Class AAAA blog: Teague chasing 200

There’s been significant change in Georgia high school football this year, both in the region alignments and the heat rules that have altered how preseason practices get done. Seems most schools wanted to buy themselves an extra week to prepare. In Class AAAA, that meant few official games this week; there are just eight involving AAAA teams.

With that said, there are questions to be answered. Here are a few:

1. Can Carrollton’s Rayvan Teague get his 200th win? Well, yes. Teague, who has had just two losing campaigns in 22 seasons with LaFayette, Swainsboro and Carrollton, is sitting on 199 after going 11-2 in 2011. The Trojans open next week with a home game against Oxford (Ala.), to whom they lost a year ago. Carrollton has won at least 10 games eight times in 10 seasons under Teague, so it’ll get done, but the early portion of the schedule appears cupcake-free. After Oxford, they face a solid Chapel Hill program and then defending AA champion Calhoun.

2. Can Dalton turn the page? Again, yes. There was considerable backstory to the Catamounts’ 4-7 record in 2011, officially their first losing season in 51 years. (By comparison, the state’s winningest program, Valdosta, last had a losing season in 2006.) That record included four forfeited wins. So Dalton went 8-3 on the field, and the forfeits were games they won by a combined score of 178-29. They should be strong again, with QB Cole Calfee and WR Brandon Dale to key the offense and LB Eder Mora and DE Robert Hardaway leading the defense. The Catamounts open Friday on the road against Ringgold, whom they beat 28-16 last year.

3. What’s with the games on college campuses? Neutral-site events for the opening weekend seem to be mushrooming, including a couple involving AAAA teams. Alexander takes on Class AA Bremen in a multigame event at the University of West Georgia. The Cougars have cracked .500 just once since 1997. Wayne County takes on Class AAAAAA Brunswick at Georgia Southern’s Paulson Stadium Saturday. Wayne County is coming off a 4-5-1 campaign in 2011 and hasn’t finished above .500 since 2005.

4. Will 2012 be kinder to Stone Mountain? The Pirates open Friday at Greater Atlanta Christian School in a matchup of teams that missed the state playoffs last year in spite of 8-2 records. Stone Mountain closed 2011 with three straight shutouts (it would have been four but they allowed a safety in the seventh game.)

5. Can we get a darkhorse state title contender? Don’t sleep on Griffin. In what was thought to be a rebuilding year in 2011, the Bears went 9-3 with a team that had a lot of inexperienced players. Under head coach Steve Devoursney, Griffin has won nine or more games in each of the past eight years.

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August 23rd, 2012
2:00 pm

Best of luck to all of the high school players as they strap it up for the season. May they all stay healthy… One issue AJC, in the preseason rankings, you had my BC Bears at #2 despite them being a reigning champ… Meanwhile, the AP (which I thought you guys had a vote in) had the Bears tied for first with the Creek.. In my honest opinion, that is a more fair outlook on the season.. Keep hating the mighty Bears just like last year and watch us kick teeth in on a weekly basis. Gator Green is an absolute beast.. If you think I’m joking read up on what he accomplished at the 7on7 tourneys this summer.

Red and Black til Death


August 23rd, 2012
3:23 pm

Dude your team won AAA last year you are not the reigning champs here. That’s why you have to get a new ranking. Don’t insult the rest of the teams who have been playing 4A by coming in claiming to own the place. I know the folks over at Sandy Creek have won both 4A & 3A in the past 3 years so I tend to think they probably deserve credit and have some bragging rights left around here in 4A. Win 4A this year and I’m sure the perception will change but it’s certainly not because you’ve told everybody it should.


August 24th, 2012
7:30 am

With all due respect to the other teams and the Creek (who has a program that the Bears are trying to catch).. What class was Sandy Creek in last year?.. What round did they make it to in the playoffs.last year?.. What team won the title in that class and had the third most points scored in the history of GA High School football?.. Exactly. Its like Rodney Dangerfield.. ;-)

Red and Black til Death


August 24th, 2012
10:00 am

.. and just to get to some facts for “HereWeGoAgain”.. Let’s look at the poll and see just how many of them were actually in 4A last year just to be sure that I don’t “insult” anyone:
1. Sandy Creek : 3A last year
2. Burke County : Reigning 3A champs
3. Carrollton : 3A last year
4. Marist : 4A last year (have switched back and forth from 3A to 4A a few times in the past 15 years)
5. Cairo : 3A last year
6. Statesboro : 4A last year (a classic Rivalry with BC, we have held our own over the years with this program, they are also a program that was 3A just a few years ago.. check our schedules friend, BC always plays teams for the higher classes)
7. Griffin : 4A last year
8. Stephens County : 3A last year
9. Jonesboro : 4A last year
10. Dalton : 3A last year

So, what do we see… 6 of the top 10 teams were 3A schools last year and there are a couple of teams on this list that have flipped back and forth a few times over the years.. If you really paid any attention at all you would have known that the majority of this years “4A” class were 3A schools last year. So, I ask, who am I insulting? Maybe I’m just insulting you due to your ignorance of GA high school football. I ask for a little respect for my alma mater (and did so in a classy way, even agreed that the AP got it right by having the Creek and Da County tied) and I get a hater.. “Hater’s gonna hate, Lover’s gonna love, I don’t even want, none of the above …..”

