Georgia Metros AAU team sign scholarships

Members of Georgia Metros AAU team to sign college scholarships:

Emery Buckner (Mountain View HS) – Air Force Academy

Jasmine Camp (Chamblee HS) – Stanford University

Shakeyla Carrington (Grayson HS) – Coffeyville Community College

Aneesha Daniels (Redan HS) – University of Alabama

Jazmine Goss (Pickens HS) – Piedmont College

Jen Heider (Marist School) – Bucknell University

Tina Odume (South Gwinnett HS) – University of Auburn – Montgomery

Brooke Satterfield (North Oconee HS) – Valdosta State University

Tishal Turknett (Lakeside HS – Augusta) – Erskine College

Sharesse Williams (Buford HS) Young Harris College

Bria Young (Collins Hill HS) – Kennesaw State University

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Prepstar Watcher

May 28th, 2011
1:12 pm

This should end rumors that Metros AAU program is on decline.


May 29th, 2011
4:18 am

Where is Hewitt fan?
You must be the recruiting God you think you are because Ga Tech didn’t get a SINGLE ATL Celtic to sign.


May 29th, 2011
4:20 am

AAU kids need to GRADUATE to be on the RISE. Any Bro Baller can get in school, but can they stay and get better? That is the issue. Well, that and not getting caught already having an AGENT all up in their rear ends.
I have not heard but did McCray ( AAU ATL CELTICS Coach and Pres.) get the College coaching job at UCLA ( I think)?
NO? WHY not? Everybody thinks he is a GREAT Basketball Mind and they want the IN to his kids.


May 30th, 2011
2:08 am

This is the problem with high school basketball right here. Kids care more about AAU ball than high school ball. And before you bash me, I have years of high school head coaching experience and I remember the days when AAU was secondary.

Prepstar Watcher

May 30th, 2011
8:00 am

That’s because AAU coaches promise to help the kids get scholarships. HS coaches will tell a kid it is not his job to get you one, which is true.


May 30th, 2011
8:35 am

Not sure if you guys realize, but the Metros is a girls organization. For all the AAU bashers, you must realize that the girls face far better competition during the AAU season which helps improve their games when they return to School ball. They also get to match up against girls from all over the oountry adn yes my daughters 13u coach has told his team that it’s his job to help get them ALL a scholarship. I don’t see an issue with that.

GA Tech

May 30th, 2011
7:27 pm

20% scholarships just to keep playing is laughable. YOU paying $40k out of packet just so your kid can continue his little league dream? HAHAHAHA. What if he can’t find a real job when he gets out? Coach a summer team of losers like he was? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH.

GA Tech

May 30th, 2011
7:35 pm

Georgia Metros are a lower brand of baseball. Notice how NONE of them comitted to GA Tech. Just sayin. You parents need to take one step back and try to seek some reality.

A. T.

May 31st, 2011
4:57 am

Thank you vernc,
Was thinking the same thing. If you’re going to comment, at least read the article/post.

K From Da Wood

May 31st, 2011
10:00 am

@A.T and vernc…I am glad that you both actually know what the post is about. I am glad that you pointed out that out. I coach girls last year and the competition during the summer is super intense and these girls have no choice but to improve. Congrats to all the young lady’s that earned scholarships. That’s what the entire summer basketball is about. As for the rest of the comments on this post, you are the epitome of ignorance and should be banned from posting especially if you know nothing about the topic. If you can’t just congratulate a kid for an outstanding achievement, how disappointing is your life?


May 31st, 2011
10:40 am

Congrats to all the young ladies above. AAU basketball is way more important then high school. Because that is where these kids get exposure to colleges and an opportunity to get scholarships. These scholarships are full rides and give kids opportunities to continue doing something they love. Who cares if they done go to GA Tech or UGA the world is bigger then those schools. I have been around the AAU circuit for a while following my little sister and so I know how hard these girls work to follow their dreams. The Metros are a very good organization, but so are the GA Pistols,AOT Lady Rebels, GA Elite, GA Hoopstars etc… All these programs have kids with scholarships to play at the next level. Playing for the Pistols is has gotten my sister a chance to play at the Univeristy of Clemson next year and her high school had nothing to do with that. So stop hating on these young ladies and congradulate them.


