First basketball rankings: No. 1 Miller Grove proves itself in Myrtle Beach

There’s on old cliche that says you make your most improvement between the first and second week. That’s the goal in this, the first AJC basketball rankings of the season.

I’m not saying they stink or anything, but with your feedback, they should be impeccable next week. Have at it.

Anyway, how about Miller Grove’s boys? They are No. 3 nationally, per USA Today, and won the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach, S.C., last week. Tony Parker was tournament MVP, averaging 20.3 points and 19.7 rebounds. He had 27 rebounds in one game.

Here’s a wrapup of the c’ship game, a 79-58 victory over Boys & Girls High of New York.

Miller Grove (12-0) has wins over the No. 1 team in AAAAA (Milton) and AAA (Columbia). Nice to see Georgia’s best going head-to-head.

Speaking of Milton (11-2), the Eagles beat Florida champion Winter Park 75-60 last week at Centennial. Julian Royal had 19 points and Dai-Jon Parker had 18. Winter Park’s Austin Rivers – thought by some to be the No. 1 high school player in the country – had 31. Milton still maintains some national rankings.

On the girls side, No. 1 Norcross lost for the first time this season, 56-52 to California’s Troy in the semifinals of the Crescent Bank Invitational in Myrtle Beach, S.C., but remains undefeated against Georgia teams.

Wesleyan, No. 1 in Class A, also was undefeated heading to Myrtle Beach before losing to Spring Valley, S.C., 62-44 in the semifinals and then falling to Norcross 58-57. That game was just before Christmas. Norcross was down 1 with seconds to play and Diamond DeShields missed, but Shiala Cooper rebounded and was fouled, then hit two FT’s to win it in a game between reigning GA state champs.


1. Milton
2. Wheeler
3. Campbell
4. South Gwinnett
5. North Gwinnett
6. Collins Hill
7. Peachtree Ridge
8. Norcross
9. Shiloh
10. Savannah

Class AAAA
1. Miller Grove
2. Sequoyah
3. Lovejoy
4. Fayette County
5. Tucker
6. Hardaway
7. Rockdale County
8. Chattahoochee
9. Jonesboro
10. Bainbridge

Class AAA
1. Columbia
2. Washington County
3. Carrollton
4. Monroe
5. Troup
6. Monroe Area
7. Gainesville
8. West Hall
9. Drew
10. Washington

Class AA
1. Greater Atlanta Christian
2. South Atlanta
3. Thomasville
4. Laney
5. East Hall
6. Dodge County
7. Buford
8. Vidalia
9. Rockmart
10. Union County

Class A
1. Whitefield Academy
2. Wilkinson County
3. Terrell County
4. Wilcox County
5. Paideia
6. Pace Academy
7. Wesleyan
8. Providence Christian
9. Lanier County
10. North Cobb Christian


1. Norcross
2. Hillgrove
3. Milton
4. North Cobb
5. Brookwood
6. Campbell
7. Etowah
8. Lowndes
9. Stephenson
10. Roswell

Class AAAA
1. Madison County
2. Southwest DeKalb
3. Redan
4. Fayette County
5. Chamblee
6. Douglas County
7. Forest Park
8. Creekview
9. Northwest Whitfield
10. Alcovy

Class AAA
1. Washington County
2. Columbia
3. Dalton
4. Walnut Grove
5. Eastside
6. Chestatee
7. Carrollton
8. Westover
9. LaGrange
10. Hephzibah

Class AA
1. Buford
2. Kendrick
3. Vidalia
4. Rabun County
5. Fannin County
6. Laney
7. Northeast-Macon
8. Greater Atlanta Christian
9. Decatur
10. North Oconee

Class A
1. Wesleyan
2. SW Atlanta Christian
3. St. Francis
4. Taylor County
5. Pace Academy
6. Savannah Christian
7. Bryan County
8. Holy Innocents’
9. Athens Academy
10. Darlington

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January 2nd, 2011
6:51 pm

Norcross boys should be ranked #1. They have the most talent and are the best coached. Just bad luck and the victim of bad officiating this year. They will win it all in AAAAA. They are also better than Miller Grove.

Wwheeler is a joke. No PG.


January 2nd, 2011
8:00 pm

Columbia boys won the Abry’s Classic.They defeated Urspring from Germany.


January 2nd, 2011
8:02 pm

Arby’s Classic (correct spelling)

Todd Holcomb

January 2nd, 2011
8:44 pm

Curiousmind: Thanks for pointing that out about Columbia. … If I’m reading the story correctly online, sophomore Tahl Shamsid-Deen scored 24 points and had 4 assists in Columbia’s 52-36 victory over a German team called Urspring in the c’ship game in Bristol, Tenn. “We couldn’t hold him in front of us,” the German coach told the Bristol News. In the SF, Columbia beat Mentor of Ohio 80-73 in overtime. Jhoustin Thomas scored 21 for columbia in that one. Mentor made 15 3’s in that game.

Todd Holcomb

January 2nd, 2011
8:47 pm

“Norcross boys should be ranked #1. They have the most talent and are the best coached.”

You’re not the first I’ve heard that from, that Norcross could be the team to beat in the end. But can’t rank them there given their losses to four teams above them.

Mike Parker

January 2nd, 2011
8:54 pm

@TheBlueDeegs…This is high school basketball, not pro. Please hold you comments on bashing a 16 year old PG. I know the Wheeler PG. He is a fine student and player. I am sure a lot better than you sorry @$$. Keep it classy…idiot.

Tech Grad.

January 2nd, 2011
9:18 pm

NORCROSS ??Not well coached–Did you see the game Friday night? The coach lost it not the player.And yes they have the most TALENT__so why not win?(I’am a Blue Devil Grad)

Atlanta Hoops Fan

January 2nd, 2011
10:34 pm

I remember earlier this year prior to the MGHS – Milton game folks were commenting on who’s the best pointguard in the state….and the consensus was that S. Scott of Milton was far superior to T. Marshall of Miller Grove and any other pointguard in the state. Well I’ve had a chance to see them play on several occassion…and honestly, the more I watch T. Marshall of Miller Grove, the more I’m impressed. He is THE MOST underated PG in the state of GA. He can do it all and has consistently done it all year against the some of the best…..without Marshall, Miller Grove would not have one a single game at the Beach Ball Classic….period…and may not not be a top 25 team…..the bigs get the glory, but this kid runs the show, defends, rebounds, leads the team in assist and steals and is the perfect fit for their system….and from what I hear has not recieved ANY scholarship offers yet….wow I think he’s a solid Mid/Low Major candidate… college scout guys are missing out on a good…..


January 2nd, 2011
10:36 pm

Looks like AAA Boys and Girls are a Columbia/WACO tango thus far…


January 2nd, 2011
11:09 pm

so tony parkers 20 and 20 games had nothing to do with them winning at the beach ball? In only one game he had more assists then turnovers

January 2nd, 2011
11:26 pm

Atlanta Hoops Fan

January 2nd, 2011
11:48 pm

To burrr’s response….yes not understating Parker’s importance or any other player on the this teams importance to their success….but if you watched the videos….Marshall was the primary ballhandler for this team….NOBODY esle can handle it as efficiently…his turnovers came from folks missing his passes…not from him throwing the ball away….he made two primary pressing teams (Douglas & Boys and Girls) back out of their primary defenses and play man-to-man. the kid played 98 out of a total 104 min….so yes I say again…Marshall is on of THE most important pieces in this Miller Grove machine…

MC 12

January 2nd, 2011
11:51 pm

Arbys Classic had a love affair with Mentor high school out of Ohio. They wanted them to be in the championship game, the officiating was horrible. One game in particular the foul count was 32 to 12. Mill creek went up 10 points on them in the first quarter and they started calling phanton fouls to keep Mentor in the game. They were a good team (#9 in the country) but you could see the intention. The most obvious occurrence was a player from Mentor received the tournament MVP and they did”nt even play in the championship game. When have you ever seen that happen before? Taj should have won the award, he out played the Mentor player when they beat them in the semi final game. The local paper even called them out on their choice.


January 3rd, 2011
12:10 am

ok he didnt come out alot, but to say the team wouldn’t win the tournament if it wasn’t for him, is a bit of a reach because Parker is THE MOST important player on the team. Morris also was a member of the all tournament team; however i see you brought this up in another article are you trying to build the argument marshall is better than scott or just trying to hype marshall up?


January 3rd, 2011
9:22 am

Well considered they represent four or five diffrent counties, I guess u can call them an international team


January 3rd, 2011
9:37 am

What about the Girls at Arlington Christian. They have not lost a game in TWO years. How are they not number one?


January 3rd, 2011
9:56 am

OK, i have to jump in on the T. Marshall from MGHS comments. Lets put it this way, Miller Grove has a team where the pieces compliment each other. No one player is more important than the others, i would say overall yes Parker is a very important piece, but everyone else compliments each other very well. I would not go as far as to say Marshall is better than Scott, but it also depends on what you are looking for, but he is perfect for Miller Grove, and looking at the web cast from the Beach Ball, MGHS could not have won without his play. It is amazing that i didn’t see his name on the ALl Tournament team, but then again i didn’t see the other PG’s at the tournament either. I think he would be a steal for any program looking for a PG, not a combo but a PG.

Hey Todd

January 3rd, 2011
10:33 am

How about those girls in south fulton county at Arlington Christian. 2 Yrs without a loss. What do you have them ranked.

High School BBall 101

January 3rd, 2011
10:55 am

Well put AJCHEAD…


January 3rd, 2011
12:27 pm

Savannah High no way deserves to be in top ten. You must haven’t seen them play. I dont know who does the rankings.


January 3rd, 2011
1:41 pm

Arlington Christian does not play in the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). They play in the the little rinky dink GISA.

Hey Thoroughbred

January 3rd, 2011
1:55 pm

Give em a call. They will play anyone, anywhere. Your team scared? “Lady” Grooms will bring the pain.


January 3rd, 2011
2:19 pm

Let me just say this, there are a lot of players out there playing for these little schools that are never seen, and some have the same skills as the Milton, Wheeler, and Miller Grove players. People need to follow some of these other schools. There is some real talent in some A A and A schools that go unnoticed by the papers and colleges. So people let,s spread the love around.


January 3rd, 2011
2:28 pm

Where is SWD boys they look pretty good


January 3rd, 2011
3:00 pm

@Hey Thoroughbred, it’s definitely against both associations’ by-laws to play against each other in a sanctioned game, as in a GHSA team vs. a GISA team.

Also, anyone looking at these polls and wondering why a GISA team is not on here tells me they are new to the concept of Georgia high school sports entirely


January 3rd, 2011
3:05 pm

Quick question? Didn’t Miller Grove spank Milton? Well, Miller Grove’s PG is better!!!!!


January 3rd, 2011
3:08 pm

I was looking at Miami-Duke last night and when they introduced former Wheeler star Daquan Jones they said he was from Stone Mountain but Wheeler is in Cobb. I am beginning to understand some parents anger over kids playing for their schools and not living in the area. AJC coverage is northside biased even thought the best 2 teams in the state are in south dekalb


January 3rd, 2011
3:31 pm

@just my opinon, you sound stupid milton spanked winter parker so is dai-jon parker better than austin rivers?


January 3rd, 2011
4:52 pm

I agree with the statement AJC coverage is Northside biased.


January 3rd, 2011
5:49 pm

@ Mike Parker: All As and a perfect SAT score are great and to be commended, but they have nothing to do with turnovers, the ability to defend and shot selection. Especially a representative certain last shot in a certain recent one point loss to a certain NY team. Dougie should have used his recruiting capital on a PG instead of wings.


January 3rd, 2011
5:50 pm

Wesleyan girls (#1 in A) losing to AAAAA Norcross by a single point. Can there be a better run program in the state?


January 3rd, 2011
5:54 pm

GHSA is like the NCAA. Its all about money. Maybe you dont understand the system or are blind. Either way GO ACS!


January 3rd, 2011
6:07 pm

No one is going to beat the Milton boys in the AAAAA tournament unless they lose one or two top guys to fluke injuries. Those guys have been playing together for three years. If they lose to another team in Georgia the rest of the year it will be a major upset. Not saying it’s impossible, but it will definitely be an upset. Also, nice to see Roswell’s girls in the rankings.

cartersville bball fan

January 3rd, 2011
6:54 pm

Class AAAA needs to look at woodland hs in cartersville, they are 10-2 and should be 11-1 but losing to the refs and seqouyah by a 46 -5 free throw advantage and 6 technicals that game should not even be allowed. But revenge will be accomplished when they come to cartersville.


January 3rd, 2011
6:57 pm

@ G-Dub…

Did the thought ever occur that he was born in Stone Mountain and moved to Cobb County?


January 3rd, 2011
6:59 pm

@ G-Dub…

Also, to say the best teams are in S. Dekalb is a bit shaky…the last what, 9-10 state championships in the 5A came from the northside…between Wheeler, Norcross, and Milton right?


January 3rd, 2011
7:21 pm

It is true that Woodland has a very good team. That is just total bull crap about the losing because of refs. It was a tough fought game on both ends and if the players for Woodland would play ball and keep the trash talk and whining to a minimum, the technicals would not have been an issue. As for the free throw difference, when you foul as much as Woodland did, you have to expect you will send the other team to the free throw line. I guess the other 13 wins were because of the referees as well?


January 3rd, 2011
8:03 pm

@G-Dub, I am with you. GHSA will never address the recruiting thing. There are a lot of kids from Norcross, Wheeler, and CHS that are illegal. I mean, come on man, ha ha. What about sitting out one year? People got made at lebron for leaving, when kids around Ga do it all the time. I mean I coach the kids at my school. Last month a parent from Northeast ga stated she is getting phone calls for her son to attend a popular school in Cobb County. So these coaches are afraid to work and put the time in a develop their program. Its cheating, but we report Cam newton and Brett favre and look at them as what they are doing are wrong. Wrong is Wrong


January 3rd, 2011
8:46 pm

The girls from Allatoona will be ranked soon enough. They are not now due to a couple of tough losses due to illness and injury, they lost 3 games with only 6 girls on the bench! They have everyone back now, should be fun to watch.


January 3rd, 2011
11:50 pm

Fin, did it ever occur to you that he lived in Stone Mountain and Dougie provided the BOGUS Cobb County address he used to get into Wheeler.


January 4th, 2011
8:43 am

@Fin just like Lawal at Norcross was i ntroduced at Tech being from Colleg Park it just seem odd that all these good bball players are born all over the metro area but all end up going to 2 or three different schools. Also Miller Grove and Columbia can beat any team in 5A 4A 3A 2A A ABC it don’t matter, ask Milton about S. Dekalb oh and don’t sleep on SWD while you’re bull-ishing


January 4th, 2011
10:27 am

@Fin Miller Grove spanked Milton and SWD spanked Norcross…NEXT!!!!!!!!

WheelerFan #2

January 4th, 2011
12:44 pm

oh great zone3 is here to shut this blog down with this typical transfer nonsense that nobody cares about….dequan went to wheeler so he could win a state title…gani went to norcross to win state titles….accept it and move on with your life

Metro ATL bball

January 4th, 2011
1:01 pm

Fin… It is evident the best ball teams reside in DeKalb. Yes, Norcross and Milton has been dominating Class 5A, DeKalb has been doing this since the early 2000’s. Since 2007, Class AAAA State Champion has come from Region 6: Columbia 2006, Tucker 2007, Columbia 2008, Miller Grove 2009, 2010. Not to mention Cross Keys 2002 (2A), Dunwoody 2005, 2006 (3A) and Columbia 2010 (3A). I also can mention how the girls programs have been dominating in recent year’s also.
For the record, Dequan Jones (Stone Mountain, GA) finished his final two season’s at Wheeler, but played for Stone Mountain High School. Gani Lawal, played at Norcross, but played his first two season’s at Riverdale.


January 5th, 2011
10:26 am

I wathched Jonesboro play Morrow last night at Jonesboro High. I can’t say that I was impressed at all. It saddens me to watch games where the fundamentals are so lacking. Whatever happened to the two-handed-over the head entry pass into the post? What about actually posting-up? Chest passes against zones, etc…..6′8″ against 6′2″ in the post with no help…..Post this guy up…seal him off behind you and stop asking for the lob pass which is so predictable. Maybe it was the jet-lag from the return trip from Puerta Rico? Who knows? What I did not see were a bunch of young guys not “thinking the game”. For instance, Jonesboro’s James White had three fouls early and was never challenged in the post. Clearly Morrow’s game plan was to penetrate (pass/drive) and kick to their shooters, however, when the Morrow post players received the entry passes, they never attacked Jonesboro’s White who has trouble blocking shots without fouling.

Finally, is anyone else frustrated with the terrible officiating at these high school games, or am I the only one? I have watched volleyball, football, basketball, and even soccer games and I am very disappointed with the quality of the officiating!

Just my two cents

[...]  Miller Grove has emerged as the top dog.  They are the #1 ranked AAAA team in Georgia and have already beaten the top ranked teams in the AAAAA (Milton) and AAA (Columbia) divisions.  Additionally, they ran through a solid field at the Beach Ball Classic after [...]


January 5th, 2011
12:48 pm

some teams dont realize you can have to much talent–they will never come together–and if you have good coaching he will find a way for them to come together–Norcross


January 5th, 2011
2:55 pm

is rod booker still on norcross roster?

Real Talk

January 6th, 2011
3:03 pm

@ Alpo

There are people in A schools that have the same talent as Miller Grove and Milton? You need to get out more often, please dont tell me your sons’s small school has Top 100 talent like MG and Milton have. smh

Real Talk

January 6th, 2011
3:08 pm

G-Dub, Dekalb has the best basketball team this year for once….it’s about time. And let me guess you all have the best football too huh? smh