AAAA: All-state watch list

Below is a list of some of the better players in Class AAAA this season. It has the makings of a Watch List.

On Friday, GHSF Daily and will publish the first of six preseason all-state teams (Class A) The other five classifications will follow next week.

The purpose of this list is to solicit opinions from readers on some of the state’s best players. The players listed here are just some of the ones that have come to our attention through 2011 all-state nominations, recruiting services and other correspondence.

We understand that many who should be on this list are not, and that some on this list might not belong.

Let this be a conversation starter, nothing more. Who are we missing?

Also let us know if the status of any players below have changed (transferred, injured, now playing a different position, etc.).

Bryce Benton, Americus-Sumter
Emanuel Byrd, Albany
Cole Garvin, Sandy Creek
Donquell Green, Burke County
Marlique Jackson, Wayne County
Donovahn Jones, Dutchtown
Charles Stafford, Monroe
Chandler Whittlesey, Shaw
Keenan Wise, Locust Grove
Myles Willis, Marist
Dequan Daniels, Statesboro
Derick Johnson, Carver (Atlanta)
Gray King, Marist
LaDarrius Mathis, North Clayton
Josh Mercer, South Effingham
Travosier Mitchell, West Laurens
DeAnthony Morse, Shaw
Corey Moss, Upson-Lee
Chaz Thornton, Stephens County
Dashawn Benton, Grady
Malik Broughton, Veterans
Tomas Colbert, Stephens County
Zay Donaldson, Cairo
Rhett Harper, Southeast Whitfield
Demare Kitt, Sandy Creek
Krenwick Sanders, Wayne County
Dee Smith, LaGrange
Cameron Sutton, Jonesboro
Darren Dowdell, Grady
Will Erwin, Dalton
Greg Taboada, Marist
Bill Teknipp, Eagle’s Landing
Jordan Anderson, Dutchtown
Kendall Baker, Marist
Ryan Chastain, Pickens
Delando Crooks, Carver (Atlanta)
Xavier Davis, Carver (Atlanta)
Bernard Granville, Shaw
Jordan Harris, Dutchtown
Uriah Horne, Eagle’s Landing
Kevan Jones, Mary Persons
Will Jones, Richmond Academy
Alan Knott, Sandy Creek
Nhigel Phillips, Griffin
Hakeem Porter, Monroe
Dishawn Ray, Wayne County
BJ Rowland, Dalton
Jake Sanders, Carrollton
Eric Smith, Columbia
Caleb Stepp, Lumpkin County
Maurice Swain, Troup
Derrick Washington, Baldwin
Glenn Welch, Wayne County
Davin Bellamy, Chamblee
Mario Hall, Spalding
Michael Henderman, Sandy Creek
Darron Hudson, LaGrange
David Johnson, Lithonia
Shemar Lattimore, Baldwin
Miquel Mendoza, Perry
Roc’M Nesbitt, Carver (Atlanta)
Jeremy Patterson, Wayne County
Joe Purter, Shaw
Joseph Sanders, LaGrange
Joe Sanders, LaGrange
Antonius Sims, Eastside
Demba Tamba, Columbia
Brian Whitaker, Westside (Macon)
Marcus Albert, Banneker
Paul Davis, Cairo
Quinton Edwards, Jonesboro
Corey Griffin, Sandy Creek
Shawanye Lawrence, Eagle’s Landing
Raekwon McMillan, Liberty County
Johnny O’Neal, West Laurens
Jamal Qadir, Westside (Macon)
Spencer Roberts, Sandy Creek
Zanquanarious Washington, Troup
Jordan Williams, Stephens County
Troy Wyche, Riverdale
Qwa Baldwin, LaGrange
Vonn Bell, Ridgeland
Demoton Boyd, LaGrange
Taurean Ferguson, Jonesboro
Luke Gibbs, Stephens County
Ricky Frazier, Troup
Marlin Hall, Worth County
Isa Muhammad, Riverdale
Aaron Palmer, Wayne County
Akebren Ralls, Mary Persons
Sherrod Ruff, Crisp County
Cinwon Whitehead, Washington
Shaquille Wiggins, Sandy Creek
Richard Wilder, Griffin
Aaron Williams, Carver (Atlanta)
Austin Bennett, River Ridge
Zach Breed, Carrollton
Manny Lopez, Gilmer
Mitchell McMillian, Sandy Creek
Matthew Moon, Stephens County

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Peter P

August 6th, 2012
5:47 am

Corey Mayton graduated this past year and is continuing his baseball career at East Georgia College.