May 31st, 2011
5:08 pm

Congratulations to these young ladies! Using their talents for a college scholarship is part of the American dream. The could not have gotten into these schools unless they were ’student athletes’.

Hit A Single

June 1st, 2011
8:26 am

Prepstar watcher – How about not profiling. I know of many high school coaches that help kids get scholarships. AAU takes too much credit for this. I went to Orlando and an AAU team walked by me and smelt like a brewery. I wanted to ask the coach who was in control. I agree there are some AAU coaches that do a great job. The trouble is all they hunt are the studs. Why don’t they help the borderline kids like many high school coaches do.


June 2nd, 2011
12:09 pm

Most fans have no idea what college basketball coach’s ask for when they are recruiting. One thing they ask for is what AAU team do you play for? and the coach’s name? High school basketball have no system for ranking these kids so stop blaming AAU. The problem is the colleges want your kid but don’t want to pay them, its a different kind of slavery. The athlete do all the hard work and the school keep all the ‘$$$$$$$$’ Getting an education doesn’t always pay the bills at home but the college coach’s makes millions. Why is that? YOU DO THE MATH!

road dawg

June 3rd, 2011
9:45 am

I agree that aau basketball is helping young ladies in receiving scholarship. The HS coaches are in fear that aau coaches are gaining to much power, you empowered them with your negativity. In our day and time we need all avenues to help our youth. But you are an educator who is close-mined to fact that the times have change. You might need to consider change yourself, but I do agree that some aau coaches do abuse their relationship or ties to the college coaches. I believe both are need in this day and time to help our youth. And to the who don’t understand why the Ga. Metros are hype this up. They are declining this is a calculated attempt to misled the public they are the top program. A great use of the media! They know that people believe what they see in writing. I am not saying these young didn’t earn these scholarship, but what I am saying that some of these kids are not all Ga Metro kids. Aneesha Daniel played with the Celtics for years with the exception of the last summer of rising senior year. So what I mean is that she knew and had verbal committed to Alabama before she started playing for them. A little strange thing is to take credit for someone who aide this kid in the recruiting before playing the Metro. But this is dirty side of aau basketball all programs are not like the Metro. So in summation I would to give a word advice be care of what you read it is not always what it appears. This is not personal but an eye opener.


June 4th, 2011
10:14 am

As a girls high school basketball coach myself in the state of Florida, I see that this is a no win situation for the high school coach. Many of my kids would rather play AAU ball with a bunch of girls they dont know because coaches are telling them that their programs are better and that they can improve them better all while giving them a better chance at getting in college. the way I see it, you either got it or you dont! I can barely field a summer team because some of my girls who are decent players and their parents fell into the hype of some of these AAU coaches telling them they are 5 star recruits. The truth is everything is motivated by money. I feel like my 3 players who are off playing or riding the bench for their AAU teams would be better off playing for their school team in the summer. Its really bed here in Florida because the AAU coach has filtered into the high school which means the AAU team now becomes a high school team and thats when all of the recruiting takes place. I dont do this job for the prestige nor am i a ego maniac like a lot of coaches. I always tell the kids and the parents, do whatever is best for you. I just try to coach up the kids I have and that where i get my fullfillment!

BBall Coach

June 10th, 2011
4:16 pm

I think there is a balance to be had here. I believe that some AAU organizations are there for the right reasons but some are in it to make money. The ideal situation is for the high school and the AAU coach to work together for he best interest of the player. In the article you had the Williams kids listed from Buford. I have a hard time believing that Coach Durden wasnt involved in the process of heloing her also attain that scholarship. There are some things the AAU coach can do that the high school coach can not and there are some things the High School coach can do that the AAU coach can not. The bottom line is though that is if the parent and player does not do their part there is nothing either of the coaches can do.

Perhaps You're Missing the Picture?

June 13th, 2011
12:59 am

the only things i see is an announcement of athletes signing to go to college. no one has taken credit for doing anything outside of announcing the good news. – i believe if history serves correct – other teams have done the same – – without so many negative comments – it’s amazing what happens when adults can take a simple announcement and change it into something completely unrelated. $.02


July 1st, 2011
3:04 pm

Your story was really informative, tkahns!


July 2nd, 2011
4:31 am


August 1st, 2011
3:07 pm