2011 Georgia High School Basketball Tournament: Talk semifinals and state championship games

Norcross (in white) advances to the Class AAAAA state finals after beating Valdosta. Photo: Jason Getz / AJC
Norcross (in white) advances to the Class AAAAA state finals after beating Valdosta. Photo: Jason Getz / AJC

The 2011 state high school basketball tourney is ON.

AJC high schools beat writer Michael Carvell will take your questions about high school basketball and related topics.

We are here to talk hoops, hoops and more hoops. Going to a game? Take the cellphone or PDA and let us know what’s going on. Got a score update or a shout-out? Keep it clean and POST IT HERE.

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Girls updates | Boys updates


2011 Georgia State Tournament brackets



Class A Boys final: Wilkinson County finishes season unbeaten, champions

Class A Girls final: Wesleyan’s dominance continues with eighth title since 2002

Class AA Boys final: GACS blows out rival Buford in championship

Class AA Girls final: Buford takes third consecutive state title with win over GACS

Class AAA Boys final: Another championship for Columbia, the school’s fourth in six seasons

Class AAA Girls final: Hot shooting keeps Washington County perfect for season

Photos from Macon



Class AAAAA Boys final: Norcross’ fourth-quarter comeback makes it a Blue Devils sweep in AAAAA

Class AAAAA Boys final: Blog – Biggest state championship upset ever?

Class AAAAA Girls final: Strong second quarter makes it back-to-back championships for Norcross

Class AAAAA Girls final: Photos

Class AAAA Boys final: Miller Grove wins third straight title, topping Rockdale Co.

Class AAAA Boys final: Photos

Class AAAA Girls final: Fayette Co. beats Forest Park to take ‘big cup’

Class AAAA Girls final: Photos

Wheelchair final: Atlanta Wolfpack wins title


Class AAA boys: Columbia defeats Eagle’s Landing


Boys: Milton vs. Tift County
Girls: McEachern vs. Mill Creek
Boys: Norcross vs. Valdosta
Girls: Norcross vs. Campbell

Boys: Milton pummels Tift County
Girls: McEachern tops Mill Creek
Boys: Norcross bests Valdosta
Girls: Norcross defeats Campbell

Boys: Buford upsets Laney

Who’s the slammin-est dunker in Metro Atlanta? Click here to find out who won our contest. Then watch the video in the blog to see why he’s this year’s champ.

Talk hoops: Make your predictions now. Who will claim those state basketball crowns?

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Fly McFaddin

March 9th, 2011
4:48 pm

I don’t think you can shock anybody once you are down to the Semis. Dumb

GA Sports Fan

March 9th, 2011
4:56 pm

Buford High School has one of the best sports programs in the state. Would love to see them move up to AAA/AAAA for better competition.

Another Voice

March 9th, 2011
5:11 pm

Jan Azar – with another win, will she be the coach with the most state championships? How many would be ahead of her?


March 9th, 2011
5:12 pm

GA Sports Fan, How about Buford High School has one of the best recruiting sports programs in the state.

Class A

March 9th, 2011
5:23 pm

Anyone know the scores coming out of Macon? I believe the games started at 4pm today.

AJC Sports

March 9th, 2011
5:36 pm

Thanks for that fascinating insight, Fly. And how many top seeds aren’t even in this year’s tournament because they were bounced in upsets? Just saying.

Now. Moving on… We added the Score Atlanta girls and boys scoreboards to the blog. We’ll also be adding photos and stories as the evening rolls on.


March 9th, 2011
6:03 pm

Wow. Wesleyan girls by 37. Jan Azar has got a good bunch again this year and only one senior on the team.

Fly McFaddin

March 9th, 2011
7:04 pm


“Talk hoops: Which teams are about to SHOCK THE WORLD in semis?” That was your header.
You said “about” meaning future, as in these games today and tommrrow, so my comment is on point.

