Off-season football hires: 61 filled, 15 open

There have been 61 reported football head coaching hires in the GHSA this off-season. Another 15 are reported open. Let us know if we’re missing any:


Armuchee – Preston Cash
Berrien – Rob Armstrong
Bleckley County – Tracy White
Brookstone – Brad Dehem
Butler – Tim McClain
Cambridge – Christian Hunnicutt
Cedar Shoals – Chris Davis
Centennial – Jeff Carlberg
Central-Macon – Jesse Hicks
Chamblee – Allen Johnson
Chapel Hill – Geoff Pastrick
Chattooga – Clay Livingstone
Cherokee – Josh Shaw
Coffee – Robby Pruitt
Decatur – Brad Waggoner
Douglas County – Jason Respert
East Paulding – Chuck Goddard
Etowah – Dave Svehla
Fannin County – Greg Chambers
Fitzgerald – Jason Strickland
Flowery Branch – Chris Griffin
Greater Atlanta Christian – Tim Hardy
Greenbrier – Kevin Hunt
Harrison – Marty Galbraith
Hart County – William DeVane
Henry County – Joe Dupree
Islands – Karl DeMasi
Jackson County – Benji Harrison
Jenkins County – Ashley Harden
Kennesaw Mountain – Andy Scott
Lakeside-DeKalb – Mike Rozier
Lamar County – Franklin Stephens
Landmark Christian – Wayne Brantley
Madison County – Chris Smith
Montgomery County – Eric McDonald
Morrow – Andre Pickering
Mount Zion-Carroll – Keith Holloway
Mount Zion-Jonesboro – Ervin Starr
Mountain View – Doug Giacone
Mundy’s Mill – Greg Manior
North Paulding – Scott Jones
Pebblebrook – Tommy Macon
Pickens – Chris Parker
Pinecrest Academy – Todd Winter
Rabun County – Lee Shaw
Redan – Terence Amos
Riverside Military Academy – Gary Downs
Rockdale County – Mario Allen
Schley County – Josh Kemp
Screven County – Ron Duncan
Shaw – Kyle Adkins
Social Circle – Ron Sebree
Telfair County – Matt Burleson
Therrell – Rodney Cofield
Tift County – John Reid
Trion – Justin Brown
Troup – Lynn Kendall
Twiggs County – Jeb Stewart
Walker – John East
West Hall – Tony Lotti
Westlake – Stanley Pritchett


Forest Park
Greene County
Jeff Davis
Macon County
Mary Persons
Mitchell County
North Atlanta
North Murray
Southeast Whitfield
Warren County

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March 27th, 2012
3:30 pm

5 candidates in the running for the Tucker position, look 4 Coach Love from Camden County 2 get the nod here


March 27th, 2012
8:39 pm

why did coach stevens leave?

city slicker

March 27th, 2012
9:10 pm

good to aeee co feild back in the city at therell this a good look for the panthers

mp dog

March 27th, 2012
11:12 pm

mary persons hired brian nelson the former dc

mp dog

March 27th, 2012
11:14 pm

stevens left for lamar county and more money


March 28th, 2012
1:54 am

Is the Jason Respert at Douglas County, THE Tennessee Jason Respert?

Sideline Dude

March 28th, 2012
9:08 am

A very positive move for Tift County. Jay Walls wasn’t getting it done. Hope Coach Reid is a better utilizer of personnel than Walls was. GO BIG BLUE.

Lions Pride

March 28th, 2012
9:40 am

Pritchett has hit the ground running (no pun intended) at Westlake. We’re going to be good this year!!!


March 28th, 2012
7:40 pm

Good Luck to Coach Cofield @ THS and Coach Pritchett! I also would like to congrate all new HC on their position. Let the GAMES begin!!!

dekalb mustang 4 life

March 29th, 2012
1:05 am

Columbia or redan should hire the coach from troup county


March 29th, 2012
11:45 am

Did Coach Stephens get the AD job at Lamar County?


March 29th, 2012
2:36 pm

Look for the Tucker opening to be filled and announced SOON. Got to be, the top opportunity left on the board.