August 6th, 2012
8:16 am

Senior Donovahn Jones from Dutchtown should be an all-state candidate at QB. Although he will still play DB in situations he will be the starting QB. He should pick up where he left off last season breaking almost all of the Bulldogs passing records. He has 20+ offers and is primed for a great season.

Another Bulldog that should be considered is Junior Offensive Lineman Jordan Anderson. He played every snap at Center for Dutchtown in the 2011 season. He also has the versitilty to play any spot along the O-Line. As a Sophomore he was named honorable mention to the 2011 region 3A-AAAA all region team. With another great summer in the weight room big things are expected from him this season.


August 6th, 2012
8:46 am

Nice to see three kids from 7AAAA on the watch list, Bell from Ridgeland, Harper from SEW and Chastain from Pickens.


August 6th, 2012
10:08 am

Please do not overlook some kids at Carrollton and Lagrange and some at Sandy Creek we will be facing this year. I know they’re kicker is back Mitchell McMillian. SC has another Linebacker Khari Lain and Running Back Maceo Brown that should do some good things this year. Saw him at a camp this summer. What happened to Darius Smith of LaGrange and Joshua Thompson? No love for them either.


August 6th, 2012
10:57 am

Myles Willis (who you have at DB) deserves consideration at QB.


August 6th, 2012
12:17 pm

And a few of the players play in different classifications. Westside augusta is AAA OR AA AND WOODLAND,cartersville is not in AAAA either. And I think you guys need to come a little further down to southwest georgia and take a gander a some athletes. It is crazy to have the quarterback from albany high and he is not the best quarterback in his own city. Charles stafford was region 1aaa player of the year and went to the second round of the playoffs.


August 6th, 2012
12:41 pm

@Todd, It must be hard keeping up with all the transfer to Sandy Creek. Just hole on a couple games and there will be more as soon as that players team is out of the plyoff race. How do they do that. Now they have a player 4 hs in 4 years. GHSA needs to do something. Sit out a year or at least once the year has started no transfers. No Marist qb, at db instead? Oh well I see Cairo has players listed again they are always tough but have to make sure they are not suspects in a robbery? ( YET ) I guess TODD you gave that program and Coach a pass for playing them deep into the playoffs before they went to jail. No message sent their by their whole town football over being a good citizen……..I guess sportwriters just copy down names and don’t write stories any longer.Don’t think Furman Bisher would of let that story pass. No wonder why it gets worse on the next level.


August 6th, 2012
4:45 pm

Upson-Lee’s QB Corey Moss RUSHED for 1300 yards last season and was First Team All-Region, although he is being recruited at a WR/DB


August 6th, 2012
5:31 pm


August 6th, 2012
6:07 pm

Kicker – Zach Breed of Carrollton. He moved to Carrollton last summer after being the starting kicker at Dunwoody the previous year. CHS already had a kicker and Zach did not start kicking for the varisty until the fourth game; the CHS coaches had them split the kicking duties. He ended up being the leading scorer( for kickers) in his region. He can do it all – routinely put the ball in the end zone, place it high and deep on kickoffs, perfect on pat’s, skilled at every angle on the field for field goals. He is a total kicker. Is being recruited by a number of schools…


August 6th, 2012
8:20 pm

Eric Smith from Columbia is the truth. Also Demba Tamba from Columbia. There is not a better Nose Guard in the state of Georgia. Do your research! Cinwon Whitehead from Washington is good 2.

Georgia's Finest

August 6th, 2012
9:15 pm

Stephens County has several outstanding players in addition to Chaz Thornton. Jordan Williams at MLB, Luke Gibbs at Safety, Tomas Colbert at WR, and Matthew Moon at kicker are all region type guys. These guys tend to get overlooked with all the great things Chaz does but he has some great pieces around him.The kicker was 3/4 on fg before a injury in the 4th game sidelined him for season. Williams was all region DE last year,Gibbs was all region Safety, and Colbert, a 6-1 4.4 guy, could be all state if they threw the ball more.