Big Tony was just too much for Jonesboro

Maybe FC can Shock the World…..or will Rockdale Shock the World!!!!???!!!


March 9th, 2011
7:04 pm

Wilkinson County 66 – Greenville and Kentavious Coldwell-Pope 48
Way to go Warriors

Titletown Fan

March 9th, 2011
7:11 pm

Big ups to the Valdosta Wildcats and Tift Blue Devils for repping Region 15A in hoops this year. Proof positive that we produce athletes in South Georgia.

Todd Holcomb

March 9th, 2011
7:20 pm

”I don’t think you can shock anybody once you are down to the Semis.”

There could be several shocks in the semis. It’s naive to think we have the best four teams in each classification at this point. The draws were hardly balanced.

“‘Jan Azar – with another win, will she be the coach with the most state championships? How many would be ahead of her?”"

I might be able to look that up. Stay tuned.

Todd Holcomb

March 9th, 2011
7:36 pm

re: Azar – She’s going for No. 8, right?

I’m looking through a list that I have from 2007. The list is primarily the work of Becky Taylor, who headed up the Georgia Basketball Project and researched the state bkb tournament back to its 1922 origins, and a friend named Don Briscoe, who did a good bit of the coaches research and is now one of the finest fastpitch umpires anywhere.

Alvin Copeland won 5 state girls titles. I mention him b/c he’s in his final season at NE Macon and led them to the Final Four this year in his last hurrah. Several coaches have won five, though. D.B. Carroll won five, the last in 1959 w/ Forsyth County. Ever heard of him? So did Bob Davis w/ Baxley and Dodge.

Moving along … Donald “Duck” Richardson won 7 at SW Macon (boys). … Lipscomb and Boyd have five. …

Eric “Fesser” Staples won eight at Perry (boys). One of those teams had Sam Nunn on it. “Fesser” was short for Professor, btw.

John Varnedoe won five. Who’s he? Why, he was coach of Savannah High’s boys in the ’30s. You should know that.

Kenneth Ross won six at Murray County & College Park (boys) in the ’60s and ’70s.

Matt Troutman of Taylor County’s girls has five titles, last one in 2003.

N.P. Malcom of Seminole County won six girls titles (last in 1969). Jan passed N.P. last season.

Norman Carter won seven at Taylor County and Butler, but only six were girls titles. Jan has passed him, at least in girls titles. Carter was the coach during the 132-game winning steak. Retired young or he might have 15 titles by now.

I’m running out of coaches. Valdosta’s Rufus McDuffie won five at Mitchell-County (boys).

The late Willie Boston won six at Westover (boys).

Wait, here we go: the all-time champ — Selby Buck of Lanier won 13! Those were boys champs, though.

Looks like Jan already has more titles than any girls coach in GA history.

AJC Sports

March 9th, 2011
7:46 pm

Wow… Thanks, Todd. Pretty cool history lesson there. Jan Azar has passed A.C. McCullers at Morrow, huh? Those were dominant girls teams back in the day.

Todd Holcomb

March 9th, 2011
7:57 pm

McCullers won four – 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993. I believe those were in the highest classification, making it all the more impressive. Only other coach w/ that many girls titles in the highest class was Charles Cooper of Lowndes (1977-80), all consecutively.

Another Voice

March 9th, 2011
8:55 pm

Jan’s an exceptional coach and teacher. Wesleyan is lucky to have her on the staff in both roles.

Another Voice

March 9th, 2011
9:02 pm

Wesleyan’s website shows that they have 7 championships… at least two were in AA, possibly more.


March 9th, 2011
9:11 pm

Wesleyan played in AA for 6 years. In that time the girls won 4 state championships and were runner up one year. So five state championship game appearances in 6 years and 4 titles. Not bad.


March 9th, 2011
9:15 pm

Rockdale 28 fayette 21 3:00 left in the 1st half!


March 9th, 2011
9:20 pm

Does McEachern girls have a better chance to make it to the finals than Campbell???

marietta fan

March 9th, 2011
9:21 pm

even though charlie hood only won 2 championships, i still think he has to be one of the best coaches ever at least on the boys side, especially after winning 715 games and only losing 284 in 37 years


March 9th, 2011
9:24 pm

RockdAle up by 11 at halftime.. 35-24! Kevin ware 12 points to lead all scorers

Chris Beckham

March 9th, 2011
9:36 pm

I think Cooper’s streak at Lowndes of consecutive wins at Lowndes (125 I think) is the most underrated record in the state. Ironically it started after a loss to Valdosta and ended with a loss to Valdosta.


March 9th, 2011
9:54 pm

Rockdale up 56-41 over fayette heading to the 4th!


March 9th, 2011
9:57 pm

Who won the dalton crisp girls game?

NOT all that at Buford

March 9th, 2011
10:13 pm

Buford one of the best sports programs in the State??? Give me a break. The Director’s Cup is the measurement of the overall quality of a school’s sports programs. Buford is no where to be found in this competition – constantly dusted by Westminster, Lovett, GAC, and Blessed Trinity. These are the four schools that own AA and have truly well rounded, highly competitive programs. Buford, good football, good girls softball, occassionally good at basketball, and then that is it. Football alone does not define a school’s sports program. Buford could not compete at AAA or higher. They cannot even dominate AA.

AJC Sports

March 9th, 2011
10:25 pm

Looks like Rockdale shocked somebody’s world after all.

Melvin Flowers Jr.

March 9th, 2011
10:26 pm

Why Should Anyone Pay $7.00 To Park A Car To See Your Child Play A High School Game.
At The Macon Coliseum You Will Pay, And Pay Dearly.
Its $10.00 Dollars To Get In. At The Arena In Gwinett The Parking Is Free.
Gas Is Higher Than Ever, We Need A Break And Soon. Parking Should Be Free In Macon Too.


March 9th, 2011
10:30 pm

hahahahaha………….terrell wins never dobut the little guys out

DeKalb BB-Fan

March 9th, 2011
10:53 pm

Please, I am begging bloggers don’t start that Rockdale upset Miller Grove talk because it’s not gon to happen, I didn’t say it could not happen but it won’t so hatas you need not start.

Rockdale barley got a win over Fayette ans it would have just been unfair for Miller GRove to play Fayette in the Finals.

This is what all you boys in Bulldog Nation wanted a re-match from November Miller Grove won by 22 but Friday it will be by 12. Rememebr I said it first.


March 9th, 2011
11:00 pm

Todd, I hate to tell you, but Kenneth Ross from Murray County never coached at College Park. He spent his entire career in the Murray County school system. He did win 3 state championships at Murray County, 1960, 1962 and 1969. He gave up coaching for a few years to serve as AD for Murray County schools system, but returned and coached a couple of more years late in his career.

just a question

March 9th, 2011
11:03 pm


just a question

March 9th, 2011
11:06 pm



March 9th, 2011
11:09 pm

Terrell Co. 66 Whitefield Acad. 63

Congratulations to the Greenwave!!


March 9th, 2011
11:11 pm

Just a question, we won without Parker & it has been done twice without Brooks. Team player no counting on “Ware” to save us. See ya Friday.

Rockdale won’t win if they bring their “A” game………..


March 9th, 2011
11:25 pm

its gone be a good game.. not gona say who will win but this is the best matchup for miller grove.. i must say the other teams that were thought to be a challenge for miller grove either got blowed out by them or beat by rockdale.. and tony parker had 19 points to lead miller grove so how did they win without him?? im just asking.

just a question

March 9th, 2011
11:38 pm



March 10th, 2011
1:07 am

mceachern takes the AAAAA title for the girls, watch.

Fly McFaddin

March 10th, 2011
4:53 am

Yep, the #3 (really #2) team in the state sure shocked FC. Wow, I bet they NEVER saw that coming.