REGION 6, the best in GA 2012 5A Football……


March 29th, 2012
6:47 pm

Who is in the lead for the forest park job?

dekalb jacket

March 30th, 2012
10:16 am

forest park should hire hines ward


March 30th, 2012
12:48 pm

Region 3-AAAAA Bradwell Institute Could sure use a new Head Football Coach….:-)


March 30th, 2012
2:40 pm

Did the Troup coach get fired for the recruiting scandal or did he quit?Did he take the team with him?(just kidding).


March 30th, 2012
2:43 pm

The real question is why is it that North Atlanta cant keep a football coach. Since 2006 North Atlanta has had 6 head football coaches (they named one during the spring of 2007, only to get fired by the new principal), and now a 7th will be announced. What’s wrong with the athletic structure where the football coaches (and other coaches for that matter) can’t, or rather DON’T WANT TO stay at North Atlanta?


March 31st, 2012
10:13 am

You get what you can afford to pay for.Most of the top programs will have the best staffs available.Big spending booster clubs help also-not complaining=just saying accept the facts.Most coaches will go where the money is if it is offered(unless it is an undesireable location).


April 1st, 2012
7:26 pm

Spell check! Coach Stephens left Dekalb County because of all the bureaucracy and mis-management associated with Dekalb County Schools athletic programs!


April 1st, 2012
7:28 pm

I guess I should change my name to 6AAAAA Fan now!


April 1st, 2012
7:29 pm

Tucker will announce their new coach on friday 4/13/12


April 1st, 2012
7:37 pm

Arguably the best region in any classification in the state of georgia continues to march on….welcome to the Stephenson Jaguars and the MLK Lions!!!


April 3rd, 2012
3:13 am

Good Idea about Hines Ward going to Forest Park. He wants to get into coaching, what a great way to get some good credentials started, especially with his HS Alma Mater. Probably wont happen though, due to his lofty financial status. He will probably get some cushy college job instead.


April 3rd, 2012
10:44 am

I think Cofield did a great job with Washington High for many years but it’s going to be tough to duplicate at Therrell. He will have to keep guys who are supposed to go to Therrell from sliding over to Mays. Still a good hire.

Coffee Trojan#44

April 4th, 2012
12:54 pm

I think coach Robby Pruitt was a good hire for Coffee, And I think this will be a very good year for 1-AAAAAA all around. Go Trojans!

Ohh, Really

April 7th, 2012
10:50 pm

Instead of Cofield trying stop the player sliding over to Mays…. He need to go Ben Hill and Adamsville Viking. Adamsville Viking ran by Jamal Lewis and bank roll by T.I.. That why the little white kid from Acworth will be playing QB over there this fall.

blu eagle

April 8th, 2012
8:40 am

Don’t think Tucker will ever be the same without coach Stephens, but good luck anyway!

Mays Dad

April 11th, 2012
1:48 pm

B.E.Mays should be looking for a coach. With all of the talent they have and have had over the past 3 years, there is no reason(other than a P.P. coach) why they have not made it to the dome. Maybe if they run more than 3 plays this year it will happen. But Dr. Tyrone Smith should realy be ashamed to say that he is the principle of our school. We have very high quality athletes but low budget coaches. What a disgrace!!!!


April 11th, 2012
1:57 pm

For all those young men sliding over to Mays to play football by , the middle of the season will be RUNNING back to where they came from if they are looking for a quality football program. It won’t happen until pretend coach Calloway Kicks Rocks………. Dr. Smith Come on Man!!!!!!!!!!!


April 16th, 2012
10:13 am

mays Dad and amassing: Toughness starts at home. stop coddling Mays players and make them tough. Stop making up excuses. Its not the coach Tucker and Marist Physically bruise them yearly. Get them tougher. Oh Program as a whole, are soft not just football.


