Class AAAAA roundup

In a Class AAAA second-round playoff game, the three-time defending state champion Wolverines cruised to an easy 79-29 win over visiting Loganville. Miller Grove held the Red Devils to just two points in the third quarter and rested its starting unit for most of the second half. “It was a great defensive performance, and then some,” said Wolverines coach Sharman White.

Miller Grove center Tony Parker scored 15 points and grabbed eight rebounds, while guard Christian Houston scored 11 and notched a career-high 11 assists.

Hillgrove 50, Stephenson 48: Center Mackenzie Engram led the way for the Lady Hawks with 16 points, seven rebounds and five blocks. Celina Rodrigo (12 points, four steals) and Maurissa Lester (11 points) also helped visiting Hillgrove to victory.

McEachern 93, Westlake 50: The Lady Indians, state finalists a year ago, are well on their way to another playoff run. They dominated visiting Westlake in the first half and led 61-29 at the half.

Freshman guard T’ea Cooper led all scorers with 28 points and had five assists while backcourt mate and University of Arkansas-signee Dominique Wilson scored 24 points. Forward Pachiyanna Roberts, a Syracuse commitment, scored 21 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, blocked six shots and had six assists. Roberts will play her college ball at Syracuse next winter.

Mill Creek 51, Alpharetta 49: A late 3-pointer from Tamarr Williams and a steal and bucket from Sierra Menzies helped Mill Creek regain the lead late in the game. Nadiya Miller led the Lady Hawks with 16 points, Jasmine Carter had 12 points and Williams had 10 points.

Norcross 62, Marietta 54: Diamond DeShields of Norcross led all scorers with 22 points, and Shayla Cooper had a double-double with 17 points and 10 rebounds. The Lady Blue Devils held off a late rally from visiting Marietta.

North Cobb 57, Lowndes 50: The Lady Warriors got 18 points, including four 3-pointers, and seven assists from Amber Reeves to beat host Lowndes. Taylor Gordon had 15 points and 15 rebounds, and Briah Woods had 14 points for North Cobb.

North Gwinnett 60, Woodstock 55: The visiting Lady Bulldogs were led by junior point guard Lexi Brown, who had 20 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists. Senior guard Ariel Johnson also scored 20 points for North Gwinnett.

Parkview 48, North Forsyth 16: Parkview’s Genesis Perrymond led all scorers with 14 points, while Erika Joseph contributed 12 points and Marissa Mandeldove scored 10. The host Lady Panthers improved to 30-0 on the season.

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February 29th, 2012
7:56 am

Good job AJC and Lady Warriors!


February 29th, 2012
9:43 am

Let’s go Harrison Hoya girls! Make it another region 4 family affair for the quarterfinals!

Parkview looks strong defensively but I wonder if they have enough to get past Norcross. I thought Woodstock and Marietta would get thumped by those Gwinnett teams after seeing what Mceachern did to them earlier this season but both had chances to win.


February 29th, 2012
12:16 pm

@EagleDad—I’m from Gwinnett and I predict McEachern to win the dance! We’re good, but I think the Lady Indians are a little bit better! :-)

North Cobb fan

February 29th, 2012
1:45 pm

Great job, North Cobb lady Warriors. We are so proud of you.


February 29th, 2012
11:25 pm

Miller Grove will be upset in the elite eight. You heard it here first.

Stephenson Girls Basketball

March 1st, 2012
9:00 am

Jaguars, sorry for the lost. The girls did all they could do. This game came down to COACHING…. #23 and #24 are true ballers but the coaching staff does not recognize that. They are not even starters and have been out playing the starting 5.

Then when the team was warming up one of their players does not even warm up with the team. Why is that? Is she injured? Could not be injured because she played in the game. That alone causes division on a team. Is she that much better than the rest that there is no need for her to warm up. Just does not look good when you see an entire team warming up and 1 of there players does not and she is not on the injured reserve list.

Better luck next year. Prepare for the WORST and hope for the best!


March 1st, 2012
9:23 am

Stephenson- hope the set up is not as bad as you say. Your coach led you to a state title only a few years back. Maybe this Jags team is not as strong as many of you thought. They lost to every non region Georgia playoff team they played in the regular season and I think the playoffs proved that region 2 was just very weak. Your 3 and 4 seeds lost to average teams in round 1. Your number 2 seed Westlake was taken to OT by a pretty poor region 1 team then took one of the worst whippings in round 2 that I have ever seen in girls basketball. There should be no shame about the Jags staying within 2 of Hillgrove.

Reply to Eagledad

March 1st, 2012
11:35 am

You are right in saying their region is weak. Did not see the game but seems to be some truth in the fact that they lost to all non-region teams. What exactly does that mean? Maybe the fact that they dont play any real competition during the regular season.

Speaking of past records – Past has nothing to do with the present. Time and talent has changed. I am sure the game was a heart breaker for the team and the coaches. No one takes all the blame. You win together and you lose together. If the above comment is true about the 2 good players and if in fact they really are that good, hopefully the coaching staff will re-evaluate how they operate and change a few things. Never put all your eggs in 1 basket. Everyone knows that.

And the comment about the team warming up and 1 of the other players not warming up with the team. I really hope that is not true, because if that is true that can cause division among a team and that would diffinately be a coaching issue. So yes the coach would be at fault for that, but not the lost of the game. With a score like that, it must have been a pretty good electrifying game.

Good luck jaguars, maybe next year when you go down to a lower region you will see more success.


March 6th, 2012
5:35 pm

WOW…… These comments are something serious. Get it together Stephenson of Stone Mountain.

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September 24th, 2012
10:31 am

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