Harris County opens season in stadium rebuilt after tornado

Harris County will play its opening game tonight against Houston County on a new field after a tornado in November tore through the campus.

The football field, with new artificial turf and a track, came at a cost of $1.2 million and was paid for with insurance and SPLOST money.

A cleanup company, ServiceMaster Recovery Management, arrived the morning after the tornado struck, and more than a hundred workers began removing debris. Damage was extensive to various parts of the high school structure, with entire sections of roofing damaged, skylights blown out and metal siding ripped from the gym.

Because of the amount of debris that was scattered around campus, the entire football field had to be dug up. To avoid the risk of shards of glass and metal protruding through the field in years to come, the decision was made to provide the same turf used for the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

“I didn’t really think we would be able to start football this year, even being back to where we were before, and now you can look at where we are,” Craig Dowling, Harris County School District Superintendent, told WTVM-TV in Columbus.

Harris County is the second Georgia school to unveil a stadim this season after losing its first to a tornado. Ringgold lost to Dalton 21-19 last week in its new field.

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how 'bout

August 31st, 2012
12:58 pm

…how ’bout a picture of their place :(

TCC 4 life

August 31st, 2012
3:34 pm

Yeah. A picture of the stadium would be nice for those of us who won’t get to see it this season.

Harris County native

August 31st, 2012
10:31 pm