Red and Black ’til Death


August 24th, 2012
11:14 am

After Creek won the AAAA title, they dropped to AAA and were ranked 2nd behind Peach County. I don’t think Creek has enough experience to be #1 this year and I don’t know what talent BC lost from last year’s team, but I would look out for Marist and Griffin


August 24th, 2012
1:08 pm

great to have high school football again. good luck to all teams this year.


August 24th, 2012
9:58 pm

I wasn’t ‘hating’. Seems logic isn’t taught out there at Burke. New season means you have to get a new ranking regardless of what you did last year. That’s all. But if logic doesn’t work for you how about facts? Fact, Burke is 0-1, still think everybody is ‘hating’? I’m sure all the folks at Thomson are enjoying their drive back with their teeth since you were unable to how do you say… “watch us kick teeth in on a weekly basis”


August 25th, 2012
3:24 pm

OH SNAP! NYCDAWGFAN just got digitally b**ch slapped. I wonder if he was one of the drunks sitting on the Thomson side last night that would shout at us that it was time to get pounded everytime BC got the ball. What a classless group of fans. Of course they were gone by the 4th qtr as everyone knew they weren’t pulling this one off. Oh and yes it was a side filled with smiles of all the people that were allowed by BC to keep their teeth, lol.


August 25th, 2012
4:41 pm

First, respect to Thomson. They have a good ball club and should do REALLY well in 3A this year from all of the reports I’ve gotten from back home. Second, I am man enough to admit defeat and apologize. In my book there is nothing wrong with standing strong and going to bat for your home town. We lost, time to regroup, it’s a long season but… If BC doesn’t change something (mainly some better coaching because that many illegal sub penalties is a coach’s fault in my opinion) we will get bounced in the first round if we even make it…. TTown, I wasn’t there, if you read my name you would know that I live in NEW YORK!! I apologize for the acts of some of our fan base and ask that you not judge the whole because of the actions of a few… Trust me, I have been to the brickyard many times and seen a lot worse than people just shouting.. While in middle school I saw a Thompson fan that had to be either an upper class high schooler or fresh in college pour his soda all over a BC fan that was a child.. I still don’t judge your entire base on that one experience. Having met Coach Welsch (RIP) I have a lot of respect for your program and your town so, I refuse to believe that you are all the same as that soda pouring idiot.. OK? And by the way HereWe Go, funny that you disappeared after getting ripped and came back to talk smack when the smoke cleared. Man up son.. I’m here wearing my County Blue and reppin hard after defeat.. Don’t get high and mighty now coward. Mass up bro. Fact is, we still don’t know what team you back.. What, are you from ARC or Glen Hills:O) I love my dawgs and my highschool.. Speaking of which, C. Wash is starting for the Dawgs while Mr. Atkins couldn’t make the grade… Apparently they teach enough to get into college back home;O)

Red and Black til Death

Ryan Askew

September 8th, 2012
10:48 am

Griffin is a talk every year: (Blah Blah Blah} Marist lost their 2nd big game in a row against Thomas County Central. The last big game was in the playoffs against Kell who was with a shadow of a doubt a weeker team, but the same coaching style since Moses parted the sea is why Marist lose big games. I think the coaches who celebrate with pizza and bear after the game no matter what should all shoot themselves or jump in front of a moving train. Thanks to the kids on that team Marist has good seasons, but the coaches are morons. Let them talk to you and they will say it’s the players. I heard through a friend that a couple of coaches talked the players and brag about they have two rings and players have none. 20 plus years and two rings means your record is 2 – 20 + Hoover High School in Alabama won 6 state titles in six years which means it would take the coaches at Marist about 120 years to match Hoover, the good thing for the future of Marist they should all be gone by then. When Marist loses it’s becuase of the poor coaching. I wonder why there are no and have not been any African American Coaches part of Varsity Football Coaching. Congrats to Tucker, for the first time in years they are winning, and they are playing good football. This is going to be an interesting year come playoff time. Good luck to the Marist players. Hopefully they won’t have to match up against a team like Sandy Creek early because with the coaches that’s an early loss, they would come out better taing the field by themselves without the coaches.