Todd Holcomb

August 6th, 2012
9:34 pm

Thanks for all the feedback, espcially those about the kickers. Forgot about McMillian. He was all-state a couple of years ago. And I remember Breed at Dunwoody. Brother was all-state.

We’ve cleaned up the list a bit. Hope it’s better.

Crying Towel

August 6th, 2012
10:08 pm

@Hardhat…Maybe the state of Georgia won’t cry all year this year. Cairo has no convicts or QB transfers….SO come up with something new to hang that cry baby hat on that you wear this year.


August 7th, 2012
2:27 pm

Dutchtown Senior QB Donovahn Jones could eclipse the 4,000 total yard mark this season. This should be a great year for him with talent at all the skill positions on offense. Brandon Thomas and Rodell Shorter at WR, Malik Barkley, Will Smith and Matthew Daniels will put up good rushing and receiving totals this season out of the backfield.

Jeff Turner

August 8th, 2012
9:22 am

Armani Phillips – Carrollton LB
Dontavious Russell – Carrollton DL

Both of these guys should be included


August 8th, 2012
9:04 pm

Thanks for having Josh Mercer on the list. He is clearly a 4A All-State RB.


August 9th, 2012
7:13 pm

You missed out on some of the boys at Locust Grove ….. They have been together from the beginning of the program and most have to start both ways ……… They had to play a tough schedule playing “Money Games” and didnt get to shine as much …. Till this year!
Dusty McCulley
Blaine Christian
Lucas Hughes
Tyler Duncan
Nathan Hensley

You missed alot of quality players in the Henry County Area!


August 11th, 2012
6:51 am

I think you missed out on a lot Griffin Bears! I’m telling you that because this team is loaded at every position, Example: 8 Wr who can start for any team in the state! Remember the last names Owens, Mangham, Mayes, Freeman and Goddard just to name a few!! You will be looking at some future NFL players Guaranteed.
Remember the Bearman told you because I have only missed 2 games since 1972! I know good talent, just ask Bobby Rainey from Baltimore Ravens!!!

Al Hughes

August 12th, 2012
6:35 pm

Isa Muhammad Junior DB from Riverdale should definitely be here. He had two interceptions against us (Lovejoy) and is really a true shut down corner. I believe he had 7 total picks and i didnt see him in any film till Riverdale’s third game vs. Banneker. Keep an eye out for this kid, He is a game changer and playmaker.

Riverdale Feen

August 12th, 2012
6:39 pm

Riverdale Raiders , Qb- Steven Harris was definetly dynamic, He really made some amazing plays. Wr/Te – Rashad Canty is poised for a breakout Junior year , Also that reall short Rb – Tikeem Cooper should raise some eye brows , Finally I see someones already mentioned CornerBack Isa Muhammad


August 16th, 2012
9:33 pm

Here is a good piece of advice for this article author go to some of the non atlanta area games. It would be nice, if more than one of the player on this year championship team is recognized prior to winning everything. It would kind of make you seem more intelligent and somewhat like you know what you talking about. You would learn quite abit I promise you. On top of that it would stop all those folks outside of the MetroAtlanta area from thinking you don’t do your homework. I look forward to reading your articles in the future and hopefully can catch you at a game.


August 18th, 2012
11:47 pm

Something else to add…. Jevarius (JJ) Jones #50 is a great LB at Spalding High School( Griffin, Ga.) that should have definitely been on this list. He will have a monster senior year!


September 9th, 2012
1:32 am

JR. Caleb stepp OL has had a standout season so far for Lumpkin county
SR.Chaz Thornton RB of Stephens is also turning heads

Cry Me a River

September 12th, 2012
10:24 am

@HardHat, So what there are transfers to Sandy Creek? So what they have a player 4 schools in 4 years? Good for SC and that kid. You obviously don’t know the reasons why the moves happened and I’m sure you don’t know the reasons why any other kids have had to move. All I can say is transfers happen and that’s just that. Deal with it instead of crying. Let the boys play ball in peace and get to college for God’s sake!

Cry Me a River

September 12th, 2012
10:26 am

@Todd, please disregard the ignorant bloggers who bash the kids. I’m sure you’ve read plenty enough in your line of business to know what’s junk and written out of ignorance by these nuts.