April 16th, 2012
1:00 pm

HEY WIZZY!!! , you made my agrument all by yourself .Just so you know it takes great coaching to develope great skills and the mindset to stimulate toughness. If Mays had been given half the coaching talent at Marist and Tucker their programs would have been considerably different. Wizard the outcome for Tucker could have been the same as Mays had it not been for Coach Stevens . Dude you are missing it …..Soft COACH, Soft programs!!! Bye Wizzy


April 17th, 2012
10:44 am

I hope Tucker get’s a quality coach. It would be ashamed if they got one who does not know how to use the the boatload of talent he get’s every year. They will need it to deal with that region and maybe now they will gain a new respect for playing a 10 game region schedule. Win, win, win or sit at home because with a 10 game region schedule, 7 or 8 win’s may not get it done. Tucker, SWD, Stephenson, M.L.King. sounds good as the rep’s for the playoff’s, doesn’t it? Don’t be so sure ! Just my thought’s on the early look’s of thing’s.

West Laurens C/O '99

April 18th, 2012
2:10 pm

Its not whether they will be able to handle the boatload of talent at Tucker; it will be rather can the coach handle all the medling in the athletic department by the county athletic department at the school board


April 20th, 2012
9:51 am

@amaysing. Atlanta public schools will never win versus the top notch Dekalb programs because your athletic budgets are the one school system that’s lower than


April 23rd, 2012
1:07 pm

One more opening can be removed from the list…the one most HS Football fans was anticipating. Tucker Tigers new Head Coach, Bryan Love, from Camden County. Tucker football program brings in another Camden Assistance to lead the DEN in arguably the best region in 5A football. Will the success for Coach Love be that of his successors? Time will only tell… He inherits one of GA TOP PROGRAMS, a DEN of athletes poised and ready to compete, a community full of support, and a school reeking of winning spirit.

Welcome to T U C K E R Coach Love – The Home of Championships!!!!




April 27th, 2012
1:37 pm

I love Tucker and the Dekalb programs !!! and their winners spirit…. Go ahead Tucker do your thing, that’s what winning is about adding to your program what keeps the championships coming. Congrats Coach Love ,you have inherited a winning legacy.


May 4th, 2012
8:19 am

Cograts to the original “real deal – Cofield” been waiting for u to get back into the game the kids need you. Much respect and God bless!!!


May 10th, 2012
3:09 pm

Some of these schools should look at Greg Hiil from Statesboro.


May 16th, 2012
10:08 am

It’s time for cedar grove to get some new coaches.cedar grove had a lot of talent this year.This was a senior team built for a championship. This team was built for one man getting his stats that’s all he cares about and the coaches no that.Class of 2013 boys go get your stats.Because coach bonner and the coaches going to make sure that he gets his stats.The one man show could not get our championship.But team would have won it.


May 17th, 2012
2:37 pm

Greene County hired Robert Edwards former running back at WACO and UGA.

Newnan needs a coaching staff

May 30th, 2012
7:58 am

Bubba, said the other day that Newnan is in need of a Head coach who can lead. Good ole boy staff has lost its way. 120 players and no leadership.


June 4th, 2012
3:41 pm

I am reserving judgement on Coach Goddard for now. A very dismal record as head coach over the years. Bad or no talent at the other schools or just bad coaching? If the latter hopefully he watched and learned while at Walton. We’ll find out soon.


June 11th, 2012
10:02 pm

Anyone know who the Head football coach is at Frederick Douglass HS in Atlanta? The program has gone into a sorry state.


June 18th, 2012
5:31 pm

Del mustang for life..
here is why coach flowers was fired from troup…

he did the same thing when he was at Shaw high school in Columbus, but with 10 public schools in Columbus he easily got away with it…but keep going into the cookie jar too often and mama will catch you eventually!!!


June 18th, 2012
5:31 pm

@Newnan…same thing going on at LaGrange. enough said!


June 24th, 2012
10:31 am

Dallas Allen is the head coach @ Douglass. When they knocked down Bowen Homes they killed Douglass their enrollment has dropped off .

#1 Fan

July 12th, 2012
11:29 pm

Rodney Cofield is the head coach at Douglass. He will do a great job there. He knows his Xs and Os and knows how to get the best from his players. He will work to hard to rebuild the program there. I know the alumni at Washington are wishing they had been more vocal in trying to get him back there.