Centennial 21, Milton 20

Centennial’s Camrin Carty blocked an extra point with 35 seconds left to preserve a 21-20 win over Milton on Thursday.

On the previous play, Milton quarterback Colin McElroy scrambled in the pocket on fourth down and threw a touchdown pass to Ryan Jenkins over the middle. However, Carty prevented the tie by charging up the middle and leaping for the block.

It was a stunning win for Centennial, which trailed 14-0 at halftime and then rallied for three straight touchdowns.

Centennial quarterback Jimmy Meyer ran for a 6-yard touchdown, followed by Zietrick Smith’s 25-yard scoring run for a 14-14 tie.

Centennial’s Cyril Teal scored what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown on a 27-yard run in the fourth quarter.

Milton scored on its first offensive series of the game, with Treyvon Paulk breaking free for a 57-yard touchdown. Paulk is starting at running back in place of Peyton Barber, who is out with an ankle injury. Barber has early offers from Clemson and Central Florida.

On third down and short in the second quarter, McElroy dropped back to pass, didn’t see anybody open, and raced down the middle of the field for the long 50-yard touchdown and 14-0 advantage.

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Fredi Gonzo

September 30th, 2011
4:38 am

First…but I don’t know why!


September 30th, 2011
8:57 am

So proud of Zietrick Smith, whose mother died from cancer on Tuesday. Z, I know she’s proud of you and you definitely did the right thing by playing.


September 30th, 2011
11:44 am

Why are you mentioning Peyton Barber in your article? He didn’t even play. There were other kids on the FIELD, for both teams, that have offers too. It’s funny, the article mentions 3 Milton kids who were all at Centennial, until a disgruntled, meddling parent recruited them to Milton. And, Centennial Still won. You reap what you sow in this world!


September 30th, 2011
11:49 am

WHy did they play on a THursday night??


September 30th, 2011
12:36 pm

To that whatever comment your head coach at centennial told those so called kids who got recruited that they would be nothing with out football and a couple more racial comments these people here love talking when they don’t know the full story get your facts right you just look ignorant be happy you won and Peyton didn’t play because they would be unstoppable.


September 30th, 2011
10:24 pm

pretty funny how telling kids they need football to go to college is racist – yet we are praising the Barber kid for early offers..all measor told them was that they need football to help get them into college, and they need to get good grades to play football…..boy that is racist as hell !!!!!.I’m sure those offers for the Barber kid are for academic purposes :) …Milton kids are entitled, soft, jerks…always will be…too bad Barber is over there..he is a great kid

It’s funny how Centennial’s coach wasn’t a racist when he got the older son of the disgruntled parent to a D1 school but when the younger brother was failing 5 classes, all of a sudden it was the head coaches fault, and the parent influenced a bunch of kids to move away. Don’t take any responsiblity, blame someone else…and if race was an issue, why take your kids to Milton???…Milton doesn’t mind a dark complexion as long as you can dribble a basketball or hold a football – if you can’t do that, you aren’t welcome there. In 5 years, Measor has gotten 10 scholarships for african american kids, including 3 this year. He has basically adopted the Smith kid. He has actually been accused by the white parents as too nice to the black kids. He’s tough on the kids and while I don’t always agree with what he says, he doesn’t mix his words…he’s very honest with parents and kids….perhaps the parent didn’t like the message – remember it is always easier to play the race card.

Guess what? Peyton played last year, and we stopped him.


November 23rd, 2011
12:57 pm

I think former Knight Carlson Carty might disagree with mvvb: