Peach County jumps Sandy Creek to No. 1

First, let’s say there’s no shame in beating Whitewater in close game. Whitewater believes it has its most talented team yet this year. But Sandy Creek-Peach County was nearly a toss-up for the No. 1 ranking in preseason, and a 20-0 victory over Warner Robins is pretty convincing. So let’s put Peach County at No. 1. …

In other news, Georgia swept Alabama in the North Gwinnett double-header, with North Gwinnett and Grayson winning. Also note that Carrollton routed a pretty good Alabama team in Oxford. Eagle’s Landing Christian blew out Florida state champion North Florida Christian.

If not for South Panola hanging 65 points on Colquitt County, we’d have a full round of Georgia football breast-beating today.

I’m eager to see North Gwinnett vs. Crenshaw (Calif.) and Camden County vs. Central Miami (#2 team in USA Today) this week.

Here’s a wrapup of the changes in the rankings this week:

AAAAA – Collins Hill beat Roswell and took Roswell’s place in the Top 10.
AAAA – North Clayton back in, Warner Robins out.
AAA – Peach County jumps Sandy Creek. Carrollton and Ridgeland replace Washington County and Gainesville. St Pius drops five spots.
AA – Callaway replaces Hart County, which tied Franklin County in a lightning-shortened game.
A – Darlington and Holy Innocents’ replace Bowdon and Greenville.

1. Camden County (1-0)
2. Lowndes (2-0)
3. North Gwinnett (2-0)
4. Peachtree Ridge (1-0)
5. Newnan (1-0)
6. Stephenson (1-0)
7. McEachern (0-1)
8. Valdosta (1-0)
9. Brookwood (1-0)
10. Collins Hill (1-0)

Class AAAA
1. Northside-Warner Robins (1-0)
2. Griffin (1-0)
3. Clarke Central (1-0)
4. Tucker (1-0)
5. Thomas County Central (1-0)
6. Hiram (1-0)
7. Marist (1-0)
8. Apalachee (0-0)
9. Kell (1-0)
10. North Clayton (1-0)

Class AAA
1. Peach County (1-0)
2. Sandy Creek (1-0)
3. Cairo (1-0)
4. Westside-Macon (1-0)
5. Baldwin (1-0)
6. North Hall (0-0)
7. Eastside (1-0)
8. Carrollton (1-0)
9. St. Pius (0-1)
10. Ridgeland (1-0)

Class AA
1. Buford (1-0)
2. Carver-Columbus (1-0)
3. Calhoun (1-0)
4. Westminster (1-0)
5. Dublin (1-0)
6. Cook (1-0)
7. Thomasville (1-1)
8. Fitzgerald (1-1)
9. Lovett (0-1)
10. Callaway (1-0)

Class A
1. Charlton County (1-0)
2. Wilcox County (1-0)
3. Wesleyan (1-0)
4. Clinch County (1-0)
5. Savannah Christian (1-0)
6. Lincoln County (0-1)
7. Eagle’s Landing Christian (1-0)
8. Emanuel County Institute (0-1)
9. Darlington (1-0)
10. Holy Innocents’ (1-0)

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August 29th, 2010
5:26 pm

You Have to be Kidding!!

August 29th, 2010
7:21 pm

Valdosta has an UNDER-whelming victory against a AA school and gets ranked?? I guess enough whinning from Whinnersville helps. Or maybe there aren’t 10 AAAAA schools that haven’t lost a game yet?? Oh well, enjoy it while you can because it will not last long. GA needs to go to a Top 5 this year because there aren’t 10 good teams in AAAAA.

Let the kids play

August 29th, 2010
7:48 pm

It might be a long season for the WR Demons. The coach has his STALLIONS on the sidelines grazing. He’s obligated to run with the booster club shetland ponies. They look like a bad private school.


August 29th, 2010
7:53 pm

Maybe your team will play Valdosta this year?


August 29th, 2010
8:14 pm

North Gwinnett is 3-0. I don’t care if 2 of them were considered “scrimmages”, they still have beat Lassiter, Grayson, and Bob Jones in real games, with real officials….so therefore, they are 3-0.


August 29th, 2010
8:24 pm

Us down here in fort valley are not concerned about the rankings right now, we are going to just play football and let the chips fall like they may. We are going to get after any team that lines up opposite side of us. We know what it takes to be a champion and week 1 is not the answer, we have to keep getting better each week. We did show how good we can be so boys lets strive to get better each week. Lets Go PC!


August 29th, 2010
8:28 pm

Enter your comments here


August 29th, 2010
8:32 pm

You Have To Be Kidding Whats Your Team Maybe They will get to VALDOSTA

football fan

August 29th, 2010
8:41 pm

I havent seen a highschool football team play like Tucker high school In about 15 years. 1st Defense didnt allow one not ONE first down. Offense looked unstoppable. Special teams looked great. It will be hard to beat the tucker tigers this year.


August 29th, 2010
8:54 pm

Lowndes won and had 4 touchdown passes! Mannnnn, how long has it been since Lowndes has 4 td passes in one game???! (Lowndes did win this year’s Valdosta State Passing tournament that had 28 teams competing!) We will definetly find out this week at McEachern what kind of team we have. After two games we surely as not as good as we were either of the last two years.

Doesn’t look like NSWR has missed a beat with the new coach who replaced Coach Nix. And NG really looks strong. So does Tucker, Buford, and Carver Columbus. The guy obviously is wrong about there being only five good teams in AAAAA. But I know one thing, we don’t have five good teams in 1-AAAAA!! Coffee and Tift, uhhh! Colquitt????
Valdosta, big, strong, fast, experienced. Really good. Lowndes, small, fast, playing a lot of sophomores, above average overall, good but not great. Can’t wait to see McEachern Friday.


August 29th, 2010
8:55 pm

Grady High looked good..need to be ranked next week…


August 29th, 2010
9:06 pm

Im really excited about the games this week because McEachern-Lowndes could be a potential late playoff matchup, Camden plays the #2 ranked team in the nation this week and North Gwinnett plays Crenshaw who i have seen as highly ranked as # 13 in the nation. These should all be great games that will improve all teams involved. I will say the depth is down this year in AAAAA, Stephenson struggled with a Parkview program that is fading into oblivion and Grayson is rebuilding. Nonetheless this year will be another great year of high school football

Suwanee 0wnz

August 29th, 2010
9:13 pm

I know that both Byrnes (SC) and Hoover (AL) have played Georgia teams as early non-conference games in the past. I was disappointed to see them play each other and not a Georgia team this week.

It looks like Grayson, NG, Camden, PRidge are doing their best to seek out tough non-conference opponents. But what about our vaunted 1AAAAA powerhouses? Brooks County? Pebblestone? OMG! Come on guys, you’re not going to get better playing opponents like that. I guess it gives the bands and cheerleaders another week to warm up.

Legend of Len Barker

August 29th, 2010
9:21 pm

If Clarke Central can work out a couple of kinks in their passing game and cut down on the turnovers, they’re going to be pretty tough.

Their second half against Cedar Shoals was mostly sloppy, but it looked fixable. They were up 20-0 within 3:30 of the quarter and before CS ran their fifth play. This was after CS got the opening kickoff.

Valdosta’s mostly been nice to smaller teams, so it’s hard to say 35-0 against Brooks is indicative of any lack of talent. They give me an uneasy vibe, though. There are a good many underlying factors in Valdosta football that have hurt the program and have made it difficult for them to get any traction at all.

Not ratings related, but keep an eye on Colquitt County. I’m predicting a meltdown, or at least some serious fireworks. Not from the boosters. Not from the fans, but from the sideline.

VT Cats

August 29th, 2010
9:32 pm

Legend of Len Barker let me inform you that Valdosta is gaining traction. I have not seen this kind of excitement here since the days of Hyder. We had two clowns for coaches in Darlington and Tomberlin. Rance Gillespie is the real deal. We may not win a game the rest of the year, but I can tell you for a fact that he is building a program from the ground up. He is building for the long haul. He has a long term vision and is relenteless in his work ehtics. Traction has been gained and the people that support Valdosta footballknow that they have finally hired the right man. If you could watch Valdosta this year then you would no doubt get “good” vibes after watching them. They are stacked with talent and finally they are well coached. Give Gillespie time and he will build a winner!

J. Maynard

August 29th, 2010
9:36 pm

Norcross with their defence led ny John McWilliams and Seth Hinsley will surprisw this year. Both players will be div 1 candidates. Best defense in the state


August 29th, 2010
9:57 pm

Tucker beat southwest dekalb 50-19 y did they not move up


August 29th, 2010
10:03 pm

What a game buford and carver columbus is going to be! Who do you guys think is going to win that game.


August 29th, 2010
10:06 pm

NG looks to have the strongest team they have had over the last few years. Coach Spires has done an incredible job of scheduling some tough teams. I’m looking forward to seeing the game next Friday. Good luck to all schools this year. I love hs football!


August 29th, 2010
10:08 pm

Do anybody disagree with peach co jumping over sandy creek?


August 29th, 2010
10:14 pm

Northgrad do you think teams like NG and Peachtree Ridge will ever beat teams like Camden Co and Lowndes?


August 29th, 2010
10:26 pm

Yeah we all saw what happens when a 1-AAAAA team decides to play a nationally ranked opponent. Best league in the southeast right?


August 29th, 2010
10:29 pm

Grayson Rams I assume that what you are using as grounds to refer to the Lowndes program as classless is what happened in the playoffs in 2008. I was not at Lowndes at that time but I do remember watching it on tv. I am now at Lowndes and I consider that incident an embarrassment to the program and to our whole school. Regardless, let me say that what happened that night does in no way reflect the program now or our student body. I cant say that I always agree with Coach McPherson but he is generally know to be a kind man and he is a great football coach. He came under fire for his reaction (or lack there of) to his players actions. What wasnt seen on television was what happened in the locker room and back at the school. Its been 2 years, and I know people at Lowndes still talk trash about it too, but dont you think its time to let it go? I have much respect for the Grayson program and find it disturbing and highly unnecessary that Lowndes and Grayson fans and players have to bad mouth each other every chance they get.

GHSF Daily

August 29th, 2010
10:57 pm

”Grady High looked good..need to be ranked next week.”

Grady is unranked, but not unnoticed.

“Tucker beat southwest dekalb 50-19 y did they not move up.”

The teams ahead of Tucker are Northside (2009 AAAAA runner-up), Clarke Central (2009 AAAA runner-up) and Griffin (13-1 last year). Plus, SWD was unranked. I know SWD is SWD, but not the same SWD as last season. Don’t get me wrong. Can Tucker win state? Of course. The top four is just very solid in AAAA.

“North Gwinnett is 3-0. I don’t care if 2 of them were considered “scrimmages”, they still have beat Lassiter, Grayson, and Bob Jones in real games, with real officials….so therefore, they are 3-0.”

If someone can supply us with the scores of the 200 preseason scrimmages that were played, we might consider updating W-L records. But the way I see it, if the scores weren’t reported to the GHSA, they aren’t real.


August 29th, 2010
11:10 pm

trojans94 while i know your question wasnt for me i think that north and pridge always have a chance to upset lowndes or camden. I myself am a North grad but i think that pridge has a better chance of beating those teams than north does. pridge defense is used to practicing against the same exact of football that lowndes and camden play. tough smashmouth football mixed with a little passing. north is more of a finesse team. all four teams are solid year in and out but i would think until the gwinnett teams beat the south ga teams were underdogs every game. its not impossible by any stretch but we should never underestimate those teams


August 29th, 2010
11:10 pm

SWD was scared and intimidated last week and Tucker did what they do best which is to pounce when there’s blood in the water and make it a track meet. Marist won’t do that


