barely know current coach Carlberg. I do know that when it comes to coaches, every one has a group that loves him and a group that hates him, and neither group ever proves to be totally right. But, your kids and mine see the trash talking and, at 15, 16, or 17 years old, they don’t have the experience to keep the trash talking in context. So, please cool it.

In regard to the game with the Roswell Hornets, what were your expectations going in? Roswell was highly motivated to regain some glory from Centennial, especially in front of a home crowd. Centennial had no similar motivation. Centennial has a brand new coaching staff, with new schemes still being learned and polished by players all in their first year with the new coaching staff and plays. On top of that, Roswell has a level of speed that Centennnial simply could not match.

For the good of all involved, our kids need to find a reason to believe in themselves and their coaches. Trash talking, whether in an AJC blog or hanging out around the school, won’t give them reason to believe. Be the dad you should be and find the positives that you can discuss with your son – and then discuss them.

Go Knights!


September 7th, 2012
6:08 pm

You clearly don’t know much about Centennial. Centennial doesn’t need any motivation to play Roswell. It’s a rivalry game. If you’re going to chastise people like they are children at least know what you are talking about

Know what your talking about

September 8th, 2012
10:37 am

Hey new parent,

Just an FYI, Measor went 6-4 in his 1st year with “a brand new coaching staff, with new schemes still being learned and polished by players all in their first year with the new coaching staff and plays”. This included wins over Chattahoochee (who beat Camden County that year) and Northview (with Justin Tuggle and several other Div I signees). Anyone who saw the glory and celebration of the Centennial side after beating Chattahoochee will never forget it! Good luck with that this year.


September 8th, 2012
11:28 am

I’m sorry if you want us to put our heads in the sand and pretend everything is going to be ok. Botto
Line is these kids deserve better than a principal who only cares for himself, and can’t stand a coach who was popular and successful.

I’m a parent of a graduate; and I am damn proud of where WR brought this program. We were never world beaters, but we were competitive in lost games, and always found a way to win one or two games each year against teams ” bigger faster and stronger”.

This isn’t a slam on Carlberg. He is in a no win situation. He has a team low on talent thats only chance was to keep the core together. He was also hired to run an offense that we simply dont have the talent to run it is not a familarity issue at all but the principal and AD have no clue or simply didnt care about the kids. I think that is what pisses everyone off.

We would have one 3 or 4 with measor. We might win 1 this year, and don’t think the kids aren’t goin to hear it from everyone. I had a bunch of former playera over last night after the game and ou should of heard them. Let’s just say they are embarrassed.

outside looking in

September 9th, 2012
11:05 am

Our child used to attend centennial before a transfer .

The Principal seems to be an OK guy and has some experience in the business

the AD is an impersonal hard ass whom no one likes .

tons of athletic kids have quit or been pulled out of the athletic programs because of treatments or bad handling by coaches.

AD did nothing does nothing ; Its beneath him.

Football maybe wins a game this year Baseball maybe 4 or 5 Basketball not much better

Baseball coach played some kids way more than was allowed by written GHSA rules which cost the KIDS 5 forfeited games and maybe playoffs .
Hes still there ! Get the picture ?

Here is the reason : No One TRUTHFULLY Cares At The Top or Administration or Athletics .

Its really that simple .