State champs meet with the Atlanta Braves

Where did Harrison High go after winning the baseball championship in Georgia’s largest classification? Disney World?

No, the team went to a Braves game.

Harrison High got to sit in the owner’s box during batting practice this past weekend and was recognized on the big screen during the game. It was courtesy of Comcast and the Braves.

You can watch TV highlights of Harrison’s win over Cobb County rival Lassiter for the Class AAAAA title at Comcast On Demand. [Note: To view the championship game, go to Channel 1 -> Get Local - > Top Picks -> GHSA On Demand]

Or you can see it on your computer at

Braves All-Star 2B Martin Prado gets to meet the 2010 state baseball champs, Harrison High (AIM photo)
Braves All-Star 2B Martin Prado gets to meet the 2010 state baseball champs, Harrison High (AIM photo)
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    Hoya what?

    June 22nd, 2010
    3:02 pm


    June 22nd, 2010
    3:13 pm

    How cool. Not only did you fellers win the State, you got to meet the pro’s.


    June 22nd, 2010
    3:52 pm

    Are the Braves and Comcast going to extend this same courtesy and invitation to all five state champions or just to the rich school from Cobb County?


    June 22nd, 2010
    3:57 pm

    Yeah, what about the poor kids at Weselyan or at Marist, do they get to go as well???


    June 22nd, 2010
    4:00 pm

    @John: Don’t worry, Obama will take their money and give it to you. Just send him a message. Jealous much? Oh no, they have more money than me because I am a loser.


    June 22nd, 2010
    4:00 pm

    Watch out y’all, the chief of the fairness police, John, is out and about. Hey John, I’m pretty sure the Braves only coughed up some free tickets (ie a booster parent problaby called) and didn’t pay for the transportation costs. And perhaps the Braves will do the same for the other teams at various points over the summer, its just Harrison was first to be acknowledged. Ever think of that?

    Michael Carvell

    June 22nd, 2010
    4:22 pm

    @John, I have to agree with you. It would cool if the Braves invited ALL FIVE state championship baseball teams to a June game each year. The Braves are usually good on community outreach. Not sure why they don’t already do it, or if they did it in the past and stopped. It would be a win-win for the Braves. All they would have to do is cough up some tickets in the nose bleeds, and let the teams worry about transportation.


    June 22nd, 2010
    10:31 pm

    I would like to correct some comments that were made by individuals who do not have all the facts. First, someone is really misinformed if they think Harrison is a rich school. Secondly, it was Comcast who invited the team to the Braves game and provided the tickets, not some booster. Thirdly, The team provided their own transportation to and from the game. Lastly, the team was never recognized specifically as state champions on the big screen like was mentioned in the article. They only got on their like everyone else at the game, the fan camera that pans the crowd.


    June 23rd, 2010
    8:04 am

    Comcast should have invited and paid for tickets for all five state champions and all should have been accorded the same privileges. Every state champion is located in a community serviced by Comcast. There should not be selective recognition by the Braves that discriminates against smaller high schools.


    June 23rd, 2010
    12:19 pm

    First of all I want to congratulate the team on their win! My nephew is on the team and we are very proud of him, and we know how hard these boys work at being the best they can be. And if this school is a school for RICH kids well my family does a fine job at hiding it, by no means are they hurting but my brother has worked very hard for what he has.
    I can’t believe that some people would try to take away a shining moment from these boys, just because they didn’t have the opportunity to do the same ~ and if a corporation chooses to invite one team, so be it ~ did you ever stop to think maybe there was a lottery done? You do not know the facts, so cancel your Comcast, boycott the Braves and take your negative comments someplace else!
    Again congratulations to the team, you have many fans and supporters in Chicago!

    P May

    June 23rd, 2010
    5:11 pm

    John, you need a life!! Those boys deserve any recognition they get. They worked their butts off!! Maybe their parents work a little harder for what they have, instead of complaining about what they don’t have!!


    June 23rd, 2010
    6:14 pm

    If the Braves and/or Comcast gave teams seats in the nosebleed as mentioned – there would be complaints about that too. On a positive note, congrats to Harrison and all the other baseball State Champs!

    Hoya what?

    June 24th, 2010
    9:52 am

    Rich or not, I was FIRST! Let’s acknowledge that accomplishment people. Where are my free Braves tickets for being FIRST?

    Sandy L

    June 24th, 2010
    10:07 am

    Please… stop “hating” on achievement! Quit your whining and be
    happy for others! Btw, Harrison High is an AWESOME school and
    Cobb Co. is pretty sweet as well. Life is rough when you are JEALOUS!
    Congratulations to the Harrison Hoya boys…. well done!!!


    July 13th, 2010
    10:30 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TEAM AT HARRISON. I also want to congratulate the parents of this great team…they give up their weekends, their weeknights, and postpone things they enjoy so the team will have the parental support that is so important to making them well rounded adults. To all you ‘haters’ out there, how much of your life have you given up for your kids….or do you think that is the coach’s job? Sounds like all you are interested in is a ‘free’ game….GROW UP and give the kids their due….TEAM: YOU GUYS ROCK!


    July 14th, 2010
    8:46 am

    AMEN JOANNE!!!!!

    Coach Brown (formerly of Hoya Coaching Staff)

    July 30th, 2010
    6:24 pm

    Great job, Hoyas and congratulations for the being the very best baseball team in the state!!! Heartfelt congrats to an outstanding coaching staff headed by one of the best high school baseball coaches in the nation-Mark Elkins.


    September 16th, 2010
    9:33 am

    John, you are a failure at life. You are a piece of trash who probably lives in a broken home who is in and out of work. I’m sure you have a fat wife and kids who are not athletic enough to play sports. Quit worring about the lives of other people and go back to your trailor. You are truly a loser!