August 29th, 2010
11:13 pm

picks for the Tucker Marist game? Its been a crazy game for the past couple of years. Both regular season game were supposed to be wins by Tucker ( I sure thought so) but Marist ended up dominating


August 29th, 2010
11:17 pm

If Marist’s defense holds up I think they’ll win but a lot closer than it has been recently


August 29th, 2010
11:26 pm

I dont know if Marists defense can keep up with the speed of Tucker, but of course they have surprised me the past 2 years. I think that it should be a pretty interesting game. I will in Atlanta for the Lowndes Mceachern game but I may end up just going to the Marist Tucker game


August 29th, 2010
11:28 pm

North Gwinnett is as tough as they get from the looks of things. I can not speak on what I have not seen yet South Georgia. North Gwinnett stomped Grayson a good one in scrimage. Took out the QB for the Kell game leaving Grayson with #2 QB. Grayson is rebuilding but I do not see another loss comming their way for awhile. Only Brookwood and South Gwinnett look like bumps that could or should topple them. Needless to say Grayson will make another run of it late and at least will make Sweet Sixteen. I think the top 3 are solid in top 10 but order is debateable. Think from what I have seen that Stephenson should not be ranked………..plug in South Gwinnett if the beat MLK. MLK if they beat South Gwinnett.

TTTT-Thumbody Thed Thats Thupid!

August 29th, 2010
11:30 pm

The GHSA is going to regret not putting Camden Co. in 1(5A) by the end of the season. They will probably be embarassed for not using some common sense and logic, and foresight. With only 5 teams remaining in that region (1) four of those teams will go to the playoffs and at least one or two will most likely have a losing record. THAT is pathetic! CCHS must have either a connection or lots of “pocket change” to feed somebody. They are basically playing a “junior varsity” schedule by playing those Savannah schools, with one or two games out of the state that have no effect on their region record. So what if they had to travel a little farther. They have been getting off easy for years by not having to travel. They will probably win the state title again, and I know why whether anyone else does or not. That is a “farce” that needs to be remedied. BTW, that is the most points ever scored on a Colquitt Co. team(65) by Panola MS, and the most points total(100) ever scored in their stadium. Coach Propst will first rip all his hair out(does he have any?) and then have all the players rip up that new artificial turf they just installed. It looks pretty but it makes “faster horses” out of a “fast horse” team, i.e. South Panola MS High School. He probably scheduled that game at noon on Saturday hoping he would be one of the TV high school games for the weekend (loves the spotlight) but better be happy now he wasn’t as that would have been embarassing!


August 29th, 2010
11:34 pm

It would have been great to have Camden in 1-AAAAA. The thought of possibly 2 games between Lowndes and Camden is very intriguing. And I completely agree with what you said about Colquitt


August 29th, 2010
11:50 pm

SC speed speed passing gm looked good but running gm needs wrk made a few turnovers in da kicking gm: special teams need wrk: to repeat as champs must run ball better


August 29th, 2010
11:51 pm

the travel for minor sports prevents Camden from playing in 1AAAAA. Basketball,Baseball,golf, tennis,etc. It is over the limit to some of those schools for weekday travel to play those sports. Otherwise we would love to play in that Region.


August 29th, 2010
11:53 pm

People, we’ve been over the whole Camden in region 1 before. I think last season we talked about the entire year. It wont and cant happen because of the 100 mile rule plus think of the teams other than football. The Volleyball team cant afford to make those kinds of trips each week.


August 29th, 2010
11:56 pm

Completely understandable, I was just saying that I would love to have a Lowndes Camden regular season game. It would be great for both teams to have as a non region game.


August 30th, 2010
12:12 am

GHSF DAILY- U jus named things from last year..this is a new year and Tucker is the best team in 4AAAA…if Tucker beat Marist then will they move up because that is a very tough first 2 games for any team.