Rockdale is on a serious roll, but the score from their first match-up w MG gives me pause.

Just a Question………..what happened in that game earlier in the year? The way Rock is playing now, I’m not seeing a MG blowout

Another Voice

March 10th, 2011
6:48 am

Once again, we have to travel to Macon to watch another all-Atlanta final. Wesleyan vs. Pace. Gas, plus parking plus GHSA ticket price. All so we can play in a facility that reeks of puke and urine. The french fries are great, though …


March 10th, 2011
6:51 am

NOT all that at Buford–Good take –but Buford does have 10 rings in four years–And maybe some more this year…

Dont 4Get Rockdale

March 10th, 2011
7:59 am

Rockdale will beat Miller Grove with Henry Brooks out Friday!!

Just a question

March 10th, 2011
8:06 am

FLY it was a few things in that game, coaching was not what you needed it to be but its gotten better. The refs seemed a bit bios in that game as well, unfortunately there is bad blood between the teams and there has been altecations 2 of the last 3 games. hopefully both teams are allowed to play and we can let the kids decide, It will be a great game.


March 10th, 2011
8:40 am

Regarding: Another Voice- We in south Georgia say to you- “Cry me a River”- Valdosta & Tift Co. fans are having to travel 3 1/2 – 5 hours to a supposedly neutral site, The Gwinett Arena. Having been to the Gwinnett Arena, the aroma smells much worse than what you smelled in Macon. Check out the costs in Gwinett. Oh, and beware, check out the food scores at Gwinnett Arena. It will scare you. No wonder their rest rooms smell horrible.


March 10th, 2011
8:47 am

We need a winner take all championship. Azar has a team that averages 40 to 50 point victories against poorly coached and poorly fundamental teams in A and has to go outside the state for real competition. Only games with Buford or Norcross or maybe GAC have any real meaning in state. Just give Wesleyan the Class A trophy every year and put them in 5A for some interesting games.

The GHSA is a joke in basketball. Let teams play UP in classification in any sport they want too. I know Azar would love to compete in 5A or wherever. No gonads at the GHSA, just terrible management. Wow!

Dont 4Get Rockdale

March 10th, 2011
8:52 am

Enter your comments here

Dont 4Get Rockdale

March 10th, 2011
8:54 am

Ready to see this Freshman from Tift Co… I hear he is the TRUTH!!!

MGHS alum

March 10th, 2011
8:59 am

Mike, Tony Parker missed a game at the beginning of the season with a competitive team and MG still won, and you can bet that Friday he won’t be held to 3 points like someone else we know!!

Dont 4get Rockdale, Henry Brooks was an essential player to this team but he is not a win or lose factor just like every team can be beaten every player can be substitutued.

At the rate that Rockdale struggled on Wednesday, there is no way Fayette County should have come back within 2 and Rockdale barley won. Not to take anything from Fayette that was poor coaching Alvin.

Rockdale fans talk about this dunkfest performance that the bulldogs had last night but keep in mind dunk, layup or jump shot all equals 2-points.

It’s going to be quite interesting to see how amp the bulldogs enter the arena and by 3rd quarter the defeat on their faces.

2nd place is good guys so don’t be too hard on yourselves. It was a good run.

Fly McFaddin

March 10th, 2011
9:06 am

@Just a Q. Thanks for the info.

Wow, Vegas has made the game a, “pick ‘em.” No Henry B makes a difference, but will it be enough?

Just a question

March 10th, 2011
9:34 am

MGHS you must be a comedian one Ref changed the game with 2 ghost goaltending calls and bogus fouls through the 4th qrt. If you think you can just plug and play a kid like brooks you are sadly mistaen. the production has fallen off on bothsides of the ball Coach White has made adjustments but it wont be that easy Friday believe what you will. RED and Black

MGHS alum

March 10th, 2011
9:54 am

We are all enititled to one so think as you may 3-Peat