August 30th, 2010
2:27 am

I really don’t feel that Warner Robins (AAAA) should have been dropped out tof the top 10 completely. This years Peach squad ( AAA) with the talent they have this year 19 returnees from their 2009 championship squad ,will go 15-0 and would defeat the majority of your top 10 teams in AAAA and AAAAA ……… I guess the reason the Demons dropped out was due to a loss to a squad from a lower class , If so , why is St Pius still ranked after losing to Westminster?


August 30th, 2010
2:40 am

“You Have to be Kidding!!” whats your deal with smashing Valdosta? You should probably stop whining yourself….it makes you sound bitter. Okay I’ll admit that Valdosta played a rather trivial Brooks county, but think of it like this…..with the exception of Camden, region 3-AAAAA is easily the worst region in the state. Brooks county would most definitely beat some of those pathetic teams in that region. ALSO….with region 1-AAAAA down to 5 teams, its a little hard to schedule non-region games with tough opponents….you have to go with what you get. Valdosta is still playing a formidable Florida team this year. And for everyone else coming down on region 1-AAAAA…..chill out. Teams have bad years….that’s how life goes (sorry Tifton and Coffee). As for Colquitt….well they got too much hype. With their new coach and their ONE YEAR of success, the publicity engulfed them. Remember….they won like 3 games 2 years ago. Its a shame…..Lowndes or Valdosta would have easily put up a much better fight against that Mississippi school.


August 30th, 2010
5:36 am

TTTT: Let it go. Everyone complains about where Camden plays football. I don’t see any schools lining up to get on the non-region schedule. Camdne played in the Kell Kickoff Classic every year until this year, when it became a Gwinnett/Cobb Classic. Can’t blame the organizer when you start looking at atendance. Even though Camden travels with 5-6 thousand folks. Maybe mor. Had an opportunity to watch that classic this year and the excitement in the dome was not the same. Really did not notice a jump in attendance. Either way Camden is a Great program no matter where you place them. Miami Central come to town friday, sellout already. 1 Oct, they travel to Ft Lauderdale to face Aquinas. These two games will be dynamic. Watched Central, they mirror Camden, except they throw more, but they have a dynamic back. It seems that their coach was seeking the toughest teams to prepare Camden for the playoffs. This also puts Georgia football back in the spotlight where it belongs. North Gwinnett plays Crenshaw this week, should be a classic. We really need to move on from where teams play and talk football.


August 30th, 2010
7:27 am

Regarding North Gwinnett – are you saying Bob Jones wasn’t considered a regular season game? Wow.


August 30th, 2010
8:00 am

Worth County should be # 10 in AAA. They beat Fitzgerald 32-26 who previously had beaten the defending AA champs Wilcox County and Tift County (AAAA power).


August 30th, 2010
8:03 am

Lowndes County has been “for real” for the last 30 years. Valdosta might be Winnersville but the last 10 years they’ve been second fiddle to Lowndes.


August 30th, 2010
8:05 am

I’m sure Thomasville and Central Thomasville would beat a bunch of those 1AAAA teams as well.


August 30th, 2010
8:20 am

Everybody have there opinion, but i kind of like the fact that camden and lowndes can’t play until the playoffs. To me there clearly the best two teams in AAAAA. Other than a region championship and home field advantage a reg. season game would really have no meaning. But a playoff game for all the marbles between those two teams is what high school football is all about.


August 30th, 2010
8:24 am

Oh yeah, the Fitzgerald-Wilcox game was also a scrimmage. But Fitzgerald was ranked #3 in AA before playing Worth Co. and are ranked #8 now. Worth Co. has a running back named Ellis Anderson that is a freshman that is electric.


August 30th, 2010
8:25 am

Cairo is young and lots of talent….Maybe not this year but the next two years will be something special.


August 30th, 2010
8:30 am

robdawg08 what number is Ellis Anderson?

Dontavius Supremo

August 30th, 2010
8:39 am

Support your local high school. High school sports are still the purest form of athletics we have left in the U.S.


August 30th, 2010
8:43 am